Fated to Love You Episode 20 Recap

Nutshell Recap Episode #20:

This episode begins with Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) and Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) bursting into the wedding hall late but ready to be married. To their surprise and pleasure, Mi Young’s mother arrives as they begin their walk down the aisle. Now everyone they love is there to witness their joining.
On to the honeymoon…Special Agents Tak and Dragon are at Jeju Island on strict orders from Lee Gun’s Grandmother to recreate the Macau encounter as she hopes for an immediate pregnancy for our pair. In a flashback we see Lee Gun was resistant to immediate pregnancy wanting time to savor his marriage to Mi Young. Agents Tak and Dragon are in room 2009 (ha!) across from 2006 (ha!).  When Mi Young and Lee Gun arrive make sure the room numbers do NOT rotate to ensure their privacy (ha!). At dinner, Agents Tak and Dragon spike their drinks with the island special they were drugged with in before their first encounter. The newlyweds have a spat and Mi Young heads to the room first. In route she gets woozy (just like episode 2), enters the room, and falls asleep in bed. In route to the room Lee Gun is woozy and has difficulty entering the correct room. Agents Tak and Dragon get him into room 2006. He finds Mi Young asleep in bed and proceeds to repeat their initial encounter.
The next morning, they wake naked in bed (just like episode 2). Mi Young is stymied how history repeated itself. Lee Gun is supremely bummed he cannot remember their encounter…again! He quickly surmises that history repeated itself with help and finds Tak and Dragon across the hall in room 2009. Their punishment is hands over their heads until they spill that Grandmother wanted history to repeat itself. They were merely the instruments to carry out her wishes. Mi Young gets mad and Lee Gun must hold her back!
Daniel Pitt (Choi Jin Hyuk) meets with Se Ra’s mother who admits straight away that Se Ra is adopted. Se Ra shows up. She and her mother have a nice moment when her mother makes her see that adoption is not something to be pitied. She is her mother and Se Ra is her daughter. First time ice-mother showed any kind of kindness, nice!

1 month later….
Hamo – hamo! Our happy couple is pregnant…with twins!
Daniel and Se Ra meet. They are comfortable with each other. Daniel tells Se Ra how he went to get ice cream, leaving her alone, and when he returned she was gone, never to return. When they decide to get ice cream she goes with him, so he will never leave her behind again. Nice!

3 years later…

Still no sign of the disease for Lee Gun. Dr. Octopus tells him he will likely never suffer from the disease.

Dr. Octopus is courting Mi Young’s Mother!

Secretary Tak is learning to dance. His instructor tells him it is time he trains with the dance master who turns out to be…Lawyer Hong!

Daniel and Se Ra are really brother and sister now, teasing and supporting each other.

Step-brother and step-mother meet Ji Yeon and her father. His is rich! Step-mother quickly revises her opinion and supports the marriage!
Final scene…Our happy family share a picnic together. Lee Gun reads to Suk (girl) and Yoon (boy) the fairy tale of a shy snail princess (Mi Young) that meets an rude prince (Lee Gun) and how they fall in love…and they lived happily ever after. The End!

Comments as a stream of consciousness:
* Seeing Mi Young and Lee Gun marry was a gift from the show’s writer and producers to the viewers. I appreciate it!

* Agent Tak and Agent Dragon stealthy to the “Pink Panther Theme” was cute. Not sure they really needed to drug our darling couple but it created a full circle moment.

* I liked how Mi Young and Lee Gun got a little snippy with each other while downing their cocktails. Smidgen of reality there folks.

* Loved it when Mi Young and Lee Gun found Tak and Dragon across the hall in room 2009, LOL when Tak squeeked “Hi”!

* Thank goodness Se Ra’s mother freely admitted Se Ra was adopted. The mother and daughter moment was surprisingly touching. Mom had been such an icy persona. The kindness was a welcome change.

* The best thing about the brain disease was that it did force our couple to realize they needed to live each day happy they were together. In addition, the brain disease gave Mi Young the opportunity to show her mettle and internal strength.

* Jang Hyuk is wonderful to watch. In their love making scene, HE practically melts into her.

* TWINS! Just like step-mother wished for!

* Se Ra FINALLY looks good in the scene. The styling on this character has not been to my liking the entire series. Nice to see her look good.

* Wow, a lovely moment between Daniel and Se Ra when he will not go alone, really nice! What a treat to see them resonate…finally!

* 3 year time jump...guess I do NOT get to see Mi Young happy and pregnant.

* Thank goodness Lee Gun’s health is good. But really, are the show’s writers totally punting the brain disease ball? An easy out. Considering all the pain and suffering the brain disease / fear of the brain disease caused. Not strong story telling on this plot point.
* Hmm, Dr. Octpus and Mother? Ok, but Mom TOO bright a lipstick you are sporting for your date.
* Tak has some serious dance moves! Lawyer Hong’s other life is dance master! Did NOT see that one coming!
* Daniel and Se Ra are really brother and sister…nice! Se Ra  looks good in the scene.
* Amusing that Ji Yeon is rich. That was a quick turn around step-mother did. Nice to see Grandmother in the scene too.
* The picnic closer was nice. I actually did NOT find the children cute or well behaved in the scene. Wish they’d found two darling kids that matched our couple.
* I liked the fairy tale about their lives. It allowed the writer to say “and they lived happily ever after”.

* Final thoughts: I will write a series review so my thoughts are for this episode only.
*** Glad we got to see the wedding and the wedding ceremony was satisfying. Nothing weird or distracting, just our couple committing to each other for life. It was lovely of the writer and the production to grant us that moment. Many rom-coms do not.
*** I think they wrapped the series up nicely with a pretty bow for each character. I appreciated that we got to see each character after the 3 year jump. They did not leave anyone out. Thank you writer!
*** This was a wrap-up episode with minimal plot movement, but so what? It worked, it was sweet, and our couple is happily married.
*** The strength of the episode was Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk. Their interactions carried this episode. They work beautifully together and I enjoyed watching them one last time. These actors delivered the heart to this show. Bravo!

Fated to Love You
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5 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 20 Recap
  1. Drama Fan says:

    I loved the wedding! the honeymoon, their little quarrel! it was like you said, a snippet of reality and I thought, a hint that they still have a lot of conversations and disagreements pending, which is awesome inspiration for fan fictions teehee! While I laughed at the Macau 2.0 operation due to the acting, I was disturbed by it at the same time. I just thought it was so wrong of Grandma and the super agents to do this to our couple! I’m glad they got mad and later could have their intimate moments without further interference by the family. Regarding the disease, I was satisfied with the resolution. The last statement from Dr Octopus is enough to give hope to those who wanted Geon to live but the possibility of the disease manifesting is still open. I read this at the beginning, when the disease was mentioned, that the typical age where it manifests is from 35 to 45, once a patient passes that age, the possibility can lower. However, there are also cases of the disease manifesting at younger ages, and at much older ages. Like, it could manifest when the patient is in his 80s. Se Ra looked so pretty with her latest look 🙂 I liked the siblings rapport! Oh I’ll miss this show and this OTP so much 🙂


    • kjtamuser says:

      I’m just finishing my series review and it IS hard to let this show go. It has been a pleasure to watch, recap, and share this experience with others that loved this show too.
      Chuno was my only reference for Jang Hyuk (and what a terrific performance he delivered there). I gained a deeper appreciation for just how GOOD he is as an actor. You’ve picked an excellent actor to focus on!
      I appreciate you reading and commenting. I enjoyed reading other blogs and forums. I saw the many different takes on what others saw and took away from each episode. How rich of tapestry the experience of watching this show was.


  2. Drama Fan says:

    I’ve been reading more on HD, despite, or maybe because of the show’s ambiguous treatment of it, it has made me curious. So, the statement I read everywhere, is that all patients that inherit the “bad” gene will develop the disease. What can’t be determined is when. A genetic test is available since 1993, which can help an “at risk” person (for example, the child of an HD patient) discard whether they inherited it, or determine if they are positive) However, in the same sources it says that, a person with a positive result can spend his whole life and not develop the disease if it has intermediate penetrance (which contradicts the first statement of everyone will develop the disease) however, even patients with intermediate penetrance, may pass the bad gene on to their children. There is pre natal testing available to prevent that, though. Only approx 5% of at risk patients take the test. It seems, since there is no cure and sometimes, carrying the gene, does not mean symptoms will manifest right away and there is no way to really determine when, then they prefer to wait for symptoms. Phew! this gets more complicated, the more I read.


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