My Lovable Girl Episode 11 Recap

We begin episode 11 as Lee Hyun Wook (Rain) finds Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung). She tells him she will stop liking him. Hyun Wook says “Then this will be a one-sided love now. I don’t care anymore. I don’t care that you are Se Na. From now on, I am going to show my true feelings.” They stare at each other. Hyun Wook hugs Se Na.

As they walk home Se Na needles Hyun Wook about all the things he said to her. He reverses his stance on all of them. He tells her it is his birthday. She takes him to the store where she proceeds to use all her change to secure him a glow in the dark star ring.

At the playground she writes him a birthday greeting in the dirt and sings Happy Birthday to him.

Her gift is a quick peck on the lips. She is immediately concerned she just transferred her cold to him but he does not mind.

When Hyun Wook returns home greets Dal Bong (the dog) and sees the birthday gift that Hae Yoon brought over.

In her bed that night she smiles as she looks at the couple picture she created.

In his bed that night he smiles as he looks at the couple picture she created.

Se Na calls Hyun Wook and tells him not to get sick. He tells her not to worry. As he hangs up, he coughs.

The next morning he calls and asks if she is feeling good. She assures him she is fine. Hyun Wook teases too bad, he was going to give her a ride to work if she was not feeling well. She immediately begins coughing into the phone. He comes up behind her. Cute!

As he drives she asks when he started liking her. He refuses to respond. He wants her to write a great song for Shi Woo. He lets her out just before ANA. He tells her he will see her tonight. She smiles, he smiles (and I smile too).

These two are so cute in these opening scenes! Thank you show for giving me 11 minutes of this darling couple being happy.

Hyun Wook’s best friend Bae Sung Jin (Alex) is waiting for Hyun Wook when he enters his office. He is worried but wants his friend happy. He reminds Hyun Wook to be kind to  Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun). Hyun Wook runs into Hae Yoon at her office door. They talk outside. Hae Yoon is not happy that he wants to date Se Na.  She asks what he would do if she told Se Na that he used to date her sister, So Eun. He tells her he would likely never be able to see either of them again. Hae Yoon leaves.

Hae Yoon sees Se Na in the hallway. Hae Yoon asks if anything happened between her and Hyun Wook last night. Se Na states she already knows the answer to that question. Good response!

Se Na and Shi Woo (L) discuss what kind of song they should write. She tells him she needs to get to know him better so she can write a song that works for him. He looks into her eyes. Nope, no romance on her part. He leaves to run an errand. She tells him she will come as part of the plan to get to know him better.

As Shi Woo and Se Na leave for the errand, they run into Hyun Wook and Mr. Kang in the hallway. Adorable glances between Hyun Wook and Se Na ensue. Hyun Wook tells them to go forth. As Se Na walks away she glances back at Hyun Wook.

Hae Yoon meets with Seo Jae Young (Kim Jin Woo). He offers her a job at his company so she does not have to see Hyun Wook anymore. She remembers telling him that Se Na is So Eun’s sister.  Jae Young suggests that she drunk called him because she wanted to share the secret with him. She asks him not to say anything. He asks for a decision on the job.

Shi Woo takes Se Na to pick out a purse for his mother. They go to the Junior High where his mother is a student. This surprises Se Na.

Shi Woo finds a reporter pestering his mother. The reporter claims this will be good for his image. Shi Woo politely asks the reporter to allow his mother to attend school quietly. The reporters goes into jerk mode and suggests that Shi Woo is ashamed of his mother.  Shi Woo tells the reporter to leave his mother alone. The reporter tells Shi Woo he will remember this moment and leaves. His mother is anxious about the potential bad press. Shi Woo gets frustrated with her telling her to stand up for her rights. She tells him she only wants to protect him. He tells her groveling to everyone and asking them to be nice to him is not helpful.

Se Na asks why Shi Woo always fights with his mother.  He does not know. He only wants her to live with dignity but she comes off pitiful. Se Na tells him to stop fighting because he will regret wasting time like that.  Their candor is refreshing.

Anxious about Se Na’s whereabouts Hyun Wook calls her. Turns out she is at ANA writing the song for Shi Woo. Hyun Wook does his best not to be jealous that she spent time with Shi Woo and met Shi Woo’s mother. Seeing his mother gave her an idea for the song. She needs the melody. Hyun Wook tells her to work hard. Se Na pouts that she wants to spend time with him. He tells her tomorrow, plan on it.

Their date next evening is a bust because Hyun Wook is sick. Se Na cooks dinner, but it is not very good.

While cutting fruit, Hyun Wook watches her. While sleeping, Se Na watches him.

Se Na tells him they do not have to go out, she likes just being around him. Everyone naps in a cozy scene.

Hae Yoon tells Sun Jin she is thinking about leaving ANA because seeing Hyun Wook is hard. She realizes that Hyun Wook is never going to like her the way she likes him.

Hyun Wook’s father’s wife recalls the psychic told her that as a business partner Mr. Kang is not compatiable. As a marital partner he is compatible. Mr. Kang frets about what psychic predictions. If you had told me 3 episodes ago I would like this pairing, I would not have believed you, but I do like them. 

Hyun Wook’s father asks his wife if she is planning on taking over ANA with Mr. Kang’s help. She admits it. He tells her to wait and he will explain everything about the boy.

Hyun Wook, Se Na and Shi Woo listen to the song. It is not finished but it sounds promising. Shi Woo tells Hyun Wook to leave so he and Se Na can finish the song. Ah, the classic two guys and one girl never gets old. As Hyun Wook walk out coughing, Se Na catches up and gives him an orange with a heart drawn on it. Cute!

Se Na and Shi Woo write the lyrics together. They connect. He enjoys writing with her. He asks if she wants to write exclusively with him. She quips things do not go well for her when she is with him.

Hae Yoon resigns. Hyun Wook asks if she is leaving because she does not want to see him. Hae Yoon confirms this. Hyun Wook tells her their 12 years of friendship is important to him. She tells him to accept her leaving.

Hae Yoon tells Jae Yoon she is leaving ANA. She asks that he keep the secret. She notes it is partially his fault that So Eun died.

Se Na asks Hyun Wook to listen to her song. She is stuck for the next part. He thinks of the next part and his hands hover over the keyboard. He pulls away from the keyboard flexing his hands. He gives the excuse that if he helps her then he will be a collaborator on her song. She is ok with that. Se Na thinks it would be cool to have a collaboration song that would mark when they started to like each other. Hyun Wook claims he is too busy as President to write music. Se Na says simply “so you are not ready yet”. She hopes that if he falls more in love with her, he’ll be able to write music again. Hyun Wook says the intro is nice and to keep writing. He leaves.

Hyun Wook sits alone at the keyboard. His fingers hover but he cannot play.

Hyun Wook’s father meets with the woman with the son. He needs to tell his family the truth. He will not be able to see the boy for a while. He wishes he had never started down this path. She tells him it is ok. She and the boy will be fine.

The managers meet to discuss Shi Woo’s next song. They like it even though it is very different from his expected style. Mr. Kang says he cried when he listened to the song. Hyun Wook quips if Mr. Kang cried, then the song must do well with the general public. Ha! 

Se Na is nervous about Shi Woo singing her song. Shi Woo is nervous about singing without any backup singers.  Shi Woo reiterates he is very nervous. Gosh, I am nervous for him.

Se Na tells him he will do well. As he moves to go on stage, she tells him good luck, he smiles. L has a wonderful smile.

Se Na meets Jae Young in the hallway and is not excited to see him. He tells her they may work together one day. Se Na doubts she would ever work with him.  Jae Young says Se Na reminds her of a singer he once knew. She asks who the singer was. He tells her the singer was So Eun. Se Na is stunned. She asks “you knew my sister?” Jae Young feigns surprise that So Eun was her sister. He tells her he has to go but he would love to talk to her about So Eun sometime.

Shi Woo takes the stage simply sitting on a stool with a microphone. He is charming with his opening remarks about his mother. The song is nice. The only drama is the overwhelming positive response to the song when it is over. Glad Shi Woo got a decent drama-free performance, he deserves it!

Hyun Wook gets the call that Shi Woo’s performance went well. He is relieved.

Backstage Se Na tells Shi Woo his performance was moving. He pulls her into a sweet hug.

She tells him it was a joint effort. He looks at her and admits he wants to continue to see her. Hyun Wook interrupts the moments when he calls Se Na. She quips that Shi Woo was so moved by his own performance he is near tears. Hyun Wook asks to speak with Shi Woo. Graciously Shi Woo thanks Hyun Wook for his support.  Hyun Wook asks Se Na to return to ANA. Se Na goes to leave. Shi Woo asks her to stay and celebrate with him. She declines. He astutely asks if she likes Hyun Wook. She sides steps responding and leaves. I  must say that I feel sorry that Shi Woo is left alone at a special moment like that.

Hyun Wook buys a gold necklace for Se Na. He frets about where to place it in the studio. She enters as he is placing the box, startling him. He motions to the box and she is surprised. She opens the box and is more surprised. He puts the necklace on her and kisses her forehead. He suggests they finally have a date.

At dinner Se Na fingers her necklace and admits she is happier now than she has been in a long time. She admits she feels she has received much from Hyun Wook but has given little to him.  Se Na says she is thinking of her sister today. She tells him that at the station, Jae Young said he knew her sister.

She asks if Hyun Wook knew her sister. Hyun Wook does his best imitation of a deer caught in headlights. He says nothing but looks uncomfortable. Se Na looks at his quizzically. What will Hyun Wook say?

* Good episode. It brought us to the brink of Hyun Wook either lying that he knew Se Na’s sister or admitting it. What will he do?
* Rain showed the romantic side of Hyun Wook that Se Na was starved for. I am a sucker for a smile and Rain’s half-smiles are darling. He rarely seems to give a full smile. Rain and Krystal have a sweetness about them. They ratched up the cute factor this episode. I am a self-processed cute-aholic (addicted to cute couples). They delivered the cute this episode.
* Krystal seemed to relish Se Na happiness and playfulness. Se Na has lovely exchanges with Shi Woo. They deliver their own kind of cute. However Se Na does not feel anything but friendship. The initial 11 minutes of this episode with Hyun Wook and Se Na were terrific. Rain and Krystal have a natural ease with each other.
* L had a good performance as Shi Woo. His nervous anticipation of going on stage solo, without dancers of backup singers felt real. His opening dialog about the song was charming. The song itself was nice. My guess is that L sang this song. I hope that Shi Woo bought a clue that Se Na is crushing on Hyun Wook not him. I do not want to see Shi Woo hurt. He has his own brand of sweet that works for me. L is doing a fine job in this role.
* Ye Ryun as Hae Yoon finally intends to put Hyun Wook in the past. Bully for her. After 12 years and watching Hyun Wook fall in love with a pair of sisters, she is done. Good, she needs to move on. I liked how she seems to see Jae Young clearly for the selfish guy he is. I appreciated her saying directly to Hyun Wook being around him is painful. I was pleased she remembered telling Jae Young about So Eun. We know he will hurt Se Na and Hyun Wook with the information but how and when are unknown.
* Weird but true, Father’s wife and Mr. Kang continue to amuse me.
* Shi Woo’s ballad sounded good and he charmed the audience (and his mother) before and during the performance. “Song for You” performed by L (it is my guess that L sang the song) is embedded below or use the link.

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