Fated to Love You Episode 15 Recap

Nutshell Recap Episode #15:

Daniel Pitt (Choi Jin Hyuk) proposes to Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) while Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) watches unseen. As Mi Young tells Daniel that she felt him a kindred spirit in Paris Lee Gun exits the room not wanting to hear Mi Young accept. If Lee Gun had stayed he would have heard Mi Young NOT accept Daniel’s proposal. YES! Mi Young tells Daniel she is unsure if she feels “gratitude or love” for Daniel and until she knows which she cannot answer positively. Daniel counters with asking Mi Young to stay by his side for a period of time and once that time is up, if it is not love, then they will forever be friends.

Lee Gun visits Mi Young’s mother for dinner and conversation. When Mi Young shows up unexpectedly, Mi Young’s mother and Lee Gun act like two children gotten caught doing something bad by their parent. Mi Young asks Lee Gun NOT to see her mother anymore. He protests but she insists saying his actions are hurting her.

Secretary Tak counsels Lee Gun to admit to Mi Young that he was wrong and ask for a another chance to restart their relationship. Lee Gun refuses saying Mi Young is happy and he will not disturb her.

On the anniversary of their baby’s death, Mi Young visits the accident spot and brings the baby flowers. She tells the baby she never has and never will forget about her. As she leaves Lee Gun walks up. Mi Young is almost rude telling Lee Gun that he can forget about the baby that he did not care about (she remembers him telling her she could have custody). Lee Gun protests saying he cared about the baby. After Mi Young leaves Lee Gun shares the cake he was brought with the baby and tells their baby that Daddy is sorry this year too.

Se Ra and Daniel are neighbors when Daniel moves into an apartment on the same floor.

Lee Gun’s company offers Mi Young the contract to collaborate. Mi Young hesitates to sign the agreement. Her agent and lawyer recommend she sign. Lee Gun is giddy that once she signs she will have to do as he says as “he will be on top and she will be below”. Mi Young signs the contract in Lee Gun’s office but she refuses to eat with him. As she walks out Lee Gun notes “our snail has become really cool.”

Mi Young sketches all night in a creative zone. Daniel is concerned that she is overworking. Mi Young visits the botantical garden the same day Lee Gun does. He spies on her until she figures it out. They get caught in the rain and seek shelter in a building. Turns out the bridge is washed out and they are stuck there. Then the power goes out and they are left alone together in the room lit by candlelight. Mi Young is unbending to Lee Gun’s attempts to engage her. Finally she decides to leave. Recognizing this is foolishness Lee Gun tries to stop her and realizes she has a fever. Undeterred she tries to push past him. Lee Gun holds her arms and they stare into each other eyes. Lee Gun leans in for a kiss.


* This episode should have been titled “snail’s pace” because that is how it felt to me. I’ve had enough of the slow roll and am ready for full force re-engagement. Lee Gun is the snail in this episode trying to burrow into Mi Young.

* Just say no – I was pleased that Mi Young said no to Daniel as I had hoped. Her truth of not knowing if she felt “gratitude or love” was clear and had to hurt Daniel. His counter offer of exploring a relationship for a time period was ok with me. It keeps her in town and gives Lee Gun a chance to turn his frown upside down and get his pursuit of Mi Young in gear.

* Production prospective – I like the production choice to show the proposal highlights from each character’s – Mi Young, Daniel and Lee Gun – point of view.

* Grounding Grannie – Mi Young did a nice job blocking Lee Gun’s Grandmother’s suggestion that Lee Gun was getting to her. She politely nipped that in the bud.

* Style Miss – I disliked the blue with blue insert jacket Lee Gun sported.

* Sage Secretary – Sectretary Tak’s advice that Lee Gun should tell Mi Young “I thought wrong. You are my destiny” and pursue her was excellent. Unfortunately Lee Gun was in the “she is happy and I will not upset her happiness” mode of operation.

* Ouch Mi Young – It was almost a low blow when Mi Young told Lee Gun that he could erase their baby’s memories as he never cared about the baby. Lee Gun rightfully protested her assessment that he lacked feelings for the baby. While Mi Young was referencing his willingness to give custody of the baby to her, her erroneous conclusion that he never cared about the baby surprised me. His hurt at her words and unshed tears while mourning their baby at the accident sight slayed me.

* Text/Voice Conversation – In the text/voice conversation between Mi Young and “sister” I thought Mi Young’s confession that she might be embellishing her memories as love regarding her life with Lee Gun was insightful.

* Team Underlings – I liked the team work between step-brother and Secretary Tak when they brought Lee Gun the chocolates.

* Parched for Love – Lee Gun gets warmth and affection from Mi Young’s mother. He must be positively starved for affection.

* Are You Thinking About Others? – Se Ra’s Mother and Mi Young were both right to be concerned about Lee Gun’s continued involvement with Se Ra and her Mi Young’s mother. They both pointed out his actions in maintaining a relationship caused pain. As I noted Lee Gun is parched for love. But is he thinking that his continued relationship with Se Ra or Mi Young’s Mother could be hurtful? My answer is no, he was/is clueless on that matter.

* Contract Confirmed – Mi Young finally agrees to collaborate and signs the contract. Lee Gun is giddy that now he has leverage to make her do his bidding. She surprises him by not caving to his demands. As she exits the office he  comments “our snail has become really cool”. I also note that Lee Gun is comfortable reinstating a contract relationship with her like they had initially.

* Tactful Email – Secretary Tak’s email with video confirming she would always be madame to him was cute.

* Cicadas Concert – When Daniel and Mi Young had the picnic lunch there was a strong cicadas sound. This was the second time that nature interfered with a strong voice track in a scene. The first was the in the rain admission of marriage between Se Ra, Lee Gun and Mi Young. In that scene the rain over powered the voices.

* Daniel Does Not Dig It – I liked that Daniel admitted to Mi Young that he was unhappy with the collaboration project with Lee Gun’s company. Poor Mi Young was so tired from her all nighter that she did not enjoy the picnic lunch. Yummy food, beautiful day, good looking man…what’s not to like?

* Finger Camera – Lee Gun’s finger camera and shutter sounds were cute as he spied Mi Young sketching in the botanical garden.

* Stranded in a Shelter – When Lee Gun and Mi Young sought shelter from the rain, Mi Young came off as a stick in the mud as she rejected each attempt Lee Gun made at connecting with her.

* High Fever Kiss Cliffhanger – After Lee Gun determined that Mi Young has a high fever, she pulls away. She is drawn to him and upset by that. As she tries to leave the shelter he blocks her path. They stare into each other’s eyes. Lee Gun goes for the kiss…and the episode ends.

* Final Thoughts:

  • I am not sure why Lee Gun changed his mind and decided to pursue Mi Young but thank goodness it happened. Mi Young tried so hard to protect herself from him, almost to the point of rudeness.  Fingers crossed that Lee Gun has truly started to pursue her and lost the “she is better off without me” mantra he has been flogging himself with.
  • Lee Gun’s actions with the contract also struck me as entrapment of Mi Young into his web. I thought of the first line of the poem is “‘Will you walk into my parlour?’ said the Spider to the Fly.” (The Spider and the Fly by Mary Howitt)
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2 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 15 Recap
  1. Drama Fan says:

    I don’t think he is pursuing her yet but he is drawn to her and takes opportunities to be with her. I can’t wait for you to watch ep 16 🙂

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