Fated to Love You Episode 10 Recap

Nutshell Recap Episode #10:

Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) and Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) are embracing, yes folks, a real kiss. This is after Mi Young shyly admitted she is starting to dream about NOT leaving Lee Gun when the baby is born, about them becoming a real family. In return, Lee Gun admitted he has feelings for Mi Young and their baby. He kisses her with passion and promise. We see them break apart, stare, and then softly kiss again. This time Mi Young participates and wraps her arms up his back.

In bed, Lee Gun fights the urge to reach out to Mi Young. He takes a cold shower. He sees his shrink. He reads the bible. ANYTHING to drive the lust from his body.

Turns out that Lee Gun and Mi Young have the same birthday. They decide to celebrate together. Per his request, she makes him a mug with a cartoon depiction of Lee Gun titled DP’s Daddy.

Se Ra (Wang Ji Won) is distracted and depressed in New York over her break up with Lee Gun.

Step-mother snoops in Lee Gun’s study finds the divorce agreement. Jackpot, this is exactly what she needs to give her corporate partner in crime to depose Lee Gun and install her son as CEO.

The newspapers break the scandal that Lee Gun and Mi Young are in a contract marriage with the terms that upon birth Mi Young is to be paid for leaving the baby with Lee Gun. The company elders are appalled at the negative press the contract marriage is garnering.

Mi Young’s mother is appalled that her daughter is not in a love relationship but a contractual one. She marches to their house and extracts Mi Young. Lee Gun tries to stop her but cannot tell her that he loves her daughter. He admits he likes her. That is not good enough. Mi Young and her mother leave. Daniel Pitt (Choi Jin Hyuk) watches Mi Young being driven away from the house.

Se Ra is stunned at the contract marriage news. She gets on a plane to return to Seoul to see Lee Gun.

The next day is Mi Young’s and Lee Gun’s birthday. They both manage to escape the hoard of reporters outside their homes. As Lee Gun goes to meet Mi Young, the board of directors call an emergency meeting to depose Lee Gun. Secretary Tak urges Lee Gun to not meet Mi Young and attend the emergency meeting. Lee Gun refuses and gets out of the car to walk to Mi Young. He collapses and is rushed to the hospital. Meanwhile Mi Young waits for him but he never shows.

Daniel approaches Mi Young and asks why shes continue to let Lee Gun mistreat her? He states he will be more open with his commitment to Mi Young.

Se Ra approaches Lee Gun’s hospital bed. Lee Gun opens his eyes and slowly focuses on Se Ra’s face.

What are we dealing with? What is Lee Gun’s medical condition?

* This episode had a split personality. The first half was all cuteness as our couple continued their path to a real relationship. The second half centered on the news of their contract marriage and the scandal that exploded around them. Mi Young was extracted from the house by her Mother. Lee Gun’s Grandmother took to her sick bed. The ominous mystery brain disease that could strike at any moment, struck Lee Gun as he was in route to Mi Young. I’m not adverse to challenges to our couple. However the scandal over a contract marriage seemed excessive. Who did not have an opinion on their relationship? I wanted to tell everyone their opinion is just that, an opinion, and they should all BACK OFF and let the couple in question figure it out.

* When the show started with Mi Young’s confession that she was starting to hope for a permanent relationship with Lee Gun and the baby, that confession felt raw and real. Jang Na Ra delivered the goods in that scene. In response, Lee Gun saw she cared and discovered he did too. Jang Hyuk has taken the lead in most of their scenes as the dominant personality but in this instance he read Jang Na Ra and played off her beautifully. Well done by both lead actors.

* Did I mention that was a heck of a kiss? All fire at first then after a break for air, sweet tenderness with BOTH of them engaged. Kissing is a contact sport and it is better when both parties participate. This kiss qualifies. Loved it!

* The physical comedy moment…hmm, when Secretary Tak and step-brother had the dance off in the office? It was non-existent last episode and not evident in this episode either. Have we seen the last of those kinds of scenes?

Daniel Pitt took a backseat in the episode patiently supporting and watching. At the end of the episode, when he was walking to Mi Young he blew a nervous breath out. I saw two reasons for that: 1) He was going to tell a friend a harsh truth (in his opinion) about her husband and 2) I believe when he said “I am going to be more courageous about you” he was making a declaration of intent to romance her, which is nerve wracking confession to make.

* In the last two episodes I have not felt much for Se Ra. Things shifted slightly for me this episode. With her despondency in New York you understood that she got a raw deal from Lee Gun. She simply is unable to understand and therefore process the quick and unexpected destruction of her six year relationship with Lee Gun. Her willingness to ditch the ballet tour to go the Lee Gun will undoubtedly cost her, but Lee Gun was her priority.

* Snail citings: Too numerous to articulate all of the them here in this episode. A sampling: 1) Lee Gun telling Mi Young “the snail has fully returned” after the auction. 2) in the psychologists’s office “snail is sexy, snail is sweet, I kissed the snail, snail is here.” 3) “snail birthday”

* The tender and sweet moments of this couple & show that draws me like a moth to the flame. Episode 10 tender/sweet moments:

***** Happiness over the ultrasound, they were thrilled, so nice to watch, their joy is infectiousness.
***** Their discussion about their joint birthdays, what they wanted from each other – Mi Young wanted time with Lee Gun and Lee Gun wanted his own mug. Lee Gun’s mini-whine and plea “Why don’t you make a cup for me? So unfair. I know how to use a cup. Make me a Gunnie cup!” One of their longer scenes and it was sweet.
***** When Mi Young cooked a meal for step-brother. Her kindness is genuine and you could see he was touched when she told him that she would eat with him so he would not eat alone because he was family. This episode was the first inkling of humanity from step-brother who has been a cardboard cutout character in the past episodes.
***** When Mi Young scrap-booked for DP. Her love for her unborn child is palpable. Her affection for Lee Gun is obvious. Nice scene.

* Each episode has Laugh Out Load moments for me. Episode 10 LOL moments:

*****Mi Young and Lee Gun’s “you are the best” thumbs up , got a chuckle out of me

***** Lee Gun’s shower scene 
***** Lee Gun surrounding himself with Bibles and singing hymns to keep the lustful thoughts away
***** Secretary Tak’s dance and fishing for compliments after step-brother scored approval from Lee Gun. This was step-brother’s best scene, he contributed to the humor of the scene. Well done by these three actors, you could see them feed off each other.
****** Lee Gun, Secretary Tak, and Law Firm President evading the reporters as they exit the house.
***** Mi Young, Ji Yun, and step-brother evading the reporters by reenacting a scene from one of Jang Na Ra’s previous series (per the subtitles on Viki). This is my first time watching Jang Na Ra so I have no personal knowledge of her former work. However, they have given Jang Hyuk two Chuno references, so it is only fair they reference her work as well.

* I really liked Secretary Tak’s interactions with Lee Gun this episode. You saw more of a peer-to-peer relationship versus boss-underling. Secretary Tak’s tough love was reasonable and justified from his point of view. His shock and concern when Lee Gun collapsed was evident.

* Pop of color and styling:
***** Daniel’s cafe with the bright yellow table umbrella and red railing.
***** May I say that Daniel’s auburn hair paired with a blue jacket, now that is a fabulous color combination on a good looking man.

* This episode delivered a real cliffhanger. What is Lee Gun’s medical condition? Is he waking with amnesia? If so, will he reunite with Se Ra? When will Mi Young learn that Lee Gun is sick and in the hospital? Will this be an easy obstacle to overcome? Mr. Producer, the next episode should be sent overnight to me ASAP!

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8 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 10 Recap
  1. Drama Fan says:

    Love your recaps. My take on why Gun let Mi Young get taken by her mom was that he felt guilty. He was holding on to her until “mom” told him “I like you, but can you honestly tell me that she has not suffered in this house? Give me a reason not to take her” I believe he agrees that he has put Mi Young through bad moments, at least at the beginning of their married life and now with this scandal. Since he drafted the contract he probably feels guilty. I still think she would’ve been better off staying in the house because the press will harass her wherever she goes. But maybe Gun was already feeling sick? His reaction was like someone in shock. Ah and the reference was to Succesful Story of a Bright Girl, the Jangs previous drama 🙂

  2. snow says:

    I don’t know but now Daniel really annoys me…he is not ready to believe that things might have changed between MY and Gun since he first saw them…can he not see how happy she is with Gun…so yeah…he makes me angry now with all his presumptions that Gun is a bad husband…

    • kjtamuser says:

      I’m finding his switch to protective brother to romantic interest (at least that is what I THINK they are implying) unfounded. I like him as brother not lover.

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    So nice to start the episode with a nice kiss! 💋 The cold water shower scene and Gun’s other efforts to mitigate his lust had me rolling on the floor!

    Those campy moments with the step-bro (Yong or Dragon) and Secretary Tak crack me up! I’m so glad that Dragon is now on board with Mi Young and Gun. Dragon was so touched by Mi Young taking the time to eat with him—sweet moments. 💋 Just when things are going well for our married couple, that nasty step mom pulls the rug out from under them.

    I can see Mi Young’s Mom taking her out of the house, but she is an adult and Mi Young was never asked what she wanted (hmm Post-It Girl strikes again, but you can kind of understand her capitulating to her Mom). I didn’t understand the tactics of evading the media—I mean who would believe that any of them, except for the Dragon might be young enough to high schoolers? Hearing that it is homage to another drama with Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk, well at least bring a bit of sense to it.

    Just when Mi Young and Gun work past the media barrage, Gun collapses—will these two ever get a break, besides heartbreak? While I like that Daniel is looking out for Mi Young, does he not remember that she is married and LIKES (or even loves) her man! Keep it at older brother oppa, forget boyfriend oppa, dude!

    • kjtamuser says:

      Yes, that was a nice kiss. Sometimes we viewers get short changed on kisses with any kind of passion. This one delivered. When he first kissed her it was overwhelming passion then the second kiss was all tenderness, which she responded to.

      I love Secretary Tak. A ray of sunshine in this series.

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