My Lovable Girl Episode 3 Recap

My Lovable Girl Episode 3
We begin episode 3 with Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung) asking Lee Hyun Wook (Rain) if he likes her. Why he is involving himself to eliminate her debt and start her song writing career? Hyun Wook pretends to call the debt collector to cancel the repayment but she stops him. She asks what he wants from her. He tells her to come to AnA with confidence tomorrow or live your life like a loser. Step up to the challenge or be a loser, that is tough love from Hyun Wook! Hyun Wook tells Se Na he does not see her as a woman and leaves.

Color me surprised when the loan shark calls Se Na to wish her a happy life. He tells her they knew each other 3 years and he wishes her well.

The next morning, Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun) stops by Hyun Wook’s to take him to work. She is worried Se Na will make trouble. Hyun Wook tells her not to worry. LOL when Hae Yoon eats the dog’s food!

At AnA, the managers are not happy to see Hyun Wook as temporary president. Some think it should be Jae Young. Se Na is told to meet with the president and is stunned when Hyun Wook enters the office. LOL when Se Na tells Hyun Wook “I was not saying you look good in a suit, just different”. That deflated his ego! They agree on the contract terms. Hyun Wook assigns Se Na to be part of Jae Young’s song writing team. Jae Young is NOT happy with that. He treats Se Na like the cleaning lady.

Hyun Wook is surprised when his sister (by his father’s second wife) works at AnA. So Hyun Wook’s sister Min Ah is also a trainee at AnA.

Hyun Wook visits his father in the hospital. He tells him he is surprised that he let his sister Min Ah be a trainee. Father says humor her. Father notes that Hyun Wook has a new talent he is sponsoring. Father says he will stay out of his love life. Hyun Wook says he will never have another woman until he dies. That is a LONG time! He will need to break that promise or this show will not work.

(link to my youtube video of this lovely song) between the sisters (Se Na and So Eun (dead girlfriend and Se Na’ sister)) was pretty. Interesting that Hyun Wook imagines the older sister when Se Na is around. I liked his response to Se Na when she called him mister “I am not mister, I am the president”.

Three members of Infinite Power talk to Hyun Wook. Shi Woo (L) arrives late to the meeting. It is obvious Kang Rae Hun (Hoya) is a jerk and planned to cut Shi Woo out of the meeting. Hyun Wook notices the lack of harmony.  Shi Woo’s birthday is coming up and there will be a party to celebrate. Why does Infinite Power treat Shi Woo like he is gum stuck to their shoes?

Shi Woo finds Se Na in the practice room. She tries to get him to leave but he reminds her of the rules for trainees: 1. 90 degree bow to seniors 2. Do whatever a senior orders you to do 3. Formally address your seniors. 4. Leave the practice room when a senior tells you to. This was a similar set of trainee rules used in Trot Lovers, another show set in the music business. Love the interchange between Shi Woo and Se Na. They push each other’s buttons well. These two have eventual good friends written all over them. Hope this show takes these two characters there. Their bluntness and banter is getting more fun.

L’s ex-girlfriend, Ra Eum, meets with Hae Yoon who will have her hands full with this arrogant singer. Ra Eum finds Shi Woo in the practice room and give him the good news that she is now an artist at AnA too. Shi Woo pretends indifference. Rae Hun interrupts and Rae Eum coos prettily to him. Ra Eum is a mean pretty girl. I was glad to see Shi Woo did held his ground arguing with her in the practice room.

Shi Woo’s birthday party starts well. Adoring fans, Infinite Power members pretending to like each other but Rae Hun put a damper on things when he shows a video of Shi Woo that is less than flattering. Rae Hun and Shi Woo take it outside. Rae Hun calls him pretty but without talent. Fists fly. Se Na stops the fight. Rae Hun is a mean pretty boy. That was a low blow embarrassing Shi Woo at his birthday party with a video of unflattering candid moments.

Hyun Wook handles a difficult customer with aplomb. His English is decent.

Shouting match meeting among the managers about the horrible press from Shi Woo’s birthday party that segways into accusations about Hyun Wook’s oversight of Se Na. May I say that Seo Jae Young (Kim Jin Woo) is a jerk.

Hyun Wook challenges Se Na to concentrate on the music not chores or errands. He is worried about the monthly review. He does not want to regret investing in Se Na.

Jae Young says he hates Hyun Wook because Hae Yoon has feelings for him. He implies he may leave the company.

Se Na plays a pretty piano piece. This time Hyun Wook does not see her sister, he sees Se Na.

Jae Young sends Se Na on an errand designed to sabotage her monthly review.

During the monthly review, when the boy trainees perform a medley of Hyun Wook’s songs he has a panic attack and exits the room. Jae Young loves it. Hae Yoon is concerned. Rain really sold the physical manifestations of a panic attack in that scene.

Hyun Wook wants Se Na to perform but she is not there (she is on the errand for Jae Young). When Se Na returns she quickly surmises the monthly review is over and Jae Young sabotaged her. She boldly gives Jae Young the memory stick with the song and comments it must be important as she missed the monthly review to do this errand at his request. Smart of her to confront him with witnesses around. She asks to participate in the monthly review (atta girl).

Se Na performs a lovely song “Anger” (link is to my youtube video of the song). She has the room transfixed while she sings. When she is done instead of praise, the critique is harsh from Jae Young. Hyun Wook’s critique is softer but he tells her the song was a hot mess. Then he smiles and tells her he looks forward to her next song, that it was a strangely charming tune.

Now Jae Young is mad. He accuses Hyun Wook of only critiquing his protege. Hyun Wook says that he is being polite as it is his first time at the panel. He proceeds to offer spot-on critiques of all the trainees. Jae Young asks if the only performance worthy of praise was Se Na. Hyun Wook states “Do you not want to admit that she is the best or you cannot see it?” (oh yeah, give it to that jerk!) Jae Young suggests that if Hyun Wook is so sure Se Na is a song writing genius, she go head to head with him. Jae Young and Hyun Wok agree to a songwriting contest between Se Na and Jae Young. Loser leaves AnA, winner’s song is the Infinite Power title song. Wow, that is a bold decision by Hyun Wook. Poor Se Na caught in the middle between two competing guys. She cannot be happy with this newest turn of events. She is probably thinking her days at AnA are numbered now.

ep3_14 ep3_13
That evening Hyun Wook sees Se Na retrieving a red balloon from a bush. Hyun Wook tells Se Na work hard to beat Jae Young. Se Na is not happy and tells Hyun Woo she likes working at AnA and does not want to leave. She frankly tells him no one likes her at AnA because of his favoritism. Se Na tells him her job is in jeopardy now thanks to this ridiculous contest that she cannot win. Hyun Wook tells her that she is special to him.  Hyun Wook tells her it has been a long time since his heart was affected because of a song, but her song touched him. (I would LOVE that compliment if I were Se Na.) Se Na is touched by the compliment.

* This was a good episode with many positives. I like the trend!
* The interactions between Se Na, Hyun Wook and Shi Woo were excellent and moved their relationships forward. I especially enjoyed Se Na’s frank interactions with Hyun Wook and Shi Woo. Both men like her (though not romantically at this point). She and Shi Woo have the potential to be good friends if the writers decide to go down that path. Se Na looks at Hyun Wook with more romance than he does. Of course he has the bigger obstacles: the promise that he will never have another woman until he dies; the fact that he sees So Eun when he hears Se Na sing; the fact that he cannot face the accident that he blames himself for. He has to overcome these hurdles before he love again. Se Na’s forthright manner should help him look squarely at what he has been avoiding for 3 years.
* The song writing contest between Jae Young and Se Na is totally unfair to her. I would not be happy if Hyun Wook signed me up to go up against an industry ace. Plus, if you lose you are gone from AnA, the job that finally gets you on the path to becoming a legit song writer.
* Infinite Power are comprised of infinite jerks (to each other). I feel sorry for Shi Woo with the rude and mean treatment he gets from the other members of Infinite Power. Add another mean person in his life,. Ra Eum. I did like that Ra Eum was difficult for Hae Yoon to handle.
* I liked both songs in this episode. Look forward to songs in future episodes. Krystal has a nice voice (assuming that is her singing).

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  1. myat yun khay says:

    what is the song that krystal and her sister sing duet?

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