Discovery of Romance Episode 7 Recap

Episode #7: “It is your first crush”

We start episode 7 recapping the exchange between Kang Tae Ha (Eric) and ex-girlfriend Han Yeo Reum (Jung Yu Mi).
Yeo Reum: You say you like me but time cannot be turned back. We ended 5 years ago.
Tae Ha: No, you will come back to me.
Yeo Reum: “Unless the sky falls, I will never go back to you”. (episode 6’s title)
Tae Ha: (grabs her arm) The sky will fall. Wait for it.

They are diverted from their intense conversation when they smell something burning. Tae Ha burns his hand getting a pot off a burner. Yeo Reum frets and dresses his wound. He stares at her enjoying her ministrations. He gives her a quick kiss. She does NOT chastise him and stares at him. That is a good sign!

Tae Ha exits as Nam Ha Jin (Sung Joon) pulls up to her house. The men are awkward around each other remembering their drunken declarations of brotherhood between them from the Karaoke evening. Just noticed both these actors are sporting auburn hair or highlights. Yeo Reum hurries to Ha Jin’s side. Ha Jin invites Tae Ha to dinner. Yeo Reum shakes her head no. He says he can go with them. Through telepathy she asks him if he is really going to come. She threatens his death. To appease her, he remembers a previous appointment. To irk her, he sets another a time to dine with Ha Jin.

Flip to interview mode. Yeo Reum comments that Ta Hae would not know love if it bit him. Ha Tae counters that he did NOT admit he loved her but that he liked her. Ta Hae says once Yeo Reum comes to him willingly he will be nice to her in the ways she wants (consideration, kindness, sacrifice, etc).

The police take Yoon Sol (Kim Seul Gi) in for throwing a rock at Choi Eun Gyu’s (Gu Won) window and breaking it. Do Joon Ho (Yoon Hyun Min) gets the call to come to the police station. He goes alpha male and punches Eun Gyu. Love it! Cute when Joon Ho told the police officer the incriminating video was good quality. Eun Gyu elects NOT to press charges and tells Yoon Sol to leave him alone. Yoon Sool does not want to go home. Joon Ho gives her a head bop (darling) and takes her to dance. They tear up the dance floor. Cooling down with drinks Joon Ho offers to fill her time in place of Eun Gyu. They recall 10 years prior when he offered the same service when she broke up with another boy. They banter a bit then he irritates her and she puts him in a choke hold. Wonderful chemistry between these two!

Yeo Reum and her mother share a beer. Yeo Reum offers to clear her debt with her mother. Mom tells her to use the money for her wedding and pay her back after she is married. Yeo Reum admits that she feels bad not being honest with Ha Jin about her father. Hmm, what does that mean? What is the mystery behind her father?

Tae Ha gets Joon Ho’s phone number from Yoon Sol. They meet for drinks and Joon Ho tells Tae Ha he knows little about Yeo Reum’s father’s death. He and Yoon Sol missed the funeral. He heard her father died in a car accident. Tae Ha then questions him about Ha Jin. Joon Ho (the human zipper) unzips his knowledge and tells Tae Ha about Ha Jin looking for A Rim through her scar.

Ha Jin’s mother finds the picture of An A Rim (Yoon Jin Yi) and Ha Jin in his apartment. When he returns home she asks why he has this picture. She asks if he feels guilty that he was chosen instead of A Rim. So they were both at the orphanage and HE got adopted while she did not? She gets upset that A Rim could recognize him when he tells her they met the other day. He tells her he will be careful.

The next morning Ha Jin prepares breakfast for A Rim. She drops juice by his house. Yeo Reum sees this. She starts to confront A Rim outside the apartment. Ha Jin opens the door pulling A Rim into his apartment leaving a shocked Yeo Reum behind the door unseen. Ha! A Rim tells Ha Jin that he just left his girlfriend on the outside. Ha Jin’s eyes widen in shock. Yeo Reum enters the apartment and an awkward short breakfast ensues. A Rim leaves quickly. Ha Jin claims he feels sorry that A Rim does not get a nutritious breakfast before class. Yeo Reum tells him that he better stop being with A Rim and making her nervous.

Ta Hae drives with abandon to get to the wine bar just to see Yeo Reom. He talks / challenges her into lunch. Yeo Reum figures it out and stalks away. Ta Hae complains that she is too hard now and was too easy 5 years ago. Yeo Reum calmly explains she KNOWS he came to see her and she will not pretend. She tells him he will be continually surprised at how “smart and mean” she is. She asks him if “this is your first crush”? She tells him just wait, she will be meaner to him and walks away.

Joon Ho finds Ha Jin erasing a text from A Rim and blackmails him to keep quiet. Ha, keeping quiet is NOT Joon Ho’s strength. Nice exchange between the two actors.

In the adult story line, producer Min Soo comes home to his apartment to have the spirit of his wife telepathically nag him into doing the laundry, brushing his teeth, washing his feet, etc. Meanwhile, Ha Jin’s mother gets a post-it on the fridge from her dead husband requesting a particular dish be cooked. At the support group “people that have been hurt by their spouses” Ha Jin’s mother (wearing the name tag silent couple) details her triumph at NOT making the food and clearing out the fridge instead. Min Soo (wearing the name tag ghost husband) offers his support after the meeting. She offers him the food. He takes the food to Yeo Reum’s apartment. Interesting that he has a good relationship with the younger crowd. Yeo Reum, Yoon Sol, and Joon Ho eat with relish. When Yeo Reum’s mother arrives for lunch, she quickly leaves when she finds Min Soo. He hurries after to her and she flat out tells him the woman that gave him the food LIKES HIM. He is surprised.

With relish Tae Ha returns the camera bag to Yoon Sol and Yeo Reum. Yoon Sol is thrilled but Yeo Reum asks him telepathically if he had it all along. Tae Ha denies this. He taunts her that he is dining with her boyfriend. Concerned Yoon Sol urges her to go to dinner with them worried that Tae Ha will talk about her.

All parties converge at Ha Jin’s office. First A Rim shows looking for Ha Jin. Tae Ha shows spotting A Rim and Ha Jin talking outside the office. Yeo Reum shows in a cab, Tae Ha spots her and then Ha Jin spots her while she pays the taxi driver. Ha Jin’s eyes widen and shock. He CANNOT believe he will be caught red-handed with A Rim AGAIN! A Rim spots Yeo Reum and she is instantly concerned. Ha Jin grabs A Rim’s hand and they press themselves against his car hiding from her. Tae Ha gets out of his car and approaches. Yeo Reum spots him.
Tae Ha silently motions to Ha Jin’s car. She walks around the car, Ha Jin and A Rim rotate trying to avoid her, they spot Tae Ha and are startled, Yeo Reum comes round and sees them holding hands (gong sound effect again), Ha Jin drops A Rim’s hand.
YR: Tae Ha please leave
TH: No, we have plans together (indicating Ha Jin)
YR: I am asking you to leave
TH: No (smirking with pleasure)
AR: Is it ok if I leave?
HJ: Yes, let her go.
YR: No, You and I need to talk.
Yeo Reum turns her laser eyes on A Rim who looks decidely uncomfortable. Ha Jin looks unhappy and Tae Ha is LOVING IT! I did too!
A Rim tries to explain. Yeo Reum cuts her off. Ha Jin tries to interject. Yeo Reum snaps at him “Keep your mouth shut.”

* Another good episode. Terrific last scene. There was real tension there.
* A Rim and Yeo Reum BOTH at Ha Jin’s door was clever production.  The setup, both women are talking to each other, Ha Jin opens the door and pulls A Rim into his apartment obviously waiting for her and unaware he is leaving Yeo Reum stunned in the hallway. I also loved the gong sound at the moment. The scene was shot was gave a nice sense of the physical actions in the scene. Then when A Rim told Ha Jin that Yeo Reum was in the hallway, the way his eyes widened then sound of Yeo Reum entering the apartment, again the physical sound of the door unlocking and shutting dominated that moment until Yeo Reum appeared.
* A Rim and Ha Jin outside his office avoiding Yeo Reum was another nicely produced scene. The physical actions of the characters circling the car, the camera angles and cuts on the pair, Yeo Reum, and Ta Hae, enhanced the scene. Strong ending scene for the episode.
* Bunny cameo at the 42 minute mark!
* Don’t know why, but the music was good this episode. Not songs but the background music enhanced the scenes this episode. The music swelled perfectly in the last scene when all parties converge and discover each other.
* Interesting the title of the episode was worked into the wine bar lunch scene not the final scene as other episodes have done.
* Excellent rapport between Yeo Reum, Yoon Sol, and Joon Ho during the adult scene. First their shared confusion over Min Soo talking to his dead wife. Then Joon Ho claiming he would date Yeo Reum’s mother over Yeo Reum or Yoon Sol – ha!
* I am officially intrigued. What is the deal with Yeo Reum’s father’s death? What is the deal with Ha Jin and A Rim’s past? I liked that Yeo Reum fretted with her mother about lying about her father. I liked how Ha Jin’s mother fretted with him over A Rim.

* Eric portrays Tae Ha so that I am rooting for that character.  He is NOT perfect but gosh he is appealing. The breakneck driving to the wine bar, just to see Yeo Reum, swoon! His little smile when he talked Yeo Reum into following him to the lunch spot, cute! When she orders him NOT to come close, then he steps towards her, love it! Both defiance and desperation were evident. His pleasure at knowing he had her camera bag which would guarantee another interaction – darling! Tae Ha relished catching Ha Jim red-handed with A Rim. He got to watch it unfold to his pleasure. I also really like the telepathic moments he shares with Yeo Reum. Eric and Jun Yi Mi do an excellent job letting their faces relay what their characters are thinking.
* Jung Yu Mi’s character Yeo Reum came off more balanced this episode. She again did NOT freak out when she found Ha Jin and A Rim at breakfast. Yu Mi relies heavily on the shocked expressed but it was used well this episode. She also did a nice job with the physical aspects of key scenes. Each actor hit their marks and worked together to make those scenes work.
* Sung Joon’s surprised terror when Yeo Reum entered his character Ha Jin’s apartment on the breakfast date with A Rim was perfect. His face said everything. He knew he was in trouble with Yeo Reum. When he gets caught again outside his office with A Rim, that was well done too. He was like a kid hiding from his mother after he broke something, chagrined, just waiting for the punishment. This was another nice physical action scene as the actors circled the car looking for / avoiding each other.
* Yoon Sol police station scene with Eun Gyu and Joon Ho was super. Her interactions with Joon Ho – excellent again, the actors play off each other well.
* Do Joon Ho was a terrific friend to Yoon Sol this episode. Punching Enu Gyu, the super head bop before he takes her dancing, his not too shabby dance moves, wonderful to watch. Their interactions were top notch this episode.  Joon Ho’s simple touch of Yoon Sol’s shoulders when he arrived at the police station and telling her to raise her head up, that was sweet and strong. Best episode so far for this character.
* An A Rim added another experience to her relationship with Ha Jin through the breakfast date. The actor, Yoon Jin Yi, played that scene well. When she managed to tell Ha Jin that his girlfriend was left in the hallway – she knew trouble was coming. At the breakfast table she looked trapped and did a nice job relaying that she wanted to leave more than anything. Well done scene!

* Did I mention that Eric is yummy? You need look no further for proof…(image from Phi soompi post)


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