Fated to Love You Episode 21 Recap

Fated to Love You Episode 21: “When The Sun Shines Again, The End Is Near”…

Chen Xin Yi (Joe Chen) knows that Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Juan) is the supportive Mr. Z. She listened to the recording he made 2 years prior confessing his love for her and the baby. Meanwhile Anna (Bianca Bai) has lost her confidence and dance studio students. Dylan (Baron Chen) asked Cun Xi to support Anna until her confidence returned.

Xin Yi waits for Cun Xi to call her but he does not. She is unhappy.

Anna and Cun Xi discuss her love of strawberry cake minus the strawberry on top. Anna flashes back to her childhood remembering being separated from her brother. She pushes the memories away and tells Cun Xi it is time for him to return to his life with Xin Yi. Cun Xi tells Anna he cannot leave her at this point, what kind of friend would he be?
Cun Xi: I know you lack security. That is why you hold onto everything tightly. In order to have your mother notice you, you danced until your feet bled. You went against your conscience and lied to Xin Yi. Have you ever thought that some things can never be lost? Take me for example. We are no longer lovers, but we will never be strangers. Same with dance, you will always be able to spin and leap in mid-air because of your experience. Any part you dance, you will always be the most special and beautiful ballerina.
Anna: Even when I fall down?
Cun Xi: Have you forgotten you fell down in your first performance? You were so serious about dance. That could NOT be forced by your mother. The love of dance came from inside you.
Anna: But I can no longer do it. I did not like children before. But after seeing their efforts at practicing dance, they touched my heart. Sometimes I regret not having a baby with you. My biggest regret is that because of my own selfishness I made you lose the child you have had with Xin Yi. I would have taught it ballet.
Cun Xi: You think you owe me? Then come with me

Cun Xi takes Anna to a small auditorium. She asks why they are here. He brings out her ballet slippers and asks her to dance for him. She hesitates. He tells her to do it or he will be mad at her for the rest of his life. She stares into his supportive eyes. She puts on the shoes.

Anna stands on stage unsure of herself. Cun Xi encourages her. She stares into his supportive eyes and begins to move. She begins to feel it. It is striking her return to dance, simply lovely. Dylan watches unseen from the control booth, pride and joy on his face. Awk, tears are starting! Cun Xi watches her return to herself, happy to witness her restart, tears in his eyes.

Anna ends the dance flushed with pleasure. Her dance students rush to the stage. The little girl injured at her dance studio declares she is the most beautiful dancer. The little girl says her mother always tells her she is not good enough. The mother looks chagrined. Anna tells the little girl that her mother only wants her to practice so she can reach her potential. Anna shares that her mother was strict with her too and she had wondered why. But then one day she could spin better, leap higher, and was more graceful. Anna says it was her mother’s pressure that helped to grow into the best dancer she could be. The little girl’s mother tells Anna she is a inspirational dancer and apologizes for being so mean to her. Anna apologizes for the little girl’s injury. The mother says because of the injury her daughter played games, watched tv, and listened to music just like a normal girl should. The mother says she has been too strict. Anna tells her that dancing should be done with a happy heart. The mother asks if Anna will teach her daughter to dance again. Awk, more tears! Anna is overwhelmed. All the students and parents cluster around Anna asking her to teach them. Anna looks at them with tears in her eyes. Cun Xi looks back to the control room and Dylan gives him a nod of gratitude, his sister happy again. Another nice moment there!

Anna and Cun Xi walk outside the auditorium.
Anna: Thank you for bringing the students and helping me regain my confidence. Thank you for taking care of me these last two days. I am no longer afraid to fall. So your mission of being my primary support is done.
Cun Xi: Are you sure?
Anna: Yes I am sure. I noticed you looking at your watch. I know you have someone else on your mind. It has been days since she saw us at the hospital. Go and find her.
Cun Xi: Are you sure?
Anna: (hugs him) Thank you Cun Xi.
Cun Xi: There is something I must tell you. I was not the one that gathered the students to come here today. I did not visit the parents individually, getting doors slammed in my face.
Anna: Then who was it?
Cun Xi: Someone told me the story about a little girl that loved strawberry cake without the strawberry on top
Anna: (tears fill her eyes) A little girl who did not like strawberries?
Cun Xi: Once upon time there was a brother that stole a piece of strawberry cake for his little sister. But he was caught and watched her driven away in the back of a truck. He is sad when he sees strawberry cake and when he sees movies about families reuniting. He looks whenever Xin Yi is called on the street.
Anna: (tears fall from her eyes) You are making this up.
Cun Xi: He has not gone far. If you hurry, you should be able to catch up with him.

Anna stares at Cun Xi, stunned that he is telling her that her brother is outside. She turns and runs out of the building. She runs to find her brother. She spots Dylan going down steps.
Anna: Bro!
Dylan stops and turns. They meet each other halfway.
Anna: (shy and unsure) Dai Jian Ren! Where have you been the last 20 years?!
Dylan: (smiles) No one calls me by my given name. Everyone calls me Master Dylan. You should know that Dai Xin Yi!
Anna: (smiles) No one calls me by my given name either. Everyone calls me Anna.
Dylan: I remember when you were short. Now you are as tall as I am. But just like me you have a pair of stunning eyes.

Anna: (laughing) How did you grow up to be mean?
Dylan: I actually went back to the grocery store many times. But you never returned.
Anna: The truck driver took me to the orphanage. I was adopted by a ballerina and moved to Shanghai. I never went back to the grocery store. Funny, it is like I have been playing hide and seek for 20 years and now I have been found.
Dylan: Luckily you ordered strawberry cake without the strawberries that day in Shanghai. I must know. Have you ever hated me for leaving you that day?
Anna: I did before. But I blamed myself more. I should not have let you leave me to go get that cake. I hated growing up and feeling alone. But it is not too late to have a brother.
Dylan: I was afraid you would not accept an irresponsible brother. That performance was my first gift to you.
Anna: How did you get all those parents to bring their children?
Dylan: It was simple. I invited them to see a great dancer perform.
Anna: Were the parents mean to you?
Dylan (remembering all the rejections) No
Anna: You are lying!
Dylan: (smiling) Maybe, maybe a lot.
Anna: (hugs him) Thank you. Thank you for getting me back on the stage and helping me get my confidence back.
Dylan: Promise me you will not get upset about Cun Xi again. Let me always be first in line to support you.

The camera pulls back on you see Cun Xi watching Dylan and Anna hugging. He smiles and walks away.

From the sublime to the ridiculous…

Anson gives Cun Xi his new cell phone. Cun Xi is stunned that Xin Yi has called him 86 times! He hurries to the island. Meanwhile Xin Yi cannot believe the Cun Xi has not called her back and thinks maybe this time, he is not coming back. She takes the ceramic mug that Cun Xi made (with the picture of Xin Yi, the baby, and himself) and his voice confession on the ipod and goes to literally bury them and figuratively to bury her feelings for him. Cun Xi finds her and hugs her from behind. Xin Yi pushes him away.
Xin Yi: Why are you here? You said you loved me but I could not find you for 2 days!
Cun Xi: I did not know you wanted to see me so badly.
Xin Yi: I do not want to see you anymore. I am leaving.
Cun Xi: Your temper has really grown over the last 2 years. You are fierce! I liked the old sticky note girl.
Xin Yi: If you like her so much, go back to her. I will not forgive you after a few words.
Cun Xi: Xin Yi, I love you. I cannot live without you.
Xin Yi: Liar!
Cun Xi: It was a misunderstanding the other day at the hospital.
Xin Yi: Are you saying what I saw was not true?
Cun Xi: It was not the whole story.

Two men walk up. They ask if Cun Xi is CEO. Both Xin Yi and Cun Xi confirm he is and go back to yelling at each other.
Xin Yi: Then what is true?
Cun Xi: It is true that I love you.

The men tell Cun Xi he has to come with them. Both Xin Yi and Cun Xi yell that he is busy. The men say Stephen Zhou (recall him from the kidnapping of Xin Yi and her sister in episode 7) will NOT take no for an answer.

Next we see that Cun Xi and Xin Yi have been kidnapped and are being taken to Stephen Zhou. Turns out that Stephen Zhou’s goddaughter Coco is pregnant and Stephen Zhou thinks that Cun Xi is the baby’s father. Xin Yi is incensed that he fathered a child! The men drag Xin Yi away. The goddaughter Coco arrives and declares it is NOT Cun Xi that got her pregnant but step-brother Ji Zheng Ren. The men bring step-brother Ji Zheng Ren. He tells Stephen Zhou that he cannot be responsible for the baby with his limited salary. Stephen Zhou tells his men to hurt him. Cun Xi stops them. Cun Xi tells step-brother Ji Zheng Ren that he is opening a new factory in Shanghai. He tells step-brother Ji Zheng Ren that he can be the new factory manager. Goddaughter Coco and step-brother Ji Zheng Ren are thrilled and leave, happy to have a future together.

Stephen Zhou thanks Cun Xi. Cun Xi gets an idea how Stephen Zhou can repay him. He has Stephen Zhou threaten to hurt him and hit him so Xin Yi sees and hears. Cun Xi is thrown into the room where Xin Yi is being held. The idea is that Cun Xi will make love to Xin Yi as Stephen Zhou has condemned him to die. Yes, this is ridiculous.

Cun Xi begs her to forgive him for his past mistakes. Xin Yi forgives him.

Then Xin Yi overhears Stephen Zhou telling his men that he has given Cun Xi a chance to make a baby with Xin Yi. She is livid at being tricked AGAIN by Cun Xi. To prove himself Cun Xi puts himself in a barrel. Yes, you read that right. He is in a blue barrel. He claims whatever he has done in the past, he has done for her. I reconfirm this is ridiculous. Xin Yi is NOT impressed. Cun Xi declares this kidnapping was a complete surprise. She does NOT believe him. He declares that if she does not believe him, she should kick the barrel down the hill. Xin Yi says the barrel is rigged just like his fight with Stephen Zhou. She kicks the barrel down the hill. Unfortunately Stephen Zhou had NOT rigged the barrel yet! Cun Xi is really hurt.

At the hospital Grandma Ji, Anson and Xin Yi wait for news from the doctor on Cun Xi’s condition. Turns out that he is bruised and sore but no major injuries were sustained. BUT he is blind for at least the next day. His optic nerve was traumatized and once the swelling reduces his sight will return. She apologizes to Cun Xi while he sleeps saying if she were stronger she would have confronted him earlier and he would not be in the hospital. Xin Yi promises Grandma Ji that she will stay by Cun Xi’s side until he gets better. Once Cun Xi wakes they will sort out their feelings.
Cun Xi wakes up and asks why everything is so dark. Xin Yi explains he has temporary blindness. She apologizes profusely. Cun Xi tells her that she should say to him “Press On” (recall that catch phrase throughout the series as he has cheered her on). He asks if she will stay with him while he is temporarily blind. Grandma Ji tells him Xin Yi has agreed to do so and he needs to take advantage of this opportunity. Grandma Ji tells Cun Xi to “Press On”. She and Anson leave.
Xin Yi chastises Cun Xi for repeatedly lying to her. Cun Xi defends himself saying that in Shanghai he did not know he had bought her artwork until he was driving to the airport. When he went to the restaurant to see her and saw her with Dylan he decided to invent Mr. Z, someone she would NOT reject. Mr. Z was the only way he could quietly support her. He tells her he was ready to leave Shanghai WITHOUT seeing her but fate had a different plan. He tells her that when she returned to Taipei he was ready to admit he was Mr. Z. But Dylan called and said that Anna was in the hospital and needed him. Cun Xi tells her that Dylan is Anna’s long lost brother. Xin Yi is stunned. Cun Xi tells her that he had to help Anna. He could not leave her floundering. Xin Yi asks if during the 2 days of silence and 86 phone calls he succeeded in helping Anna. He confirms he did. He apologizes for the ridiculous plan with Stephen Zhou. He begs her forgiveness. She tells him he was an idiot to get into the barrel.
She tells him her life would be shattered if she could never see him again. Relieved Cun Xi touches her face. He asks if she will stay with him. Xin Yi says she will be by his side until he recovers from blindness. They hug.

* This episode went from the sublime to the ridiculous.The reunion of Anna and Dylan was well written, acted, and a satisfying emotional payoff. Cun Xi and Xin Yi’s reunion was all kinds of ridiculous.
* It was heartfelt when Anna told Cun Xi her biggest regret was her selfishness and insecurity that led to his baby’s death. Cun Xi understood the driver for Anna’s actions and realized that she went against her own conscience when she lied to Xin Yi about the abortion agreement. Excellent resolution of an abhorrent action. I am impressed the writers (Pan Yiqun, Chen Xin Yi, Du Xinyi) were able to resolve and absolve. Well done! The actors Bianca Bai (Anna) and Ethan Juan (Cun Xi) played this scene with sincerity and forgiveness. Beautifully done.
* Cun Xi and Dylan’s plan to get Anna back on the stage worked to perfection. The parents support of Anna was a wonderful reversal. I loved it when Anna told Cun Xi that he could return to Xin Yi and that she would be okay. It was great to see the hope spring in her eyes when Cun Xi told Anna her brother had arranged everything.
* Anna and Dylan’s reunion was emotionally pitch perfect. It was believable that they started out shy and unsure. Then they joked to break the ice. Then Dylan asked Anna if she hated him for leaving her (because he hated himself). It made sense that Anna countered that she hated herself more for letting him leave her. Their hug and Dylan’s request that he be first in line to support her in the future – fabulous! The actors Bianca Bai (Anna) and Baron Chen (Dylan) knocked this scene out of the park.
* A bit surprising that the remaining show was ridiculous after the power-packed Anna and Dylan reunion but that is what happened. This show has a campy side too. The less said about the Stephen Zhou section of this episode the better.
* With Cun Xi in the hospital and temporarily blind (it pains me to write that) he secured Xin Yi’s support and understanding of his past mistakes. Frankly this is a series of misunderstandings and events that make Cun Xi look bad but this is not a conceived cover up by Cun Xi. Irregardless, the writers have put Cun Xi in the same position at the end of the show. He is desperate to keep Xin Yi by his side. I bet he will lie to her AGAIN to keep her by his side. Interesting that HE is the insecure one at this point in the relationship. How the tables have turned.
* The latter part of this episode felt like filler and a way to stretch the story line to reach the finish line in the last three episodes. I hope the last 3 episodes have a bit more content than the latter part of this episode. The first part of this episode was top notch and showed the heart of this show…simply sublime.

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One comment on “Fated to Love You Episode 21 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Dylan and Cun Xi arranging Anna’s teaching comeback was an amazing collaboration between the rivals … very nicely done.

    Anna’s apology for her actions was heartfelt … honestly I didn’t think I would care how bad things got for her, but her sincerity seemed genuine … I suppose that was a reflection of good writing and acting for me to actually care what happened.

    “This episode went from the sublime to the ridiculous.” -KJT. Just when you think we’ve seen the last of the slapstick it returns. As I wstched these episodes, there are actually TWO 40-ish minutes episodes where I’m streaming (that streaming service with the bid red letter logo). I’ve wondered if there were two writers that alternate writing the episodes, the writer is bipolar or writer resorts to alcohol or even drugs for a burst of creativity.

    Cun Xi’s injuries seem to be real, but I wouldn’t put it past him to fake the blindness for sympathy … it seems he hasn’t learned deceit doesnt win hearts, it hardens them … NOBODY wants to be a fool … has he learned his lesson yet❓⁉️ Truth and sincerity goes a long way … his sincere recording softened her 💗 heart, while his setup with Stephen Zhu understandably raised her ire to the point of 🔥FURY🔥. We’ll find out if he learned his lesson in the next episode.


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