Fated to Love You Episode 18 Recap

Fated to Love You Episode 18: “Fated to be with Love”

Chen Xin Yi (Joe Chen) and Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Juan) worked together on a project in Shanghai and grew closer. He pushed her away and she realized she had fallen in love with him again. Taking a break, she left Shanghai and returned to the island to spend time with her family. Her mother and sisters decided to fix her up with a man so she forgets about Cun Xi and moves on. When Cun Xi left Shanghai, he and Anna continued their plans to marry. Except Cun Xi feels that he and Anna are just going through the motions of loving each other. To boost Cun Xi’s spirits, Anson took Cun Xi to a nightclub with plenty of women to talk to. Anson told him to give a new woman a try, to invigorate him. The women cluster around Anson and Cun Xi. A woman that look EXACTLY like Xin Yi’s mother’s made her entrance into the room. Was it Xin Yi’s mother?

The less said about the nightclub scene the better. It was NOT Xin Yi’s mother. It was a look a like. Cun Xi misses Xin Yi. I was glad when the scene was done.

Xin Yi’s mother and sister sign her up for an on-line dating service and set up a blind date that for that morning. They send Xin Yi to the cafe with a rose. Xin Yi quickly understands the High School gym teacher who also has a rose is there for a blind date. Xin Yi is upfront that she still loves her ex-husband Cun Xi. The gym teacher understands and they part ways. Xin Yi knows that Cun Xi will be at the island at noon for a bridge dedication. She resolves to visit Grandma Ji and give her the gift Master Long sent with her for Grandma Ji.

When Cun Xi and Anson try to sneak back into the house, Grandma Ji catches them and takes them to task for smelling like alcohol and being out all night. Cun Xi manages to talk Grandma Ji into attending the bridge dedication at the island. Cun Xi heads to bed to sleep off the previous evening.

When Xin Yi gets to Grandma Ji’s house no one answers the door. She repeatedly rings the bell dragging Cun Xi out of bed to answer. They are stunned to see each other. They both do a quick how do I look check of themselves. Their conversation is stilted:
Xin Yi: Aren’t you supposed to be at the bridge dedication?
Cun Xi: I have a headache so Grandma Ji went in my place. Don’t tell me you picked this time to come because you thought I’d be at the island.
Xin Yi: No, no. What about you? Did you not attend the dedication on the island to avoid me?
Cun Xi: Why would I want to avoid you? I have a headache!
Xin Yi: Do you have a headache from your cold in Shanghai? (she is concerned)
Cun Xi: (he remembers kissing her in Shanghai and smiles) You remember I had a cold?
Xin Yi: No, I do not remember.
Cun Xi: I have also forgotten you kissing me. (awkward silence) What I mean to say is thank you for taking care of me. Why didn’t you tell me you were back in Taipei?
Xin Yi: Oh yeah. I have a gift for Grandma Ji from Master Long. Please take it.
Cun Xi: Do you have anything else to say to me?
Xin Yi: No, I have to go. I am meeting a friend.
Cun Xi: (the maid says the dog Baby Ji is about to deliver her puppies) Can you come in and help me?
Xin Yi: No, I do not have time today.

Cun Xi takes her hand and pulls her into the house. They head to the nursery where Baby Ji is about to deliver her puppies. Cun Xi sets up the video camera to tape the birth so Grandma Ji can watch it later. The puppies are born, so tiny! They care and clean the puppies together. They work well together. As they are cleaning up, Xin Yi remarks that she is surprised the nursery is still the same.

Xin Yi: People say a woman is innocent if she gets fooled the first time, naive the second time, and stupid the third time.
Cun Xi: I only know the first time was accidental, the second time is inevitable, the third time is destined by fate.
Xin Yi: (pauses then jokes) Am I destined to be fooled by you three times?

Anna bursts into the room and stops in shock when she sees Xin Yi. Xin Yi explains she dropped something off for Grandma Ji and ended up helping with Baby Ji’s puppy delivery. She starts to leave but the maid calls Cun Xi to bring Baby Ji and the puppies as the vet has arrived. Cun Xi takes Baby Ji and the puppies and tells the women to stay put.

Anna: I’m really sorry about your loss two years ago.
Xin Yi: It is not your fault. I was the one who did not protect my child.
Anna: It was the most upsetting and gloomy day of my life.
Xin Yi: Congratulations on your upcoming marriage to Cun Xi. I stopped by today to deliver a gift to Grandma Ji from my teacher. I never though I would see Cun Xi. Do not worry I will never have anything to do with him again. Ever since he asked you to give me the abortion agreement, on Grandma Ji’s 80th birthday, I no longer had any feelings towards him. I once thought he cared about me and out baby. But it was all in my imagination. I will never love this man again. I have to go.
Anna: I am really sorry. Please forgive me.
Xin Yi: I wish you two happiness. I’m leaving.
Cun Xi: (entering the room) Are you going?
Xin Yi: I hope your wedding will go well. Goodbye.
Anna: Let’s go visit Baby Ji at the veterinarian. We have finally become parents!
Cun Xi: (distracted) What did you say?

Waiting for the ferry to island, Xin Yi asks herself “Why I am so is affected by Cun Xi? The feeling of sorrow is so strong. Why do I feel like forgiving him the moment I see him? I must not. I cannot have any more to do with Cun Xi. We are strangers now. Strangers.”

She boards the ferry for the island. Back on the island walking home she hears a man’s footsteps behind her. She turns hoping it is Cun Xi but it is Dylan. He asks if she hoped he was Cun Xi? Her mother and sister feed Dylan, looking him over. Mother thinks that Xin Yi is crazy to let him go. She invites Dylan to stay overnight in a guest building. Mother and sister lead Dylan and Xin Yi to the building then lock them in!
Xin Yi: Are you angry with me?
Dylan: Disappointed. After spending two years together, I still cannot compare to Cun Xi.
Xin Yi: The pain he left in my heart, I cannot get rid of it easily. It is difficult to forget about him.
Dylan: Do you know what hurts me the most? You did not have the courage to tell me in person. I never forced you to be with me. You should never treat a friend like this.
Xin Yi: I am sorry.
Dylan: I know that love cannot be forced. What do you want me to do?
Xin Yi: I am sorry for leaving without talking to you. I did not want to hurt you. But I could not face myself at that time much less you. I became the old Xin Yi.
Dylan: I do not care if you are the old or new Xin Yi. I still love you. I’m leaving in the morning for Paris. I have a plane ticket for you. Come with me.

Anson escorts Grandma Ji home. She is thrilled to hear that Baby Ji had puppies. Cun Xi tells her he video taped the happy event. They all sit down to watch. Grandma Ji is surprised to see Xin Yi on the video tape. Anson tells Grandma Ji that Cun Xi and Xin Yi saw each other while he was on business in Shanghai. They watch Baby Ji give birth. Grandma Ji hopes that Cun Xi kisses Xin Yi but when Anna enters the smile is erased from her face. They listen in rapt attention while the women talk. When Xin Yi promises Anna she will never have anything to do with Cun Xi, Grandma Ji asks him what did he do that made Xin Yi hate him. Cun Xi says he has never understood what happened. Then they finally hear the explanation from Xin Yi “Ever since he asked you to give me the abortion agreement, on Grandma Ji’s 80th birthday, I no longer had any feelings towards him.” Cun Xi rewinds and listens again.

Anson and Grandma Ji are stunned.

Cun Xi utters “I never gave her an abortion agreement”.


* Worst episode of the series. It contained the ridiculous nightclub segment that was too long. A full 20 mintues of this episode was skippable. Thank goodness, once we hit the 40 minute mark in the episode the story got back on track and the big reveal FINALLY happened. At last Cun Xi knows that Xin Yi believes he wanted her to sign an abortion agreement. He probably has not figured out it is Anna’s doing. All in good time.
* Cun Xi’s and Xin Yi’s surprise meeting at his house worked. After what they shared in Shanghai, and thank goodness THEY BOTH REMEMBER their passionate kisses, they were awkward and embarrassed around each other. Baby Ji saved they day. Cun Xi and Xin Yi helped with .the birthing process. This is their second birth of the series (recall they delivered her sister’s baby earlier in the series). It was sweet of Cun Xi to video tape the birth so Grandma Ji could experience it too. That video could be the key to unlocking a future for Xin Yi and Cun Xi.
* I loved what Cun Xi said to Xin Yi in the nursery I only know the first time was accidental, the second time is inevitable, the third time is destined by fate.” I’m on board with that.
* I have mixed feelings about Dylan’s continued pursuit of Xin Yi. He knows that he is NOT the one for her. He said it himself “After spending two years together, I still cannot compare to Cun Xi”. But coming to the island to talk to her is not excessive. She left only a note when she left Shanghai. He needed more closure than a note. I am at the tipping point with Dylan. Xin Yi is clearly telling him she has feelings for Cun Xi. Now Dylan has heard it personally. He needs to support her OR cut her out of her life. If he continues to pursue her then he is not respecting her.
* When Anna and Xin Yi spoke they were so cooly polite to each other. Xin Yi once again tells Anna she will have nothing to do with Cun Xi. Of course, she cannot control what Cun Xi will do. Thank goodness when they spoke, Xin Yi mentioned the abortion agreement that changed her feelings for Cun Xi. I hope this reveal changes their future.
* It was cute when Grandma Ji threatened Anson and he quickly told Grandma Ji part of what happened in Shanghai. Gotta love Anson, he is comedy relief for this series.
* Cun Xi, Anson and Grandma Ji were blown away when Xin Yi said Cun Xi gave her an abortion agreement. Please, please, please do not let Anna wriggle out of this!

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One comment on “Fated to Love You Episode 18 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I concur the “nightclub”, which seemed more like a brothel, was a waste of time. Although admittedly pictures of Cun Xi in bed with Anson would have made much better blackmail than the images taken in the first episode with Xin Yi.

    “Am I destined to be fooled by you three times?” -Xin Yi. Gotta love Xin Yi’s quick wit …I really can’t blame her for feeling that way.

    I was so disappointed when Cun Xi did not hear the Anna damning conversation with Xin Yi, but unbelievably pleased the camera was still filming.
    “Cun Xi, Anson and Grandma Ji were blown away when Xin Yi said Cun Xi gave her an abortion agreement. Please, please, please do not let Anna wriggle out of this!” -KJT. From your lips to the writer’s pen❗ I hope the truth makes a difference to Xin Yi.


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