My Lovable Girl on Running Man

Proving themselves to be up for anything, five My Lovable Girl cast members appeared on the variety show Running Man.

Our Lovable Girl participants: 1. Rain (Lee Hyun Wook), 2. Krystal (Yoon Se Na), 3. Alex (Bae Sung Jin), 4. Kim Ki Bang (Yoo Sang Bong (Shi Woo’s Manager), and 5. Park Yeong Gyu (Lee Jong Ho (Hyun Wook’s father).

Two teams were formed, the Running Man team and the My Lovable Girl team.

The first challenge was an obstacle course where the teams chased each other going through the obstacles. Stamina was required to get through this course. The net and rubber wall were the two obstacles that were the hardest. I would not have wanted to step on the electric mat!

The second challenge was trying to stop the champion hand ball player from scoring a goal. The hand ball player was fierce and amazing. She seemed to have a soft spot for Rain which I can relate to.

The third challenge was to guess a song based an a few notes sung by a star basketball player. That was harder than it looked. Depending on how many songs a team guessed correctly, the basketball player would shot that many 3 point shots. Team with the most points won. This challenge went to team My Lovable Girl.

The fourth challenge was to play badminton against a champion badminton player. Team with the most points won. Yeong Gyu proved to be the weak link for My Lovable Girl. This challenge went to team Running Man.

The final challenge to write new lyrics and perform an iconic song. My Lovable Girl had “Billy Jean” and the Running Man had “One Night Only” from Dream Girls.

The judges were the eliminated players: Ha Ha, Yeong Gyu, and Alex.

Running Man went first and the guys transformed into the Dream Girls better than expected performing “One Night Only”.

My Lovable Girl went second and spoofed “Billie Jean”. Rain had the iconic Michael Jackson dance moves down. Krystal entered the song half way as the girl torn between the 3 men performing.



It was tight scoring by the judges but My Lovable Girl won the audition. It was not even close in my book.

This was a decent episode of Running Man. I wonder if the cast came on with the intent to bump their ratings. At the mid-point in the series their ratings have been between 6 and 10%, not fabulous by any stretch of the imagination. I am all for a ratings bump for this show.

My Lovable Girl cast members acquitted themselves well and proved they possess humor and sportsmanship.

Youtube video of the My Lovable Girl Billy Jean spoof (linked and embedded below):


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