Tomorrow’s Cantabile Episode 4 Recap

Tomorrow’s Cantabile Lesson 4 …

We begin episode 4 with Maestro Stresemann telling Yoo Jin (Joo Won) “You failed. You forfeit assistant conductor.” He wants Yoo Jin to give up conducting forever. Yoo Jin counters “I do not want to. You said you would give me until tomorrow. Until tomorrow this is my orchestra.” The Maestro acquiesces and leaves.

At the last practice Yoo Jin realizes he tried to extract the sound, not the feelings behind the sound. He tells S Orchestra he will trust them tomorrow. Mae Soo Min (drummer boy) apologizes for the orchestra being bad. Yoo Jin says the problem was him, not them.

Dean Song asks Professor Ahn and Professor Do to take over the normal orchestra. She shares that after the normal and S orchestra perform at the fall festival, there will be a down select, and only one orchestra will remain intact.

ep4_24 ep4_23
At the performance for the Maestro, Yoo Jin drops the baton stopping the performance. This disqualifies him per the Maestro. He offers Yoo Jin to be his assistant. Nae Il (Shim Eun Kyung), dressed as a puppy (you read that right) urges Yoo Jin to decline the demeaning position, but Yoo Jin accepts.

Nae Il runs after Yoo Jin outside. He avoids a hug to console him, but allows her to hold his sleeve with a cute half smile.

…Cue Opening Credits….

ep4_22 ep4_21
Dean Song and Yoo Jin’s mother chat about Yoo Jin. Dean Song lets it slip that he played a violin duet and a piano duet. The Dean won’t divulge the names of the duet partners. Yoo Jin’s mother vows to find out. I must say Dean Song wears yellow well, that is a difficult color.

Yoo Jin interrupts the Maestro and Dean Song’s date. He reminds Maestro it is time for the S Orchestra rehearsal. Dean Song flees embarrassed to be caught on a date. Maestro tells Yoo Jin to proceed without him, he will follow on his own.

ep4_19 ep4_18
The Maestro is late and the S Orchestra members press Yoo Jin to conduct the rehearsal. Just as he begins, the Maestro finally shows and fires Yoo Jin. In a surprise move, the Maestro then makes Yoo Jin the conductor and resigns from S Orchestra. This puts the members in an uproar but passionate pleas from Il Rak (Ko Gyung Pyo), Nae Il, and Soo Min convince them to rally behind Yoo Jin.

The normal orchestra also has a student (I believe it is Han Seung O) conducting them per Professor Do. Maestro shows up at their practice and asks if he has been replaced.

Over the public address system of the school, the Maestro announces the fall festival concert is a battle between the two orchestras and only one will remain intact, the losing orchestra will be disbanded. Nae Il calls the Maestro weird (pot meet kettle). Yoo Jin notes the Maestro is a “hag”. Ha! Professor Ahn asks if Yoo Jin will conduct S Orchestra. He agrees to conduct.

Yoo Jin puts S Orchestra through their paces. With only 3 weeks until the fall festival, Yoo Jin adds an additional hour of practice time. To cheer up the disgrunted members, Rae Il treats them to dinner at his father’s restaurant.

ep4_15 ep4_14
Si Won and 2 others from the normal orchestra arrive at Il Rak’s father’s restaurant. A battle between the lead violinists is proposed. Il Rak and Si Won accept. Il Rak goes first and plays well. Then Si Won plays and she is excellent. Il Rak’s father silently urges his son to keep up the beautiful sounds which he does until his fingers slip, making a mistake. Si Won leaves in triumph. Il Rak’s father beams with pride at his effort. What a great Dad!

ep4_13 ep4_12
Yoo Jin feeds Nae Il and bass cello girl, Choi Min Hee (who can sniff food with an accurate nose). Yoo Jin tells her to practice her bass cello more and work less. Unfortunately that is not practical as Min Hee needs the money to live. Nae Il helps Yoo Jin search for his score in his apartment. Soo Min and a drunk Il Rak stop by. Nae Il and Min Soo get territorial about Yoo Jin. They decide to have a cooking battle. Il Rak bemoans his limited ability. It is beginning to feel like Yoo Jin is surround by 3 crazy people.

Yoo Jin is all business at the rehearsal. There is no time for fun.

Dean Song frets to the Maestro that she hates seeing students compete against each other. What is the Maestro doing all day? He is not conducting either orchestra. Also, Dean Song has some lovely clothes.

While looking for Min Hee to apologize for his rudeness, Yoo Jin and Nae Il sees the convenience store manager fire Min Hee. He tries to take her base cello to sell. Yoo Jin intervenes, pointing out the manager has not paid Min Hee minimum wage and worked her overtime too.

Gratified and now available, Min Hee is able to attend the next S Orchestra practice. Yoo Jin and Nae Il are pleased to see her. Nae Il tells Yoo Jin his brain is good but his heart is better. Ah, that was sweet. On a break from rehearsal some members complain about Yoo Jin’s critiques . Soo Min points out that Yoo Jin critiques everyone equally harsh, so in that sense, he is fair. The normal orchestra spies are thrilled to hear the complaints about Yoo Jin.

Dean Song and Professor Ahn review the judges for the fall festival. Professor Ahn is one of the judges. Dean Song frets wondering if fairness is possible.

S Orchestra is improving. Yoo Jin realizes that no one is paying attention to him while they play. He stops conducting. Eventually they notice and stop playing. Despondent at his apartment, Nae Il plays the music the orchestra is working on and tells Nae Il he will figure out what is wrong. He listens and realizes that Nae Il is playing with fun and joy in her heart. He understands why the Maestro picked the members of S Orchestra, they have passionate hearts.

It is fall festival day and Nae Il enters Yoo Jin’s apartment. She finds him napping on the couch. Nae Il pulls close to Yoo Jin watching him nap. She initially smiles but her expression changes to a serious one. She is keenly aware of him as a man.

Dean Song urges the judges for the fall festival to be fair. Professor Do notes the Professor Ahn should not judge in the spirit of fairness. The Maestro suggests he judge instead.

Heading to the fall festival Yoo Jin looks sleek in a suit and tie. He stares at the concert hall. Nae Il notes he has not been sleeping well and offers him energy pills. He swallow one. Oh no, that cannot be good.

S Orchestra members fret they cannot beat the normal orchestra. Yoo Jin enters and shocks them by tearing up Il Rak’s music. He tells everyone to do the same.

The music swells and the camera freezes on Yoo Jin’s intense face…

* This episode felt a bit heavy on the crazy characters with Yoo Jin as the steady sane member of our cast.
* Dean Song has an impressive array of stylish clothing. She is meticulous about her appearance.
* The Maestro was confusing this episode. He belittles Yoo Jin but offers him the opportunity to conduct S Orchestra after declaring if Yoo Jin lost he would block him. He enjoys putting Yoo Jin in a no win situation. However, with no orchestra to conduct, what was the point of the Maestro? He is teaching no one. And yes, it still bugs me that he calls Nae Il baby.
* Shim Eun Kyung as Nae Il felt adrift this episode with being a cheerleader for Yoo Jin her only purpose. She briefly played the piano (which Professor Do heard but did not see it was her). She needs her own story in addition to being the S Orchestra cheerleader and Yoo Jin’s devoted friend. Don’t get me wrong, Nae Il repeatedly proves she is the perfect helpmate to Yoo Jin, but she needs more than that. The moment when she watched Yoo Jin sleep and felt her heart was lovely.
* Joo Won as Yoo Jin is the ground in a sea of electric & eccentric characters. A couple of times it felt like the inmates were running the asylum. Yoo Jin’s subtle half smiles are endearing. Nae Il correctly pointed out that he has a heart. Wonderful that he intervened on Min Hee’s behalf with her mean boss. As a character, Yoo Jin is evolving, which is terrific. But is Yoo Jin the only character that is evolving? Is everyone else static or a caricature?
* Ko Gyung Pyo as Il Rak has passion. As Yoo Jin’s self declared best friend he is supportive. What does he get in return? When Il Rak was drunk, Yoo Jin was supportive of him. In the violin head to head battle with Si Won he acquitted himself well even though he lost. His father’s pride in his son was lovely to see.

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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Yoo Jin is starting to care for the members of his orchestra and is beginning to understand Stresseman selected the members of ‘S’ orchestra for their passion for music


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