My Lovable Girl Episode 7 Recap

We begin episode 7 with Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung) following Lee Hyun Wook (Rain) out of the club because his head is hurting. She tries to show him how to clear his head but ends up falling into his arms. Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun) and Seo Jae Young (Kim Jin Woo) observe this.  Se Na thanks Hyun Wook for all that he has done. Jae Yoon states that Hyun Wook was like this when he fell for So Eun years ago. Hae Yoon goes back into the club with Jae Yoon in tow.

Hyun Wook walks a bit and Se Na follows. Hyun Wook encourages Se Na to check out the club scene for music inspiration, just don’t dress like that he advises. Se Na asks if he went to clubs when he wrote songs. Hyun Wook says his natural feel for music made clubs irrelevant (ha! he was just that good!). Se Na asks why he no longer writes music. He dodges answering that. They agree to return to the club. At first he refuses (in a cute way) to lend her his coat but does wrap it around her shoulder (more contact, love it!). Se Na tells him she may fall for him if he keeps being so nice to her. He quips many women have fallen for his charms. She quips that he is not that charming. Their banter is darling. Rain’s half smile is so cute.

Shi Woo (L) stares at an Infinte Power poster. His managers sends him what looks to be the debut song Infinte Power will sing under their new label. He stays up all night listening and thinking.

Hyun Wook decides to meet with Investor Jang to try and convince him to keep his cash in AnA.

Hae Yoon recalls Jae Young telling him that Investor Jang is pulling out of AnA because he did not like Se Na’ song for Shi Woo’s debut. Jae Young infers that Hyun Wook is choosing Se Na over AnA.

Shi Woo tells Hyun Wook that he wants money spent on a good song not the free song Se Na wrote. Hyun Wook recognizes this as a lack of confidence. He asks why Shi Woo decided to go solo. Shi Woo bluntly says he wants Rae Hun (Hoya) to pay for humiliating him (that is understandable). Shi Woo says he believes in Se Na’s song but not himself (that is brutally honest). Hyun Wook tells him he should not make this choice but Shi Woo will not sing Se Na’s song.

Adding fuel to the fire, Hae Yoon tells Hyun Wook he needs to drop Se Na’s song, Investor Jang is too important to the financial health of AnA. She notes Shi Woo’s heart is not into the song. She offers to tell Se Na. Hyun Wook states he will tell Se Na.

Se Na is happy getting ready for Shi Woo to record her song. Hyun Wook asks where does she want to go for fun? They walk beside the Han river. Se Na admits she is nervous and excited about her song being recorded. Hyun Wook drops the bomb. Shi Woo will not record her song. He apologies for going back on his word. Se Na pretends it is not big deal. As she walks away, her distress is evident. Hyun Wook turns her around, cups her face and wipes the tears from her face. He hugs and comforts her. Surprisingly sensitive scene built on honesty with each other. Simply lovely. Their couple vibe is good.

Hyun Wook’s Father serenades his wife at a club. She is not moved by the song but the 5 carat diamond ring gets her attention.

Hyun Wook calls Se Na. He gets Dal Bong to bark. He interprets the bark saying Se Na should not feel bad about the song not being used. He notes it made his heart beat (sweet comment).

Se Na tells Dal Bong and Hyun Wook goodnight and he says the same. Hyun Wook smiles, Se Na smiles (and I smile too).

Se Na, best friend Joo Hong (Lee Cho Hee) and her boyfriend share some drinks. When Se Na thinks of Hyun Wook her heart beats faster. Joo Hong tells her that is love. Shocked Se Na runs (literally) to Hyun Wook’s house.

She claims she is there to see Dal Bong and Hyun Wook. She plays with Dal Bong (love the bunny ears) and studies Hyun Wook while he reads. I love her direct and open admiration for Hyun Wook’s looks. Yes, Rain is a good looking man. The OST part 2 song All of a Sudden sung by Krystal plays in the background while Se Na drinks him in). When Hyun Wook says she should head home he sees she has fallen asleep sitting upright. Now it is his turn to study her. When her head nods, he cradles it then slides next to her so her head rests on his shoulder. It is obvious that he is feeling something romantic for Se Na and it unnerves him. I have seen this type of scene many times but this one was particularly sweet as they are falling for each other. I am enjoying this couple!

Shi Woo calls Se Na but she does not answer (because she is asleep). He is bummed.

Hyun Wook attempts to grab her cell phone when it rings. The movement wakes Se Na and she is surprised to be staring into Hyun Wook’s eyes. He pulls away. He walks her home. Se Na tells him to fall in love again so he can write music again. (Cute!).

At AnA, Shi Woo hears some trainees being mean to Se Na. He makes them apologize. Se Na tells him not to do that again. He takes her to the rooftop and asks if she is mad at him because he rejected her song. That’s surprising news to her. He admits he said no to the song. (Appreciate his honesty). She thought he liked the song.

Hyun Wook’s best friend Bae Sung Jin (Alex) finds Se Na bummed out. He tries to cheer her up. Hae Yoon enters and is not as kind.

Hyun Wook teaches Se Na new guitar chords. Could this couple be more darling? I like the hum opening to the song and made a youtube video (link or watch from embedded video at the bottom of the recap) Hae Yoon observes them and instead of approaching leaves the rooftop. Instead she calls Se Na to meet her. She tells Se Na that she needs to be respectful NOT familiar with Hyun Wook. (I believe Hae Yoon is jealous. She has reason to be.)

As Hae Yoon walks away she hears Se Na play So Eun’s song. She enters the practice room and asks Se Na how she knows that song. Se Na says it is her sister’s song. Stunned Hae Yoon asks is her sister So Eun? Se Na confirms this and asks if she knew her sister. Hae Yoon denies this and quickly leaves.

ep7_27 ep7_28
Hae Yoon confronts Sung Jin. She asks if he was knows that Se Na is So Eun’s sister all along. He ways Hyun Wook wanted to help Se Na. He confirms Se Na does not know about Hyun Wook and Soo Eun. Hae Yoon gets upset. What if they like each other. Blind, Sun Jin claims Hyun Wook does not like Se Na. He makes the cryptic remark “you know why that cannot happen”. Hae Yoon feels uneasy. What is the secret?

Hyun Wook daydreams about his head resting on Se Na’s head (sweet). He wonders where she is. Se Na complains to Joo Hong that she cannot call him anymore. That is not a problem because Hyun Wook calls her. He tells her Dal Bong and he were waiting for her.

Se Na runs (literally) to his house and they meet outside it. Hyun Wook says he boarded Dal Bong for the night and next day due to the company outing. Se Na tells him she did not come to see Dal Bong. He tells her not to call him mister. He may be older but he is still youthful (ha!). She asks what she should call him. He imagines and rejects her calling him oppa. (ha!) He tells her mister is fine.

The next day on the company outing Se Na calls Hyun Wook president and is respectful. (Rain has a new hairdo. I like it. The other style was a bit prim.)

Shi Woo meets with his song writer. This guy is more interested in girls than Shi Woo.

At the campground, Hyun Wook asks Se Na why she isn’t calling him mister. She says it is like a double life. In the neighborhood he is mister and at AnA he is president.

Hyun Wook and Hae Yoon take a walk. He tells her they will not date while they both work at AnA. She wants to know what his plan is for Se Na. He jokes once she writes a successful song and they will sell her to the highest bidder. Hae Yoon loves this idea.

Shi Woo calls Se Na and surprises her by being at the campsite. He offers her shoes. She does not want to take them.

Hyun Wook and Hae Yoon see this. Se Na tells him to give the shoes to Rae Eum.

Shi Woo approaches her. Does he intend to kiss her?

Hyun Wook interrupts. Shi Woo says he was trying to apologize. Hyun Wook tells him to stop his interest in Se Na. Hyun Wook tells him to return to Seoul. Hae Yoon reminds him that artists are like children. Hae Yoon asks if he was jealous. Hyun Wook scoffs at being jealous.

Later that night he runs into Se Na. She tells him that Shi Woo was trying to apologize for rejecting her song. He tells her she cannot date Shi Woo or anyone else at AnA. She asks if that means she cannot date him. What will he say? Love her forthright manner. She is letting him know what she wants!

* Good episode! This show is a delight. Hae Yoon finding that Se Na is So Eun’s sister was a big reveal!
* Back lighting is prevalent in this production. Makes the characters a fuzzy in the camera shot.
* I am loving this couple. The initial falling in love phase is a favorite of mine. Rain and Krystal share a wonderful soft chemistry and deliver sweet scenes. Love how playful they are with each other. They knocked it out of the park in their scenes with each other this episode.
* Rain as Hyun Wook is appealing. He has a wonderful smile. Hyun Wook is honest with all the characters and does not play games. He is drawn to Se Na. While that unnerves him he cannot stop drawing her to him. Yep, he is falling for her. Their banter is darling.
* Krystal as Se Na has a refreshing forthright manner. Se Na is being upfront with Hyun Wook that she likes him but not in an aggressive way. Her open admiration of him was understandable as Rain is a beautiful man. Her knowing smile when she talks to him is good. She knows she likes him and he is drawn to her. That would make any woman happy. Hyun Wook has a tender heart that entices her to draw near. She treats Shi Woo like a kid brother. She treats Hae Yoon politely but does understand this woman is a rival.
* Hae Yoon (Ye Ryun) got a big surprise when she learned that Se Na is So Eun’s sister. What will she do with this information? She sees that Hyun Wook is getting involved with Se Na. How upsetting to have the man you love drawn to another. What is the secret Sun Jin references when he said “you know why that cannot happen”?
* L is delivering a more nuanced portrayal of Shi Woo than expected. He was brutally honest about being scared of going solo and he doubts that he can pull it off. He fears failure as a solo artist. I look forward to him establishing himself as an artist and watching confidence take over where the uncertainty is now.
* Love the dog Dal Bong. Rain seems to have a good rapport with the dog. So cute!
* Interesting that the set used when Hyun Wook’s father serenaded his wife was also used in Fated to Love You and Discovery of Love.
* Embedded youtube video from this recap is below:

    1. “Humming song” (self-titled) that played when Se Na and Hyun Wook were playing the guitar on the rooftop. You will hear episode sounds during the song.
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  1. exewriyan says:

    Have you know the title song in the end of this episode? It appears at 10 minutes teaser too

  2. exewriyan says:

    Aah, it’s okay, i guess that song is not release yet. All osts is nice and lovely, i like All of A Sudden and from Tae Woo’s Only You. Hope that song gonna release too~

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