Fated to Love You Episode 9 Recap

Nutshell Recap Episode #9:

Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) and Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) have danced to fireworks. Are they ready to create their own? Lee Gun gently kisses Mi Young on her cheek. He stares intently…then they hug…then they go home. Really? They go home? I’m starting to feel jilted at the missed opportunities here.

In bed, Lee Gun fights the urge to reach out to Mi Young. After Lee Guns falls asleep, Mi Young watches him sleep and muses if she has the right to desire him.

Mi Young takes Lee Gun lunch delighting him.

Se Ra’s mother visits Se Ra (Wang Ji Won) and you immediately see she is cold and not nice.

Lee Gun and Daniel Pitt (Choi Jin Hyuk) sign the contracts for Daniel to up the corporate image. There is a photo shoot with Lee Gun, Mi Young, and Daniel Pitt where the men vy for posing next to Mi Young. At the photo shoot, Mi Young gets a call from Se Ra to meet her. Daniel drives her to the meeting.

Se Ra asks Mi Young how can she be in a loveless marriage? And if Mi Young does care about Lee Gun, how can she allow him to be in a loveless marriage?

Daniel comforts Mi Young after the encounter. Outside the cafe, they both see Se Ra’s mother slap her before she heads back to New York to continue her ballet show.

Mi Young’s mother has opened a new eatery in Seoul. Lee Gun, Mi Young, and the rest of the family have a terrific opening day for the eatery. Lee Gun pulls his weight as waiter and busboy.

At an auction, step-mother donates Mi Young’s mug with a cartoon depiction of their baby (aka DP).  Step-mother does this to embarrass Mi Young. Lee Gun quickly figures out who donated the mug in Mi Young’s name. Just as he is about to bid for the mug, Daniel makes an impressive bid and lovely speech about the art from the heart on the mug. Lee Gun tops this by declaring he personally knows the artist then proceeds to make a huge bid securing him the mug.

Mi Young is overwhelmed and leaves the auction. Lee Gun stops her flight and asks why she is upset. Mi Young admits she is beginning to hope for the impossible. She is starting to dream about NOT leaving Lee Gun when the baby is born, about them becoming a real family. Lee Gun admits he feels for Mi Young and their baby. He asks if she understands what he is saying. She says she does not. Cutting to the chase and taking the “actions speak louder than words” approach, Lee Gun passionately kisses her.

* Bummer that Lee Gun did not go for the kiss on Mi Young’s lips at the beginning of the episode. Noticing these missed opportunities means I care. Show, let’s get some loving going.
* The show heard my plea and tossed a cute “loving” bone, when Lee Gun practically begged for and Mi Young sweetly kissed Lee Gun’s check before he headed to work. When she blushed and told him that she would bring lunch to office, he exuberantly declared the day exciting. These two are darling!
* Don’t shoot me but the cute lunchbox with Lee Gun’s and Mi Young’s likeness reminded me of Boys Over Flowers when the leading female character packed a lunch for the leading male character with his likeness. I’m sure this has been done many times before but Boys Over Flowers is my reference. During the lunch Lee Gun was making his move on Mi Young for a kiss but she pulled away. Keeping going Lee Gun – you can do it!
* Stop with the visits to the doctor, Lee Gun, this is making me nervous!
* The physical comedy moment…there really was not an overt moment this episode. What’s up with that?
* The other compelling couple of this show is Lee Gun and Daniel Pitt. I am digging how they challenge each other and the building rapport they have with each other. These two radiate masculinity, charm, and caring for the object of their affections – Mi Young. I like that Daniel is pushing Lee Gun to be a better husband by needling him and competing with him. There still is no indication that Daniel has any romantic designs on Mi Young.They had several testosterone laced moments this episode:
****** Competitive contract signing photo op. The height differential between the two men was obvious. I thought they made it work to their advantage in the scene.
****** Vying for Mi Young during the photo shoot. The photo shoot appropriately ended with the two of them gripping each other’s arms.
ep9_12 ep9_13
****** Their “drink off” with a successive row of shots. Wow! That was an impressive amount of alcohol they consumed.
* Se Ra’s mother seems to be a dreadful human being and terrible mother. That slap she delivered to Se Ra outside the cafe, ouch!
* I said last episode that I did not really feel much for Se Ra. That holds true for me this episode. I guess she has the right to question a love-less marriage. But really? Does she? Isn’t she interfering? I think Lee Gun just cutting off a 6 year relationship with a single conversation is pretty cold. Se Ra deserved better than that. But she didn’t get it. Seeking answers from Mi Young is back door and I do not like it. Se Ra is serving Mi Young a side of guilt. Mi Young is sweet enough to take on Se Ra’s burden. Shake it off Mi Young! Se Ra’s issue is with Lee Gun, she should take him on.
* Does anyone else feel the show is practically screaming that Se Ra is Daniel’s long lost sister? I’m surprised at the lack of subtlety in this plot point. Either way, I am glad they will have each other in the end. Daniel is a good guy and I’m all for him finding his sister.
* When Lee Gun helped out at Mi Young’s mother’s eatery, his energy and enthusiasm was charming. His blatant wooing of Mi Young – terrific. Does anyone else melt when Jang Hyuk simply smiles? Mi Young was giddy as a school girl. Her mother enjoys seeing Mi Young happy. By the way, I am really enjoying Mi Young’s mother. Her interactions with Mi Young and Lee Gun have that tough love flavor but underlying tenderness. The actress Song Ok Suk is doing a fine job with this role.
* I was surprised how upset that Mi Young got when she found out that Lee Gun had paid for the eatery in Seoul. She did not like the obligation she felt that she could not pay back.
* What is the revision to the divorce papers? Client confidentiality was broken when Lee Gun’s lawyer told Mi Young that Lee Gun was going to revise the divorce papers. And again when he sent the follow-up text that all was ok. It really looked like Mi Young was ready to sign the divorce papers before Grandma entered the room to press her to go the auction.
* Snail citings: 1) When Lee Gun called for “snail” (aka Mi Young) when he got home. 2) When Lee Gun told secretary Tak he was looking forward to lunch because the “snail will bring yummy food.”

* The tender and sweet moments of this couple & show that draws me like a moth to the flame. Episode 9 tender/sweet moments:
***** When Mi Young watched Lee Gun sleep, tucked the blanket around him and wondered if she had the right to desire him. Ummm…yes, yes you do.

***** When Mi Young hugged Lee Gun when she got home from the meeting with Se Ra. Now that was heartfelt and disarming. Lee Gun just melted, his anger and worry oozed out of him. When he returned the hug it was lovely.

* Each episode has Laugh Out Load moments for me. Episode 9 LOL moments:
***** Lee Gun’s fantasy / daydream about Daniel’s dance with Mi Young as the neighborhood oppa. Daniel’s slicked back hair was amusing. But when the Daniel looked into the camera and gave Lee Gun the thumbs down, LOL!

* Pop of color and styling:
***** The standout styling was at the auction. Lee Gun wore a red tie on black shirt/suit. Mi Young wore cream suit with red purse. Daniel’s pink suit was an amazing POP of color. I loved that meta message that Mi Young’s red purse matched Lee Gun’s tie and they are the matched pair.

* This episode was good but not great. I’m ok with that. I enjoyed it. I do not need a hit it out of the park episode every time. What the series is doing an excellent job at is investing me in our couple. I enjoy the shy and kind Mi Young. The moments she smiles, like at her Mother’s eatery when Lee Gun was acting as waiter and busboy, are just wonderful. I love the eccentric and charismatic Lee Gun. He has held himself in check in the physical pursuit of the shy Mi Young. FINALLY we got a passionate kiss at the end of the episode. And it wasn’t a kiss of only passion, it had the underlying message…we can build a real relationship out of an awkward start. I love it! I look forward to continued solidification of their cute couplehood next episode. 

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7 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 9 Recap
  1. Drama Fan says:

    Hi. I have a theory of why Mi Young got upset when she found out that Her brother in law had received money from Geon. I believe its the same reason that Mi Young’s mom got upset and that is, not just a question of dignity but also the feeling that the family is using Lee Geon

    • kjtamuser says:

      Considering Mi Young scratched out the $1M settlement in the divorce agreement, that follows. Also Mi Young’s mother in episode 5 did get irritated when her sister and brother-in-law pressed Mi Young for when Lee Gun would transfer them to Seoul. I’m with you woman!

      • Drama Fan says:

        I wonder if the fact that the Hamo duo drugged Lee Gun and Mi Young will ever be revealed cause that could cause more trouble and guilt for Mi Young and her mom.

        • kjtamuser says:

          It would certainly qualify as fuel for the fire to the scandal obsessed press! The impact of scandal in Korean dramas is more heightened than American dramas.

  2. snow says:

    I love Mi Young’s shyness…Jang Nara plays that new bride emotions and expressions so well 🙂
    And yay for the passionate kiss…I wasn’t expecting it since it’s not a cable drama…but yeah…it’s so good…and gets better in the next episode…LOL 😀

    And i loved the cute lunch MY prepared…

    • kjtamuser says:

      Jang Nara does shy and kind to perfection. I am all for mainstream TV to allow a bit more passion in their kisses. I am not a fan of lip presses that pretend to be kisses.
      I am on board for better in the next episode!

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I’m on the same page for the lip presses; they don’t qualify as a kiss in my book. That’s why I especially don’t consider the “accidental” lip presses as seen in so many Kdramas as even kisses–doesn’t there need to be intention? We should see at least a peck on the cheek or forehead to express tenderness. 💋 It is always nice to see some Jang Hyuk lip action in dramas!

    I love the BOF lunchbox reference! That was my first drama that I saw a lunchbox food face—it is my frame of reference too!

    Daniel keeps unwittingly coming to the rescue as testosterone-laced challenger to Gun—keeping him on his toes and aware of the sweet and wonderful woman he married.💋 Gun is now warily watching the “Neighborhood Oppa”…another campy moment along with the snail references throughout the episode. Why doesn’t my neighborhood have ANY such oppas?

    LOL stepmom’s attempt to undermines Mi Young was supremely overturned in the face with Daniel and Gun coming to the rescue showing Mi Young’s worth.💋 Mi Young seems to be struggling with the mixed signals she keeps getting from Gun–it would be hard to determine real feelings. Come on Gun—be an honest, straight shooter! (sorry, I couldn’t resist a pun/1) This relationship is starting to show some real promise! 💋

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