My Lovable Girl Episode 8 Recap

We begin episode 8 with Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung) explaining to Lee Hyun Wook (Rain) that Shi Woo (L) was apologizing for rejecting her song. Hyun Wook decrees she cannot do anything with Shi Woo or anyone else at AnA. She asks if that means she cannot do anything with him. Hyun Wook says as President they must interact. So that covers approval to see each other at work. Se Na asks what about the neighborhood? Can she visit Dal Bong (Hyun Wook’s dog)? Of course she can see Dal Bong. Excellent, work and home are approved! Se Na gets a big smile on her face and leaves. She got what she wanted. Atta girl!

Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun) has a flashback of slapping Se Eun (Se Na’s sister and Hyun Wook’s girlfriend, deceased).

Hyun Wook’s Father’s wife receives a picture of Father giving a woman a gift bag. She assumes an affair and gets upset.

Shin Woo calls Se Na and they meet. Shi Woo admits that he likes her song but lacks the confidence to sing it. She is surprised that he admitting this. Shi Woo says “I cannot stand the thought of hurting someone” (sweet of him). She accepts his apology gift of shoes knowing he will pester her until she does. Hyun Wook spots Shi Woo leaving and Se Na returning to her tent.

Father’s wife confronts him about the picture. She throws (literally) the 5 carat diamond ring in his face.

The AnA managers are excited about Shi Woo’s upcoming solo debut. Plans are underway.

Hyun Wook’s best friend Bae Sung Jin (Alex) tells Hyun Wook to treat Hae Yoon well because she is a special woman.

ep8_3 ep8_4 ep8_5
Hyun Wook asks Se Na what she is working on. She is arranging Rae Eum’s title song. He notices the new shoes and knows they are from Shi Woo. He steps on her foot saying new shoes need that.

Sung Jin thinks Hyun Wook is interested in Se Na.

ep8_8 ep8_7
Back from the doctor, Hyun Wook recalls the doctor’s words that Dal Bong is depressed and not eating. When they return home, Se Na is waiting at the house with food and a red dog hat for Dal Bong. Hyun Wook asks if Se Na will play with Dal Bong after work. I love how her thoughtfulness makes him happy. Another example of their playfulness as a couple. Yes, he has a great smile.

Se Na primps before going to Hyun Wook’s house to dog sit. Hyun Wook says her face is puffy. (not what she wanted to hear!) They have a picnic.

Meanwhile Hae Yoon admits to Sung Jin that she is threatened by Se Na. She resolves to fight for Hyun Wook. She has doggy treats and toys for Dal Bong. I guess the way to Hyun Wook’s heart is not through his stomach but his dog.

At the park, Hyun Wook and Se Na have an easy rapport. Dal Bong looks darling in the red hat. Se Na says Hyun Wook looks like Dal Bong and snaps a picture on her phone to prove it. Hyun Wook tries to erase the photo. When she says she does not have any pictures of him, he relents. Another example of their playfulness as a couple.

Hae Yoon comes to the park. She is not happy Se Na is there and the pet sitter again. She asks Se Na to help her get along with Dal Bong. The dog barks at her when Hae Young tries to pet him (ha!). Hae Yoon wants to get along with Se Na. She directly asks Se Na if she likes Hyun Wook. Se Na declines to answer. Hae Yoon says that Hyun Wook is still trying to get over his dead girlfriend. She does not want Se Na to suffer from unrequited love (just like Hae Yoon’s unrequited love for Hyun Wook). Se Na says she can take care of herself.

Se Na finds Shi Woo on the AnA rooftop taking a break from practing. She asks how long it takes a man to get over a woman? He guesses she is wondering if he is over Rae Eum. He tells her she looks pretty in the new shoes. He gives her a smile and leaves.

Kim Tae Woo (famous kpop singer) calls Se Na and tells her he is recording her song “Only You” and she needs to be at the studio. Hyun Wook gives her a ride to the studio. She pours out her joy that her song is going to be on a drama OST. Hyun Wook smiles. She guesses that he arranged this which he confirms. He did not tell her because he did not want her disappointed if it did not work out (that is sweet).

At the studio she meets Kim Tae Woo. The song’s arrangement is upbeat. Not actually wild about it. I’m sure it will grow on me. Link to youtube video. 

Hyun Wook remembers working in the studio with Tae Woo. Se Na brings the music file. They listen to the song together on a couch in the studio.

She stares at him and asks why he is helping her. Se Na says she is nervous around him, is he nervous around her? She gets close. Hyun Wook quickly moves to the end of the couch. She moves too and looms over him enjoying his discomfort. She puts her hand on his heart. She notes it is beating fast. He claims it is because he is uncomfortable in this position. Love her bold move to pursue him across the couch. Hyun Wook moved like lighting across the couch! Awesome the way she stared deeply into his eyes and touched his heart. A role reversal moment. Usually the guys do that to the girls. Fabulous!

ep8_26 ep8_25
Hyun Wook drops Se Na off. In her bedroom she looks at the picture of Hyun Wook and Dal Bong and smiles.

Meanwhile, Hyun clutches his heart as he think about Se Na. Is he falling for her?

At AnA Se Na works with Gob the arranger. Se Na is thrilled when Tae Woo’s song drops. Gob is amused at her joy. Kinda cute. Being a published song writer gets Se Na out of cleaning.

Shi Woo’s song “Superstition” is pop with complicated dance moves. Hyun Wook is not effusive.

Hyun Wook heads home and begins to text Se Na not to come over when she shows up, startling him. Anyone else think he is avoiding her because he is nervous to be with her? They banter about the album, watching the drama on TV, etc. until his Father shows up. Hyun Wook sends Se Na out with Dal Bong.

Father thinks Hyun Wook’s house is too far from work. He makes a comment about Se Na. Hyun Wook tells him to stay out of his life. Father is worried about the AnA’s President’s image. Hyun Wook finds that laughable considering the things his Father did during his presidency. Father’s attempt at bonding fails as Hyun Wook bluntly tells him he blew his chance at a relationship with him with his actions.

Shi Woo calls Se Na and meets her while she walks Dal Bong. He asks why she is a pet sitter. He tells her to come with him and bring the dog. Se Na calls him strange. Dal Bong gets away and they search for him. Hyun Wook finds him when he is outside. Se Na and Shi Woo run up relieved Dal Bong is okay. Hyun Wook says Shi Woo needs to back off of Se Na. Shi Woo says it is fishy that Hyun Wook hired Se Na as a pet sitter. Shi Woo says Se Na is coming with him. She protests. Irritated, Hyun Wook fires her!

Shi Woo takes Se Na to celebrate her song dropping and they watch the fireworks together. Unfortunately Se Na is preoccupied with Hyun Wook.

Hyun Wook soothes Dal Bong over the fireworks noise.

Se Na cannot resist and goes to Hyun Wook’s house. On the porch the atmosphere is charged between them. She asks why he told her to leave. She states nothing is going on with Shi Woo. He tells her his is only worried about scandal that would affect AnA. Irritated, she formally quits being the dog sitter. Hyun Wook accepts her decision. She leaves. Se Na is upset, Hyun Wook is upset, neither of them got what they wanted.

When Se Na’s song comes on the drama, best friend Joo Hong (Lee Cho Hee) and her boyfriend are excited. Se Na cries upset about Hyun Wook. In her room, she clutches her heart and cries.

Hyun Wook calls her at AnA for a meeting. He has a song writing contract. He is all business. Accordingly she signs and leaves.

Hyun Wook and Hae Yoon attend the opening of Sung Jin’s academy. Seo Jae Young (Kim Jin Woo) is there too. Hae Yoon steps away and Hyun Wook and Jae Young begin sparing over the debut dates of Infinite Power and Shi Woo. Unbeknowest to Hyun Wook, Hae Yoon comes up behind them. Knowing this, Jae Young asks if Hyun Wook is interested in Hae Yoon. Hyun Wook snaps that he is not interested in anything that Jae Young is. He turns, sees Hae Young, and they leave. Outside he asks if she knew that Jae Young liked her. He says he understands why Jae Young left AnA. Hae Yoon asks Hyun Wook why he pretends not to know that she likes him. He says he is not sure of his feelings. She goes to kiss him but he stops her. She calls it awkward in the car and she is right. She hears Se Na’s song on the radio and quickly figures out that Hyun Wook helped arrange Tae Woo to sing the song. She demands to know what Se Na is to him. He snaps that he may like her. Hae Yoon is shocked. Hyun Wook pulls the car over and tells her to get out (that is a bit rude).

Se Na complains that Hyun Wook must not like her. Joo Hong’s boyfriend bursts in saying Hyun Wook’s dog was taken by ambulance to the hospital. He is surprised an ambulance would take an animal. Glad the show dealt with that oddity of ambulances transporting animals.

Se Na rushes to Hyun Wook’s house and learns the dog is in the hospital with a tumor. At the hosptial the doctor tells Hyun Wook he will keep the dog overnight but time is short for Dal Bong and he must prepare himself. The doctor hands Hyun Wook the red hat that Dal Bong was wearing.

Se Na finally tracks down Hyun Wook. She asks why he did not share that Dal Bong was sick. He says nothing. She starts to leave. He grabs her wrist and asks her to stay. She sits next to him and hugs him.

She slowly pulls away. They stare into each others eyes.

Hyun Wook cups her face and kisses her.

* Another good episode. Young love is a beautiful thing. The first kiss was lovely.
* Rain as Hyun Wook is firing on all cylinders. He is charming. Their playful banter with each other is addicting.
* Kyrstal is refreshing as Se Na. I love how direct Se Na is about her feelings. Her pursuit of him was the highlight of the episode. Of course the kiss was pretty good too.
* Ye Ryun as Hae Yoon had her hopes dashed when Hyun Wook avoided her kiss. That is never a good sign!
* L delivered directness when Shi Woo was honest about being scared by the song and ditching it instead. L held his ground with Rain when they confronted each other over Se Na.
* Dal Bong rocked that red hat. Bummer he is getting sicker.
* Kim Tae Woo as guest star, nice! My favorite Kim Tae Woo OST song is Falling in Love from Warrior Baek Dong Soo
* Couple of shots of Rain smiling this episode. I dig his smile.




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