Fated to Love You Episode 19 Recap

Nutshell Recap Episode #19:

Last episode Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) and Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) reunited. Their only obstacle was to win the approval of Mi Young’s mother.

The episode begins with Mi Young and Lee Gun in their car heading somewhere on their wedding day. Where are they going? To find out, the show goes back in time…

In their love nest apartment, our couple enjoys making bread using the strenuous 1 button press on the bread machine. Mi Young heads to the studio and Lee Gun heads to her mother’s eatery to ask for approval. Mi Young’s mother is adamant that no means no. She does not want Mi Young’s life to be full of misery should he get sick. She will not be swayed. She asks Lee Gun to set Mi Young free. What’s bugging me is that Mi Young’s mother is doing exactly what Lee Gun did when he assumed he would get sick and the fallout would hurt those he loved. Someone should call her on that. Lee Gun makes a second attempt to win her over at the hair salon. That is a bust too.

Mi Young appreciates Lee Gun’s efforts to convince her mother. They share a ramen noodle that leads to a kiss. Things look promising but then her sister, brother-in-law and hamo-hamo buddy interrupt with a visit, ruining the moment. The men play a friendly game of Go Stop. Mi Young pushes Lee Gun out of the way to take his place. Turns out she is an ace player and keeps them up all night!

The next morning Mi Young and Lee Gun exercise with her mother. Lee Gun impresses them both with his physical prowess. Mi Young’s mother is touched when he gives Mi Young a piggy back home. Is she softening?

Se Ra avoids Daniel Pitt (Choi Jin Hyuk). She does not understand why she is in a picture on his nightstand. After a meal with her cold hearted mother, Se Ra realizes she has little to lose, so she decides to explore this mystery. She takes Daniel food she cooked herself (she appears to be an awful cook). She asks about the pictures on his nightstand. He explains that is his sister that he was separated from years ago. Se Ra is dumbfounded. Why would she be in these picture she wonders. Flustered she leaves. She returns a few moments later and admits she thinks SHE is the little girl in his pictures but she does not understand why.

When Lee Gun reads in his father’s diary “why did I choose an idiotic route” he realizes he did the same thing. He finds a picture of a tree. He remembers when playing and talking under that tree with his father. Lee Gun decides he needs to find the tree. To that end, he hires former gangster rival CEO, now private investigator, to find the tree.

Daniel asks Mi Young to meet in at a local bar. He sings to Mi Young. He says he’ll always remember their friendship. She agrees.

Mi Young’s mother invites Lee Gun to join her for soju and tofu. After a certain amount of soju is consumed Mi Young’s mother gives her blessing to Lee Gun. He is thrilled. The drinking turns celebratory.

Now it their wedding day. Lee Gun, looking dapper in his tuxedo, gets the call from the gangster private investigator about the tree. He finds Mi Young and they take off. Lee Gun texts family and friends to let them know they had to do an errand and they will be late to the wedding. They find the tree. Lee Gun remembers the memory box he and his father buried at the tree. He digs it up. Inside are his father’s cuff links (which he puts on), a baseball Lee Gun had put in the box, and a letter. The letter from his father reads:
“Gun, when you read this letter as an adult, you’ll know everything about me. I walked the path as you. I decided to leave you and your mother. I know I may regret this decision. When you encounter a moment, where you have to make an important choice, rather than be insecure about the time that has not arrived, do not waste the precious moments of today, and enjoy the now to the fullest. My son, my son, Gun whom I love.”

Final scene is Mi Young and Lee Gun running down the street all smiles to go to their wedding.


Pleasant episode. Not much happened, but such is the way of many episodes after the main couple has gotten together.

* What’s with the hair inequity of this show? Jang Hyuk sported at least three hairstyles. I loved this hairstyle. I thought it took years off his face. Choi Jin Hyuk had a color change. Jang Na Ra’s hair really has not changed much the entire series.

* Jang Hyuk (Lee Gun) highlights:

*** Let us pause a moment to admire Jang Hyuk looking terrific in his tuxedo. I particularly liked the bow tie. Yes, I have a weakness for a good looking man in a black tuxedo. Gentlemen around the world, forget color, go classic, go black, when picking a tuxedo.

*** Loved his offer to Mi Young for an attractive and charismatic secretary. I’d hire him.

*** Did not realize a shared ramen noddle could turn out to be a hot moment. But it was. Too bad it was squelched by the arrival of house warming guests. Ok, I’ll admit it, Disney’s Lady and the Tramp shared noodle crossed my mind too. You cannot undo childhood Disney films, they are buried in your subconsciousness just waiting.

*** Good grief, Jang Hyuk is physically fit! I do not think he did all the physical stunts but he did several of them. Impressive!

*** Jang Hyuk is the master of the glistening tears and emotion fighting to find it’s way to the surface. He does that better than most actors I have seen (male or female).

* Jang Na Ra (Mi Young) highlights:

*** She is the perfect point / counter-point to Jang Hyuk. The trust between them as actors is obvious and lovely to watch.

*** The strapless wedding dress looked good on her. Not really a wow dress or hairstyle, but considering all the running in that dress, short was the best choice.

*** In the car when he was taking her to the tree, she quietly gave her support and strength to him settling him. Nice moment.

* Choi Jin Hyuk (Daniel Pitt) highlights:

*** I appreciated how gracious the character of Daniel was when Se Ra brought the dreadful food to his apartment. I liked when Se Ra returned to his apartment door and told him that she was the girl in his picture you saw surprise, disbelief, then curiosity cross his face. Choi Jin Hyuk has not really been stretched in this series. Daniel is pleasant, but quietly supportive does not really push the acting envelope.

*** The farewell scene and song to Mi Young was a nice moment. Choi Jin Hyuk should not quit acting for singing. The stage looked like the same set used in Discovery of Romance (episode 3) when the lead female character sang.

Final thoughts. One more episode to go. How did we do on my episode 18 recap to-do checklist?
1. Mi Young’s mother needs to approve their relationship – DONE!
2. Se Ra needs to tells Daniel she is his long lost sister – Yes, but need confirmation
3. NO MORE BRAIN DISEASE, please I beg of you writers (Joo Chan Ok and Jo Jin Kook), you clubbed our couple with that for 7 long episodes – So far so good!
3. Plenty of cute! Hamo Hamo! Shared noodle, piggy back after exercise, running down the street to their wedding, etc. Yes, but give me more in the final episode!
4. I’m assuming we’ll have some kind of time jump showing Mi Young happy and pregnant in the future – Waiting for it in the final episode.

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10 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 19 Recap
  1. Drama Fan says:

    Hi there! Jang Hyuk is famous for doing his own stunts. If you watch Real Man, Chuno or even the terribly boring Iris 2 you’ll know just how physically fit he is. These little stunts were nothing in comparison. He is a Jeet Kun Do master after all. Years ago he witnessed a stunt actor getting into an accident in his place and felt guilty and decided to do his own stunts. I assume he doesn’t perform the riskier, unnecessary ones, although he has done some huge ones.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Good information. Thx!
      So glad that he graced our TV screens this summer.
      How are you doing now that the show is done?


      • Drama Fan says:

        I’m beginning to experience withdrawal. Nothing can replace the excitement of being addicted to a show you are watching for the first time while airing with your favorite actor and sharing the experience with others. So yeah! I’m in withdrawal but trying to live! (so dramatic!)


        • kjtamuser says:

          I thought the response to the show was positive. From what I read lots of folks were wowed by JH that perhaps had not been before as they may not have been familiar with his work. I feel it has strengthened his star power.
          I’m with you on sharing the experience with others. It really adds something that just watching it solo.


          • Drama Fan says:

            Yes, it introduced him to rom com fans and international fans, who I think are mostly rom com fans. He needs to do more stories with happy endings 🙂


            • kjtamuser says:

              I am with you on his character NOT dying at the end of a production. Hopefully his agent is telling him to go in that direction for his next project. Do you know what his next project will be?


              • Drama Fan says:

                Not yet. I suppose he will wait intil next year. At least I hope he rests. But he already filmed the movie Age of Innocence, which is a historical. He plays Lee Bang Won. It is a supporting role but sounds very interesting.


  2. Joy says:

    I have watched You Are My Destiny/Fated to Love You several times and I am still bothered that I can’t figure out the song Daniel sang to Mi Yeong.


    • Per the Dramabean’s recap Daniel says he called her to give her one last gift. He goes up to the stage and takes the microphone to sing her a ballad from the OST of Prince’s First Love (specifically “Since That Day” by Sung Shi-kyung


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