My Lovable Girl Episode 9 Recap

We begin episode 9 with Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung) comforting Lee Hyun Wook (Rain) because Dal Bong (cutest dog) is ill. Hyun Wook grabs her wrist and asks her to stay. She sits next to him and hugs him.  She slowly pulls away. They stare into each others eyes. Hyun Wook cups her face and kisses her. Yes folks, I was willing to watch that kiss again! 

Se Na tells Hyun Wook to stay while she visits Dal Bong. She admits to the dog she’s so happy because of Hyun Wook but sad because of him. She tells Dal Bong to get better so they can play.

Se Na returns to Hyun Wook. He tells her to come with him. As they walk her hand brushes his. She denies she intentionally touched his hand. He looks at her and intentionally holds her hand. She smiles. He does not want to answer his ringing cellphone as he has to let go of her hand. She chides him so he answers. While he talks she flexes her hand and smiles. He must leave. After Hyun Wook is gone, Se Na looks at her hand and smiles. Sweet scene. They do not shy away from each other even though they are tentative with each other, does that make sense?


Hyun Wook’s best friend Bae Sung Jin (Alex) was the phone call. Hyun Wook finds Sung Jin watching over a passed out Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun). Hyun Wook takes her home. Hae Yoon asks him to stay the night. That was bold. She confesses her history of loving him. Hyun Wook says they should not get tangled up in each other. He leaves. She cries. That was a clear no from Hyun Wook. Will Hae Yoon accept it?

At home, Hyun Wook touches his lips and puts his head in his hand.

At home, Se Na touches her lips and smiles.

The managers tell Hyun Wook that he will need to confirm the broadcast for Shi Woo in person.

Hae Yoon pretends she does not remember what happened the previous evening. Hyun Wook does not push the issue and tells her to have a safe business trip to Hong Kong.

At her locker Se Na stares at her phone at the picture of Hyun Wook & Dal Bong. Shi Woo (L) approaches looking fabulous with a new hair cut and color (brown). He invites Se Na to go out to eat with him. He tries to take her hand. She pulls her hand away. She tells herself that Shi Woo cannot touch her hand only Hyun Wook can.

ep9_10 ep9_9
Entering ANA Hyun Wook and Sung Jin find Se Na and Shi Woo exiting. Sung Jin suggests that Shi Woo and Se Na should not go out together. He suggests he and Hyun Wook join them. Shi Woo declines the offer. Hyun Wook says they can eat today but no more meetings until the album is released. Shi Woo asks if Hyun Wook is looking out for him or Se Na. Hyun Wook replies both of them.

Sung Jin notes that Hyun Wook and Shi Wook seemed to be fighting over Se Na. He asks if anything happened. Hyun Wook tells him to drop the inquiry. Sung Jin tells him he cannot pursue a relationship. Hyun Wook leaves.

Father’s wife goes the shop where her husband visited. She accuses the woman that works there of being involved with her husband. The woman (once a trainee at ANA) zings her with “You are still tactless”. Her son enters the shop, bragging about the clothes his Father gave him and how the kids are jealous. Father’s wife strongly suspects her husband is the boy’s Father. The woman calls Father to warn him.

Father’s wife calls Mr. Kang (manager at ANA) and asks if he wants to hold her hand.

Hyun Wook misses Dal Bong and thinks back to the evening Se Na recently spent with him and Dal Bong. Se Na texts Hyun Wook the picture of Dal Bong and him. He smiles. She uses her photo editing skills to superimpose her head and body over Dal Bong to create a picture of her and Hyun Wook. She texts that picture and waits for an answer from Hyun Wook in vain. Se Na wonders why Hyun Wook does not responded to her text. Love Se Na’s creativity morphing the image! A nice version of “Only You”  sung by Krystal plays in the background. I dig all the versions of this song so enjoy the youtube of this version. You will hear episode sounds.

Hyun Wook and Gob the arranger listen to Shi Woo’s single. As Gob exits the studio, Se Na enters. She asks if Hyun Wook received her text which he confirms. She asks why he didn’t respond? He says he’s been focused on Shi Woo’s first broadcast. He mentions lack of time to send her texts. She recognizes his distance and asks why he is acting like this. She asks if he was going to ignore her, why did he kiss her? He asks, you really don’t know? He leaves. Ah, the old answer a question with a question that does not answer the question. Positive she directly asked him why he was avoiding her. Unfortunately he avoided a direct response.

Hyun Wook gets a phone call and tells Se Na they’ve got someplace to go. Outside ANA back from her Hong Kong business trip, Hae Yoon sees Hyun Wook and Se Na exit the building together. She is bummed. Hyun Wook and Se Na meet Kim Tae Woo (famous kpop singer). He asks Se Na to write him a song for his new album. She is thrilled. As they leave Hyun Wook congratulates her on her first song commission. She says it is all due to his support. She notes she is very happy but cannot share it with him. She leaves. He follows. They listen to street music. Someone pushes Se Na back into Hyun Wook. They are keenly aware of each other. They listen close to each other until they get caught in a downpour (on a bright sunny day). They duck under an awning. The Shi Woo version of Only You plays in the background. This is my favorite version of this song. The link is to my previous youtube video of this song from episode 5.

Hyun Wook says he’ll get the car. Se Na sweetly wraps her coat around him. Recall he wrapped the wrapped the tablecloth around her during the rain when they had a picnic in the park in episode 2.

They stare into each other’s eyes. She lightly kisses him.
Se Na says “I like you. I thought you liked me too. Was I wrong?”
Hyun Wook replies “It’s true you made me feel something. But this is as far as I’ll go. No more than this.”
Se Na asks “Why?”
Hyun Wook responds “Because you are Se Na”.
The humming song plays in the background. I like that song too and the link is to my youtube video from episode 7.

Se Na complains to best friend Joo Hong (Lee Cho Hee) and her boyfriend that Hyun Wook is pushing her away. She thinks it is because of his past love. Joon Hong advises her to wait it out. Joon Hong notes a live girl beats a dead one every time.

Hae Yoon brings Hyun Wook the gift she got him on her business trip. She tell him while away she decided it was time to “make up your mind”. Is she referring to herself or Hyun Wook?

Hyun Wook finds Father handling the powers that be at the broadcast company. They argue about this in the lobby until Seo Jae Young (Kim Jin Woo) enters the conversation. Father goes to hit Jae Young but he blocks him. Jae Young recommends that Hyun Wook not go head to head against Infinite Power. He says Hyun Wook will find out the price for this during Shi Woo’s first broadcast.

Hyun Wook tells Father to let him solve his own problems. Father says Hyun Wook cannot beat Jae Young without tactics. Father asks if Hyun Wook thinks the So Eun’s situation was caused by Jae Young. Hyun Wook tells him to back off and leaves.

Se Na recalls their first kiss.

Shi Woo banters with Se Na. He admits he is nervous about the upcoming solo appearance. With what Jae Young said to Hyun Wook I am nervous for Shi Woo. Se Na cheers him up by playing Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer. Hyun Wook watches them enjoy each other and leaves. Se Na glimpses Hyun Wook as he exits.

Broadcast day is here. At the studio Jae Young tells Shi Woo that not everyone can be a solo artist. This guy is a jerk. Hyun Wook brings Shi Woo a lollipop to calm his nervous. They both companionably suck on lollipops. Shi Woo asks Hyun Wook if he can beat Infinite Power. Hyun Wook quips that Shi Woo is not a a thinker so remove all those thoughts from his head.

Just before the broadcast one dancer does not show up. Before going on stage Shi Woo is a bundle of nerves (I am too). The audience does not engage with Shi Woo’s song. Shi Woo missteps, falls and loses the syncopation with the dancers. After the performance, you see he is injured and unable to dance. The song, Superstition, is catchy and the dance moves were solid. L looked great during the performance, until he was injured. You will hear episode sounds during the youtube video.

At the hospital the diagnosis is torn ligament requiring a couple of months of rest. That destroys Shi Woo’s ability to fully promote the album if he cannot dance. Hyun Wook is calm and Shi Woo does not understand his compassion when ANA is losing money. Hyun Wook notes that Shi Woo is the one hurting. Nice!

Jae Young admits that he recruited away Shi Woo’s dancer. Have I mentioned he is a jerk? Jae Young declares in the battle of record company presidents, Hyun Wook is the loser this round. Jae Young says he is trying to determine what next to take away from Hyun Wook. What would hurt Hyun Wook the most? Should he take the presidency of ANA? Hae Yoon? Se Na? Hyun Wook reveals which one means the most by punching Jae Young. He tells Jae Young “I should have done that 3 years ago”. Hyun Wook leaves. That was a satisfying punch. Jae Young is so smug. He had that coming.

Se Na visits Shi Woo in the hospital. She tells him to stay strong. He reminds her she promised to take care of him. As she signs his cast he studies her. He abruptly pulls her to him. Unbeknownst to them a photographer snaps pictures of this close encounter. Se Na pulls away.
Se Na: By any chance, do you like me?
Shi Woo: By any chance, is it okay if I do?

Hyun Wook frets to Hae Yoon that he is helpless. She points out that he could not predict that Shi Woo would be injured. A reporter calls and asks to meet her. Oh no, I have a feeling those pictures will surface.

Gob frets to Se Na that things are bad at ANA. He notes Hyun Wook must be suffering dealing with all the problems.

Se Na finds Hyun Wook on the roof.
Se Na: Just listen. You said it cannot be me. I have always been alone. But after I met you, I felt better. I get strength from sharing my strength and happiness. I hope you feel the same way. I hope I can give you strength . I am cheering you on.
Hyun Wook asks her to count to 10 and he stares at her while she does.
Hae Yoon sees them talking and leaves the roof unseen.

Hae Yoon tells Se Na she must leave ANA. Se Na asks why. Hae Yoon says the reason will surprise her.

Shi Woo’s single is not climbing the charts.

Hae Yoon tells Hyun Wook she fired Se Na. She shows Hyun Wook the picture of the Shi Woo and Se Na close encounter at the hospital. She states “I guess a lot has happened without our knowledge”. Hyun Wook counters “those two are not what you think. This can be resolved.” Hae Yoon asks if he is sure because Se Na likes her or he likes Se Na. Hae Yoon tells him he cannot do this because Se Na is So Eun’s sister.

Hae Yoon implies Se Na may now know that Hyun Wook dated So Eun. Hyun Wook is concerned Hae Yoon told Se Na. Hae Yoon cannot believe that Hyun Wook cares if Se Na knows or not. Hyun Wook demands to know if Hae Yoon told Se Na. Hae Yoon asks “so what if I did?” Ah, the old answer a question with a question that does not answer the question. By the way, Hyun Wook looked smoking hot in that shirt. I love it when the stylist omits the scarf.

Hyun Wook frantically searches for Se Na. She’s not at her house. She won’t answer his call. He finally locates her. They stare at each other.

He steps towards her.

She steps away from him.

* Good episode. Is So Eun the only reason why Hae Yoon and Sun Jin and Hyun Wook are saying he cannot be with Se Na? I thought there was something in addition to the fact So Eun and Se Na are sisters. What is the taboo in dating a sister?
* Rain as Hyun Wook did the pull-push with Se Na. He pulled her to him with the kiss and hand holding. He pushed her away at ANA. He pulled her to him when he followed her. He pushed her away after she kissed him and he declared he would go no further. Jae Yoon is such a jerk! I enjoyed Hyun Wook punching him. Well deserved. I think the stylist is using the scarf as a signature accessory too often. I love seeing him without a scarf in a scene.
* Krystal makes me like the directness of Se Na. She was upfront with Hyun Wook multiple times this episode. But it takes two to tango and he avoided her direct questions.
* Ye Ryun as Hae Yoon surprised me with the sleep over invitation to Hyun Wook. Hyun Wook was direct with her that it was not going to happen. She elected to pretend that she did not remember their conversation. Ugh! Again I do not understand why she thinks So Eun and Se Na being sisters is a sufficient reason to separate Hyun Wook from Se Na.
* L’s character Shi Woo’s had misfortune this episode. A bummer he tore a ligament and cannot dance and effectively promote the single. His looked terrific in his performance outfit.  I do not understand why Hyun Wook had to put Shi Woo’s debut head to head against Infinte Power’s debut. Hyun Wook put too much pressure on Shi Woo.  Love the change of hair color and hair style, big improvement over the blond straw. I just do not see romance between Shi Woo and Se Na. She is totally into Hyun Wook.
* Loved Se Na’s mad image manipulation skills and the version of “Only You” sung by Krystal played this episode. Embedded youtube video is below or use the link.

* Even with the misfortune that fell on Shi Woo with the torn ligament during his first broadcast appearance, Shi Woo’s first song sounded good and he looked good during the performance. “Superstition” sung by L is embedded below or use the link.

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