Fated to Love You Episode 18 Recap

Nutshell Recap Episode #18:

Last episode Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) was stunned to find the crib and videos Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) made to remind himself about Mi Young should amnesia take hold of him again. In these videos he reveals that he ended things 3 years ago because he did not want to ask Mi Young to live with the possibility of the disease ruining their life together. Mi Young sobs with the understanding what this disease has done to her life and Lee Gun’s life.

She pulls it together and asks Grandmother where Lee Gun is. Turns out he is on TV getting ready to give a press conference to admit he has the disease. Mi Young proceeds with haste to the press conference. Before she arrives Lee Gun admits to the press that he has the disease and states he will resign as CEO effective immediately. Secretary Tak and step-brother are beyond dismayed at this action.

Mi Young arrives at the press conference and boldly calls Lee Gun out.
MY:    I found out everything. (she walks closer to him) I know reason you lied to me and push me away harshly. 
LG:    Look here Ellie Kim. What are you doing at my press conference?
MY:    Look into my eyes and lie to me again. Tell me you did not miss me these three years. Tell me I was not important to you personally. 
LG:    Secretary Tak! Get her out of this room.
MY:    Tell me. If you are confident you can live without me, then I will leave you alone.
LG:    Ok, I lied. If you suffer or are in pain, then I am in pain too. That is why I lied!
MY:    Are you stupid?
LG:    What did you say?
MY:    (steps onto the platform with him) Why are you worrying in advance about what I might suffer? Do not do that anymore. Why, for a disease that has not happened, do we have to be sad, separate and cry? We can cry when we have something to cry about.
LG:    Now look here (tears glisten in his eyes). Everything you found out about, does not change anything. My disease does not change (a tear falls onto his cheek) and I do not have the right to love you.
MY:    (walks up to him and grabs his suit lapels) Why do you need a right to love? I am telling you it is ok. The ticking time bomb, we do not know when it will explode. Let us not worry in advance. No matter what, I will not let you be sick and alone. I love you.
She kisses him with the passion of a woman that will not be denied. Stunned he stands there…

…but she is like water to a parched man and he kisses her back with equal passion.

This moment is what I have waited for. We have come full circle. Mi Young saves Lee Gun in episode 18, like he saved her in episode 2. Let us end the series right here on this high note!

Our happy couple ends up in room 2006 (ha!) in a hotel to get them the privacy. Mi Young pins Lee Gun with the question, if she were sick would he abandon her? Lee Gun blusters of course not, he would never leave her if she needed him. She coolly notes the same applies to her. (ha!) Lee Gun is wondering if they will sleep in the bed together. Mi Young first has to eat, squeeze his face to generate pain in payment for all the suffering he dealt her for three years (I would have need more than that for 3 years of pain, just saying), and then she agrees it is cost effective to sleep in the bed together versus getting a separate room. Lee Gun is giddy with anticipation. Things are going well and they are about to kiss when Secretary Tak calls to let Lee Gun know: his Grandmother has rallied from her initial reaction, the board may NOT want him to resign, and the public LOVED their reunion calling them Romeo and Juliet. By the time Lee Gun returns to the bedroom Mi Young is fast asleep.

Lee Gun’s Grandmother is ok with Lee Gun and Mi Young living in the house IF Mi Young’s mother agrees. Loudly under her breath she notes that in her day, a couple in love would leave their family home and start their own lives with or without the family’s blessing.

Lee Gun offers the board of directors two choices: he either resigns OR he takes a three month vacation. His rivals sputter who will run the company while you are gone? Grandma strides in commanding the room and the company once again. I loved Lee Gun’s “I’m watching you” hand to eyes (ha!).

Mi Young thanks Daniel for his support. He notes he will need a bit of a break from their friendship while he gets his heart back in order. Cute when he noted that he must have looked cool with the one handed U turn when he took her to Lee Gun’s house (ha!).

Step brother frets he has the disease. His mother delivers the bomb that his father IS NOT Lee Gun’s father. She tells the same to Lee Gun. He is surprisingly understanding and gains insight about his father after reading his father’s diary that step-mother gives him.
Lee Gun thanks Mi Young for her support and willingness to forgive him. They agree every moment is precious.

Mi Young asks her mother to support her decision to return to Lee Gun. Unfortunately her mother does NOT accept her decision and will NOT accept Lee Gun as she does not want her daughter to be left alone like she was.

Step brother resigns but Lee Gun does not accept it. He asks him to stay with the company. Step brother is pleased and agrees.

Se Ra finds Daniel drunk and helps him into his apartment. On his nightstand she sees the picture of Daniel and his sister (HER!). Se Ra stares at the sleeping Daniel with disbelief.

Mi Young arranges for a house swap with Ji Yeon. She and Lee Gun have fun cleaning and making the apartment their own. Ji Yeon shows up at Grandma’s house with a contract for the house swap (ha!). This thrills step-brother and horrifies step-mother (though she does give her grudging respect). Step-mother asks how long will she say. Ji Yeon answers cheekily “until you like me”. (ha!)

Lee Gun and Mi Young are finally alone in their bed in their apartment. She shows him the chip he gave her in Macau. She cannot believe her dreams came true and they are back together. He tells her that she must stick by his side, like super glue. She happily agrees. They melt into each others arms.


Jang Na Ra’s best episode of the series. Mi Young showed her mettle. I was impressed that she boldly went to the press conference and confronted him with cameras snapping every move they made. She subtly stalked him as she approached the stage. I loved the line “Gun are you stupid?” (yes, yes, yes he was). She kissed him, branding him with her love and promise of comfort and support. I also liked when Mi Young admitted to her mother that she had erroneously grown to hate Lee Gun after. Yep, I felt that.

Jang Hyuk has the ability to deliver a depth of emotion with his facial expressions that impresses me every episode. When Mi Young subtly stalked Lee Gun at the press conference, Jang Hyuk delivered fear, shock, blustering anger, hope, hurt, tenderness and finally joy and acceptance that this was real. Bravo! Jan Hyuk is also one good looking man.

* When Lee Gun made the “I’m watching you” hand to eyes motion, I thought of Flower Boy Next Door, when the character of Enrique points at the peeping girl across the street. Of course Enrique has the added panache of a panda hat!

* This episode finally returned the cute couple that we enjoyed in episodes 1-10. I’ll admit it felt like a long torturous journey to get them back and I got a bit impatient and irritated with the story line in episodes 11-17.

* Final thoughts. We’ve got 2 more episodes to go. What’s left to do?

  • Mi Young’s mother needs to approve their relationship
  • Se Ra needs to tells Daniel she is his long lost sister
  • NO MORE BRAIN DISEASE, please I beg of you writers (Joo Chan Ok and Jo Jin Kook), you clubbed our couple with that for 7 long episodes
  • Plenty of cute! Hamo Hamo!
  • I’m assuming we’ll have some kind of time jump showing Mi Young happy and pregnant in the future
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13 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 18 Recap
  1. Drama Fan says:

    I knew you’d like it 🙂


    • kjtamuser says:

      You were spot on with that prediction.
      Were you were giddy the entire episode?


      • Drama Fan says:

        Yeah although I am the gloomy type it seems cause I felt some bittersweetness. The different character’s reactions to Geon’s illness made me feel that his fears had a solid ground. They all reacted with the same fear. One of the sister’s labeled him a “sick man” which to me was upsetting. However, the severity of the illness makes Mi Young’s decision all the more brave. I loveeeedddddd all the lovey dovey moments of course. And if the message is to live in the moment and enjoy the present I’m all for it. In that case should cut the punishment and relieve our mam from the blue balls lol! Come on there is no time to waste here! I hope the final episodes bring us a lot of happiness but that it also feels consistent 🙂


        • kjtamuser says:

          Mi Young proved herself this episode in a very satisfying way. I too want 2 more episodes of fun but concur we cannot be blind to the possibilites. What if they kill off Lee Gun and the last scene is a pregnant Mi Young patting her belly telling DP Daddy will always be with them? Tears would stream.


          • Drama Fan says:

            I hope we don’t get to see him die or after his death 😦 but HD is incurable and it all points to him having it. So I’d like to see them confronting the reality of their future struggles somehow but knowing that they will face them together. For example, maybe encountering a real patient. I feel I need Mi Young to explore what this illness is like. Geon would not only lose control of his body but the mind is affected too, memory loss, depression, irritability, etc So she should know the facts, before fully committing to stay with him. That could take one or two scenes and the rest it could be them getting married, pounding rice cake and living each day as if it was the last 🙂


          • Drama Fan says:

            Oh my gosh Im thinking, if they kill Gun a) People who are already upset at the dramatic aspects of this drama will be very annoyed b) People who dislike sad endings will definitely stop watching Jang Hyuk dramas because he ALWAYS DIES IN THE END c) This being a rom com, it should have a happy ending, maybe not a fairy tale one, but making it tragic would betray the genre right? So no, I expect bittersweet but sugar coated with a lot of K…I…dabbur…Ssssss


            • kjtamuser says:

              I do not expect him to die either nor do I want it. However the writers have shown a willingness to go against classic rom com story line. I vote baby at the end with them grinning at each other with joy.


          • Drama Fan says:

            Mi Young is so strong now! I think that contributes to Geon accepting that she can be his rock.


      • Drama Fan says:

        Oh an I forgot to comment. I felt the scene with the poker chip was a little sad. When a character asks another to stay by their side forever, it scares me a little.


        • kjtamuser says:

          Good point. I was nervous from the first mention of the brain disease. As you know I dislike the brain disease club the writers have bashed our couple with. I hope they do not use it again.


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