My Lovable Girl Episode 5 Recap

We begin episode 5 with Lee Hyun Wook (Rain) taking the dog head off Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung). He sees her tears. She claims something got in her eyes. She jokes her eyes are large and his are small so nothing gets in his eyes. He smiles, she smiles (I smile too). She gives him the song she composed but is too shy to listen to it with him. She leaves promising that Dal Bong will be back.

Hyun Wook gets the call to return to work. Outside, Infinite Power fans are holding a vigil to stop the band’s break up. Inside, the managers are arguing about what to do next. Hyun Wook tells the managers finding Shi Woo is the priority. They need to determine how he is coping with the rejection by the band.

Shi Woo (L) meets Rae Hun (Hoya) to discuss Infinite Power’s break up. We get the story why Rae Hun despises Shi Woo. Infinite Power had a member replaced by Shi Woo without their consent. To add insult to injury, Shi Woo became the popular member of the group because of his looks not his talent. Resentment and jealousy was the combination that caused the breakup. Rae Hun claims Shi Woo will never be able to make it solo. Rae Hun’s parting shot is that he only dated Rae Eum to hurt Shi Woo. Yep, Rae Hun is a jerk. At least he have offered an explanation WHY he hates Shi Woo. That helps.

Shi Woo’s manager brings his mother home. Shi Woo watches her without being seen. He sees she is distraught because his whereabouts are unknown. He calls his mother and pretends all is well putting her mind at ease. Their interchange is sweet and you can see they have affection for each other. Shi Woo tips his mother off that he can see her but when she spins around he is out of sight. Mom, call his cell phone back. It will ring, you will hear it and have a better chance of finding him. Noticed that Shi Woo’s manager portrayed the porridge shop chef in Boys Over Flowers.

Hyun Wook stares at the picture of his father, his mistress, and an unknown child. Is the child Shi Woo? His mom is single and alone. Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun) enters with the good news that Shi Woo called his mother. Hyun Wook directs her to have everyone looking for Shi Woo. Hae Yoon tells him she knows where Jae Young lives. Hyun Wook does not want to have anything to do with a traitor like Jae Young (he is right about that). Hae Yoon says they used to be friends. Hyun Wook snaps he was never friends with Jae Young, at least for the last 3 years. Hae Yoon asks if So Eun got between them. That does not go over well and Hyun Wook asks to be left alone. (He is touchy about So Eun. Even speaking her name seems to be a no-no.)

He remembers the song Se Na gave him. He listens to it in his office. It has a pretty opening as Se Na hums with the music.

The next day Se Na wonders if Hyun Wook listened to her song. At work all the trainees treat Se Na like she is the reason the company is in shambles. (That is a short sided view of current events). Se Na points out that a trainee could not cause Jae Young to leave AnA or Infinite Power to break up. They agree. She asks they stop blaming her for everything thing. That does not sit well with the other trainees. They leave her to practice in peace.

Se Na listens to music on the rooftop (a favorite meeting spot). Hyun Wook spots her and asks why she is listening to music. She tells him listening to music inspires her creativity. He tells her he listened to her song. She asks what he thought. He jokes he was brave to bet she create a title song for Infinite Power. Aside from the song not being a great fit for Infinite Power, he liked the song but not the arrangement. He assigns her the task to rearrange the song. (These two have a great easy vibe between them. She is aware of him as a man. He is aware of her like a sister. Romance is still down the road for these two).

Cute little scene when the AnA arranger frets that Jae Young did not take him when he left and Se Na frets about how to rearrange the song.

Hyun Wook’s father makes a mysterious phone call. His wife overhears and calls Hyun Wook to meet. She asks him to investigate his father’s women. Hyun Wook refuses. Wife tells him if she investigates it could be bad for Hyun Wook in that his father may never be able to return to AnA.

Wife calls lawyer to get black box surveillance and text messages from the last several months. Seems like she is building a case for a divorce.

While driving Hyun Wook swerves to avoid another car who honks honk. He clutches his ears and swerves across the road almost getting hit by incoming traffic. (Why he did not stop the car is beyond me).

Hae Yoon sees Jae Young outside of his house leaving for work. He is pleased to see her. He has finally become important to her. She presses him about Infinite Power. Jae Young tells her that Shi Woon is Hyun Wook’s father secret. He cannot wait to see how Hyun Wook reacts to the news. Wow! Big reveal so casually said. Hae Yoon cannot believe that he expects her to like him when he is so casually cruel. She tells him he has an inferiority complex (Ouch! That was an effective insult to his pride). Jae Young says he worked at AnA for 12 years, then Hyun Wook came back after a 3 year absence and became his boss. Plus she likes Hyun Wook not him. (I must say when Jae Young explains his point of view, you can see his perspective. Jae Young has similar resentment and anger to Hyun Wook as Rae Hun feels about Shi Woo. How ironic that Shi Woo and Hyun Wook are brothers and hated similarly.)

The managers meets discussing suing Infinite Power. Hyun Wook arrives and declares they will let Infinite Power go without suing. The managers are flabbergasted. Hyun Wook calls his father and on speaker asks if his father agrees with not suing Infinite Power. He concurs. Hyun Wook tells the stunned managers the new game plan is to focus on Shi Woo and their other artists. Make some money through the agency’s other artists. Hae Yoon comments that Hyun Wook can write songs again. He tells her he is President not a song writer. He asks for a sidebar discussion.

Hae Yoon tells him this is the perfect opportunity for his comeback into the music world. Hyun Wook states he will not make music again. She tells him to get past his fear and help the company at this critical time. She recommends that he ignore Jae Young’s blackmail. Hyun Wook is surprised she knows. She tells him he can confide in her. She again presses that making music is what he should do. Hyun Wook is irritated now. He tells her he is President and will decide the path AnA takes. He tells her to drop the personal interest in him, his father, and concentrate on her job at AnA. Tears fills her eyes. Hae Yoon only wants to help. He tells her not to concern herself about him personally. (Ouch! Poor Hae Yoon is trying to be a good friend and he acts like she means nothing to him. That must hurt! I feel sympathy for Hae Yoon at this moment. Sympathy is a new feeling to have about this character.)

Music equipment arrives at the apartment. Se Na is surprised and calls Hyun Wook for an explanation. He tells her to arrange the song as soon as possible. He notes this is coming from the President of AnA not the neighborhood mister (ha! I love it when he is direct about what he wants.)

Se Na takes a selfie with the equipment and almost sends it to Hyun Wook but decides to stop by his house. While waiting she thinks back to his advice about song writing – best to do it when you are in love. (I love the song that plays in the background during this scene. Link to my youtube video. You will hear the show during the short version of the song. I hope they include the song in the OST.)

Best friend Bae Sung Jin (Alex) tells Hyun Wook that Hae Yoon was upset by what he last said to her. Sung Jin tells him if Hyun Wook were to ever fall in love again, Hae Yoon would be his choice. Hyun Wook tells him you cannot control your heart.

While waiting for Hyun Wook, Se Na receives a phone call from Shi Woo. He asks her to bring a pizza and his hat to the hotel he is staying at. She brings the pizza and hat. She asks for money to cover the costs. (LOL when he pats his back pocket where his wallet is but does not remove it.) He asks if she knows about Infinite Power’s breakup. He says it is not his fault but people are hating on him. She counters that people are supporting him too. (LOL when he flips on his stomach at her next request for money). Shi Woo admits that he is in hiding and does not have anyone that he can be authentic with. He gives her money, catches her hand and asks her to come back another time. (Touching when he admits he cannot be open with anyone. They have a terrific rapport with each other. L is nailing this character Shi Woo.)

The next day at AnA Hyun Wook orders Shi Woo’s manager to find him. Se Na admits that Shi Woo told her not to tell, but she thinks she should. Hyun Wook is not happy to learn Se Na was alone in the hotel room with Shi Woo last night. (Is that brotherly concern or the first inkling of jealousy?) He tells her he will meet with Shi Woo alone.

Hyun Wook tells Shi Woo that hiding in a hotel room will not solve his problems. Shi Woo admits that he is scared. He is not used to this kind of spot light. Hyun Wook tells him he should be mad at the guys that left him in the lurch. Hyun Wook admits he is angry at Jae Young. Hyun Wook tells Shi Woo he wants him to become a solo artist and get his revenge on Infinite Power. Hyun Wook states he is lacking in singing talent but he did a good guide song for Se Na. Hyun Wook tells him pick to either go solo or go home. Shi Woo asks for time to think. Hyun Wook gives him 2 days.

In the lobby Hyun Wook questions why Shi Woo called Se Na. She tells him they got closer when he recorded her guide song. Hyun Wook shows either brotherly concern or a tinge of jealousy when he tells her not to go to this room should he call again. She blithely agrees, irking him.
He asks if she got the equipment and she sends him the selfie. He gets the cutest smile when he looks at the picture. (These two are having more and more cute moments. I love their playfulness. We are at the beginning of a potential romance and it is darling.)

Hyun Wook’s father learns that his wife has spoken to a lawyer about a divorce. She does not deny it.

Hae Yoon treats the trainees to dinner. Hyun Wook waits for her outside the restaurant to make amends for his harsh words. He apologizes. He reveals has an ear worm which leads to ringing in his ears, sometimes for hours. At this point he cannot make music and listening to it is difficult too. Hae Yoon hugs Hyun Wook in sympathy. Se Na walks out of the restaurant and sees them hugging. Is she jealous? (I like that Hyun Wook was honest with Hae Yoon and he apologized for overreacting. I am bit relieved he has a medical condition for his head grabbing and that it is not a mental block.) Se Na is bummed out in her apartment. A more produced version of her song from episode 3 plays. The song is “All of a Sudden” and is on the OST part 2 (Link to youtube video of this lovely song “All of a Sudden”). Hyun Wook and Hae Yoon take and evening stroll. (Color me surprised when Hae Yoon puts her healing hands on Hyun Wook’s ears with sincere tears in her eyes. Love that now Hae Yoon is more than a cold working woman focused on Hyun Wook.)

Se Na has taken the pain of seeing Hyun Wook and Hae Yoon hug and stayed up all night rearranging her song. Shi Woo calls and asks her to bring him sushi. She tells him she is too busy finishing the rearrangement of the song he sang for her. He tells her to send it to him when she is done. She sends it to him. Both of them head to AnA.

Ra Eum, Shi Woo’s ex-girlfriend, refuses an early release of her debut album to help AnA. Hyun Wook tells Hae Yoon that Ra Eum broke up with Rae Hun and she needs comfort.

On the AnA rooftop Hyun Wook watches the sun set. Se Na finds him and tells him she finished rearranging the song. He is impressed at her speed and suggests they listen to it together. They listen to the lovely song. Se Na watches Hyun Wook listen and remembers moments from their time together. (Yes, Se Na is digging on Hyun Wook. Is he going to buy a clue and join the mutual like society? Link to my youtube video of the longer version of the song. You will hear sounds from the episode.)

Shi Woo is looking for Se Na. Hae Yoon is looking for Hyun Wook.

After the song ends, Hyun Wook tells Se Na the song makes a person’s heart beat. (Nice compliment!)

Hae Yoon finds them on the rooftop. She wants to listen to the song but Se Na puts her off. As Se Na leaves the rooftop Shi Woo finds her. He asks why she keeping making a person’s heart beat. Hyun Wook looks interested that Shi Woo is pursuing Se Na. Is Hyun Wook jealous or simply concerned?

* Good episode. All the characters are evolving from caricatures to more fully developed individuals.
* I love Rain as Hyun Wook. Darling smile, forthright manner, opened up to Hae Young, gave tough love to Shi Woo, and supported Se Na. What’s not to like about this character?
* Se Na is exerting herself as our heroine. Krystal does a nice job transitioning to liking Hyun Wook. I am enjoying Se Na’s friendship with Shi Woo. I like how she stands up for herself with the other trainees. I like this leading lady.
* Shi Woo’s vulnerabilities were exposed this episode. L is doing a fine job portraying Shi Woo. He took him away from cocky jerk to scared and alone singer at a fork in the road. His chemistry with Se Na is good. They should remain friends. I hope they do not have Shi Woo fall in love with Se Na. He should get back with Rae Eum. I like his voice on the featured song of the episode. When will he find out he is Hyun Wook’s brother?
* Hae Yoon surprised me this episode. She was forthright with Jae Young telling him he had an inferiority complex. She attempted to get Hyun Wook back in the music production game when she pointed out that AnA could use his talents. Ye Ryun surprised me with her softer portrayal of Hae Yoon as a caring friend to Hyun Wook not woman that wanted to make him fall in love with her. Nicely done!
* I like the opening credits for this show.
* Finally the music in this show is light and fun pop. I liked the primary song enough to make a two different videos (short and long version) of it. If that is L singing, he did a nice job. I hope the song makes it to the OST. I like the production version of the Krystal song from Episode 3 as OST part 2.
* Embedded youtube videos from this recap are below:
1. Short version of   “I Want to Love You”  by Shi Woo (actually sung by Alex of Clazziquai). You will hear episode sounds during the song. Wonderful when Hyun Wook says his best song were written when he was in love.

2. Long version of “I Want to Love You” by Shi Woo (actually sung by Alex of Clazziquai). You will hear episode sounds during the song. Love Hyun Wook’s smile when he listens to the song

3. OST version of  “All of a Sudden” Se Na (Krystal) sang in episode three from the OST part 2

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