Vampire Prosecutor Episode 12 Recap

EPISODE 12: “Finale Part 2”…
Our Vampire Prosecutor finds himself accused of crimes and on the run.

The Positives of this final episode:
* Finally we learn what happened to Tae Yeon’s sister. Prosecutor Jang turned her into a vampire and has kept her stored and fed in the warehouse the past seven years! Both men wanted to find her but with different goals, putting them at odds with each other. I was surprised when his sister bit Tae Yeon during his confrontation with Prosecutor Jang on the pier. I thought the police team with live ammo might injure all three of them. Interesting that Prosecutor Jang after 7 years of care and feeding decided death was the best option for his sister. Did his sister and Prosecutor Jang escape or die when he jumped off the pier with her in his arms?
* Prosecutor Jang is the big bad vampire that felt no remorse killing to feed. He believed he was ridding society of the evil that the police and prosecutors could not nail.
* Prosecutor Jang’s excuse that he was hunting Tae Yeon to keep him safe seemed like a blatant lie. He only wanted Tae Yeon’s tip where his sister would go next. He wanted the power over sister and to pin all the suspicion onto Tae Yeon and off him.
* Jung In, Dong Man, Soon Bum each supported Tae Yeon flight from the law. Jung In released him after she caught him leaving the internet cafe. She saved him in the car accident by shooting Prosecutor Jang. Dong Man tried to block the police team from pursuing Tar Yeon. Soon Bum helped Tae Yeon elude the police while getting him the three  critical blood samples of the first three victims. Soon Bum also gave Tae Yeon the handcuff key that let him escape from the police team.
Jung In being unable to shoot Tae Young when she caught him leaving the internet cafe said it all. Then at the car accident when she shot Prosecutor Jang (with live ammo) she saved Tae Young again. I loved that she had the live ammo because Tae Young recommended it earlier in the episode when she was unable to shoot him. When they were in the car after everything was done, his head was on her shoulder (much to her pleasure), she ALMOST took his hand but pulled back. That is subtle folks. Well done show, the hints of romance can be as satisfying as an overt confession.
* Glad that Mr La (aka Doctor Blood) survived the bullet meant to kill him. The show did a nice job having him casually walk by Tae Young in the last scenes on the streets of Seoul.

The minus side of this final episode:
* It got irritating watching Prosecutor Jang hunt Tae Young like a dog. The fact he had the police team at his disposal really put the odds in his favor. I did not like watching control Tae Young’s team.
* The show forced the full circle car accident at the end to mirror the accident in episode one where Tae Young was turned into a vampire. I bought Tae Young pursuing Prosecutor Jang and Jung In chasing Tae Young. I bought Prosecutor Jang and Tae Young’s collision. But Jung In’s car going over sideways EXACTLY like the episode one car crash, that was a stretch. Then it started to rain (and it was a perfectly DRY evening), and not just rain but pour! Then the gas leaked from Jung In’s car  and Jang lit it with Tae Young’s lighter. The similarities continued. Too bad they made this crash mimic the first so closely. The crash felt copied instead of climatic.

Satisfying last episode. The big questions were answered.

  1. Who was the big bad vampire? Prosecutor Jang.
  2. What happened to Tae Young’s sister? She was accidentally turned into a vampire by drinking vampire blood the night she was “killed”. She was kept in the warehouse for 7 years and fed victims brought by Prosecutor Jang.
  3. Is Tae Young exonerated? Yes! That smile and swagger at the end of the show tells you everything you need to know. This eye liner loving vampire has got it going on!


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