Fated to Love You Episode 16 Recap

Nutshell Recap Episode #16:

Even with a fever Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) tries to leave the botanical garden cottage but Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) stop her. They stare intently into each other’s eyes…he leans in for the kiss…and she collapses from fever. Lee Gun nurses her through the night. She wakes the next day. She finds her hand in his and Lee Gun asleep. She pulls her hand away and looks at him with tenderness. She gently returns her hand to his.

When Mi Young returns to her studio Daniel Pitt (Choi Jin Hyuk) stops by worried about her whereabouts the previous evening. Mi Young explains she went to bed early and did not hear his phone call. Daniel brings her painting of a man filled with heart shaped lollipops. Daniel does not realize that it represents Lee Gun. Mi Young places it near her work table for inspiration.

Mi Young is forced to work at Jang Chemicals under the watchful eye of Lee Gun as he will not allow her to take the “confidential” files off-site. Right, sure, do not believe that for a second.

Daniel overhears Se Ra’s mother give her a harsh speech which leaves Se Ra in tears. He walks up to give her comfort and she initially pushes him away. But his offer of ice cream is accepted and they share a couple of pleasant moments. He tells Se Ra he has proposed to Mi Young. Se Ra’s hopes maybe she has another chance with Lee Gun.

Lee Gun is desperate to engage Mi Young but she resists almost every effort.

At an impasse creatively, Mi Young texts her number one fan, Young Ja (aka Lee Gun). His words about every woman having a little girl inside her sparks her creativity.

Her commercial is unveiled at Jang Chemicals to an appreciative audience. Mi Young and Lee Gun have a poignant longing filled moment at the elevator as she walks out of his life again.

Lee Gun decides to return the DP painting to Mi Young and goes to her studio. At the same time, Mi Young returns to the studio having forgotten something.

He is stunned to see the painting that represents him.

She is stunned to see Lee Gun in her studio. She is stunned to see he has the DP painting and quickly figures out Lee Gun is Young Ja. She demands to know what kind of game he is playing with her.

Lee Gun says that he is her number one fan, Young Ja.


* This episode should have been titled “two snails inch closer to each other”. Good grief, I do not think I have wanted a couple to get together and been tortured by a show in quite this manner. They truly are moving at a snail’s pace. We are on the cusp of couple-hood, I feel it!

* Have to hand it to you – When Mi Young woke to find her hand in Lee Gun’s she quickly extracted it. But as she stared at the sleeping Lee Gun with longing and tenderness she could not help but to slip her hand back in his. Lovely moment.

* Production prospective – Interesting how the production chooses to show recent scenes flashbacks in black and white and pre-accident scene flashbacks in color.

* Snail Citing – Lee Gun waiting outside Mi Young’s  studio, he called it the “snail shelter.”

* This is not happening – Laughing Out Loud moment at step-mother’s reaction to her son dating Ji Yeon. This was the first scene I liked this step-mother who seems like such a leech as she hopes for Lee Gun to fail so she can install her son as CEO. I will admit since the accident this character is less mean and vulture-like.

* Pop of Color – Daniel’s yellow jacket looked fabulous on him.

* Creative Confidentiality – I had to smile when Lee Gun determined that all the files being delivered to Mi Young were confidential and could not be taken outside of the  company. This forced Mi Young to do her research at Jang Chemicals under the watchful eye of Lee Gun.

* Bad Hair Day – Mi Young’s older sister’s hair was looking particularly bad in this scene.

* Sensor Lighting Without Sensors – Late at night Mi Young made her way to the office lobby, Lee Gun watched her movement and thoughtfully had the lighting magically turn on just as she arrived. He even had a taxi waiting for her. Mi Young was unaware of his kindness.

* Push and Pull – It was insightful when Lee Gun told Mi Young’s mother that women are weak to push and pull. Of course men are too, but no need to state the obvious. Unless you are a man and would never consider the reverse applies to you. Yep, I am talking to you Lee Gun.

* Super Tak – Secretary Tak is a beacon of joy and humor in this series. Two memorable moments this episode: 1)  he presented his bottom for praise pats from Lee Gun, 2) he endured a tomahawk chop to his throat as Lee Gun silenced him when he was on the phone with Mi Young (pretending to be Young Ja).

* Photo Op – Why does Mi Young’s hair look better in any article with a photo of her but in person, she looks on the ragged edge more often than not?

* Elevator Angst – This was THE SCENE of the episode to me. It packed the emotional punch. After the commerical debut was complete, Lee Gun chased Mi Young to the elevator to thank her for efforts. You could see Mi Young and Lee Gun connect but they did nothing and slowly withdrew from each other. They knew this was potentially the last time they would see each other. Their eyes locked on each other as the glass elevator descended taking Mi Young out of his life yet again. Good grief the frustration I felt at that moment. Come on, come on, I yelled at the TV willing them to move towards each other, but alas, I was denied.

* Acting to Air – Jan Hyuk has had powerful scenes acting with only himself in this series. This episode he delivered a touching scene where he explains to the DP painting the Daddy must return the painting to Mommy. Good grief that tugged my heart strings.

* Cusp of Couple-hood? – Are we FINALLY at the cusp of couple-hood? With Lee Gun’s confirmation that he is her number one fan. With Mi Young’s silent but tangible confrontation that Lee Gun is in her heart with the painting. With Lee Gun’s willingness to turn over the precious DP painting. ARE WE THERE YET? Is my patience going to be rewarded next episode? Ok, I am no longer patient for this couple to acknowledge their feelings for each other. PLEASE, PLEASE, let them admit to feeling for each other. I cannot take much more. Have pity on me show!

* Where is the joy? Here’s my major problem with the snail’s pace…his self flagellation…her decision to put a steel box around her heart…the joy that radiated before the accident is gone. I miss it. I want it back.

* Final Thoughts:

  • This show is drawing out their second chance at love in an agonizingly snail’s pace.
  • The show’s writer must have this taped on their monitor “Good travels at a snail’s pace. Those who want to do good are not selfish, they are not in a hurry, they know that to impregnate people with good requires a long time.” ― Mahatma Gandhi, The Wit and Wisdom of Gandhi
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