Fated to Love You Episode 11 Recap

Nutshell Recap Episode #11:

Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) waits for Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) to celebrate their joint birthday. Lee Gun collapses in route and Secretary Tak takes him to the hospital.

When Lee Gun wakes, Se Ra (Wang Ji Won) is there. He asks if she is coming back from Macau. Oh no, looks like we have an amnesia issue.

The doctor tells Secretary Tak and Se Ra that this amnesia is NOT due his brain disease issue, this is separate. That is good news?

Mi Young rushes to the hospital with Daniel Pitt (Choi Jin Hyuk) right behind her. She sees Se Ra and Lee Gun hugging. They walk past her in the hallway. Lee Gun stops and asks where he knows Mi Young from. He remembers Mi Young from the ring chasing into the dog area incident (episode 1). Wow, so he does not remember much about their relationship.

Se Ra assumes the role of Lee Gun’s girlfriend. She will not miss this opportunity to reconnect with Lee Gun.

Mi Young talks to the doctor about Lee Gun’s condition. He counsels patience and not to stress out as it is not good for the baby. Lee Gun enters the doctors office. He is surprised to see Mi Young. He wonders why HIS charts are on the screen. The doctor lies and says Mi Young is his personal secretary and he was apprising her of his condition.

Lee Gun ponders the missing 3 months of time. He wonders if it is the brain disease, but the doctor tells him no. Se Ra is supportive and thrilled to have another chance to be Lee Gun’s woman. She tells Mi Young NOT to visit.

Lee Gun checks news articles on his phone and reads that Mi Young is his WIFE through a contract marriage and she’s pregnant. Good grief, a lot happened in 3 months. Mi Young confirms this. Lee Gun asks if the baby is his. She confirms this.

When Lee Gun is discharged from the hospital he returns home and is amazed at the nursery in the bedroom. He cannot believe he was living as a happy expectant father would. He reads the baby diary Mi Young writes and is touched.

Se Ra visits Lee Gun’s office and asks where the pictures of them are. He finds them in a drawer along with the lollipop Mi Young gave him in Macau. He is transfixed by the lollipop. He apologizes to Se Ra and says he feels that he is missing something important and leaves. In the car driving the memories trickle then flood back – Macau, their dance, her confession, their kiss. He calls out “snail, snail, snail” as tears stream down his face.

* Worst episode of the series. This episode worked from the baby diary to the end. Lee Gun got and recovered from amnesia in a single episode. Will each episode present a new obstacle to separate our couple? Last episode it was the contract marriage scandal, this episode it was amnesia. Bottom Line – I am glad this episode is over. Let us move on.

* What worked this episode (in no particular order):

***** Best scene hands down was Lee Gun’s exploration of his bedroom and perusal of the baby diary. The involuntary tears that surprised him as he read Mi Young’s tender words to the baby about him and their life together. Jang Hyuk once again delivered subtle and impactful scenes. He saved the episode with that single scene. Jang Hyuk did what he could working with this sub par story line.

***** Speaking our dear Lee Gun, I appreciated that he did NOT go super jerk on Mi Young when he got her to admit they were married (second best scene of the episode). He was understandably skeptical of their relationship and her but the scene was not overly dramatic. Jang Na Ra also did a fine job in this scene. I appreciated the writer allowed her to tell Lee Gun that the doctor came up with the secretary story out of concern for him and to limit shock. Thank you writer for that. Bravo to her quiet dignity stating a lot had happened these last three months and it was not as simple as the newspapers made it.

***** The lollipop jarring his memory. In the office it was flashes of memories without full recognition of the woman (Mi Young) in the scene. You could see Lee Gun searching, processing, and then bingo he remembered that Se Ra had ditched him in Macau. Se Ra, to her credit, did not deny it. As he exits, she tries to stop him, but it is game over. Lee Gun knows he is missing something important, then the limo scene, the memories flood back, and the final line “Snail, DP, Snail!” The limo scene worked at the end of the episode.

***** Mi Young quietly and with dignity stood up to Se Ra. Mi Young quietly and with dignity told Daniel that Lee Gun would remember her and the baby.

***** Secretary Tak, in this and the last episode, is evolving. He has a more peer-to-peer relationship with Lee Gun versus approval seeking secretary. I like this character more each episode. The scene in the hospital when he greets Mi Young as Lee Gun’s personal secretary was well played by all three actors. The secretary solidarity fist bump was cute. I appreciated his gentle support of Mi Young throughout this episode.

***** Daniel returned to being supportive of Mi Young. She effectively neutralized his declaration at the end of the last episode and put him back in the friend category. You could see it chafed him but he went with it. Dear Daniel, do not push this, you will only get hurt. I also felt his interaction with Lee Gun was understated but effective conveying the message that Mi Young could slip through his fingers.

***** Se Ra at least did not lie about the lollipop. So sorry, but I do not feel bad for her. I had an inkling of empathy for her last episode, gone!

* What did not work this episode (in no particular order)

***** The initial scene of Lee Gun driving next to the white limo with him in back looking at the lollipop and then all the highlights of the episode threw me for a loop. I double checked to make sure I was on the right episode and at the beginning.  When the car reversed THEN we were put in the beginning of the episode. When the same scene played again at the end of the episode it made sense. I dislike previews, I never watch them. I want each episode to be spoiler free and enjoy discovering it for myself. With that said, having a forced preview of the episode annoyed me.

***** My reaction to amnesia in most dramas – sloppy story telling. Then this writer adds that this can happen AGAIN with Lee Gun’s rare brain disease which can strike at any time. Good grief, it is like the threat of amnesia or worse hangs over this drama. The brain disease talk has made me nervous in the past episodes. Now we know the writer is willing to give Lee Gun amnesia that is not related to the brain disease and tell us the brain disease is still a card to be played…I am not digging that.

***** I was surprised that Se Ra and Secretary Tak were talking to the doctor about Lee Gun.  Patient confidentiality, not so much.

***** Se Ra’s two interactions with Mi Young. The first was reasonable. Se Ra told Mi Young that per the doctor’s advice Lee Gun should not have shocks and requested she keep their marriage hidden from him. I particularly liked the chair between the two of them showing the divide between the two women who love the same man. It was the second interaction, when Se Ra bluntly told Mi Young to go away I did not like. I get why Se Ra did that. She had a second chance with Lee Gun. Her stance with Mi Young seemed more aggressive than needed. Being mean to Mi Young is like kicking a puppy.

***** Mom hit Mi Young’s back in their bedroom discussing Lee Gun. I do not like someone hitting a pregnant woman.What is with the older women hitting the younger people in this series?  Grandma does it, Mi Young’s mother does this. This are adults not children, why are you hitting them?

***** Daniel mooned over pictures of Mi Young. I was afraid of this. Daniel having romantic feelings for Mi Young. Brotherly affections – YES, Lover-like affections – NO. Dear Daniel, Mi Young is pregnant in and love with her husband – back off! I found the styling of his apartment interesting. A neutral palate that was texture and pattern rich, no real pop of color the stylist has provided in past episodes.

***** Did anyone else find the sounds of Lee Gun moving on the leather couch in his suite distracting during the discussion with Secretary Tak?

***** I found it odd or needlessly obtuse that the twins – Prenatal Instructor & Baby Product Saleswomen – did not recognize that Se Ra was not Mi Young. But they slammed Se Ra, so there was an upside.

***** Se Ra used the amnesia to try and force Lee Gun to divorce Mi Young.  She even went as far to say she would raise the baby. She added a side of guilt telling him she gave up ballet for him. While smart from her point of view, it was manipulative of the man she loves. It is clear that Mi Young’s love is pure and Se Ra’s love is desperate.  Once again I did not like the styling Se Ra receives. At the lunch and office, shs is casual in shorts and he is dressed in custom suit. I get the meta that they do not belong together but it lessens the value of the character if the underlying message screams they do not fit together.

* Final thought. I enjoy this couple, these actors, and each episode is a precious slice of this story. I hope this production does not waste another episode.

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7 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 11 Recap
  1. Drama Fan says:

    Hi! First, lol at the sounds on the couch lolol Ok I know and agree that amnesia is annoying but in this case I like how it was handled. It is related to his disease. Memory loss is a consequence of Huntington’s disease. It also served the purpose to sort of give a second chance to Se Ra, which she blew up, show us that Geon’s heart and life has forever been changes by Mi Young even if he doesn’t remember her and most importantly, it showed us Mi Young’s strength that people fail to see. She did not give up on Geon. She stayed with him and looked for opportunities to jog his memory.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Appreciate the explanation. I do not like the choice of the disease. It is a ticking time bomb that the writer can elect to explode whenever.
      Does anyone feel any sympathy for Se Ra? She does not seem worthy of Lee Gun in my book.

      • Drama Fan says:

        I felt her but don’t like her. She manipulates too much.

        • kjtamuser says:

          I concur. I felt her when she was bummed out in New York after her 6 year relationship ended without forewarning but since then she has put her needs first. That is not unconditional love (which Mi Young offers Lee Gun).

      • Drama Fan says:

        Im thinking you didn’t watch ep 12 yet. It’s a pretty upsetting episode. I think you’ll probably need to rant so I’ll wait until you post your recap 🙂

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    OH–I have seen it, but haven’t had time to write my rant yet…coming soon on the next episode!

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    This is indeed the worst episode of the series. Let the rant begin:

    AMNESIA: First of all I really do NOT like the amnesia storylines—I mean how often does this really happen in real life, but why so frequently in Kdramas?

    EX-GIRLFRIEND: WTH? How does Se Ra, who just returned to the country, find out Gun is in the hospital before his wife, who is waiting for him, finds out about his condition??? NOT well done Secretary Tak!

    How dare Se Ra order Mi Young around? How in the h*** does Se Ra think this is her second chance to get Gun back? He is not in his right mind, MARRIED, expecting a CHILD with his WIFE and oh yeah DUMPED by Se Ra when she KNEW he was going to propose to her. Later she uses guilt to manipulate Gun into getting her way. Any pity for her situation is totally GONE, GONE, and GONE! This deception is completely DISGUSTING!

    DOCTOR OCTOPUS: What kind of a doctor thinks it is okay to lie to the patient that his wife is his secretary and his former girlfriend is still his girlfriend? Dr. Octopus what were you thinking? How stupid…the truth ALWAYS comes out. Don’t they have any patient privacy laws in Korea—why is an ex-girlfriend given Gun’s medical information? Meanwhile they decide to keep Gun’s granny in the dark–even after he returns home. Why would Mi Young go along with this—oh that’s right she is in Post-It girl mode. Luckily a smart phone saves the day and gives Gun the truth that no one else would…rant over, at least for this episode…

    TRUTH FINALLY WINS: You are so right kjtamuser the “Best scene hands down was Lee Gun’s exploration of his bedroom and perusal of the baby diary” This brings Gun tears.

    It was great that even Daniel’s chat makes Gun think. I’m so glad the heart lollipop finally brought back Gun’s memory! 💋 He really is about to lose something very important!

    P.S. LOL the flatulent sounds when Gun moved around on the leather sofa. I pointed this out to my unni and now we both giggle whenever we hear these leather sofa sounds, which happen anytime someone even sits down hard on a leather sofa or chair on MANY dramas! 😛

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