My Lovable Girl Episode 4 Recap

My Lovable Girl Episode 4

We begin episode 4 with Lee Hyun Wook (Rain) telling Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung) that her song touched his heart. He encourages her to grab onto what is important and not let go.

The next day at AnA, Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun) tells Se Na not to compete. Jae Young (Kim Jin Woo) joins their conversation and tells Se Na to win or lose on her merit. He is looking forward to crushing her. May I say that Jae Young is a jerk?

Se Na asks Hyun Wook to stop watching out for her at AnA because it makes her interactions hard with others. Interesting the scarf over shirt (eliminating a tie) look that the stylist has Hyun Wook sport.

Hyun Wook tells Shi Woo (L) to make up with the other 3 Infinite Power band members.

Home from the hospital Hyun Wook’s father advises him to drop the song writing battle. He believes Jae Young will extract his revenge should he lose.

Se Na is accosted by Shi Woo’s fans for the embarrassing video featuring her slapping him. Things start to get physical when Shi Woo shows up, insults Se Na, and flatters the fans into leaving. Se Na is angry but Shi Woo explains by being mean to her and nice to the fans, they will no longer see her as a threat. Se Na hates to admit it, but he has a point. LOL when Se Na is sarcastic about him helping her “I am moved to tears.” Shi Woo counters “Of course you are”. It was sweet when he gave her his baseball cap to avoid being recognized by his fans. These two really have the potential to be good friends, their direct communication is no longer mean spirited.

Se Na has song writer’s block.

Hyun Wook frets about Se Na to Dal Bong (the dog). They agree to walk near her house and see if they can offer their support. I love that dog. Rain has excellent chemistry with the dog.

As planned Hyun Wook and Dal Bong run into Se Na hoping to unblock herself by taking a walk. Hyun Wook and Se Na bicker over the same ice cream bar like little kids. (so cute, the bickering banter). Se Na calls him a neighborhood mister not the president when he is not at AnA. Hyun Wook takes offense saying he is not that much older than her. Oops, Hyun Wook forgot his wallet and has to borrow money from Se Na to pay for the ice cream!

Ra Eum, Shi Woo’s ex-girlfriend, meets with Hae Yoon and pushes back on her styling suggestions. Hyun Wook stops by the office and Hae Yoon immediately starts primping. Ra Eum notices this. To help her out, she breaks a heel on Hae Yoon’s shoe saying there needs to be a definitive moment in a relationship. Ah, the old, fall into his arms, and let the sparks fly trick. Hae Yoon does indeed fall into Hyun Wook’s arms (Jae Young sees this and is not happy) but sparks do not fly, at least for Hyun Wook.

Jae Young and Hyun Wook discuss the rules. Jae Young refuses to let Se Na use his arranger. He tells Hyun Wook to do the job himself. Just noticed there is little contrast between the furniture and their outfits. Jae Young taunts Hyun Wook that he has replaced So Eun with Se Na. He goes further saying Hyun Wook is responsible for So Eun’s death. Hyun Wook pushes Jae Young against the wall in anger. He yells that if Jae Young would have kept his mouth shut, So Eun would still be alive! Wow, there is major resentment between the two men! Hyun Wook was close to losing control he was so mad. Best friend Bae Sung Jin (Alex) encourages Hyun Wook to get rid of Se Na so he can get past So Eun’s death.

Still furious over his treatment by Hyun Wook, Jae Young tells Se Na if she had any sense this battle would not be happening. He promises he will ruin Hyun Wook. Jae Young eyes show a little crazy there. Quite a bit of negative energy in these last 2 scenes.

Hooray, time for broody shower scene with Hyun Wook! Thank you producers!

Se Na calls So Eun’s phone and confesses she does not want to let down Hyun Wook in the song writing battle. She confesses she is losing confidence. Hyun Wook listens to the message. The fact that Hyun Wook has So Eun’s cell phone charged amazes me. The fact that Se Na calls the cell phone 3 years after So Eun’s death amazes me.


The next morning Se Na frets outside Hyun Wook’s place (he watches her from the upstairs window). When she decides to talk to him, he exits the house and they meet in the yard. She says she was just passing by. Hyun Wook chuckles and says he watched her pacing before she approached the house. I love how these two call each other on the little details, they do not let each other get away with lying. Se Na asks Hyun Wook when he was able to write his best songs. She tells him she is asking him as the neighborhood mister not as the AnA president (cute!). He tells her he can no longer watch, she needs to come with him.

Hyun Wook takes Se Na to her first art gallery. He guides her head to look at the art.

Hyun Wook takes Se Na to an abandoned amusement park. They stare at the carousel. They imagine it lit and filled with people. Se Na imagines herself as a little girl with So Eun. Hyun Wook imagines So Eun waving to him as she rides the carousel. This highlighted separate memories of the same woman in the same scene. Hyun Wook tells Se Na to write what she knows, what touches her, what is important to her.

Se Na says she is thinking of her sister when she writes music. She scampers to a stair railing and slides down explaining she and her sister used to do this. Hyun Wook imagines her sister sliding down that railing.

Se Na asks him again. When did he write his best songs? Hyun Wook admits it was when he was in love. All these quiet moments they shared this episode. It feel rights between them.

Inspired she begins to write the song. Hyun Wook talks to So Eun telling her he misses her and tears fall from his eyes.

Hae Yoon calls Ra Eum for tips on creating a definitive moment. Coffee is her advice. Jae Young (with a jewelry box) calls Hae Yoon to meet him. She is all business and refuses to look at the contents of the jewelry box. Jae Young asks if her refusal is because of Hyun Wook. He tells her she is wasting her time because Hyun Wook likes another. She leaves. Jae Young is hurt by her rejection. When Jae Young gets hurt, he will likely get mad which does not bode well for Hyun Wook. The only time Jae Young has a glimmer of humanity is when he attempts to get close to Hae Yoon. Unfortunately she is focused on Hyun Wook.

Hyun Wook learns that Rae Hun will sing Jae Young’s song. Hyun Wook finds Se Na in the practice. She is pleased to be done with her song. He asks who will sing her song? Who will arrange her song? Se Na had only thought about the writing not the producing of the song. She tells him she has 2 days left. She must get busy producing the song.

She asks Rae Hun to also sing her song so it is an even comparison. He refuses. She asks the other 2 Infinite Power members to sing. They refuse as well. She gets Jae Young’s arranger to give her some tips producing the song. Shi Woo tells her he will not sing her song. She tells him she did not want his help because Rae Hun told her he cannot sing. That gets his attention and he sings her song, surprised at the lyrics (we do not hear the song or see the lyrics). I love L’s smirk smile.

Hae Yoon decides bumping into Hyun Wook and spilling hot coffee will create a definitive moment. Unfortunately someone else bumps into her causing the coffee to spill. LOL when Hyun Wook sees her with spilled coffee on her blouse berating the trainee that bumped into her “This is why they call you Witch Shin”.

At the manager’s meeting, Jae Young tenders his resignation. He tells Hyun Wook he cannot take the lack of faith in his ability. Next the managers hear that Infinite Power is breaking up and leaving Shi Woo at AnA. Ouch! Shi Woo, that must hurt to have your band mates ditch you in public. Hyun Wook realizes the Jae Young is orchestrating this. Jae Young admits it.

Jae Young tells Hyun Wook that he will not block the break up because he has a “final present” to blackmail him with. With that Jae Young texts Hyun Wook the “final present”, a picture of his father with another woman and a child.

Hae Yoon runs after Jae Young trying to stop him from leaving AnA. Jae Young tells her he cannot work under Hyun Wook. He states he will systematically take everything Hyun Wook values. Jae Young notes this is the first time Hae Yoon has come after him.

Se Na hears the other trainees talking about Jae Young leaving AnA and Infinite Power breaking up. She finds Hyun Wook and ask if this is happening because of her. He assures her this is not because of her and leaves.

Hyun Wook confronts his father about the picture. His father is candid that he had an affair. Hyun Wook gets angry. His father suggests that they slander Jae Young. Hyun Wook will not play that game. With tears running down his face, he tells his father that he tried to accept how 1 year after his mother died, father remarried a woman 20 years younger. He references So Eun’s death but it is unclear what he means. Hyun Wook says he never wants to see his father again and leaves. His father’s wife has been listening to the exchange. Wow, Rain really sold the anger and complete disappointment in his father. Those tears were laced with years of anger. Who is the child in the photo?

At the apartment best friend Joo Hong’s boyfriend finds Se Na sitting in the dark. He leaves a dog costume and exits. Se Na recalls Jae Young telling her he would hurt Hyun Wook. She stares at the dog costume and gets an idea…

Hyun Wook returns home drained from the day. Se Na watches him sink onto the chaise lounge in the yard. In a strangely sweet and weird gesture, Se Na puts on the dog head and sits next to Hyun Wook claiming to be Dal Bong with a message from Se Na. She tells Hyun Wook she is worried everything is her fault. She is disappointed that he cannot hear the song she worked so hard on. She claims she could have crushed Jae Young in the battle. She is glad she does not have to leave AnA. She promises to work harder than ever. Hyun Wook asks the dog if Se Na is ok. The dog nods assent. Hyun Wook removes the dog head revealing Se Na with a tear down her face.

* Good episode full of confrontations that moved the story forward.
* Jae Young is such a jerk. Good riddance with him leaving AnA. I am sure there will be future ramifications. I will NOT miss his smug insecure ways. The only time you feel anything for him is when he is consistently rejected by Hae Yoon.
* Shi Woo finally gets kicked out of Infinite Power. Undoubtedly he must be angry. Considering how poorly he was treated by the other members, good riddance with them leaving AnA. I am hoping the song he recorded for Se Na turns out to be his solo debut song and is a smash hit. I like how Se Na got him to sing her song by mentioning Rae Hun said he could not sing. I do like L’s smirk smile. L is doing a good job showing his character’s hurt over the rejection of his band mates but covering the hurt and pain with mean words and swagger.
* Se Na is plucky but not in the typical kdrama heroine manner. She is not full of good cheer and endlessly positive. She is quiet at times, prickly at times, but you see she is trying to make it in a world that has been hard to live in since her sister died. She is drawn to Hyun Wook but romance is still in the future for those two. I believe her no nonsense manner will guide Hyun Wook to see things in a different perspective and finally deal with past pain. When she put on the dog costume head (never seen that before) I thought she was like a healing super hero “wonder healing powers, activate!”
* Hyun Wook received some emotional punches. He is vulnerable when it comes to So Eun. He almost came to blows with Jae Young when he mentioned So Eun. I liked the staging of the scene at the carousel when he saw So Eun as an adult and Se Na saw So Eun in a younger period. Rain really sold the anger during the confrontation with his father. Veins were popping in his face, tears were streaming, and he seemed on the edge of losing control. Rain has been willing to make bolder emotional statements as this character. He embraces the sensitive obsession of So Eun putting her on a pedestal in his mind. So Eun likely does not deserve or would not want a pedestal. I look forward to Se Na breaking down the barrier he has put up and releasing him from his chains of misery.
* Thank you to the show’s producers for giving us the broody shower scene with Rain. No kdrama is complete without one.
* I like the way So Eun is woven into scenes with Hyun Wook and/or Se Na. This character does not feel like she is being overused. The show utilizes her to bring Hyun Wook and Se Na closer together and make them more real.
* There are wounded souls in this show – Hyun Wook, Se Na, L, and even Jae Young. No easy fix for these characters but they might be able to get over their hurt and learn to trust and care once again.
* Finally the chemistry between Rain and Krystal is quietly good. The characters Se Na and Hyun Wook are gelling. I like this couple. Their spunk, forthright conversations, and their moral compass, it is all good. Many quiet moments in this episode prove they have the potential to be an appealing couple. From vying for the same ice cream, to the art gallery visit where he literally grabbed her head so she would look at the art, to his confession that his best songs were when he was in love, and finally to the weird but sweet dog head conversation. Hyun Wook did a terrific job not looking startled and taking the conversation seriously. Se Na managed to convey sincere concern under the ultra large dog head. This is not a showy cute couple. There is a connection and I look forward to them exploring and working through the pain of the past together. There will be the inevitable estrangement when Se Na finds out that Hyun Wook has hidden that he is So Eun’s boyfriend. I hope that is dealt with quickly. We shall see.

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