Tomorrow’s Cantabile Episode 3 Recap

Tomorrow’s Cantabile Lesson 3 …

We begin episode 3 with Maestro Stresemann tearing up the change of major form from Yoo Jin (Joo Won). Yoo Jin wants to switch from piano to conducting. A stare down between the Maestro and Yoo Jin ensues…Cue Opening Credits….

Maestro tells the orchestra it will take a while to gel. He states the first step is eating together.

Professor Do tells Dean Song that there is no student better than Yoo Jin. That is a surprise that Professor Do feels that way. I thought his jealousy clouded his judgement about Yoo Jin. Dean Song counsels patience.

Yoo Jin exits the concert hall with Nae Il (Shim Eun Kyung) and Il Rak (Ko Gyung Pyo) in hot pursuit. Il Rak declares to Yoo Jin “We are best friends whose souls are combined.” Ha! Nae Il declares “Love comes before friendship.” Ha! Once alone Yoo Jin frets “How can I study to be a conductor if I cannot change my major or study abroad?” Cue terror filled airplane ride flashback as a child.

Maestro lures Il Rak by offering him the deputy orchestra position as the right hand man for the Maestro. This position earns the orchestra free food at Il Rak’s Father’s restaurant. No dinner would be complete without beer chugging! Next up, Karaoke!

Yoo Jin allows Nae Il inside his apartment after finding her outside his door. He warms her up with soup and a blanket. He does have a soft spot for Nae Il, so sweet. Her bunny puppets that represent the two of them amuse him.

But when the bunny puppets go to kiss each other Yoo Jin rips the boy puppet from her hands. So cute! Later Yoo Jin watches Nae Il sleeping on his couch and thinks “She is cute when she is sleeping”. Horrified he thought that, he declares he is going crazy.

In the morning, having slept on Yoo Jin’s couch, Nae Il wakes to find a note from Yoo Jin telling her she must leave his apartment and not touch anything. Nae Il proceeds to freely explore Yoo Jin’s apartment.

ep3_26 ep3_25
Nae Il meets bass cello girl, Choi Min Hee, who is obsessed with food. Another show with Subway as a sponsor with multiple product placements opportunities. The recent Discovery of Love also had heavy Subway product placements during that series. Someone is targeting Nae Il who receives an arrow to her head. Then she and Rae Il are drenched with water.

ep3_24 ep3_23
Yoo Jin attempts to get the Maestro to reconsider. Flashback to hating the rival Maestro that Yoo Jin has adored since childhood. Maestro declares that man is the second hated person in the world. He implies if Yoo Jin can feed everyone in S Orchestra in 1 hour, he may change his mind about conducting. Grabbing Nae Il and Il Rak he manages to accomplish this.

However Maestro notes he forgot Nae Il so nothing changes. Nae Il is angry about Yoo Jin’s mistreatment and declares “I’m breaking up with you Milch. We are not friends anymore.” Anyone else find a it smidge creepy that the Maestro calls Nae Il baby?

Il Rak counsels holding back. He does tell Professor Do about the Maestro’s test for Yoo Jin. Surprisingly Professor Do goes to Dean Song about the test. She wants to give the Maestro latitude. She asks if Professor Do still hates Yoo Jin. Professor Do confirms he hates Yoo Jin but notes that “a professor should not mess with a student’s mind when he is willing to learn.” It is that kind of humanity that makes Professor Do nuanced and not just a mean guy. Who knew that he would be the voice of reason? Dean Song counsels time. Professor Do questions if he can trust Dean Song’s judgement but agrees to watch and wait. Perfect suspense music in the background.

ep3_19 ep3_18
Nae Il finds Yoo Jin and tells him “I broke up with Milch.” Yoo Jin removes a sign from her back then returns it. Ha! He asks if someone has been bothering her. Yes, an arrow to her head and a bucket of water dumped on her qualifes. Nae Il declares her lunchbox of love will make Yoo Jin feel better. When she discovers her lunchbox is full of rocks she flips out. She calls Il Rak to plot revenge.

ep3_17 ep3_16
Together they determine that Mae Soo Min (drummer boy) is the perpetrator as he draws a mustache on Nae Il. They find pictures of Nae Il in his backpack. Nae Il mistakenly thinks he likes her and declares “I have someone I promised to marry. It will not happen for us.” But that is not it. Soo Min is crushing on Yoo Jin and considers Nae Il a threat.  Shi Won is understanding telling him “Your heart follows what you like. What can you do?” What an enlightened stance!

ep3_13 ep3_14
Nae Il begs the Maestro to give Yoo Jin another chance but he refuses. When he goes to another room, Nae Il takes his baton and score. She grabs Yoo Jin and takes him S Orchestra. Nae Il tells him to conduct. She gives Yoo Jin the baton and score from the Maestro. Yoo Jin is flabbergasted. We then find out that Nae Il blocked the Maestro’s exit. The Maestro notes that Yoo Jin “is very lucky with women.” He sees his baton and score are missing.

Meanwhile Yoo Jin begins to conduct S Orchestra. They are not very good. Yoo Jin thinks to himself the Maestro “gathered all the quacks on campus” to create the S Orchestra. He provides a critique to the S Orchestra. The Maestro shows and calls Yoo Jin a thief for taking his baton and score. He offers Yoo Jin a deal. Be his assistant conductor for 1 week, and if at the end of 1 week if S Orchestra has not improved, he must drop switching his major to conducting. Yoo Jin takes the deal. The Maestro smiles.

Yoo Jin is happy to have an opportunity to conduct. Nae Il runs to give him a hug but he sidesteps her saying “you are forbidden to touch me”. They are cute together.

At his apartment he ignores Nae Il while he immerses himself in the music.

Bass cello girl Min Hee gets a cashier’s job at Yoo Jin’s mother’s eatery. That is a massive instrument she is dragging around.

Stressed out Yoo Jin cannot sleep and works through the night. The next morning getting coffee at his mother’s eatery he sees her. Turns out their relationship is not close. She was too busy to pay attention to him when he was young. Now he states he is too busy to pay attention to her. She longs to touch him in comfort but holds back. They have a strained relationship but not a hateful one. There is a bit of playfulness in there.

Jung Shi Won introduces herself to the Maestro. He hands her off to Il Rak. She does not believe that piano player Yoo Jin is the conductor.

Dean Song asks Maestro what is on his mind? Why is he ignoring the established orchestra? What is his plan? She stumbles and he rights her. The moment is broken when she asks that he take care of Yoo Jin. Dean Song obviously believes in the Maestro. There is something between them. But not knowing his plans puts her at a disadvantage.

The chairperson of the board (or some power position) tells Dean Song she wants details about the Maestro’s plans. She does not like the normal orchestra being ignored by the Maestro. She suggests both orchestras participate in a performance. May the best orchestra win.

Conducting S Orchestra is not going well for Yoo Jin. They are not the best musicians. Two boys resent Yoo Jin and switch reeds to frustrate him. He hears and understand immediately which is impressive. The Maestro has been watching and intervenes. He takes the baton from Yoo Jin. He tells S Orchestra to chill out. He jokes with them and puts them at ease. His relaxed attitude yields results when S Orchestra plays. Yoo Jin thinks “It sounds different because of his conducting. He is a true Maestro.”

The chairperson believes the best choice is to pit both orchestras against each other to down select to a single orchestra. Dean Song cannot refuse.

The Maestro tells Yoo Jin “You failed. You forfeit assistant conductor.” He wants Yoo Jin to give up conducting forever. Yoo Jin states “I do not want to. You said you would give me until tomorrow. Until tomorrow this is my orchestra.” We end the episode where we began…a stare down between the Maestro and Yoo Jin…

* This episode went fast and was fun while moving all our characters forward. The episode pushed Yoo Jin, revealed Professor Do has standards for treating students, and Dean Song and others questioning the Maestro’s plan in setting up a second orchestra of the 2nd tier students.
* The Maestro’s treatment of Yoo Jin is fair and unfair at the same time. It is fair that he gave him a chance. It is unfair that he made the chance difficult to achieve. It is unfair that he hates Yoo Jin for liking a rival Maestro and being the son of someone he hates.
* Professor Do surprised me with his stance that Yoo Jin should be treated fairly by the Maestro. He went to Dean Song and clearly stated that Professors need to support not confuse students. I’m not sure Yoo Jin would say Professor Do did that with him. None the less, Professor Do seemed reasonable and rational though he does hate Yoo Jin. I like the nuance.
* Joo Won as Yoo Jin has a wonderful tolerance for the ridiculous behaviors of Nae Il and Rak Il. He makes their over the top behaviors acceptable yet maintains his character’s dignity. That is a tricky balance. His intetaction with Nae Il are a joy to watch. While the Maestro’s offer was not optimal, Yoo Jin took it because he had no other chance. He passion was evident as he toiled to break down the parts of the score. But the S Orchestra did not respond to his harsh critiques. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar Yoo Jin.
* Shim Eun Kyung as Nae Il passionately declares she loves Yoo Jin again and again and again. How she manages to be cute and quirky without crossing the line to obsessively annoying is a testament to Eun Kyung’s acting. I loved when she, Il Rak, and Yoo Jin worked together as a unit to feed S Orchestra in 1 hour. When her love lunch was replaced with rocks, that was the last straw. I think I might have wanted revenge after having water dumped on my head.
* Ko Gyung Pyo as Il Rak continues his absolute belief that he is Yoo Jin’s best friend. He must think if he continues to say something it becomes the truth. His interactions with Yoo Jin and cohort Nae Il were funny and well done. Gyung Pyo’s performance is out there but not over the top and maintains Il Rak’s humanity so it is not a caricature.
* The acceptance of drummer boy’s Soo Min’s liking Yoo Jin was handled as matter of fact. Bravo show.

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5 comments on “Tomorrow’s Cantabile Episode 3 Recap
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  2. KVP says:

    Yes! I find it very creepy that Streseman calls Nae Il ‘baby’. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does. But I’m really hoping there is a twist coming to explain it. It wouldn’t be as creepy if he turned out to be her dad or uncle or something.
    Then again, maybe I’m just not understanding the director’s intentions because I don’t know Korean. I struggle with lots of the names…like Orabang, Nae Il, or Rak II. Lost in translation maybe..?


    • kjtamuser says:

      It does take time to get comfortable with a series line up of characters. Good to know I was not alone on the pet name “baby”. Thanks for the comment.


      • KVP says:

        You’re welcome, and thanks! You’re right, the characters are definitely growing on me. Looking forward to watching the rest.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    So far Stresses is living up to me calling him lecherous…his use of “baby” for Nae Il is simply creepy.

    The maestro seems to have it in for Yoo Jin, or is it a vendetta against one or both of his parents?


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