Tomorrow’s Cantabile Episode 5 Recap

Tomorrow’s Cantabile Lesson 5 …

We begin episode 5 with S Orchestra members fretting they cannot beat the A Orchestra. Yoo Jin (Joo Won) shocks them by tearing up Il Rak’s music. He tells everyone to do the same. He confirms what they are thinking. They cannot beat the A Orchestra of elite players. Il Rak (Ko Gyung Pyo) takes offense that Yoo Jin is telling them to give up. Bass cello girl, Choi Min Hee, declares she does not want to give up. Il Rak seconds the motion. Yoo Jin asks if they will follow him as their conductor. Mae Soo Min (drummer boy) confirms they will follow his lead. Yoo Jin directs them to tear up their scores. Even Nae Il (Shim Eun Kyung) is stunned with this bold order.

…Cue Opening Credits….

Min Hee calls her father to attend the fall festival but he refuses. Soo Min wonders where Nae Il went.

Dean Song and Maestro discuss how the audience will be the 7th judge on the panel for the orchestra battle.  Yoo Jin’s mother joins them. It is icy between the Maestro and Yoo Jin’s mother. She snipes that the Maestro kept Yoo Jin so busy running errands as his assistant that there was not much time to practice for the battle.

Il Rak’s father drops off Nae Il. She lugs a heavy bag into the practice room. She declares she has their armor. She extracts a black t shirt with a S embroidered on it.  The orchestra loves it and enthusiastically gets their shirts. Yoo Jin however is not interested. Nae Il has a special sequinned t shirt for him.

Il Rak tunes the S Orchestra. The judges are agast at their informal attire of t shirts. Looks like Min Hee’s father came. Il Rak’s father and Nae Il sit together nervously hoping all goes well.

Yoo Jin takes center stage and surprises everyone by taking off his jacket and white shirt to reveal the special sequinned t shirt. How sweet! He remembers the bandages on Nae Il’s fingers. The orchestra plays beautifully. They even add flair when the violins all tip up at the climax of the song. The inspired performance ends and the audience gives them a rousing standing ovation! Everyone in S Orchestra is all smiles. It is wonderful to see!

Il Rak and his father share a warm and loving hug after the concert. What a super father and son relationship!

Min Hee’s father gruffly gives her flowers. She tears up. He tells her it was beautiful and she must continue playing. Ah, so sweet!

A Orchestra takes the stage and plays. Members of the orchestra notice that Han Seung O’s conducting is erratic. It looks like he is waving his arms excessively to me.  The audience’s applause is polite when they finish.  Han Seung O leaves the stage unhappy with his performance.

Nae Il sits alone in a practice room. Professor Ahn encourages her to enter competitions which Nae Il adamantly refuses to do. Professor Ahn tells her she cannot be a kid forever and she needs to take her music more seriously. She counters that he told her having a fun life that included enjoying music was important.

Nae Il pours out her pain with her puppets. Yoo Jin finds her and tends her wounded fingers. Nae Il asks him to tend to her lips but he declines. This couple works for me. Nae Il puts her head on his shoulder. Fall makes the setting lovely.

The judges meet.  Professor Do notes that technically A Orchestra were more proficient but their performance was lacking today. Maestro concurs the superior musicians are in A Orchestra but the audience was swayed by the enjoyable performance of S Orchestra.  It is a tie vote with Maestro needing to vote and break the tie.

Professor Ahn breaks the news to S Orchestra and Professor Do breaks the news to A Orchestra. Instead of casting the tie breaking vote, the Maestro fled! Dean Song in her office cannot believe the Maestro ran away. It appears this is a habit of his. When the going gets tough, he gets going!

S Orchestra celebrates with a meal at Il Rak’s father’s eatery. Chao Do Kyung (Kim Yoo Mi) calls Yoo Jin to congratulate him on his conducting debut. She is surprised his is at the S Orchestra gathering.  Han Seung O asks her for a drink but she declines telling him she only hangs out with the best.  Does it make me a bad person to say I enjoyed that put down? Looks like Do Kyun has set her sights on getting Yoo Jin back. I do not think Nae Il is going to be happy about that!

Do Kyung shows up and asks to celebrate with S Orchestra. Nae Il, Soo Min  and Min Hee are NOT welcoming. Nae Il clings to Yoo Jin and tells her she is Yoo Jin’s wife. Yoo Jin pushes Nae Il off him. Hurt, she leaves.  Yoo Jin notices Nae Il is gone but continues with the celebration. Hurting Nae Il is like kicking a puppy. Yoo Jin escorts Do Kyung out of the eatery. She draws him close but he states he is her ex-boyfriend and pulls away. Yoo Jin calls for Nae Il at her front door but she does not answer.

Il Rak spots Shi Won drinking alone. He joins her and much to his surprise admits that S Orchestra was better than A Orchestra. She apologizes for implying his talents were lower. She declares the next time S and A Orchestra compete, they will do their best and limit their arrogance. Il Rak appears entranced as Shi Won walks away.

The next day Nae Il is depressed. Professor Ahn tells her Yoo Jin is coming. She tries to leave. Professor Ahn asks why Yoo Jin upsets her now with the same behavior that did not bother her before. Nae Il declares she does not know why she is upset. Professor Ahn smiles knowingly.

Professor Do is livid when he reports to Professor Ahn and Yoo Jin that the Maestro has submitted Yoo Jin, Il Rak, Min Soo and Nae Il to represent the school at a master’s class.

Nae Il applies for a job at Yoo Jin’s mother’s eatery. When she returns home to apartment she is startled to find Yoo Jin waiting for her. He cleaned her apartment! She asks if Do Kyung will be his primary support going forward. Yoo Jin says he is her ex-boyfriend. Thrilled at that admission, Nae Il notices a stuffed animal he brought. Is this a gift of love she asks? Don’t get ahead of yourself he counters. He tells her she is going to a master class. She declines. He shrugs that he will go alone then. Nae Il immediately decides to go with him. These two are darling!

Yoo Jin falls asleep enroute to the master’s class. He is horrified to find they’ve taken a detour at a water park. Hilarious the way Il Rak, Min Soo and Nae Il tell him he needs to live a little.

Yoo Jin does not join them in the water park.

A man stops by Yoo Jin’s mother’s eatery. She frets the master’s class is near the beach. Yoo Jin is afraid of ships and water. The man says it would be better if Yoo Jin took over his electronics company versus studying to be a conductor.

Il Rak, Min Soo and Nae Il push Yoo Jin into the pool. He flails but they do not recongize his distress. Yoo Jin flashes back to being in the ocean as a young boy with a life jacket. Yoo Jin slips under the water. Nae Il realizes he is in distress. So does another guy. Will they reach Yoo Jin in time?

* After a lull in the last episode, this one perked up again. Eliminating air time for the Maestro was a plus as this mercurial man is a bit annoying.
* It is difficult to get overly excited about drowning when Yoo Jin could just stand up. I know he is panicking and does not register that he only needs to stand up. But the fact that standing up is all that is needed, lessens the impact. Who is the mystery guy?
* Joo Won as Yoo Jin was in fine form this episode. A triumphant concert, socializing with the orchestra, his tender care of Nae Il’s pricked fingers, giving her a stuffed animal, all point to his personal growth. He is coming out of his self-induced shell and engaging the world. Good stuff and fun to watch! In addition, I adore all of Joo Won’s facial expressions!
* Shim Eun Kyung as Nae Il had to confront jealousy and the possibility that she may not be romantically destined for Yoo Jin when Do Kyung entered the picture. I liked how she got angry, depressed, and avoided Yoo Jin for fear of being hurt further. While I like her energizer bunny persona, it was nice to have Nae Il be more real with her feelings this episode. Nicely done Eun Kyung!
* Ko Gyung Pyo as Il Rak shone in the concert and his encouragement of Yoo Jin. He has a wonderful father and these actors click in their scenes together. I liked how he had an inkling of Shi Won as a woman. Yes, let’s add some romance for Il Rak too.
* Our other supporting characters expanded their depth. Min Soo is cute when he calls Yoo Jin the “almighty Cha”. Lovely to see Min Hee’s father support her at the concert and give her flowers. Shi Won was upfront with Il Rak about A Orchestra’s arrogance. I like the supporting characters and am enjoying learning more about them each episode.

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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I 💗 these core characters and am excited Park Bo Geum is now added to the mix!


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