My Lovable Girl Episode 6 Recap

We begin episode 6 with a convergence of characters on the rooftop of AnA. Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung) and Lee Hyun Wook (Rain) have just listened to her rearranged song.  Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun) arrives. Se Na leaves running into Shi Woo (L) who was looking for her. Shi Woo and Se Na leave together. Hyun Wook and Hae Yoon leave together.

At a karaoke place, Shi Woo tells Se Na he likes her song but it was weird singing an entire song. Infinite Power typically gave him 40 seconds a song to sing solo. While he karaokes, Se Na thinks of Hyun Wook.

At dinner, Hyun Woo and Hae Yoon discuss Shi Woo. While Hae Yoon chats, Hyun Wook thinks of Se Na.

Rae Hun (Hoya) calls Shi Woo and tells him to come get his mother out of his house. That guy is a jerk! Se Na sees Shi Woo upset and gets in his car. Shi Woo finds his mother begging Rae Hun’s mother to let Shi Woo come back to Infinite Power. Shi Woo gets his Mother out of there. He is not happy. He asks Mother why did she interfere? Doesn’t she trust him to solve his own career problems? He tells her to go home. Se Na is solicitous of Mother making sure she is fine before she follows Shi Woo. Shi Woo has a valid point. His Mother did not need to interject herself. It was embarrassing for Shi Woo to witness his Mother pleading for him. On the other hand, sometimes a Mother will do whatever is needed to solve problems for their child. This was a well acted scene by L.

Se Na tells Shi Woo his Mother was only trying to help. Shi Woo admits he is scared about his career. Se Na advises him to talk to his Mother. Shi Woo says his Mother is not the kind of Mother you discuss problems with. He is her caretaker not vice versa. Se Na tells him she is disappointed in his behavior.

Se Na calls Hyun Wook and tells him Shi Woo has left and she does not know where he went. Hyun Wook tells her that Shi Woo can take care of himself.

Shi Woo tells Hyun Wook and Hae Yoon that he will go solo. They are relieved.

Hyun Wook sees Se Na sitting on a bench. He calls her and gives her the news that Shi Woo is going solo. She is relieved. He agrees as he sits next to her on the bench. Se Na asks why he bothered to call her when he was nearby. Hyun Wook quips “Because I have extra minutes.” LOL! They banter and mirror each other’s actions. Simply darling. Best friend Joo Hong (Lee Cho Hee) and her boyfriend invite Hyun Wook to the house to drink and chat.

Se Na gets tipsy and shares her life highlights – dead sister, mom dead shortly after that, and has not seen Dad for years. She is bummed that her sister never achieved her dream to be a singer. She notes her sister’s boyfriend did not attend her funeral. She calls the boyfriend a jerk. Ouch, that has got to hurt Hyun Wook! Se Na falls asleep on the futon. Hyun Wook gently pushes her hair from her face. Yes! First physical contact is made!

After hearing Se Na’s justifiable anger at him, Hyun Wook decides to get drunk and calls best friend Bae Sung Jin (Alex) to keep him company. Hyun Wook believes he will always need to keep his connection to Se Na a secret because of what she feels about her sister’s boyfriend.

Shi Woo announces his solo career at a press conference.

Hyun Wook says that Shi Woo’s debut will have to go head to head with Infinite Power’s debut with their new record label. Not everyone agrees with this logic. I am with the crabby producer. Why battle head to head with Infinite Power? Let Shi Woo find his way as a solo artist then add the pressure of competing directly with his former band.

Hyun Wook orders the arranger to rearrange Se Na’s song again, this time for Shi Woo to sing. Se Na is given the task of rewriting the lyrics to be from a guy’s perspective.

Hyun Wook’s Father wants a reporter bribed to be favorable about Shi Woo. Hyun Wook stops him. Hyun Wook tells Father not to let Min Ra (wife’s daughter) find out about his other child. Hyun Wook leaves. Hmm, wouldn’t it be better to release the secret? It will haunt them more if they try to hide it.

Poor Se Na does not know how to write the lyrics from a guy’s point of view. She finds Shi Woo practicing his dance moves. She asks him what it was like when he dated Rae Eum. Not wanting to share those feelings, Shi Woo lies and says he does not remember. At one point he stares in her eyes very close to her. He thinks about making a move but she pushes him away like he is an annoying kid brother. I do not see a romantic chemistry between these two. But as friends, they are darling.

The next day Hyun Wook listens to the new song with part of the lyrics “I do not remember”. I find those literal lyrics hilarious.

The AnA managers listen to song options for Shi Woo’s debut song. Hyun Wook plays Se Na’s song but does not specify who wrote it. The managers assume that Hyun Wook wrote the song. They select the song. They are shocked and dismayed to learn Se Na wrote the song.

Hae Yoon asks Hyun Wook if he has ulterior motives for promoting Se Na’s song. He tells her to have faith in his judgement.

Hyun Wook tells Se Na and Shi Woo that the debut song is Se Na’s song. Cute, the perky theme music is played trumpeting this happy moment. Shi Woo is stunned. Se Na is stunned. When alone, Se Na grins in glee.

Se Na calls and invites Hyun Wook to dinner. Hae Yoon comes too. Se Na asks why she came. Hyun Wook says she came to celebrate. Hae Yoon orders champagne. Se Na states she cannot afford champagne. Hae Yoon says she will pay. Se Na says it is her treat. They glare at each other. Hyun Wook ends the argument by offering to pay. Hae Yoon asks why Se Na wanted a private dinner with Hyun Wook. Se Na bluntly asks what kind of relationship she has with Hyun Wook. I love Se Na’s bold inquiry. I also agree with Hae Yoon doing the same. Hyun Wook states they are friends but not dating yet. That “yet” gives Hae Yoon hope.

In the car Hyun Wook asks Hae Yoon why couldn’t she be more mature with Se Na. Hae Yoon snipes “is there a way to maturely jealous?” Love her response!

At home Hyun Wook frets to Dal Bong about Se Na leaving the restaurant alone. Gosh, I have missed the dog!

Shi Woo finds Se Na lost in thought. She says she is overflowing with energy. She asks if he likes her song. He says he is overflowing with energy. Ha! He asks if she would like to hang out. Se Na gets a call from Joo Hong and leaves.

Father visits Hyun Wook at AnA and tells him to choose another song. Hyun Wook tells him to stay out of company business. Father says a primary investor does not like the song and may pull out of AnA. Hyun Wook bluntly tells Father to stay away until Shi Woo’s debut is done. Father is not happy.

Joo Hong gives Se Na a makeover.

Sung Jin convinces Hyun Wook to come to the AnA party at a club.

Both Sung Jin and Hyun Wook notice Se Na when she enters the club. Wow, short dress, sultry makeup, she looks hot. Hae Yoon notices Hyun Wook noticing Se Na.

Yoo Ra Eum (Na Hae Ryung) tells Shi Woo that she wants him to beat Infinite Power. Shi Woo admits he is worried but has decided to trust Hyun Wook. Wait a minute, that was a nice pep talk from Ra Eum to Shi Woo! I like her supporting him even if it is based in getting back at Rae Hun.

Se Na sees Hyun Wook watching her. Their gazes lock. The camera work zeroes in on them and everything else is blurred. Nice job isolating them in a crowded scene.

Hae Yoon gets a drink spilled on her by the same trainee that spilled coffee on her. As she exits the bathroom Seo Jae Young (Kim Jin Woo) is waiting for her. Having Jae Young pop up at this point in the episode suprises me. He tells her that the big AnA investor is withdrawing.

The music bothers Hyun Wook and he clutches his head in pain. He leaves the club. Se Na sees this and follows him. She tries to show him how to clear his head but ends up falling into his arms.

Hae Yoon and Jae Young observe this.

Se Na thanks Hyun Wook for all that he has done.

Jae Yoon observes Hyun Wook was like this when he fell for So Eun years ago.

* Another good episode. The show has found a rhythm. This is not a wildly inventive show but the story line is solid and executed well. The actors are gelling. The music is fun. I enjoy this show.
* Rain is portraying Hyun Wook as drawn to Se Na but it is not clear if he has romantic intentions. He cares for her, he worries about her, but the past makes him unable to engage with her as a romantic interest at this point. If they are kissing next episode then I am wrong that Hyun Wook is not quite ready for romance with Se Na. The stylist is set on scarves versus ties with his suits. Do you think it ages him? Or does it offer an artistic flair?
* Se Na, on the other hand, clearly is interested in Hyun Wook. Kyrstal is doing a fine job portraying Se Na’s interest. This episode the rivalry with Hae Yoon for Hyun Wook was initiated. Friend chemistry to Shi Woo is still high.
* Hae Yoon wants Hyun Wook but is not doing mean things to gain an advantage. Of course she wonders why Se Na rates higher than she does to Hyun Wook. This character has loosened up a bit to the benefit to all.
* Shi Woo finally decided to go solo. L did a terrific job in the scene with his mother. He was exasperated that she interjected herself by pleading with Rae Hun’s mother. He firmly told her to trust him and let him handle things. L played that scene as a caring son that did not want his mother interfering. Friend chemistry to Se Na is high. When Rae Eum gave him the pep talk there was no romantic chemistry that I discerned, just two people that agree that Rae Hun needs to be taken down a notch or two.
* Pleasantly surprised by Rae Eum’s pep talk and support for Shi Woo. She did not come off ice cold or completely self serving. That was a first for that character.

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