Discovery of Romance Episode 10 Recap

Episode #10: “Let’s Break Up”….

Episode 10 begins with boyfriend Nam Ha Jin (Sung Joon) driving up to see his girlfriend Han Yeo Reum (Jung Yu Mi) being lead towards the house by ex-boyfriend Kang Tae Ha (Eric). Yeo Reum’s roommates Yoon Sol (Kim Seul Gi) and Do Joon Ho (Yoon Hyun Min) rush to Yeo Reum’s side asking Tae Ha what is wrong, she was fine in the morning. In a quick flashback we learn that Ha Jin saw Yeo Reum and Tae Ha leave the shopping mall together that day. He now strides toward Yeo Reum. She removes herself from Tae Ha’s grasp. Ha Jin realizes she is not well. Tae Ha explains Yeo Reum fell unconscious for no reason. Joon Ho and Ha Jin guide Yeo Reum inside. Yoon Sol stays behind and tells Tae Ha that she will handle any work related day trips from now on. She tells him to stop putting Yeo Reum into position where Ha Jin grows suspicious of her (hmm, it takes two to tango). She frets that Yeo Reum should have been honest with Ha Jin from the beginning. She concedes the Tae Ha must have been worried about Yeo Reum, wishing him a safe drive home before going into the house.

Inside the house they fuss over Yeo Reum. She tells them she wants a shower. Ha Jin helps her, dries her hair, feeds her dinner, etc. with tender care. Tae Ha waits in vain outside, unable to leave but unable to request an update on Yeo Reum. When he finally returns to his apartment he wishes he could know her status. Yeo Reum and Ha Jin are sleeping in bed when Yeo Reum pulls her hand from under the cover and flashes back to Tae Ha’s tears on her hand at the hospital. (Ah, I did not realize she was awake when Tae Ha shed those tears of regret over his past treatment of her).

Yeo Reum gets out of bed and calls Tae Ha (bunny sighting!). She thanks him for taking care of her. She asks if something happened at the hosptial. Tae Ha denies this and asks how she is. Ha Jin comes behind Yeo Reum and motions for her to give him the phone. He thanks Tae Ha for taking care of Yeo Reum and she is fine. Tae Ha protests that Ha Jin is interrupting a private phone call and tells him to put Yeo Reum back on the line. Ha Jin goes alpha male and refuses to let Tae Ha speak to Yeo Reum and hangs up. Tae Ha is mad! Ha Jin leads her back to bed to rest.

Tae Ha goes to the batting cage to work out his frustrations. Jung Mok urges him to stop before he blows his shoulders but he keeps hitting relentlessly. Exhausted Tae Ha asks Jun Mok what kind of man he is. Tae Ha flashes back to all the things Yeo Reum said to him. He says that he is selfish, egotistical, and a jerk. Tae Ha thought he could wish her well in her relationship with Ha Jin. But he knows that Ha Jin is not the right guy for her and he cannot let her go.

The next morning while Ha Jin makes breakfast Yeo Reum searches his car trying to determine where he was the previous day (count me as officially tired of the lies and suspicions between Ha Jin and Yeo Reum). Yoon Sol and Joon Ho catch her. Yeo Reum does not understand why he visited the orphanage.

Inside the house they talk it out. Ha Jin admits he went to the orphanage with A Rim to get a child that needs surgery. Yeo Reum admits she was on work day-trip with Tae Ha. Ha Jin asks why she is speaking informally to Tae Ha. He notes that Yoon Sol and Joon Ho also speak informally with Tae Ha. She asks why he had to go get the child at the orphanage. Ha Jin states that it is kinder to get the child than make him make the multi-bus change journey. Stymied by his kindness Yeo Reum tells him he should understand her feelings about A Rim and leaves the table.

While at an eatety with Ha Jin’s mother Min Soo gets a call from Yeo Reum’s mother. She stops by the eatery. The two women and Min Soo start drinking. Min Soo is convinced the two women will fight over him. The opposite happens. The women are cordial and both deny having romantic feelings for Min Soo.

Ha Jin brings Yeo Reum breakfast in bed. He tells her after he talks to his mother he will tell her everything. She admits she does not think he is cheating with A Rim. But the lies and the suspicions makes her think they will break up one day.  He spills the juice on her blanket. She joins him outside as he washes the blanket. Yoon Sol and Joon Ho add to the fun by spraying everyone with water.

An A Rim (Yoon Jin Yi) and the boy wait for Ha Jin to join them for lunch. She calls Ha Jin to see where he is. Yeo Reum sees the caller is A Rim and holds out her hand for the phone. She answers and tells A Rim that she is NOT sending Ha Jin to her today.

While Yoon Sol works in the shop, Joon Ho gazes at her while hearing “My Girl” by The Temptations. As he leaves the house to get coffee, Tae Ha and Jung Mok drive up to see Yoon Sol. Tae Ha and Joon Ho leave to have coffee together. Tae Ha asks Joon Ho where Yeo Reum’s father is buried. After the business talk Jung Mok presents a pine tree to Yoon Sol (sweet gift and the heart moss covered rock was a nice touch). Joon Ho watches from another room. Jung Mok asks Yoon Sol if she might consider him for a life partner. Joon Ho interrupts and Jung Mok leaves.

Tae Ha visits Yeo Reum’s father’s grave. Joon Ho tells Yoon Sol and Yeo Reum they should NOT work another project with Tae Ha and Jung Mok.  Yeo Reum is NOT happy when Joon Ho tells her that he told Tae Ha the location of her father’s grave.

Ha Jin’s mother stops by his apartment. He tell her that he wants to tell A Rim the truth. His mother deters him saying they need to think about it more.

Tae Ha tells Jung Mok that the next contract should be solo with Yoon Sol and exclude Yeo Reum. After a meeting, Yeo Reum tells Tae Ha she wants his silence that she lost consciousness after they visited the fishing spot. He tells her that she should share her burdens with her friends. She defers and walks away. Jung Mok tells Yeo Reum and Yoon Sol that the next project Tae Ha wants to work only with Yoon Sol. Yeo Reum calls him but he will not pick up (guess Tae Ha needs some distance from Yeo Reum).

Ha Jin and A Rim talk to the boy after surgery. He is crying wanting his mother. A Rim gives him some tough love then tells him when he is old enough to leave the orphanage he can live with her.

Tae Ha has taken all the photos out of the memory chest and reviews all of them. He remembers the apology letter she made him write when he was late. He remembers the once-a-month letters he had to write. He smiles and returns all his photos to the memory chest.

He stops by the studio as Yoon Sol and Yeo Reum are preparing to leave. Over tea Yeo Reum asks why Tae Ha does not want her to work the next project. Tae Ha tells her that he has decided NOT to see her anymore. He gives her photos for the wine bar. As she rifles through the photos she finds pictures he took of her father’s grave. He tells her that father is doing well. She asks why he went. He tells her it was to apologize for not protecting her as he had promised her father.

Flashback to 5 years ago. Yoon Sol and Joon Ho ask why Yeo Reum did not tell them about her father’s death. Yeo Reum says she was grief stricken and not thinking straight. Her mother enters the room and they offer their condolences. They ask how it happen. Yeo Reum creates the lie that her father died in the car accident. Her mother stares at her but does not contradict her.

Back in the present, Yeo Reum tells him that she was afraid he would find everything out about her father’s death. 5 years after the fact, Tae Ha comforts Yeo Reum as she cries for her father. She thinks to herself…this man, his tears, his warmth, and true heart, made me feel at ease…I felt like he was telling me it is not your fault. Yeo Reum tells him that day her father died was a normal day. Her parents did not talk to each other per the norm. Tae Ha states he thinks her father planned it. He tells her how her father made him promise to take care of her and let her win all the fights. He notes he failed to keep any of his promises to her father.

Tae Ha candidly says they did have problems as a couple. He tells her everything was his fault and she was right. She admits that she should have told him about her father’s death but saying the words out loud were too painful. Tae Ha asks doesn’t Ha Jin deserve a second chance? He stand up and says “Let’s break up” (show’s title). They stare at each other. He admits he never knew why they broke up so he never got over her.That has changed now. He wishes her well. Tears brim in her eyes. She cries as he walks away. He does too.

* Another a quiet episode. Some good things happened:
1. Yeo Reum and Tae Ha faced facts about her father’s death. This allowed her to grieve for her father.
2. Tae Ha realized that Yeo Reum could not be his at this time because of her relationship with Ha Jin. He selflessly told her to give Ha Jin another try.
3. Finally one character was honest. Surprise, surprise it was Tae Ha. His evolution is compelling.

* Bunny cameo at the 8:30 minute mark! Bunny and booze – what more could Tae Ha want?

* The actors looked liked they were having fun during the water hose scene. Nice to see the characters happy and playful. It has been awhile!

* Love the lighting and composition of this scene.

* Love the background of this scene.

* Eric embodied gentleness in his portrayal of Tae Ha in the final scene with Yeo Reum. Tae Ha has changed quite a bit. He sees the past clearer, acknowledges his mistakes, and realizes that learning the truth about her father allowed him to finally see why Yeo Reum dumped him 5 years ago. Now he could let go of her. I must say that Tae Ha seems like the only character that has evolved. Everyone else seems a bit static.

* Jung Yu Mi’s character Yeo Reum finally showed vulnerability. She has had a strong edge each episode. With the admission about her father death, the tears could flow and she realized Tae Ha had changed and grown. It took her by surprise when Tae Ha suggested they break up.

* Sung Joon portrayed Ha Jin’s need for Yeo Reum with intensity especially when he went alpha male and took her cell phone to end the phone call with Tae Ha. He and Yeo Reum keep dancing the same dance of lies and suspicions. I am ready for them to stop the madness and either be honest or break up.

* Yoon Sol is oblivious that Joon Ho’s feelings have changed and she is not sure how she feels about Jung Mok. Can she ever see Joon Ho as more than a friend? Can Jung Mok be more than a nice guy?

* Do Joon Ho continued his uncomfortable realization that he likes Yoon Sol. He would love to stop Yoon Sol from interacting with Jung Mok. He knows Jung Mok is a rival for him. I look forward to Yoon Sol finding out about his feelings.

* An A Rim’s activities were low key in this episode. I did like her stunned surprise when Yeo Reum answered Ha Jin’s phone to tell her he was not available. Her support for the boy from the orphanage was solid.

* Did I mention that Eric is yummy? You need look no further for proof…

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6 comments on “Discovery of Romance Episode 10 Recap
  1. addine says:

    More curious for next eps. What will happen to yeo reum and ha jin later.hope they will be more honest to each other..


  2. Ann Ann says:

    Do you know the song when Tae Ha talks with Joon Ho in coffee shop?


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Yeo Reum and Ha Jin need to be honest with each other or break it off. I’m leaning towards breaking up. Eric is killing his part of mourning his past love😋


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