Fated to Love You Episode 14 Recap

Nutshell Recap Episode #14:

Recognizing that he is drunk, Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) puts Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) to bed on the couch in her room. He awakes the next morning and finds a post-it note requesting that he NOT contact her again. Exiting her room he wryly notes she is no longer a post-it note but super glue. Daniel Pitt (Choi Jin Hyuk) spots him leaving her room. Daniel and Lee Gun have a conversation where a subdued Lee Gun assures Daniel he will not pursue Mi Young, thanks him for taking care of Mi Young, and leaves.

Step-brother, step-mother and Grandmother are amazed the Mi Young is now beautiful and successful.

Daniel gets wonderful news that his sister has been found in Seoul. Mi Young agrees to return to Seoul with Daniel to meet her.

Lee Gun (as the DP painting buyer) and Mi Young have a lovely text conversation but there is no resolution on swapping the painting.

The private investigator brings the “sister”. Nope it is not Se Ra, she must be a fake. The private investigator shows a 99% DNA match. I do not believe it. Sister does NOT like Mi Young and sees her as a threat. Daniel is thrilled to finally have his sister in his life.

Secretary Tak and step-brother suggest partnering with a female artist to draw younger women to their products. They suggest Mi Young but Lee Gun refuses to consider her. Step-brother arranges a meeting between Mi Young and Lee Gun to discuss the work. Oops, it is awkward right away. Step-brother does not ascertain this as he leaves them to chat.  Mi Young politely asks about his health. Lee Gun confirms good health. Mi Young begins to leave. To prolong the conversation; Lee Gun starts to explain the project. She cuts him off and tells him she does not want to work with him and she is a different person now. Lee Gun tells her not to worry; he is NOT interested in restarting a relationship with her. She tells him “please do not ever change your mind” and leaves. Ouch, that has to hurt Lee Gun!

Mi Young overhears the Daniel’s private investigator and “sister” discussing the amount of cash they can fleece out of Daniel. At lunch, Daniel and Mi Young congratulate “sister” on her upcoming wedding. Daniel tells her he will cover ALL expenses. Daniel steps away to take a call. Mi Young takes the opportunity to tell “sister” she knows she is fake. Things get heated between the women. When Daniel returns, “sister” exits and Mi Young has the task of explaining to Daniel that his “sister” and the private investigator worked together to fleece him.

Mi Young and Lee Gun (as the DP painting buyer) discuss her belief that Daniel will confess his love for her soon. She pours out her uncertainly and Lee Gun is thrilled! He counsels she take as much time as she needs before committing to marriage.

Lee Gun counsels himself to leave Mi Young and alone and be happy for her. Ok, I am ready for him to release the guilt and go after her. Mi Young texts him that she is leaving for France and to enjoy the painting. Lee Gun texts back that the painting will be returned to her right away. He jumps in the car to return it to her.

At the theater, in the dark auditorium, Daniel’s projector drawing proposal to Mi Young is simply lovely.

Lee Gun walks in on on the proposal unbeknownst to Daniel and Mi Young. Ouch, that has to hurt Lee Gun!

Daniel walks to Mi Young with a bouquet of red roses and on bended knee asks “will you become my real family?”


  • Civil – Daniel and Lee Gun’s first meeting was surprisingly civil. Loved it when Daniel said his role with Mi Young was no longer “to comfort her when you hurt her”. He added he would let this interaction go as coincidence but not the next time. Lee Gun’s bow of thanks for Daniel was a nice touch. This subdued guilt-ridden Lee Gun needs to break these chains. Have I mentioned I love watching 2 good looking men wrangle?
  • Sweet – Lee Gun makes the “snail” fingers watching Mi Young from afar before leaving.
  • Sensitive – Grandmother could not bring her self to mention Mi Young to Lee Gun as she did not want to hurt him.
  • Genuine – Daniel’s joy when he got the call that his sister was found. Nice back hug.
  • Anyone else think their phone is going off when Mi Young’s phone gets a notification?
  • The production choice of the Mi Young’s and Lee Gun’s texting session extrapolated to a verbal conversation works. The actors must absolutely love the choice. Interesting that Lee Gun is sleeping on “his side” of the bed, subconsciously waiting for Mi Young to return to “her side”.
  • I like that the show has switched to Lee Gun being tender again. It was that way in the initial episodes, and then Mi Young generated the majority of the tender moments, now it has swung back to Lee Gun.
  • Transparent – Secretary Tak quickly sees through Lee Gun regarding his trip that was really about see Mi Young. Their banter is cute.
  • I liked Se Ra’s interactions with her students, nice to see her in a positive not desperate and selfish light.
  • Warning Bells – When Daniel’s sister did not like Mi Young that was a major red flag. Being threatened by the sweet Mi Young was ridiculous. Daniel’s joy at having his sister in his life – delightful! He and Mi Young’s interaction after hanging with his sister was almost playful – nice!


  • A girl? – I was surprised that DP, the baby, was assumed to be a girl, I thought it was a boy and heir.
  • Wistful – Mi Young face watching the baby as she gave her seat on the bus to a mother with an infant.
  • LOL – when step-brother told Lee Gun he “needed to separate his personal life from his professional life” when trying to convince him to select Mi Young as the artist to partner with. The high five Secretary Tak and step-brother gave each other was fun.
  • Character development – step-brother has evolved from cardboard pawn of step-mother to a decent guy. I like Lee Gun’s nickname of dragon for him.
  • Top notch conversation #1 – At the coffee shop between Lee Gun and Mi Young regarding the work project.
    • We see the new and direct Mi Young. She is clear:
      • Regarding the project, find another artist
      • It is best if they do not see each other in any way
      • We cannot change the past but we can make sure we avoid uncomfortable situations in the future
      • I am glad you do not want to restart our relationship, please do not change your mind
    • Lee Gun is hurt, impressed, and sad that his “snail” has changed so much. I just cannot get enough of Jang Hyuk’s subtle facial expressions in these scenes. You see his inner dialog on his face, simply awesome.


  • Top notch conversation #2 – Mi Young’s conversation/confrontation with Daniel’s sister is another example of the new and direct Mi Young. She is clear:
    • I do not think you are really Daniel’s sister
    • I saw you talking to the private investigator earlier
    • Why did you pretend NOT to know the private investigator when you first met Daniel?
    • I will have a second DNA test done on this water glass.
    • Daniel is important to me. I will not let you hurt him.
    • The worst thing you can do is use someone’s sincerity against them.
    • They both struggle over the water glass. Mi Young was determined to keep the glass! The glass breaks at Daniel’s feet and “sister” brushes past him and out of his life.


  • Supportive – As Daniel fretted being duped by the fake sister, Mi Young’s support was terrific. “Victims are not stupid; those that prey on people are the stupid ones”. You see clearly that Daniel and Mi Young have an equal relationship NOT a protector and weak relationship. Touching when she told him he needed to forgive the younger version of himself for leaving his sister in the park. With meaning he tells her he is ready to make a family of his own. Their best scene together.


  • Did anyone else think Daniel’s hands were just as pretty as hers?


  • Top notch conversation #3 – The second text / talk conversation between Lee Gun and Mi Young was wonderful. I understand why Mi Young says if she would make a family with someone, it would be with Daniel. The old Lee Gun (yes I miss him) counsels Mi Young to take her time be accepting Daniel’s impending confession. Darling how stoked he was when she admitted uncertainly. I like that Lee Gun speaks directly to Mi Young but she cannot because she is talking to Unni.
  • Special Effects – The freeze and Dragon flame between Lee Gun and step-brother was cute.


  • Sad and Resigned – When Lee Gun told himself that he had no right to go to Mi Young. He tells himself to applaud her happiness. I did love his hunter green tie with the black & white vest. The stylist has been consistent putting him in black & white at some point in the last 3 episodes.
  • Artistic Proposal – Daniel’s proposal was one of the most touching and lovely ones I have seen. His words, for example their shared loneliness, perfectly described the evolution of their relationship. The artist the production hired to draw their lives together did a superb job transitioning the drawings from point A to point B. Hey Mi Young, I know you are torn up, but gosh you have to be touched too. You have a beautiful man that loves you, treats you as an equal, and wants to make you happy for the rest of your life. Will the new and direct Mi Young be able to be honest with Daniel? More importantly will the new and direct Mi Young be able to be honest with HERSELF? What is Mi Young’s truth about this relationship?
  • Final thoughts:
    • The show is back on track. I enjoyed this episode.
    • I want Lee Gun to lose the guilt and the “I do not deserve her” attitude and go after Mi Young.
    • The subdued Lee Gun is not as much fun. He is not living a full life. Mired in fear and guilt, he needs to find a resolution point and move on. What will finally release him? Can it be NEXT EPISOSDE???
    • Mi Young is stronger and proved this during this episode. Her conversations with Lee Gun, the “sister” and Daniel were straightforward and spot-on. If you read my blog, you know I adore direct conversations and female characters with backbones. Mi Young’s change is more subtle than I hoped for, but it works. Jang Na Ra did a splendid job this episode. I felt respect for this character. Goodbye, sweet and kind doormat! Hello, sweet and kind woman!
Fated to Love You
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6 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 14 Recap
  1. Drama Fan says:

    Daniel now treats her as an equal, no more patronizing but truth is Geon always saw her as an equal, he even said “We are the same”. Then again despite all his apparent over confidence Lee Geon has always shown his vulnerability in front of her. He was always honest with her until he started to push her away because of the illness. It is nice to finally see Daniel’s vulnerable side. I still wish she didn’t accept his proposal. I’m also in need for Geon to break the chains as you say but I’m not sure what could cause it. I wish Mi Young helped him and became his rock, like he was for her at the beginning. Daniel had her for three years already. It’s time for him to find his sister and leave the Snail Couple BE 😛


    • kjtamuser says:

      If Mi Young truly has changed she must decline Daniel’s proposal. There is deep affection for Daniel but not love as she had/has for Gun. I want her to say no versus saying yes then breaking Daniel’s heart later.
      How Gun will get unstuck has me a bit stymied. It does not appear that Mi Young can facilitate, as she has pushed him away. Just as I want Mi Young to stand on her own two feet, I want Gun to overcome his own demons. He must rid himself of the belief that she is better off without him because his health is a ticking time bomb. Not sure how he can do this. Dr. Octopus cannot suddenly grant him a clean bill of health. A magic cure cannot happen with this named disease. He needs to see that both of them are better together than lonely alone no matter how much time they have together


      • Drama Fan says:

        Yes, I think it’d be more realistic if he comes to terms with his illness instead of him getting a magic cure. But I do want to see Mi Young encouraging him somehow.


        • kjtamuser says:

          If she is to encourage him then she needs to overcome her own fear at being played a fool by him again. Maybe the standard accident would force both of them to realize better together than apart. Now I’m grasping.
          Is this show like an early Christmas present for you? I imagine you are thrilled seeing Jang Hyuk in all his glory twice a week.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I think Mi Young has finally started to become super glue ❤ She only needs a bit more confidence YEAH!!! I also want to see Gun overcome his demons. 💋

    I thought Daniel's proposal was beautifully done–to bad I want him to continue to be the neighborhood oppa.
    The sand artist is Yoon Hye Jin

    I first saw the sand art images in the drama a couple of years ago in a Kim Hyun Joong music video.. I couldn’t find the exact video, but here are a couple of videos with the sand artist.
    Marry Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5Fg35CPuvY
    Marry You: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bg6rJ166Is

    The artist of the Ellie Kim works is Youk Shim Won: http://en.youkworld.com/


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