Discovery of Romance Episode 6 Recap

Episode #6: “Unless the sky falls, I will never go back to you”

We start episode 6 in interview mode, getting Kang Tae Ha (Eric) out of bed to ask if he remembers everything from the previous evening. Next is the replay of his confession to ex-girlfriend Han Yeo Reum (Jung Yu Mi) that he likes her again. She sees an opportunity and decides to bring boyfriend Nam Ha Jin (Sung Joon) to the bar to rub it in Tae Ha’s face that she is with someone else. Flip back to interview mode where Tae Ha states: “She is evil” (Yeo Reum), “He is a jerk” (Ha Jin), his only regret of the previous evening was karaoke where he “got drunk and went crazy”.

Next we are at the karaoke bar. Yeo Reum heads the bathroom leaving a very drunk Tae Ha and Ha Jin on their own. They decide to sing a song together. They don sequin jackets. Ha Jin wears a silly wig. Ha Jin puts a horse head on Tae Ha. Much to the amazement of Yeo Reum, they declare themselves brothers and each take a souvenir – tambourine (Ha Jin) and microphone (Tae Ha) – to remember the evening by. I have seen many karaoke scenes but I had to stop watching for a moment as I laughed myself silly. I think it was the horse head the tipped me into the uncontrollable laughter.

Back in interview mode, Tae Ha asks the interviewer even though he was rejected the previous evening “does that change the fact that I am awesome?” No, no, it does not. Tae Ha pretends the incoming call is from a girl when it is from Yoon Jung Mok (Lee Seung Jun). Ha! Image is everything!

At work Yeo Reum tells Tae Ha she does not remember anything about the previous evening because she was drunk too. He claims that same. He convinces himself she does not remember. Oh, Tae Ha, why do you trust her?

At a group lunch Yeo Reum tells the assembled design team about her insensitive ex-boyfriend. The flashbacks are not flattering to Tae Ha. After lunch he disputes her version of the events. She makes the valid point that people remember things differently especially if it was important to them. Then she goes for the jugular. She tells him she remembers everything about the previous evening. She calls him “pitiful, pathetic, and childish” for pretending NOT to remember. Ouch! She recounts his confession to her. He asks if she brought Ha Jin to the bar to hurt him. She is candid that she did just that. In a straightforward manner she tells him she does not care about his feelings. She cares about Ha Jin’s feelings because HE is her boyfriend. She tells Tae Ja to take care of himself because she will not. She leaves. Ouch! I’ll give Yeo Reum credit for NOT being entirely wrong. I do not fault her for saying that she is not responsible for his feelings, because she is not. What I do take exception to is Yeo Reum deliberately lying (that she did not remember the evening) and baiting him with the expressed purpose of payback for the past.

May I pause and say Eric looks fabulous in this outfit?

The adult story snippet has Yeo Reum’s mother watching a little boy around 10 years old play soccer. She talks to him briefly before leaving the soccer field. She runs into producer Min Soo. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Is the little boy is the product of their affair 10 years ago?

After lunch, as the team returns to work,  Tae Ha gives Yoon Sol (Kim Seul Gi) food to take to Yeo Reum’s father. Yoon Sol is stunned. He is dead and has been for 5 years. She tells him that Yeo Reum’s father died just before they broke up. Ah, that sheds light on the breakup scene at the train station when Yeo Reum asked Tae Ha why he had NOT noticed how different she had been lately. At the house, Yeo Reum is shocked when Yoon Sol says that Tae Ha was surprised at her father’s death.

Cute exchange between Do Joon Ho (Yoon Hyun Min) and Ha Jin about Ha Jin’s mother’s treatments that Ha Jin supposedly does NOT know about. Joon Ho tells Ha Jin “he is a human zipper” or “my lips are sealed”.

Nice when both Ha Jin and An A Rim (Yoon Jin Yi)  primp in front of a mirror before the rice roll date. I must say Sung Joon has a cute lopsided smile. A Rim talks about her missing brother whom was separated from years ago. Ok, are they siblings?

The shoe is on the other foot when Yeo Reum calls Ha Jin but he ignores her calls. She uses the locator app on her cell phone to find Ha Jin at the rice roll eatery. She is stunned to see him with another woman. She calls him but he ignores the phone call.


At home, Yeo Reum quickly and easily interrogates Joon Ho. He spills almost all the details about A Rim. He cracks sooner than expected. He is NOT much of a human zipper!


Yoon Sol goes to meet Choi Eun Gyu (Gu Won) and several friends. She is blindsided to meet En Gyu’s girlfriend. She throws beer in this face but this is only a fantasy. She gets out of there quickly. The taxi driver is none other than the man in the bar who was concerned Joon Ho would take advantage of her when she was drunk. He takes her to Eun Gyu’s apartment. She breaks a window.

Jung Mok tells Tae Ha that no records of her father’s death can be found. Hmm, what is that about?


Yeo Reum decides to scope out the competition by showing up at A Rim’s jobs. She decides A Rim is younger and pretty but she is confident in herself. She is realistic when she notes that A Rim is nicer than she is. Cute when Yeo Reum visits Ha Jin’s office with rice rolls for lunch. Ha! This couple seems to weather these ups and downs well. They talk about it, taunt each other a bit, and move on.

Tae Ha decides to gets answers and visits Yeo Reum. He asks her why she did not tell him about her father’s death. He admits he treated her poorly in the past especially at the end of their relationship. He explains “you were a habit I was comfortable with…I made mistakes…I was late…I forgot dates…I was not curious about you…I did not care if you hurt…I remember all this.” Tae Ha presses again, why did not Yeo Reum tell him about her father death? In the flashback, we see that she did call Tae Ha to come to her (she did not specify her father had died) but he was too busy. In the present, Tae Ha tell her she should have told him directly about her father’s death. She counters that he told her he was busy so many times. She believes he will never figure out the day her father died.

Yeo Reum: You say you like me but time cannot be turned back. We ended 5 years ago.
Tae Ha: No, you will come back to me.
Yeo Reum: “Unless the sky falls, I will never go back to you”.
Tae Ha: (grabs her arm) The sky will fall. Wait for it.

Random thoughts:
* Another good episode.
* I thought it was a bit obvious the 10 year boy that Yeo Reum’s mother watched play soccer was producer Min Soo’s son.
* I loved that the focus on the camera at the karaoke bar went in and out of focus just like the drunk Tae Ha and Ha Jin. Clever production point.
* The funniest karaoke scene ever! I hope the actors had a great time making it, because I had a great time watching it. Yeo Reum’s shocked expression as she watched the drunk rivals act like brothers – priceless! I also loved how both men were derisive about their souvenirs – tambourine (Ha Jin) and microphone (Tae Ha) – the next morning.

* Eric had some good moments as Tae Ha this episode.  Loved his initial “about last night” interview. You can see he really did treat Yeo Reum poorly at the end of their relationship 5 years ago. He was no angel. But he is sincere in his declaration that he wants her back. Does he deserve a second chance?

* Jung Yu Mi’s character Yeo Reum seemed less of a jerk this episode. She told mean stories about Tae Ha but they were true. I can see why she harbors residual negativity to Tae Ha. He was not kind at the end of their relationship. She was powerless and pathetic. Ah, the words she told Tae Ha at the beginning of the episode, “pitiful, pathetic, and childish” I bet she applies those same words to herself in their past relationship. It does justify in part why she became harder edged and controlling. Interesting that her mother is also hard edged. Yeo Reum found that Ha Jin was willing to two-time her and date another. I liked that this time SHE was looking in at the cozy date scene. I was surprised how she has seemed to take these A Rin missteps by Ha Jin instride and NOT freak out.

* Sung Joon surprised me when he ignored Yeo Reum’s phone calls when he was on the date with A Rin. His words from last episode, that he is not as nice as you think, seem to be true. His banter with Joon Ho, the human zipper, was very good. They have an excellent rapport. Color me confused if he is A Rin’s brother or potential love interest.

* Yoon Sol continues to be on a parallel loser in love path to Tae Ha. She had a miserable evening being near but not with Eun Gyu. To her surprise and dismay he brought his girlfriend, the title she wants but cannot have. Will the fact that she broke the window at his apartment come back to haunt her? Will Eun Gyu figure this out? There was no hint of romance with any other character this episode so I do not know where the writer will take this character next. I like that.

* Do Joon Ho the human zipper, had a couple of cute moments this episode. He cracked easily when Yeo Reum and Yoon Sol interrogated her. He seems like a genuine friend to Tae Ha. His interaction with Tae Ha’s mother was sweet.

* An A Rim added another experience to her relationship with Ha Jin by going on the rice roll date. I was a bit surprised she called him for the date, when last episode she was concerned that he had a girlfriend. I was also surprised when the writing hinted that she and Ha Jin were siblings. That was my originally my thought but the relationship chart shows a love relationship between them. Not sure which way the writer is going on this plot point.

* Did I mention that Eric is yummy? You need look no further for proof…


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5 comments on “Discovery of Romance Episode 6 Recap
  1. Phi says:

    When Yeoreum called Taeha and tell him to come, he asked her why. She didn’t say the reason and said just come. She should had told him about the father’s passing and he should had called her back after she called him a few more times that day… all the “should had” are what broke there relationship *sighs*

    When Sol asked Yeoreum about how comes Taeha not knowing about the death of YR’s father, Yeoreum looks a bit uncomfortable. I wonder if that’s because she didn’t tell Sol & Joon Ho and led them to believe Taeha is a jerk for not coming to YR’s father’s funeral and be there for her. Or she’s worried ppl may know of his death may not be a car accident… I think it’s the later Not too sure know what significant that will add to the relationships of the 3 leads…

    Hope they’ll release BTS for the karaoke scene 🙂

  2. Phi says:

    not sure if it matters much but Eric Mun or Eric Moon is a bit easier to find than Eric tag when googling 🙂

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