Discovery of Romance Episode 15 Recap

Episode #15: “Will They Love Again?” …

We begin episode 15 in the aftermath of Yeo Reum (Jung Yu Mi) breaking up with Nam Ha Jin (Sung Joon) after realizing their relationship was at the end of the road. She is falling for her former boyfriend Kang Tae Ha (Eric).

Do Joon Ho (Yoon Hyun Min) and Yoon Sol (Kim Seul Gi) discuss that Joon Ho does not understand love. How could Yeo Reum hurt Ha Jin? He decides he will not talk her. Ha Jin is his friend and co-worker. When Yeo Reum passes through the room she tells Joon Ho that Ha Jin is still outside. Yoon Sol snaps for Joon Ho to be Ha Jin’s friend and go check on him.

Joon Ho finds Ha Jin stunned that Yeo Reum broke up with him. He is concerned how she is, astonishing Joon Ho. What happened Joon Ho asks. Ha Jin says he found Yeo Reum crying at work over Tae Ha. He notes this was the second time he found Yeo Reum crying over Tae Ha. Ha Jin says Yeo Reum refuses to tell him why she is crying. He suspects that she will not say because it would hurt him. He believes the Yeo Reum and Tae Ha like each other. (Ha Jin has surmised the situation correctly. But what does that buy him? Will he do anything about it? Can he does anything about it?)

Yeo Reum says it is simple. “Someone else is in my heart”. She could not say that to Ha Jin and hurt him.

Tae Ha tells Jung Mok that Yeo Reum is the only one for him. He tells Jung Mok that time will not heal this. How could he give up on the woman that he loves? Tae Ha recognizes that love is not a one way street and he cannot proceed with Yeo Reum unless she wants to.

Yeo Reum asks Joon Ho to burn the memory box of her past relationship with Tae Ha.

Yeo Reum decides to end her relationship with both men. She believes Tae Ha will understand their future relationship will be work only. She believes Ha Jin will be the hard one to break up with. Yeo Reum wryly notes it is only fair that she suffer too.

An A Rim (Yoon Jin Yi) tells Tae Ha that she has an internship in Canada where she will work and study. She leaves in 2 weeks. Ha Jin is surprised she will leave that soon. He buys her items for her trip. He tells her he will take her to the airport on the day she leaves for Canada.

Min Soo brings Yeo Reum’s mother a cell phone. She notes she already has a cell phone. Min Soo states this is a couple cell phone. (kinda cute)

ep15_20 ep15_21
Yeo Reum is all business around Tae Ha. He understands what she is doing. As she leaves the office he stops her to return the camera and says:
Look at me. (he gently tilts her head and cups her face) What your answer is, is okay. Live doing what you want. I am okay. My feelings have not changed. I want to stay with you. I wish you would want me too. Do not worry about me. This is my choice. Be happy with yours.
That’s goodbye #1 for the couple I want to be together. I am irritated that Yeo Reum has the power in this situation and Tae Ha is helpless. May I say the song that played in the background during this scene is lovely. Discovery of Romance: Part 9 – Like A Child (Shin Hyesun)

Ha Jin buys a book on woodworking and visits the studio to understand Yeo Reum’s work. Yeo Reum stares disbelievingly that he is acting like nothing is wrong. Ha Jin tells her if she does not have dinner with him he will stand there all night.

Tae Ha shows up at the studio to give Yeo Reum the information on the international furniture competitions. He sees Ha Jin and Yeo Reum exit the studio and drive away (they do not see him).

Dinner is awkward. Yeo Reum says she cannot pretend that they did not breakup. He says he misses her and wants to know more about her. He claims they have many days together ahead and this is just a bump in the road. He holds her hand in the car. Yeo Reum is like a statue.
Now I am irritated with Ha Jin. I hate that he is not listening to her. This effectively discounts her thoughts and feelings. Argh!

Yoon Sol has all three suitors visit her at the studio. Joon Ho thinks “all three men that like Yoon Sol are gathered. What an unfortunate fate.” LOL! Yoon Sol tells them that she will tell them her decisions.
Choi Eun Gyu (Gu Won) learns that Yoon Sol appreciates his friendship and at one point she liked him and now he likes her. Their timing is off. LOL on the heart monitor flat line sound!
Jung Mok learns that he is a kind man but Yoon Sol will not build a relationship when her heart is not fluttering. LOL on the heart monitor flat line sound! ep15_28
This was a cute and well played scene with good comedic timing. The sound effects (the 3 men’s heart beats, the heart monitor flat-lining, and the playful music) enhanced the scene perfectly. Well done production team. More importantly it is a breath of fresh of air from the tortured trio (Yeo Reum, Ha Jin and Tae Ha). 

Yeo Reum visits her mother and confesses her life has been a mess since Tae Ha reentered it. She asks her Mom if she understood her Father. Mom says she will never understand why her Father did not leave her. He would still be alive and happy somewhere. She could be happy too. She tells Yeo Reum to make her choice with herself as the center not to please others. That is good advice. Bottom line, whatever Yeo Reum chooses if she is not happy then eventually the relationship will disintegrate. Of course in my opinion she needs to choose Tae Ha, the man she loves, who is patiently waiting for her. I do like Yeo Reum’s mother and appreciate that she was not the typical demanding kdrama mother. Her dry wit and sarcasm made this character fun.

Joon Ho gives Yoon Sol tennis shoes telling her she can go to whoever she likes – Eun Gyu or Jung Mok. She is happy with the gift. Then he presents her with a second pair of shoes. This pair is identical to hers but in his size. He tells her these are couple shoes and she can simply come to him. Yoon Sol pretends to misunderstand. They agree to go jogging in the morning. He leaves with a sigh and she sports a grin. That was an interesting declaration from Joon Ho with the matching shoes for himself. It seemed to fit him. It is fun to watch Yoon Sol toy with Joon Ho!

Ha Jin pulls over and takes his headache medicine.

Yeo Reum deletes the pictures of Tae Ha off her camera.

Yoon Sol gives Yeo Reum the international competition paperwork that Tae Ha dropped by the studio. Yeo Reum flashes back to Tae Ha giving her keys to a studio so she could work when they dated in the past.

Joon Ho is irritated when Yoon Sol is 14 minutes late for jogging. She is pleased and pulls him to her. Surprised he pushes away. She asks when he started to like her and to name three things he likes about her. Joon Ho lists 1) She’s cool, that is why he fell head over heels for her; 2) She’s warm, not too hot and not too cold, just right; 3) She knows herself well, why wouldn’t she know him well too? Yoon Sol is pleased and gives him a peck on the cheek. He takes her in his arms and plants a major kiss on her. Pretty extensive for their first kiss!

These two delivered in all their scenes together this episode. They were the bright spot of this episode.

I love a cute couple. Yoon Sol and Joon Ho delivered the cute! They made me smile.

At the warehouse Yeo Reum tells Tae Ha now the design part of the project is complete he will interact with Yoon Sol from now on. He will not see her in the future. She thanks him for the design competition materials but she will not be competing. She does not have the necessary resources and she will not lean on his company for support. Tae Ha requests they say their goodbyes there. They shake hands.
Yeo Reum thinks: I finally gets to hold the hand I have wanted to hold.
Tae Ha thinks: I will not be able to hold this hand again.
They both flashback to various moments they have shared together.
Tae Ha thinks: I got to know what love is since I met Yeo Reum again.
Yeo Reum thinks: I was able to see the scar from my father because of Tae Ha.
Tae Ha thinks: I have gone as far as I could loving a woman. No regrets. I have done all I could.
We see a series of flashback of their interactions throughout the series. What I liked about the series of flashbacks is that you saw the progression of their present day relationship. It was a terrific series of their moments together.

Yeo Reum walks away and does not look back.

That’s goodbye #2 for the couple I want to be together. At this point I am bummed, irritated, and wondering if the writer will grant my wish in the final episode and reunite Tae Ha and Yeo Reum. They are taking their second goodbye better than I am. They both seem to be at peace. Is time and space what they need?

Ha Jin sends A Rim off to the airport and her new life in Canada with words of encouragement. She hands him an envelope and tells him to open it after she leaves. Bet a million that the photo of them as kids in the envelope.. They say their good byes and she leaves. He opens the envelope, pulls out the photo and reads her note. A Rim writes that some people are meant to go through life alone. She admits she was mad that he left her in the orphanage without a goodbye. She notes he is sending her away and she does not know why. She hopes they can meet later in life and be honest with each other and reconnect. That was more gracious that Ha Jin deserves but true to A Rim. Ha Jin sinks to the ground and sobs. Surprised his reaction was so strong.

Ha Jin visits Yeo Reum at her studio. Ha Jin tells her they need to break up. He admits that he does not know how to breakup properly. He knew Yeo Reum’s heart had left the relationship but he did not know how to let it go. He reiterates they should break up. Good grief, finally, Ha Jin gets it and breaks up with her. I did not like his explanation. I am done with him. I am done with them.

Tae Ha throws the engagement rings into a pond while tears fall from his eyes.

Last scene is a writer typing “Among the many loves in the world…two loves ended that night…Will they love again?” (title of the show)

* Another grueling episode for the tortured threesome of Yeo Reum, Ha Jin and Tae Ha. Thank goodness the writer gave Yoon Sol and Joon Ho’s story some air time.  At the end of episode 14 the writer had Yeo Reum break up with Ha Jin and I was relieved that painful relationship was finally over. But no, here comes episode 15. Ha Jin refuses to let Yeo Reum go and she is not overtly direct with him while he pretends all is well. Tae Ha was granted two goodbyes from Yeo Reum, the first at the office, the second at the warehouse.
* I continue to be unhappy with the writer’s decision to focus on Ha Jin and Yeo Reum’s ill fated relationship pushing Tae Ha into a secondary role. He is like the faithful dog waiting for his owner to return home. It is not exciting to watch someone wait. Tae Ha has been rendered secondary for too many episodes. The writer has missed the mark. He is tortured and we the viewers are tortured too.
* With the last scene and the final sentences on the computer screen I wondered if writer Jang represents the writer, Jung Hyun Jung? Has the writer put herself in the story as an observer to document all that has gone on?
* No flip to interview mode this episode. First time that device has not been used in this series. You could argue it was not needed as we had insights into the characters thoughts throughout the episode.
* In the final episode, will Yeo Reum’s Mother acknowledge the soccer kid as her own and Min Soo’s or will she love him from afar the rest of her days and keep Min Soo in the dark that he has a son?

* Eric is impressive as Tae Ha considering his role for the last 5 episodes has been passive. When Tae Ha told Yeo Reum that his feelings had not changed and he still wanted her, Yeo Reum once again did not cave. Saying no is beyond me. I said in the episode 14 recap and it still applies…the show has been given a gold mine in Eric but they have ignored his character focusing on Yeo Reum ridding herself of a relationship no one wants to see. My final episode wish for Tae Ha: Alone but sure that his choice to allow Yeo Reum the freedom to choose what is best for her, Tae Ha finds a peaceful existence. This is not a perfect scenario but maybe…Tae Ha boards a train for a weekend away and Yeo Reum surprises him by being on the train too. They reconnect and reaffirm their love on the platform where they broke up years ago.

* Jung Yu Mi’s character Yeo Reum was surprisingly passive to Ha Jin’s pretending that nothing was wrong. Her mother’s advice that she make the best choice for her was good advice. Since I’m on team Taa Ha, I do not like her choice of NOT choosing Tae Ha, instead deciding (for the moment) that no relationship is best for her. My final episode wish for Yeo Reum: I want her to see that Tae Ha knows her, loves her, supports her, and accepts her without judgement. With that realization, she will see that life is a long road, having someone next to you to share it with is a gift that her pride or fear should not reject. Finally ready to accept his love, she will go to him and ask him to get back together with her. The full circle declaration of love on the train or the platform seems appropriate.

* Sung Joon must have cringed at Ha Jin’s pretence that all was well with Yeo Reum. I said this last recap and it still applies…I am so over this character. His discounting Yeo Reum’s breakup with him was presumptive and rude. NEVER admitting to A Rim that he was her brother from the orphanage was cowardly. My final episode wish for Ha Jin: He has evolved into a person that is true to himself and aware of others needs. A Rim returns from Canada and he finally offers the acknowledgement and apology she so richly deserves. I do not know if I want them to be romantically involved.

* Yoon Sol finally returned to her her own story line. I was surprised the writer pushed her decision among her three pursuers to resolution in a single episode. I could have used the decision point stretched a bit. I know the writer can stretch a story, that is what she’s been doing with the main trio for the last several episodes. My final episode wish for Yoon Sol: She and Joon Ho have cute couple moments and enjoy their playful love for each other.

* Joon Ho finally returned to his own story line. His gift of shoes was cute. His declaration with shoes seemed to fit this characdter. His protectiveness of Yoon Sol when she told the other 2 men her choices was funny and sweet. My final episode wish for Joon Ho: He and Yoon Sol have cute couple moments and they continue their darling, playful love.

* A Rim left for Canada but not before giving Ha Jin a free pass for his dreadful behavior towards herself. A Rim started out unbelievably sweet. In the end, she has a blind spot for Ha Jin, her childhood brother. Now that I think of that, don’t all the characters have blind spots for those they love? My final episode wish for A Rim: She returns from Canada and he finally offers the acknowledgement and apology she so richly deserves. I do not know if I want them to be romantically involved.

* Final thoughts, this was a tortured episode for the three primary characters. I am beaten, battered and bruised watching my couple go through their journey. 1 episode to go. I prefer to see my couple get back together, but if not, can we see our characters happy in the final episode?

* Did I mention that Eric is yummy? You need look no further for proof…


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  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I found this episode a bit depressing, but maybe Yeo Reum needs solitude to figure out what she wants to do.

    At least Sol found happiness. 🙂


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