My Lovable Girl Episode 2 Recap

My Lovable Girl Episode 2 …
We begin episode 2 with Lee Hyun Wook (Rain) staring at Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung) while she waits at the bus stop. She is NOT happy to see him as she was just fired because of him. Hyun Wook cannot believe she is the sister of his dead girlfriend, the girl he hired a detective to find. She was right there! Se Na gets on the bus leaving him in the dust (or so she thinks).

She meets best friend Joo Hong (Lee Cho Hee) who immediately tells Se Na about a man (Hyun Wook) that had been asking about her earlier. Neither woman notices Hyun Wook sitting at the table next to them, openly eavesdropping on their conversation. Se Ra does NOT have nice things to say about Hyun Wook.

Hyun Wook returns to his room and asks Dal Bong if he knew Se Na was the sister all along. The dog gives him a look that confirms HE knew.

Se Na gets a job delivering lunch boxes. Hyun Wook buys a house in the neighborhood Se Na lives in. Best friend Bae Sung Jin (Alex) is surprised he purchased a home after the nomad lifestyle. Sung Jin hazards a guess that he has found the sister. Hyun Wook’s look confirms it. He tells Sung Jin NOT to tell his father or Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun) where he is living.

While delivering lunch boxes at AnA, Se Na shares an elevator ride with Shi Woo (L). They are NOT happy to see each other. They trade insults and glare at each other. I must say that Shi Woo’s hair is subpar. The blond hair is over processed and straw like. We need a hair stylist, stat!

Hyun Wook and Dal Bong wait for Se Na to arrive with lunch. She is NOT happy to see Hyun Wook but is happy to see Dal Bong. I’d have the opposite reaction. They banter with each other a bit. First spark of cuteness, liking this! She flounces away after he pays. Hyun Wook tells Dal Bong “it will take awhile to get close to her.” Hyun Wook offers her ice cream the next time they meet and she rejects it. Hyun Wook offers up conversation next time they meet and she calls him a bum.
Hyun Wook has Se Na deliver lunch to the park. It rains on them. Sweet when he wraps a cloth around her. It is darling when he wraps a cloth around Dal Bong. I am telling you when the dog dies, I will weep buckets of tears.

Hae Yoon and Seo Jae Young (Kim Jin Woo) meet with AnA President (Hyun Wook’s father). There is some kind of power struggle between Hae Yoon and Jae Young. Jae Young is NOT happy Hyun Wook is back in town. After the meeting Jae Young invites himself to the housewarming party for Hyun Wook saying “after all, we used to be friends.” That does not bode well for the evening’s festivities. Sure enough, Jae Young makes a snide remark about Hyun Wook not being over his dead girlfriend. The men glare at each other. Ra Eum escorts Jae Young out of the house.

Hae Yoon and Hyun Wook take a walk. She says his Father cares about him. Hyun Wook gives a pat answer. She complains that she is walking with a handsome man that will not hold her hand. Hyun Wook tells her to start dating. She pouts and says the only man she wants to date is him. He puts her in taxi and sends her home.

The loan sharks chase Se Na and Hyun Wook helps her escape. Hyun Wook thinks he sees Se Na’s sister just before Se Na runs into him (literally) trying to escape the loan sharks. Do we have a paranormal aspect to this story? Hyun Wook saves Se Na from a runaway truck and ends up in the hospital. He dreams about Se Na’s sister. He wakes and finds Se Na beside his bed. As they exit the hospital he tries to get some sympathy from her but she is stringy about praising him. She does thanks him and leaves.

The next day Se Na recalls the loan sharks telling her only a couple of days before they extract their punishment. She goes to work and is fired. She delivers Hyun Wook’s lunch and tells him this is the last one, she has been fired. As she leaves, he asks if she would like to be Dal Bong’s caretaker while his arm is recovering. As she washes the dog, Hyun Wook shows her how to spray and rinse the dog. The dog shakes water on both of them. They share a moment. Yes, there is potential chemistry brewing between them.

Boy band Infinite Power pretend they are good friends in front of the press but after the cameras are gone it is obvious there is a schism between Shi Woo (L) and Kang Rae Hun (Hoya). Pang of sympathy for Shi Woo as it is 3 against 1. Shi Woo listens to Se Na’s demo CD in the van. He tells Infinite Power’s manager to keep his promise to give the CD the Jae Young. The manager protests the song is not Jae Young’s style.

Se Na, Hyun Wook and Dal Bong have a lovely day at the beach. While Hyun Wook watches Se Na play with Dal Bong he flashes back to So Eun (dead girlfriend and Se Na’ sister) playing with the dog. While eating Se Na shares that she moved to Seoul to be like her sister who excelled at everything. Se Na claims she is good at nothing. She flashes back to her sister showing her to whistle with a leaf. She demonstrates it for Hyun Wook. As the camera pulls away it is a lovely setting for this moment.

Later in bed Se Na thinks about Hyun Wook and gets a goofy grin on her face. She is starting to fall for him, good!

Hyun Wook gets a call saying his Father is in the hosptial. He visits but it is not a warm conversation between the two men. Father asks Hyun Wook to run the company in his absence. Outside his Father’s room, step-mother (?) gives him a copy of the will and says his Father’s condition is serious. He returns to the hospital the next day and realizes his Father is indeed ill.

Hae Yoon shows up at Hyun Wook’s house and is nonplussed to see Se Na. Hyun Wook shows up. Hae Yoon tells him he should become acting president while his Father is out. She is worried that if Jae Young assumes the role he will never relinquish it. She plays Infinite Power’s title song written by Jae Young. Outside Se Na hears the song and recognizes it as her own. Ah, Jae Young plagiarized the song. After Hae Yoon leaves Se Na explains the song sounds similar to one she wrote and provided to Infinite Power via a demo CD. Hyun Wook tells her the song she heard is the title song of the new album. Se Na is livid and heads to AnA.

Se Na confronts Jae Young (you go girl) about the song that sounds similar to her demo CD. Jae Young is NOT happy to be accused of plagiarism. He is yelling at Se Na as Hyun Wook enters the room. Hae Yoon and Shi Woo overhear the confrontation too. Humiliated Se Na turns to leave, spots Hyun Wook and hurries away. Hyun Wook asks Jae Young if he listened to her demo CD. Jae Young denies this. Shi Woo tells Jae Young he left the demo CD for him to listen to (pleased that Shi Woo told the truth). Hae Yoon asks what the fuss is about. Hyun Wook tells her Jae Young may have plagiarized Infinite Power’s title song from a demo CD. Jae Young says there is no proof, it is only circumstantial.

Hyun Wook gets deadly serious and tells him they need to listen to the demo CD and IF it sounds similar there are three choices: 1) admit plagiarism, 2) make the song a joint song with an unknown song writer, or 3) make a new song. Jae Young gets deadly serious and angry telling Hyun Wook he is different from who he was in the past. Hyun Wook tells Jae Young he sees that he is a different man (good slam against Jae Young). Hyun Wook further states Jae Young is too confident after stealing a song (absolute power corrupts absolutely). Jae Young tells him this is not his concern, he will take care of the company. He brushes past Hyun Wook. Hyun Wook counters he is not someone to be ignored. What if he were the new president of AnA? Both men glare and stare at each other.

Se Na is upset about the failed encounter with Jae Young. The loan shark calls to her from across the street that she should be enjoying life because he will come to collect the debt. Frantic she packs her stuff. She leaves her precious guitar in Ra Eum’s care. Hyun Wook comes to find her. Ra Eum tells him Se Na has left for her hometown. He rushes to find her. At the bus stop Se Na waits. Hyun Wook sees her just as the bus arrives. This time he stops her from getting on the bus. Se Na is NOT happy she missed the bus. Hyun Wook tells her she is not putting up a good fight just because Jae Young was dismissive. Se Na gets angry and tells him she has worked hard. She is tired of the loan sharks and the nomad lifestyle. Hyun Wook tells her AnA has bought her song. He tells her with the sale of the song her debt is erased. Se Na is stunned. He tells her he will be working at AnA. He takes her bag and tells her to come home with him. He starts to walk away. She asks him if he likes her. He turns and stares at her….what will he say?

* What a difference from episode 1 to episode 2! This episode was on the mark.
* Love the full circle start/stop of this episode. We start the episode with Se Na at the bus station and Hyun Wook does NOT stop her from leaving. We end the episode with Se Na at the bus station and Hyun Wook DOES stop her from leaving.
* Beach scene setting was lovely. The waves, the wind, the lunch, it was appealing.
* Love the budding relationship and chemistry between Hyun Wook and Se Na. Rain and Krystal Jung have a connection that is translating to the screen.
* Adore the dog, Dal Bong. When he dies, I will weep buckets of tears.
* Impressed that Shi Woo had a decent moment and gave Jae Young Se Na’s demo CD as the manager promised her. Felt sorry for him when Rae Hun (Hoya) and the other 2 band members left him in the dust after the interview.
* Na Hae Ryung overacts a bit as Ra Eum. She can tone down her portrayal.
* Liked that Hae Yoon worked behind the scenes to convince Hyun Wook to take over for his father because Jae Young was power hungry.
* Jae Young (Kim Jin Woo) comes off as an arrogant power hungry jerk. That is exactly what is needed at this moment to get Hyun Wook back into the real world.
* Hyun Wook came back to life and started engaging the world again. Yes! Loved how he confronted Jae Young with authority at AnA. On a superficial note, Rain is easy on the eyes!
* Last but not least, I love the forthright way Se Na has. She had the moxy to confront Jae Young about plagerism. She ended the episode directly asking if Hyun Wook liked her. I like my female leads to be forthright and sassy. Looks like Se Na has both of these qualities. Ready for more in the next episode!

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