My Lovable Girl Episode 10 Recap

We start Episode 10 learning that Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun) showed Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung) the picture of Se Na and Shi Woo (L) taken surreptitiously in the hospital. That tells us the secret that Se Na is the sister of the deceased girlfriend of Lee Hyun Wook (Rain) is still intact.
When Hyun Wook finds Se Na, she tells him there is nothing romantic between herself and Shi Woo. Hyun Wook’s relief that she does not know he dated her sister is evident. He assures her he believes that she is not involved with Shi Woo. He reiterates they will not continue forward as a couple. Se Na is stunned. Hyun Wook walks away with tears in his eyes.

Hyun Wook drowns his sorrow with alcohol. Hae Yoon shows and he asks she continue to keep the secret that Se Na is So Eun’s sister.

The next morning Se Na goes to Hyun Wook’s house and asks what he meant when he said he cannot be involved with her because she is Se Na. He tells her he had feelings for her but that does not mean he liked her. He tells her not to visit again.

From the hospital (recall Shi Woo tore a ligament in Episode 9) Shi Woo calls Se Na. She mentions the picture taken in the hospital but he does not know what he is talking about. She tells him not to call again. That is eerily similar to Hyun Wook telling her not to visit again. She hangs up on him. Love Shi Woo’s shocked look that she ended the phone call so abruptly. Hyun Wook visits and tells Shi Woo he will be released that afternoon. Shi Woo asks why Se Na is acting weird. He notes she just hung up on him. Hyun Wook deletes Se Na’s phone number from Shi Woo’s phone. Hyun Wook says Se Na has been fired. Hyun Wook mentions the picture of them taken at the hospital. Shi Woo asks if Se Na was fired because of the photo. Hyun Wook sidesteps answering. Shi Woo admits that he likes Se Na.

Se Na tells best friend Joo Hong (Lee Cho Hee) that Hyun Wook admitted that he feels something for her but still ended their relationship. Joo Hong is suitably irritated with Hyun Wook.

Se Na and Hyun Wook are moody and missing each other. Se Na calls Gob, the arranger, to apologize for departing ANA without a goodbye. She asks how Hyun Wook is. Gob tells her Hyun Wook is sitting right next to him, does she want to say hi? She declines and ends the call. Gob asks Hyun Wook why Se Na was fired. He notes Se Na had potential to be a great song writer.

ep10_37 ep10_36
Shi Wook picks Se Na up for a drive. He asks if she is mad at being fired. He muses the picture was nothing and he wishes he had kissed her. Her facial reaction to that statement is cute. They listen to Kim Tae Woo’s version of “Only You” on the radio. Shi Woo wonders what would have happened if he had sung this song instead of “Superstition“. Interesting the scene was shot through the windshield of the car versus the car interior.

Father meets with Seo Jae Young (Kim Jin Woo) and tells him to stop messing with Hyun Wook. Jae Young is frank that Father mistreated him by bringing in Hyun Wook to run ANA after his years of service. Father slams Jae Young saying Hyun Wook is more talented. That stings Jae Young. You are correct Father, but it only makes him mad and want to retaliate against Hyun Wook. Father reiterates that Jae Young needs to back off. Jae Young enjoys telling him about the photos of Shi Woo and Se Na.

Father then visits Hae Yoon and asks about the photos. She tells him not to worry, she dealt with the issue. Hae Yoon asks for Father’s help with Hyun Wook. He tells her to remember Hyun Wook’s upcoming birthday.

There is something wrong if the bright spot of the episode is Father’s wife flirting with Mr. Kang.

Hyun Wook and the managers listen to the trainees. Hyun Wook’s critique is harsh. He hates the overt sexiness of the girl group. He hates the singer of the boy group and tells the solo singer to join the boy group. Yes, Hyun Wook is grumpy without Se Na!

Hae Yoon asks if ANA means anything to Hyun Wook if Se Na is not there. He sidesteps answering saying he needs to pick up Dal Bong (cutest dog) from the hospital. Hae Yoon asks to go too. She admits she was not fond of Dal Bong because So Eun (Se Na’s sister) bought him for Hyun Wook.

Leaving the store Se Na sees a car approach and inside is Hae Yoon, Dal Bong, and Hyunk Wook looking happy. That does not make her feel good so she pounds some alcohol. She calls Hyun Wook but he won’t answer. She leaves a voice mail asking him to come to the bar and claims she will not leave until he shows up. She waits and drinks, and waits and drinks, until she passes out. Hyun Wook shows and watches her with dismay that he has caused her pain. The next morning Joo Hong and her boyfriend tell her they brought her home after Hyun Wook called and alerted them to her location.

Hyun Wook calls Se Na. To her disappointment this is a professional meeting about a job not a personal meeting about their relationship. Love that Hyun Wook is not wearing a scarf. He tells her he has found her a job. She rejects it. She notes that he did not call her when Dal Bong came home from the hospital. She asks why he is continuing to help her when their personal relationship is over. He said she worried him when she drunk called him. Chagrined she apologizes. She tells him she will take care of herself and leaves.

ep10_29 ep10_28
Shi Woo calls Se Na and says he has found her a job. He is adorably nervous as he waits for her at his apartment. He proposes that they write a song together. He regrets saying no to her song as his debut single.

Hyun Wook tells Father and wife that ANA is launching a boy band in 2 months, Rae Eum 1 month after that, then he is retiring as President of ANA. Wife snipes about his hidden brother. Impassively Hyun Wook tells her to work that out with Father. As Hyun Wook leaves Father says he intended to turn over ANA to him permanently. Hyun Wook replies he never should have come back to ANA.

Shi Woo and Se Na enter Hyun Wook’s office. Hyun Wook is there with Hae Yoon discussing the next song for Shi Woo. He announces that he wants Se Na to write the next song. Hyun Wook initially says no. He then asks Se Na what she thinks. Why not, she shrugs. Hae Yoon asks if this is an excuse for them to date. Se Na states they are not dating. Shi Woo asks why anyone cares if they date. Se Na is talented, he wants to work with her, and there will be no scandal. Hyun Wook agrees coolly stating it will be short term collaboration.

Later Hyun Wook asks Se Na why she turned down his job offer but agreed to work with Shi Woo. She states she did not want to get tangled up with him again. Love that she used his own words against him. She asks if she makes him uncomfortable. He tells her to stay out of his sight. Ouch!

ep10_24 ep10_23
Shaken by Hyun Wook’s harsh words, Se Na tells Shi Woo they can start collaborating tomorrow. At home, Se Na starts running a fever and restlessly naps. Thinking about Hyun Wook’s words she leaves her sick bed.

Hae Yoon surprises Hyun Wook by stopping by his house to cook him a birthday dinner. She says Hyun Wook’s best friend Bae Sung Jin (Alex) is in route. Hyun Wook is not pleased by the surprise visit.

ep10_22 ep10_21
Se Na arrives at Hyun Wook’s house. As he opens the front door she asks why she is treated as trivial? She states he messed around with her. Agitated she wishes he had hever engaged her as more than a friend. She hates that he made her feel pathetic. Se Na then spots Hae Yoon in the house. Ouch, that has to be embarrassing having someone else hear her words. She leaves. Hyun Wook is shaken. He asks Hae Yoon to leave. She asks if he will go after Se Na. Hyun Wook says he cannot control his heart. Ouch, that hurts Hae Yoon to hear his admission of caring / love for Se Na. Hae Yoon bitterly notes she is obviously not his friend or lover, but a nothing to him. Hae Yoon says if Se Na finds out about how So Eun died, it will kill any feelings she has for him. Aha! So there is more to the story. Hae Yoon leaves crying as Sung Jin arrives. He berates Hyun Wook for hurting Hae Yoon. Anguished, Hyun Wook asks why his friend does not try to see it from his perspective. Sung Jin asks if he loves Se Na. Raggedly, Hyun Wook says the whole situation is driving him crazy. He leaves to find Se Na.

Jae Young finds Hae Yoon pounding alcohol. Hae Yoon admits that as predicted Hyun Wook has rejected her. She mournfully says that Hyun Wook loves Se Na. Jae Young is surprised. Then Hae Yoon reveals the secret that Hyun Wook asked her to keep. She tells Jae Young that Se Na is So Eun’s sister. No, no, no! She just gave Jae Young the club to beat Hyun Wook and injure our primary couple!

Hyun Wook finds Se Na. She tells him she will stop liking him. Hyun Wook says “Then this will be a one-sided love now. I don’t care anymore. I don’t care that you are Se Na.” They stare at each other.

* Not the best episode. How can it be when the primary couple is miserable? The gloom permeates everywhere. Hae Yoon’s big reveal to Jae Yoon will surely be used to hurt Hyun Wook and tear apart Se Na and Hyun Wook. Jae Yoon will undoubtedly savor the ability to destroy his rival.
* Rain sold the stoic decision that Hyun Wook would not engage Se Na romantically. Oh, but the pain his denial caused to himself, her, and Hae Yoon.
* Krystal lights up Se Na when she can be direct. Se Na’s best moment was her interchange with Shi Woo. I like their banter and the respite from the miserable main couple.
* L sold me that Shi Woo wants to pursue a relationship with Se Na. It was darling watching his nervous anticipation when she was in route to his apartment. I liked his confident interchange with Hyun Wook in his office about working with Se Na. This was an excellent episode for Shi Woo. The character was no longer uncertain, but working towards his goals.
* Ye Ryun as Hae Yoon leaves me cold. Hae Yoon does not engage my sympathy (much) or interest (much). I do not root for this character. I do not know if anything could make me interested in Hae Yoon. I was appalled, but not surprised, when she revealed the secret of Se Na’s sisterhood with So Eun. It pains me to think of the power she put into Jae Yoon’s hands. Certainly he will used it to his full advantage.
* Weird but true, Father’s wife and Mr. Kang were an unexpected highlight of the episode.
* The background music did not inspire me this episode. I put together a video to “Will You Love Me” by Alex Chu (plays Sung Jin) from the OST part 3. This my favorite song from the OST. Embedded youtube video that includes pictures of darling Dal Bong is below or use the link.

* For you Shi Woo and Se Na fans, there are some terrific fan made videos. Here’s a Shi Woo centric youtube video. Embedded youtube video to “Will You Love Me” by Alex is below or use the link.

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  1. Jordan says:

    Any idea what the song is the trainee boy group is singing/dancing to in this episode? It’s not on the OST and I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

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