Fated to Love You Episode 19 Recap

Fated to Love You Episode 19: “The Self Assertive Sticky Note”

Chen Xin Yi (Joe Chen) and Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Juan) delivered Baby Ji’s puppies. Cun Xi video taped the happy event so Grandma Ji could watch later. Anna (Bianca Bai) arrived. When Cun Xi left the room she and Xin Yi had a conversation. Later that evening Grandma Ji, Cun Xi and Anson watched the video tape. They were stunned when they heard Xin Yi say to Anna “Ever since he asked you to give me the abortion agreement on Grandma Ji’s 80th birthday, I no longer had any feelings towards him.” To which Cun Xi uttered “I never gave her an abortion agreement”.

Cun Xi remembers the fateful day 2 years ago when he had a revised divorce agreement with a generous settlement for Xin Yi to sign. He recalls Xin Yi was upset about the agreement, which led to the accident and subsequent loss of their unborn child. Cun Xi realizes that Anna gave her the abortion agreement in his name.
Cun Xi:  No wonder she kept running away from me. No wonder why she hid from me. No wonder why she wanted me to leave. Anna did all this! Xin Yi thought I did not want the baby! She thought I did not want her. I totally broke her heart!
Anson and Grandma Ji try to calm Cun Xi, but he will not be deterred from seeking answers from Anna.

Cun Xi runs to Anna’s apartment.
Cun Xi: Why? Why did you give Xin Yi the abortion agreement? I know everything. I recorded your conversation with Xin Yi today. Xin Yi was innocent! Our baby was innocent!
Anna: Have you ever thought I was innocent? You told me you had to take care of Xin Yi for 7 months until she gave birth. Do you see how that worried me? You used to tell me everything. But after Xin Yi you were upset and indecisive. Did you not realize I KNEW you had feelings for her?
Cun Xi: The baby was innocent and Xin Yi was pregnant! No matter what I did, you should NOT have given her the abortion agreement! 
Anna: I did not mean for anything to happen. I knew you loved the baby. I only wanted Xin Yi to choose to leave you. I never thought she would get hit by a car protecting her child. 
Cun Xi: I can understand you wanting Xin Yi to leave. But I cannot forgive you. I lost my baby forever. 
Anna: If I knew this would happen, I would not have done it. Maybe everything would be different if I had done nothing.
Cun Xi: You are wrong. When you choose to go to New York instead the cruise, everything changed. I met Xin Yi, got pregnant, married and lived with her. I should have ended it with you 2 years ago. When you choose New York, you choose to give up on me. Our fate forever took different paths. You choose ballet while I choose Xin Yi and fatherhood. At first I was not happy about the baby but grew to anticipate his arrival. My feelings grew for Xin Yi. Anna, I need to say I am sorry. For the past 2 years, I worried about any pregnant woman I saw and looked for Xin Yi when someone called that name. All this proves I have not forgotten that I was in love with Xin Yi 2 years ago. 
Anna: I know all this, of course I know! I thought if you stayed by my side, your feelings would change back to me. I cannot believe the 3 years before Xin Yi and the 2 years since Xin Yi cannot compare to the 3 months you spent with her!
Cun Xi: I am sorry. I cannot marry you. If I had made the right decision 2 years ago and ended our relationship, then I would not be hurting you again. 
Anna: No, no, no. You cannot do this to me! I beg you.
Cun Xi: I cannot marry you.
Anna: No, No, No!
Cun Xi leaves the apartment. Anna sinks and sobs.

The next morning Cun Xi heads to the island.

Xin Yi walks Dylan (Baron Chen) to the Ferry. She thanks him for his friendship but says she cannot use him. Dylan notes until one of them is married there is still hope. (Hmmm, I think Cun Xi and Xin Yi are still technically married as the divorce papers were never dated or filed). She tells Dylan she will see him again. She encourages him to press on and they bump fists. When they are just friends, it really works between them. Buy a clue, Dylan!

Cun Xi and Xin Yi miss seeing each other at the boat dock. Cun Xi heads to the house but Xin Yi’s mother will not let him in. She tells him Xin Yi is at the boat dock leaving for Paris with Dylan. Cun Xi turns around to find her. They meet on a bridge.
Cun Xi: Why aren’t you on a plane to Paris with Dylan? Is he your boyfriend?
Xin Yi:  So what if he is? What is it to you?
Cun Xi: Yesterday when we delivered Baby Ji’s puppies you said you were afraid I would fool you for a third time. Why did you say that? Is it because you have feelings for me?
Xin Yi:  No I don’t. (she moves away but he blocks her with a smile)
Cun Xi: Did you NOT go to Paris because of me?
Xin Yi:  No. (she moves away and he blocks her again with a smile)
Cun Xi: Do you still love me?
Xin Yi:  I do not love you. Let me pass. (he stops her again) What do you want?
Cun Xi: I love you Xin Yi. I love you.
Xin Yi:  You are annoying. You did not want to get married 2 years and 3 months ago. You did not want a child 2 years ago. And do not forget you are getting married soon.
Cun Xi: I did not want to get married 2 years and 3 months ago. But after we married I found out it was good. It was all a misunderstanding. I never gave you an abortion agreement. I only wanted to give you a better divorce agreement. I did not know what I really wanted. I have decided I am not getting married now. I have called off my engagement. Because I love you.
Xin Yi:  You did not want to give me an abortion agreement?
Cun Xi: Why would I do that? I loved our baby.
Xin Yi:  Why should I believe you?
Cun Xi: I have poured money into this island so I would not lose contact with you.
Xin Yi:  I do not want to listen to this nonsense. I am doing well. Bye!
Cun Xi: (stops her again) If I let you you run away from me another time, I will be your slave for life.
Xin Yi:  (she ducks around him and takes off) See you!
Cun Xi: You cannot run away! I have the divorce agreement! It does not have a date! I will fill in the date 2100! You will be my wife for the rest of your life! Fine, fine, fine…I will make up for the 2 years we’ve been apart.

Sister #2 and brother-and-law have been eavesdropping and are stunned that Cun Xi DID NOT give Xin Yi the abortion agreement. They realize Anna was the culprit behind the abortion agreement. Sister #2 tells Mother and Sister #1 they have been wrong about Cun Xi. That “vamp” Anna gave Xin Yi the abortion agreement. Mother does not care. She notes the day after Xin Yi married him, Cun Xi made her sign a divorce agreement. When Anna returned, Cun Xi sent Xin Yi back to the island. Why would she trust him to treat Xin Yi well? Xin Yi enters and says they were married because of the baby. There is no baby and therefore no reason for them to get back together. Her sisters try to talk her into it. Xin Yi yells (yes yells!) that she has had enough of Cun Xi. He only sees her as a sticky note to use and abuse. This time she will not believe him. She will not be a sticky note again! Mother is impressed and says she has grown and matured. Xin Yi gets a phone call requesting she be the substitute teacher for the ceramics teacher that is on maternity leave for 2 months. She agrees. Mom assigns Sister #1 to be Xin Yi’s assistant for the class.

The two sisters conspire to help Cun Xi win back Xin Yi. They call Cun Xi and tell him he has their support in winning back Xin Yi. They tell him about the ceramics class. They lay the compliments on a little thick but Cun Xi is grateful for their support. Cun Xi resolves NOT to let Xin Yi slip from his grasp this time. (I am giddy with anticipation at the 3rd phase of their love story).

Grandma Ji is disappointed when Xin Yi does not return with Cun Xi. He tells her Xin Yi wants to keep her distance from him. Grandma Ji tells Cun Xi he deserves it, as he kept distance from her. She notes he wanted a divorce before giving their marriage a chance. He tells her technically they are not divorced. Grandma Ji tells him to forget about that. He needs to woo is wife back to him with kindness and sincerity. She tells him to consider things from Xin Yi’s point of view. (Go Grandma Go!) She tells him persistence will pay off.

Grandma Ji asks what kind of flowers Xin Yi likes. Cun Xi remebers the courage flower he gave her in Shanghai as Mr. Z. Inspired, he declares this time HE will be the sticky note and stick on Xin Yi no matter what! (Go Cun Xi Go!) With sincerity he tells Grandma Ji he wants to spend the rest of his life with Xin Yi. (I just love it!)

Dylan gets a phone call about the investigation in Anna. Recall when she visited Shanghai Dylan thought Anna could be his long lost sister. The trip to Paris is off and Dylan heads to Shanghai to check out details. Dylan finds Anna’s Facebook page. Her birthday and love of strawberry cake minus the strawberry on top match his sister.  Dylan requests details on Anna’s foster mother.

Cun Xi wonders how Anna is doing. Well not so good. Anna is drinking wine alone in her studio. Anna tells herself she has blown it. She lost the ballet stage in New York and Cun Xi all by overestimating herself.  Anna is not sipping but gulping the wine.  A student who forgot her jacket comes back to the studio and sees a drunk Anna sobbing alone. Anna knocks the wine glass to the floor and shards of glass go flying. The student leaves unnoticed.

The next morning Xin Yi and Sister #1 head to class. The courage flower is delivered to Xin Yi with a note from Z telling her good luck in her current endeavors and he looks forward to seeing her new art works. That puts a smile on Xin Yi’s face.

The students enter the class room. Xin Yi asks her sister to take attendance. Cun Xi enters the room apologizing for being late. All the students cluster around him getting his autograph and selfies taken with him (too funny). As the island benefactor, Cun Xi is well loved.  Cun Xi gives Xin Yi a smirk and she gives him a tight smile in return. (I am loving this already).  She drags him away from his fans and tells him to get out. Things are over between them. He reminds her the divorce is not final and he is still her legal partner. He whispers he will win her back. She pushes him away and tells him in his dreams only. She tries to kick him out but he has officially registered. He joins the students at the table. Their banter during class is terrific. He tells her his world will not be complete without her. He claims he can change to be in her world. She doubts that. (They are darling). She teaches them how to mold a cup. She is impressed with Cun Xi’s efforts. At the end of class the students ask why won’t she get back with Cun Xi? Cun Xi is all grins waiting for her explanation. She grabs the courage plant and tells the class she has an admirer, Z, that has caught her fancy.  She tells Cun Xi that Z is nothing like him (one day she will learn Z is Cun Xi). She tells him if Z said he was interested, she would pursue a relationship with him.

Cun Xin’s cup looks good to me and it has a sweet drawing of Cun Xi, their baby and Xin Yi. Nice! Cun Xi jots a quick note and puts it in the courage flower.

At Anna’s dance studio one of the girls wants to quit because her mother is pushing her too hard. Anna flashes back to her own foster mother pushing her too hard. Anna soothes the girl in a sweet way. They start class and the girl steps on a shard of glass injuring her foot. At the doctor’s office the girl’s mother is told the girl must not do ballet for 1 month while her foot heals. Mother is NOT happy. The audition for the school ballet is next week. Leaving, the mother overhears one of the girls saying that Anna broke a wine glass and that is the likely source of the shard that caused the injury. The mother flips out yelling at Anna. Anna looks like a deer in the headlights. The mother says Anna will never hurt another child again and leaves.

That night Xin Yi reads the student’s feedback forms and Cun Xi’s is sweet. He tells her she is beautiful and the cup is for the two of them to enjoy once they get back together.  He writes he knows he has not always cared about her feelings but he sincerely wants another chance with her. Xin Yi gets a goofy smile on her face reading Cun Xi’s feedback.  Xin Yi finds Z’s note in the courage flower. The note suggests they talk online. Xin Yi fires up her computer and Cun Xi is on the other end waiting. Their online chat goes like this:
Xin Yi:  Would you like to start a video chat?
Cun Xi: (not wanting to reveal his identify) I just showered am not presentable.
Xin Yi:  Why did you leave the church early in Shanghai?
Cun Xi: Why do you want to meet me so badly?
Xin Yi:  Because of your recognition of me I have been able to stand back up.
Cun Xi: I thought girls liked to be appreciated by their boyfriends. Do you have a boyfriend?
Xin Yi:  No
Cun Xi: (not happy with that response) You must have many admirers. Tell the truth.
Xin Yi:  I do but he is a jerk.
Cun Xi: (Cun Xi’s face is priceless being called a jerk) Sounds like you have feelings for this jerk.
Xin Yi:  You seem to see through me. I do have feelings for him. But I cannot accept him easily.
Cun Xi: (stoked at that response, “I knew she had feelings for me!”)
Xin Yi:  He only treats me nice for short bursts. He never treasures me. He is trying hard now but I am afraid if I give in he will go back to his old ways. I do not want to live a life of uncertainty. I do not want my family to cry for me again. He told me something yesterday that made me realize he never intended to hurt me.
Cun Xi: (thrilled) Why not give him one more chance? If he messes up, it is over.
Xin Yi:  I am not sure.
Cun Xi: Listen to your heart. Open yourself to him once more.
Xin Yi:  Thank you for your encouragement. I will think about it. Good night.

ep19_17 ep19_16
In Shanghai Dylan goes to visit Anna’s foster mother. She is in a wheel chair and suspicious at first. When Dylan says he want to interview her about Anna, she scoffs. What value does Anna have? She got kicked out of ballet 2 years ago. Dylan flatters her and she agrees the to interview. She tells Dylan she would have been a great ballerina but for the accident that left her trapped in a useless body. Her dream of dancing in New York had to be rerouted. She had to find a new pair of legs to make her dream come true. She tells Dylan she went to the orphanage and picked the most pliable girl she could find. She selected a girl that only wanted her brother, not the candy she brought. She says Anna was desperate for her approval and she was able use that to push her until her feet bled. Dylan asks if that was cruel. She claims her family abandoned Anna, she was doing her a favor by giving her a home and a purpose. She cannot believe that Anna gave up ballet for a man. They were so close to her achieving her dream. Dylan sees a picture and recognizes his sister! He tells her Anna only needed love. That is why she disappeared to pursue her own happiness. Anna’s foster mother buys a clue that Dylan knows something more than he is telling her. She asks who he is. He tells her she is done using Anna. He will now take over and protect her. She demands to know who he is. Dylan says he is Anna’s brother. Outside the house, Dylan vows to never leave Anna again. (Go Dylan Go!)

* Terrific episode! Great confrontations between all our leads with good progress on the two major story lines. Just awesome!
* I was thrilled that Cun Xi realized Anna was the culprit who devised and gave Xin Yi the abortion agreement. The confrontation at Anna’s apartment was perfect. He told her he knew and she immediately admitted what she had done. They were both sorry for the choices they made. Cun Xi wisely realized their romantic relationship was done and told her the engagement was off. Both actors (Ethan Juan and Bianca Bai) did a superb job in that scene. They both effectively conveyed their point of view and you felt empathy. The best scene for this couple this series.
* So glad Xin Yi DID NOT go to Paris with Dylan. They work so well as friends. I really wish Dylan would give up on the romance angle. It is hopeless for him.
* Loved Cun Xi and Xin Yi’s interchange on the bridge. Cun Xi laid his cards on the table – he never gave her an abortion agreement, he loved the baby too, he loves Xin Yi and will win her back. I understand Xin Yi’s need to flee. His words are a fantasy come to life. It seems to good to be true.
* Wonderful that Xin Yi’s mother supported her when she said she did want to get back with Xin Yi. Thank goodness her sisters took matters into their own hands to help the couple along.
* Cun Xi’s pep talk from Grandma Ji was great. She talked Cun Xi out of going caveman and slinging Xin Yi over his shoulder and bringing her home. She wisely counseled persistence and sincerity. What girl that loves a guy would not fall for that? When Cun Xi declared HE would be the sticky note, the title of this episode “The Self Assertive Sticky Note” made sense. I thought it referred to Xin Yi but it really references Cun Xi’s determination to stick to Xin Yi like super glue.
* Color me surprised but I felt sorry for Anna. Especially seeing her empathy for the little girl with the pushy mother just like she had. The actress (Bianca Bai) did a superb job with her ballet students conveying she cared about THEM not only ballet and with the mother that reminded her so clearly of her own obsessive foster mother. Dylan’s discussion with Anna’s foster mother was an eye-opener. To go to an orphanage to find “a pair of legs” and a malleable child to fulfill your dream…that is disturbing. Bravo to Dylan for telling her he would take care of Anna from now on. Dylan is at his best when he is in protector mode. He does not know it but Anna really needs him. Go Dylan, help her!
* I am a huge fan of banter between couples and the ceramics class was chock full of crisp banter between Cun Xi and Xin Yi. It is so clear they love each other. They are so cute! Even the students saw it clearly.
* Finally the chat session between Xin Yi and Z (Cun Xi) was revealing. Cun Xi learned that Xin Yi cares for him. He encouraged Xin Yi to give that poor guy ONE MORE CHANCE. I look forward to Xin Yi doing just that. Did I mention…this was an excellent episode!

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6 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 19 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    “Have you ever thought I was innocent? ” -Anna. Afraid, yes; innocent, NO, NOT FOR A MOMENT.

    The confrontations were EXCELLENT and it feels like we are ready for some major movement in the story.

    I found it odd that Anna drank at her studio and not at home … it probably was not the best idea.

    Hopefully Dylan’s time will be tied up protecting his messed up sister, Anna, and will give up on Xin Yi. If something was going to happen between Xin Yi and Dylan, it probably would have by now.


    • I reread the confrontations and they indeed were on point. Good honest dialogue that move the story forward and revealed the truth. I wish the Korean remake had Incorporated these plot points. The leads in the Korean drama would have portrayed these scenes with emotion and heart.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I wonder if public sentiment about abortion is different in South Korea versus Taiwan


        • beez says:

          S.K. is definitely not pro abortion (at least not publicly but we know it happens everywhere). And that’s why abortion would not have been written into the S.K. version of FTLY. It’s the same type of reaction as there is to drugs and homosexuality (although the latter is making (slow) inroads in tolerance). Part of me finds the old morals refreshing but sometimes the over reaction to celebrities “scandals” that amount to nothing from our POV leaves me flumoxed (for lack of a better word). When you consider that even the hint of what they consider a scandal ruins careers and lives. Even if the citizens do something illegal in a country where it is legal – they’re prosecuted when they get home to S.K. Even something as lightweight as gambling in a casino! That’s what’s shocking to me. Far more shocking than whatever “scandal” they’re shocked by.

          Liked by 2 people

    • beez says:

      Now that’s one plot point – Dylan and his long lost sister – that I was really disappointed in with the Korean version. Why even include it if they weren’t going to address it or give it some type of resolution?

      Liked by 1 person

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