Discovery of Romance Episode 13 Recap

Episode #13: “Should I act drunk and just kiss you?”

Episode 13 begins with Nam Ha Jin (Sung Joon) finally telling fiancee Han Yeo Reum (Jung Yu Mi) that he and An A Rim (Yoon Jin Yi) lived at the orphanage as children. He was adopted and she was left behind. Yeo Reum tells Ha Jin that there is nothing to feel guilty about. She hugs him and tells him he is a good person. Yeo Reum realizes she now knows how to offer comfort to someone she loves. Ha Jin admits he left the orphanage at the crack of dawn not saying goodbye to A Rim and never returned until his recent visit. Ha Jin hid that he was orphan because he did not want her to think less of him. Yeo Reum asks his name as an orphan. Ahn Jin Soo was his orphan name. I must say that Yeo Reum is understanding about the whole thing. This big secret is quickly turned into no big deal moment in their relationship. Did I just get ripped off as a viewer, thinking this would have ramifications to their relationship and instead it is meaningless?

Yeo Reum admits that she saw A Rim outside the building crying last night. She confesses she was mean to A Rim so the girl would not delude herself that she had a chance at romance with Ha Jin.

Kang Tae Ha (Eric) is miserable wondering if Yeo Reum received and accepted a marriage proposal last night. Jung Mok says time will heal his wounds. He tells Jung Mok that he may never stop hurting. Junk Mok counsels “Just live a little longer. You’ll see how scary time is.”

Do Joon Ho (Yoon Hyun Min) asks writer Jang (Yeo Reum’s mother’s assistant) to write a love letter for him. His description of Yoon Sol (Kim Seul Gi) is not flattering. Writer Jang asks why he wants this kind of woman. Joon Ho asks her to write a letter like a kdrama male would write it. They negotiate her fee to be free botox (ha!).

Yoon Sol is thrilled when Yeo Reum tells her she accepted Ha Jin’s proposal. Yeo Reum is excited too. As they work Yoon Sol receives texts from both Jung Mok and Eun Gyu. She admits it is hard to choose between the men. Yoon Sol says Jung Mok is caring and appealing because of that. Yoon Sol says Eun Gyu gave her a wonderful friendship it is odd having him romantically interested in her. She surprises Yeo Reum when she confesses she has feelings for Joon Ho. She recalls his awkward courting (falling down stairs in his haste to give her a ride, bringing flowers but hiding them not wanting her to know) with amusement. Yoon Sol has two items on his attributes list for her next boyfriend: 1. Treat her like a woman and 2. Treat her like a human being. Be adored but respected as a partner too. Yoon Sol is frustrated. Because of her feelings for Joon Ho, she cannot date either Jung Mok or Eun Gyu.

Yeo Reum describes falling in love as heart first, head second. She thinks of Tae Ha as she describes the feelings. Yoon Sol gets irritated. She knows Yeo Reum is talking about Tae Ha. Yoon Sol angrily asks if Yeo Reum is falling in love with Tae Ha again. Much to their mutual surprise, Yeo Reum admits she IS falling in love with Tae Ha again. He dated her for 5 years. He was her first love, the innocent love. He knows her better than Yoon Sol or Joon Ho, friends for 30 years. So yes, she is falling for him. BUT, she will NOT leave Ha Jin, he is her place. Yoon Sol hugs her. Ok, I hate the logic that Yeo Reum is fooling herself with. I love Tae Ha but am I better suited for Ha Jin. No, no, no. Love does not work like that. You can love two men but one has your heart in a vice grip and one has a gentle grasp on your heart. One you will never forget and one will become the guy you were once engaged to. Wake up Yeo Reum. Life is short, and you have a gift of a second chance with the man that means more to you than any other.

Yoon Sol apologizes for not being as understanding as she should. Yeo Reum admits it is hard to understand and probably seems childish and weird. She asks Yoon Sol to be supportive no matter what. She tells Yoon Sol that the more she knows about Ha Jin the more she cares about him. Yoon Sol agrees there are different kinds of love. Yeo Reum says she cannot and will not break up with Ha Jin.

A Rim ignores Ha Jin’s texts. She cries when she looks at the picture of them as children.

Flip to Interview Mode:
Joon Ho: How did I get ranked behind those two? If you want to date, date me.

Joon Ho is practicing professing his feelings when Yoon Sol catches him. She asks if he likes a girl. He hesitates but says yes. She recommend he NOT profess his feelings like that.

Yeo Reum and Tae Ha visit the model home for the project. They are flooded with memories of discussions they had about their dream house and future together. Everytime Yeo Reum looks at Tae Ha he is staring at her with intense longing. Good grief, those are laser gazes of longing. Who would not be affected by that kind of raw need? They discuss the furniture. She is uncomfortable with the memories and he calls her on it. He spies the engagement ring on her hand.

Yeo Reum and Tae Ha decide to have dinner together. When Ha Jin calls her she tells him she is eating dinner with Tae Ha. There is a pause and then Ha Jin tells her to enjoy her dinner. He tells her he will stop by and see A Rim. He tells her she has not contacted him since receiving the study abroad materials. There is a pause and then Yeo Reum tells him to drive safely. Being engaged, they are finally being honest when they engage in their extra relationships.

Tae Ha and Yeo Reum drink, eat, and revel in past memories.

Ha Jin and A Rim have a stilted conversation. She asks why he said her brother might not want to acknowledge her. He notes that he may not want to lose what he has. She asks what would he have to lose. Ha Jin says probably no one knows he is adopted, his parents may want that to be a secret, he may not want to keep looking back and only look forward, and he may feel guilty about leaving her behind. A Rim notes it is more complicated than she thought. Ha Jin says the guy must be a jerk. A Rim says he cannot be a jerk. A Rim hopes when she finally meets her brother, to show him she has had a pretty good life, she studies hard, and she wants him to live a guilt free life. She says she’ll get the scar treated now. Later that evening she decides that if studying abroad will make Ha Jin happy, she will go.

Tae Ha and Yeo Reum walk after dinner. Each is consumed with thoughts of each other but conclude it would be better if they forgot about each other. But that is their head talking. In their hearts they want to hold hands. Tae Ha wonders if he should claim he is drunk and kiss her (title of the episode). They both wonder if they should admit they have feelings for each other but conclude it would be better if they did not.

She stumbles, he catches her, they stare and stare and stare.

The next morning Tae Ha cannot locate Yeo Reum. She is not at home, not at the studio. Yoon Sol is anxious and afraid that Yeo Reum and Tae Ha are together. Joon Ho does not understand why those two would be together. They argue and Yoon Sol tells Joon Ho no matter what Yeo Reum is doing they are still her friends. Yoon Sol calls Jung Mok who agrees to go to Tae Ha’s apartment. Jung Mok announces his presence loudly to alert Tae Ha he is there. He finds Tae Ha alone. Turns out Yeo Reum slept at her mother’s house. Tae Ha is insulted that everyone suspects they would be together when she is engaged. Yoon Sol, Joon Ho, and Ha Jin are relieved to learn Yeo Reum is at her mothers. When Yeo Reum arrives home, Ha Jin takes her aside to her bedroom. Yeo Reum guesses that Ha Jin was suspicious. He halfheartedly denies that he was suspicious. She leaves the bedroom to clean up. Her cell phone drops to the floor next to the bed. Ha Jin spies the memory box under the bed. He pulls it out and opens it up. He find the photographs of Yeo Reum’s past relationship with Tae Ha.

* Slow moving episode with a big reveal at the end. This episode was just okay. I simply do not buy their past relationship HAD to remain a secret. I feel that is a flaw in the story logic. Setting that aside, I simply do not buy Yeo Reum’s logic that she must stay in the relationship with Ha Jin when she is falling for Tae Ha again. You saw my rant above, no need to repeat it. Setting that aside, things happened in this episode that made me say FINALLY:
** FINALLY Ha Jin told Yeo Reum who A Rim was and their past relationship
** FINALLY we find out the Yoon Sol is thinking about Joon Ho in a semi-romantic way. This is stopping her from dating both Jung Wok and Eun Gyu.
** FINALLY Ha Jin finds out that Tae Ha and Yeo Reum were a couple in the past.
* Bunny sighting at the 7 minute mark!
* Does the blanket used in the Tae Ha and Yeo Reum flashback look the same as the blanket in the Yeo Reum and Ha Jin scene in episode 10?
* Eric’s intense gazes and stares exemplified the longing in his portrayal of Tae Ha. Those were intense stares. I am a bit tired of the “I cannot get over her”, but I know Tae Ha cannot get over her. Tae Ha has been stuck in an endless loop these last couple of episodes waiting for Yeo Reum while she has forged ahead to solidify her relationship with Ha Jin. This makes Tae Ha secondary while he is in wait mode. Frankly I think it wastes the acting talents of Eric.
* Jung Yu Mi’s character Yeo Reum is not the most likable character but she has a candor that works. I loved her discussion with Yoon Sol about falling in love with Tae Ha again. I did not necessarily like all her logic and conclusions but I liked her frank admission that she is practically powerless around Tae Ha.
* Sung Joon portrayed Ha Jin’s suspicion perfectly. He was nervous and concerned but did NOT want to go crazy with worry. The best part of the episode for this character was Ha Jin’s admission to A Rim why her brother may not acknowledge her when he found her. That conversation told her why Ha Jin would not admit to being her orphan brother. Sad but true, his reasons are selfish.
* Yoon Sol has feelings for Joon Ho! These feeling were not fully detailed but they are sufficient to stop her from dating the two men that are pursing her. Loved her candid conversation with Yeo Reum. That felt like a real friendship to me.
* Joon Ho asking the writer to compose a love letter like what he would see in a drama – perfect and funny! Joon Ho was the comic relief for this episode. Yoon Sol is giving him opportunities to approach her but he is not taking the hint.
* A Rim’s cold shoulder to Ha Jin was completely understandable. She just found out that her brother refuses to acknowledge her after years of dreaming about being reunited with him. Amazing that she could tell Ha Jin she did not think her brother a jerk. Did Ha Jin realize that she knew he was her long lost brother?

* Did I mention that Eric is yummy? You need look no further for proof…


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2 comments on “Discovery of Romance Episode 13 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I noticed the blanket and thought it was the same. Really…you don’t have enough budget for another blanket? Didn’t someone have a different one in their car?

    I’m glad Ah Rim knows who her oppa is; even if Ha Jin is clueless.

    Why is Yeo Rim continuing her engagement even though she is falling for Tae Ha?

    Now that Ha Jin has seen the treasure box, what will he do? Why did Yeo Reum keep the box? Pandora was beckoning…


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