Fated to Love You Episode 17 Recap

Nutshell Recap Episode #17:

Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) is stunned to see Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) in her studio. He has the DP painting and admits he is her number one fan, Young Ja.

Instead of this moment bringing them together, we get one more round of Lee Gun being a jerk and making Mi Young feel 2 inches tall. She tells him to get out and he does.

Mi Young decides to return to Paris early. She cannot be at peace in the same city as Lee Gun.

Lee Gun breaks his friendship with Se Ra. Distraught she tells all to Daniel Pitt (Choi Jin Hyuk). She details Lee Gun’s illness and that this was the reason for the break up with Mi Young three years ago. Will Daniel tell Mi Young?

Mi Young puzzles over the kindness Lee Gun showed her as Young Ja. What was real and what was fake?

Lee Gun has made a will that promotes step-brother and has Secretary Tak as the right-hand man to Grandmother. Lawyer Hong plays the will from the voice recorder then hands Lee Gun the formal will for his review. Unexpectedly Mi Young shows up. Lawyer Hong leaves the office. Mi Young returns the money Lee Gun paid for the DP painting. He goes into jerk mode again. As Mi Young leaves she asks Lee Gun why he is nervous around her.

Lawyer Hong ALMOST tells Mi Young about Lee Gun’s illness but stops himself. He does spy her open purse…

Step-brother’s yearly checkup with Doctor Octopus goes well. The doctor comments he shows no signs of the terrible disease Lee Gun has. Remember how I complained about lack of patient confidentiality? I am grateful for it if gets our couple out of lifeless limbo.

Se Ra tells Mi Young she forged the divorce documents saying Lee Gun wanted her to take the baby. She ALMOST tells Mi Young about Lee Gun’s illness but stops herself.

At an women advertiser’s meeting Mi Young speaks sincerely about Young Ja who inspired her with the phrase “inside every woman is a little girl”. Lee Gun watches her and she stares at him while she shares how thankful she was for Young Ja’s support.

Mi Young eats at her mother’s cafe one last time. To her surprise and her mother’s surprise too, Lee Gun arrives for dinner. Mi Young extends the olive branch that he should eat. They eat at opposite ends of the table. They speak to each other by talking to Mother.

Mi Young visits the DP accident intersection. Lee Gun watches her from afar.

In the morning Mi Young prepares to leave for Paris. She finds the voice recorder Lawyer Hong put in her purse. She plays the recording and hears Lee Gun’s will with strict instructions that Mi Young is never to know about his support or his condition. Daniel walks in while she is listening and she stops.

Enroute to the airport Daniel turns the car around. He takes her to Lee Gun’s house and tells her she MUST know what is in Lee Gun’s heart or she will never be able to move on.

She waits in his bedroom suite. She is stunned when she enters his sacred study and finds the crib. She watches personal videos Lee Gun has made to remind himself about Mi Young should amensia take hold of him. Mi Young sobs with the understanding what this disease has done to her life and Lee Gun’s life as well.

Meanwhile Lee Gun says his goodbyes at his parent’s memorial. He tells them he must leave Seoul. After that he holds a press conference to announce he has a genetic disease. He enters the room and bows to the press. The episode ends.


One word – FINALLY!

This has been a long and torturous road to get to this point. Where are we? The point where Mi Young will save Lee Gun from himself. The tables have turned. She must save him. It is obvious he cannot save himself.

* This episode was a shell game of who would tell Mi Young about Lee Gun’s disease.Se Ra thought about it, but backed off. Lawyer Hong thought about it, but elected to let Lee Gun’s video recorder do the talking. Daniel thought about it, but decided it was better said by Lee Gun.

Daniel proved his priority was his friendship to Mi Young when he drove her to Lee Gun’s house and told her a surprise attack was the best method to jar the truth out of Lee Gun.

* When Mi Young told Grandmother that she would wait in Lee Gun’s suite I knew the study would be his undoing. The crib and the videos revealed his heart. Mi Young finally knows the truth. Time to go save your man!

* I am relieved this point has been reached. The brain disease has been the club that has beaten the life and joy out of this couple. I believe Mi Young will see it logically and not take no for answer from Lee Gun again. Undoubtedly he will  try to dodge the relationship to save her. Fingers crossed our tortured couple will finally reunite.

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