My Lovable Girl Episode 1 Recap

My Lovable Girl Episode 1…

Synopsis from DramaFever
Lee Hyun Wook (Rain) is a brilliant music producer, but due to a traumatic accident that took the life of his girlfriend, his heart has never been able to recover. Since then, each day has been a struggle to keep up appearances as the CEO of a top talent agency, until Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung), his beloved girlfriend’s little sister, moves to Seoul with hopes of making it big as a songwriter. As music soothes their shared wounds, both Hyun Wook and Se Na also discover the inspiration to fall in love with one another. Also starring Cha Ye Ryun, Krystal from Heirs, and Infinite’s L and Hoya!

Nutshell Reaction: I watched Episode 1 and was underwhelmed. The first episode was a miss in my book. I did not particularly like any of the characters. Not good, not good. Would this first episode be a “one and done”  for this show?

What went wrong?
1. The first unlikable character came in the opening car accident where Hyun Wook’s girlfriend (and Se Na’s older sister) was killed. The initial scenes showed the girlfriend as jealous and strident. Did not like her. When there was a flashbacks to her purchasing the puppy and playing with the dog, she seems fine there.
2. Hyun Wook (Rain) is not over his girlfriend’s death after three years (that is a long time folks). He clutches his heart when the song they listened to just before the accident comes on. He has pulled out of society. He is a jerk to Se Na, hiring her to watch his dog and then going nuts when she feeds the dog something the dog was allergic to. Hyun Woon came off as unlikable and more interested in his dog than humans. Top to it off, his dog was diagnosed with cancer, ouch! How many episodes until the dog dies?
3. Yoon Se Na (Krystal Jung), aspiring song writer, came off somewhat better. Unfortunately she has the cliche loan sharks chasing her and calls her dead sister’s cell phone (which Hyun Wook has and is still charged!) to leave messages that she misses her. She was wrong when she ditched the dog in hopes of getting her demo CD heard by Infinite Power. Se Na had some moxy when interacting with Hyun Wook and Shi Woo, I hope it increases. I did not understand why Hyun Wook and Se Na did NOT recognize each other. If your sister had a boyfriend wouldn’t you know the guy? Maybe her sister lived far from the family.
4. Shin Hae Yoon (Cha Ye Ryun) is an director of AnA entertainment company. She has known Hyun Woon for 12 years. Has she secretly (or not so secretly) liked him for 12 years? She was cold. She pressed unwanted affections on Hyun Wook. She treated Se Na like the carpet she walks on. Unlikable.
5. Shi Woo (L) is a member of the boy band Infinite Power. He is on the outs with Kang Rae Hun (Hoya), the other power member of the band. He gets dumped by an unlikable girl. When he finds Se Na has overheard the exchange, he cannot tolerate her knowledge of this embarrassing incident, so as payback he embarrasses her at the party playing her demo CD to shame her. Unlikable.

What worked in episode 1:
1. The dog Dal Bong is darling and a fine actor. Bummer he has cancer. I was completely surprised when the dog fell ill after eating something he had a reaction to, and an ambulance took him to the emergency vet. I have never seen an ambulance that transfers animals.

Final Thoughts:
* First episodes can be difficult to get into. Unfortunately this one was was a dud. If the dog is the only likable character, that is worrisome.
* I am committing myself to watching the second episode. Too many times the first episode has not worked for me but I liked the series. No where to go but up!

My Lovable Girl
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