Discovery of Romance Episode 5 Recap

Episode #5: “Confession You Will Regret Tomorrow”

We start episode 5 with a replay of the testosterone driven pool game between Kang Tae Ha (Eric) and  Nam Ha Jin (Sung Joon). When Tae Ha tells Ha Jin that he has seen him with another woman, An A Rim (Yoon Jin Yi), the fight begins. Ha Jin’s leap across the pool table for the initial kick of Tae Ha was cool. A well choreographed fight is a treat. I liked that both men are evenly matched, I hope that continues in this series, I do not want it easy for either man. Han Yeo Reum (Jung Yu Mi) ends the fight when she whacks Tae Ha on the back with a pool stick and both men pause.

After the fight Tae Ha is mad that Yeo Reum hit him. Ha Jin gets the tender care from Yeo Reum while Tae Ha is left to fend for himself. Ha Jin thinks that Tae Ha should get a “gold medal for making assumptions”. Ha! Tae Ha remembers with pleasure the time Yeo Reum tenderly cared for him when he was injured and declared herself his woman. The foot kicking and telepathy between Yeo Reum and Tae Ha was terrific. Ha Jin notices their interactions (commenting on their informal speech) but does not realize their connection is from a past love relationship.

During the ride home, Yeo Reum tries to lighten the mood but Ha Jin is not having any of it. When he drops her off, she pulls out her secret weapon, tears, and cries. Ha Jin gets flustered and forgets his anger for the moment. Yeo Reum is thrilled her tears on demand worked on Ha Jin. I did not like when Ha Jin lied to Yeo Reum that the fight was because Tae Ha was not playing fair. Yeo Reum adds insult to injury by calling Tae Ha and telling him not to mess with her boyfriend. Do not gang up on him!

Flip to interview mode and Tae Ha complains how in the past Yeo Reum liked him so much but she shows no tenderness to her ex-boyfriend (him) and he is NOT happy. The other side of the interview is Yoon Sol (Kim Seul Gi) and Do Joon Ho (Yoon Hyun Min) who blithely state that ex-boyfriends are like “used cars” while current boyfriends are “new cars”. Loving it!

Next Yoon Sol follows Choi Eun Gyu (Gu Won) as he goes out with his friends. She accidentally gets tangled up with a jewelry vendor spilling his wares. He demands compensation and Eun Gyu appears and pays the vendor. The vendor (I believe it is Lee Won Jong from Vampire Prosecutor) asks if they are girlfriend and boyfriend which Enu Gyu denies. The vendor says “she does not look like your girlfriend”. Ouch! As they talk in the coffee shop, Yoon Sol declares she will continue to stalk him, drink too much and sleep too little. She tells him if he dates someone she will stop. I found it interesting that he showed some level of interest but it is unclear if a relationship is possible. I like that this point is murky, though the answer seems to be more no than yes.

As Yoon Sol walks home (her bike tire is blown) she runs into Tae Ha’s right hand man, Yoon Jung Mok (Lee Seung Jun), who drives her home. His lack of emotional intelligence is impressive. He sings to a breakup song in the car, he does not have fresh handkerchiefs, etc. Yoon Sool will not accept his trite platitudes. Amusing exchange between them. Is there a glimmer of romance there?

The next day Yeo Reum texts Tae Ha and invites him to lunch. Unfortunately she thinks she is texting Ha Jin. Tae Ha happily accepts the lunch invitation. His hopes are dashed when at the restaurant it is obvious that she did not expect him. They elect to eat together any how. Ha Jin tracks down Yeo Reum and is NOT happy that she is dining with Tae Ha. Both men decide to suffer through the lunch. Tae Ha has a great line “when coincidences happen repeatedly it is destiny”. Ha Jin is bold when he tells Tae Ha that if Tae Ha continues to bother Yeo Reum “you’ll die by my hand”. That surprised me. Both men head to pharmacy for heartburn medicine after the lunch. I loved how Tae Ha turn that moment into an advantage for him saying the heartburn medicine was for a co-worker not him. Ha!

A Rim has a visit from one of the sisters from the orphanage who gives her a picture of a younger Ha Jin and herself. She tries to cajole the sister into giving her details about the boy, but the sister’s lips are sealed. Both Ha Jin and A Rim look at the same picture. I understand they are not brother and sister per the show’s relationship chart.

The adult story continues when Yeo Reum’s mother coolly details to producer Min Soo the circumstances they slept together 10 years ago. Oops, he realizes she is probably right. As he leaves the apartment he tells the assistant that she must go through a lot to work for that venomous woman. I loved the cool breeze sound effect.

A Rim and Ha Jin discuss her friend’s surgery then have dinner at a barbecue restaurant. A Rim looks chagrin when she tells Ha Jin that she cannot afford the restaurant and that a rice wrap eatery is more in line with her budget. Their interactions are cute and for the first time I see a glimmer of potential pairing between these two. I also found it interesting that Ha Jin choose dinner with A Rim over heading home to a waiting Yeo Reum.

The next morning A Rim leaves fresh juice at Ha Jin’s door. She is surprised to see Yeo Reum retrieve the juice bag and wonders if Ha Jin has a girlfriend. Yeo Reum is surprised to read the sticky note on the juice saying their next date should be the rice wrap eatery. She and Ha Jin have a good conversation about being honest with each other, referencing Tae Ha and A Rim. Yeo Reum is pleased that they are being direct with each other and with the state of their relationship.

At work, Tae Ha delivers a harsh critique to Yeo Reum. She takes it fairly well agreeing to redo the designs for the furniture. When Yeo Reum goes out to her car, Tae Ha flashes back to one night after their breakup (5 years prior) he was drunk and a short letter to Yeo Reum. “Come back, I miss you, It is my fault.” That is short and to the point. He has blocked her car with his. He makes her come to his office to get the keys. This is Tae Ha’s power moment of the episode. 

After work, with co-workers including Yeo Reum, Tae Ha gets drunk. He leaves the table for some fresh air. When Yeo Reum exits the bar to meet Ha Jin she runs into Tae Ha. He admits to being very drunk and will probably regret his confession…but he admits that the tables have turned. Now he likes her. It is intense, painful and desperate. He notes the one that likes other person more, has more pain.

In interview mode, Yeo Reum states that dating has an inevitable power struggle between the two people. Yeo Reum confirms she was in the weaker position in the past and it was hard.

Yeo Reum meets Ha Jin. Tae Ha staggers back to the bar. Yeo Reum returns to the bar with Ha Jin for everyone to meet! The three of them sit at the end of the table. The three of them clink their glasses together.

You can see Yeo Reum relishes the power position and is enjoying Tae Ha’s pain.

Ha Jin tells Tae Ha they see each other too much with a smug smile.

Tae Ha stares at Yeo Reum in pain at the awkward situation.

* This show continues to surprise me. The characters evolve and the actors are pitch perfect bringing them to life. The writing is impressing me. In a previous recap I had mentioned that the writer, Jung Hyun Jung, wrote the I Need Romance trilogy which were decent but not great. In-depth character development was not on the menu for those shows. Here I feel the writer has these characters mapped in her head and is slowly peeling the onion revealing more and more each episode. Hope the writing stays consistent and does not dip in complexity or quality. The actors are all solid (even though I am still mostly indifferent to the A Rim character who is a mystery at this point so I cannot state the actor is doing well or not). I like how the titles of the episode give a clue to what will happen at the very of end of the episode.
Episode #1: “How Did We End Up Sleeping in One Bed Together?”
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Episode #4: “You like Han Yeo Reum?”
Episode #5: “Confession You Will Regret Tomorrow”
* Eric portrayed Tae Ha’s desperation so well that I felt sorry for this character. He had the spectrum of emotions this episode, hurt and anger after the pool game fight, hopeful when Yeo Reum accidentally texted him for lunch, conspiratorial as his and Yeo Reum ducked to avoid Ha Rin at lunch, forthright tinged with mean when he critiqued Yeo Reum, to desperation at his drunken declaration of like for Yeo Reum. At the end of the episode when Yeo Reum brought Ha Jin to the bar, that was a low blow. Like kicking a puppy, not necessary and cruel. I was surprised how completely that tables have turned on Tae Ha. He is at a loss how to change things. He has given up his power to Yeo Reum with the confession. Ha Jin also got some emotional kicks in this episode too. Yeo Reum and Ha Jin were both against Tae Ha, I did not like the 2 against 1. I hope the writer restores some power and dignity to him next episode. If everyone has power in a love triangle, is much more interesting. Repeat after me “things will be better, things will get better.”
* Jung Yu Mi’s character Yeo Reum took the power role in both relationships this episode. She successfully manipulated Ha Jin with her tears. She was thrilled with the frank discussion in his apartment regarding Tae Ha and A Rin. These conflicts have solidified her relationship with Ha Jin. I had a fleeting thought that these two deserve each other. I did NOT like it when she returned to bar with Ha Jin and relished making Tae Ha suffer. I am on Team Eric, so seeing him kicked emotionally was NOT to my liking. I do not like overt cruelty and she kicked Tae Ha when he was down this episode.
* Sung Joon is making Ha Jin his own and instilling an edge to the character. When he told Tae Ha that he is not always a nice guy…I believed him, where initially I would not have believed the character had a harder side to him. I am stymied why he is NOT being open with A Rim about who he is. I look forward to that mystery being resolved.
* Yoon Sol’s was Tae Ha’s parallel partner in the bad luck in love department this episode. I applaud her forthrightness with Eun Gyu. While there was a glimmer of something with him, it just does not appear that a love relationship with Eun Gyu will work. I did enjoy how she took Jung Mok to task for being woefully unprepared to help a damsel in distress.
* Do Joon Ho did not have much to do this episode. A couple of comedic relief moments. His interview segment with Yoon Sol – darling!
* An A Rim increased her relationship with Ha Jin. I am still on the fence about this character who seems too good to be true.
* Delightful that the first interview moment featured Tae Ha and Do Joon & Yoon Sol. Loved the analogy, “Used car” ex-boyfriend versus “new car” current boyfriend. Yeo Reum’s interview segment laid the ground work for her mean girl antics towards Tae He in the bar. You know what they say about payback.

* Did I mention that Eric is yummy? You need look no further for proof…


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6 comments on “Discovery of Romance Episode 5 Recap
  1. Phi says:

    A very grounded recap! I agree with many things you’ve said on all the characters. Also love that you talk about the actors & actresses at the end of the episode. They did a damn fine job.

    It seems to imply you like the writer’s writing in DoR, I’m curious at how is DoR’s writing and its characters fare out compared to INR installments?

    Moments I like in this episode:

    Yeoreum & Taeha’s silent standoff at the bar in front of a confused Hajin. Eric & Yumi’s facial expression during this scene was awesome! Same with the confused look on Hajin’s face. I laughed my head off

    Yeoreum’s mistakenly texting Taeha out for lunch. Taeha all excited seeing the hearts coming in from Yeoreum. Writer-nim is so GOOD for setting this scene up!

    Seeing Yeoreum rather looking guilty at the table over her texting mistake, Taeha gave her a knock on the table and said to Yeoreum “Eat comfortably. It’s ok, you don’t need to worry about me.” It’s just aaaawh

    Taeha-Yeoreum’s “your body is mind”

    The sparkle in his eyes & the excitement in Taeha’s voice when he showed Yeoreum the pine wood with the bark peeled off. It show his passion & takes pride in his work.

    Although it’s not through, Yeoreum & Hajin’s convos at the breakfast table about things that bother them.

    Sol & Director Yoon

    Joon Ho fusses over Sol not flushing the toilet. They’re just so cute bickering.

    Lastly, that confession scene. Holding back tear, a tremble in his voice when he said this line “now I know. The one likes more is in pain”. It’s tugging. I’m glad it wasn’t an all crying fest for that scene, otherwise it would make the sudden burst of confession fake.

    Thanks again for a good & well grounded recap. Looking forward to the next one 🙂


    • kjtamuser says:

      You detailed terrific highlights from the episode. I concur the confession WITHOUT tears was the impactful way for Eric to play the scene. Thank you for sharing.
      My comment on the writer surprising me with a richer character set in DOR versus INR trilogy is based on my assessment of the 2nd and 3rd INR shows. I felt the characters in INR were more standard and without much complexity.
      Thank you for reading and letting me know your opinions.


  2. Phi says:

    actually there as tear welding in his eyes but it wasn’t raining tears 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the insights on the INR2&3. The characters in DoR is so rich that make us (well at least for me) so yo-yoing with emotion as the characters unfold in each episode. I really like her style of writing with smart scenarios that bring humors yet adding to the development of the character. Nice & witty lines that are very quotable quotes!

    Looking forward to EP.6 as well. We’ll probably see more of PD Bae & Yeoreum mom’s back story come to play and may be it has some thing to do with YR’s father’s passing….


  3. jara says:

    Thanks for writing these recaps!
    To be honest, I really don’t like how manipulative and selfish (she never once seems to consider other people’s feeling over the things she does, not even Ha Jin’s) Yeo Reum is. I can’t root for her and I can’t even sympathize with her for the break-up several years ago.
    This drama is kind of bland for me because I like only one (Tae Ha) out of the three main characters. I’ll give it a couple more episodes before I give up.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I can not say I loved Ha Jin but the other characters evolve and layers of their past unfold. I understand the reaction to Yeo Reum. She is a wounded soul that is not entirely likable.


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