Fated to Love You Episode 7 Recap

Nutshell Recap Episode #7:

Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) is at the Daniel Pitt (Choi Jin Hyuk) art exhibit when she reads a distressing text that Lee Gun has sold the island factory breaking his promise. Daniel hugs Mi Young as Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) arrives to test his feelings. Lee Gun wrests Mi Young from him. Mi Young questions if she means anything to him beside the incubator for the heir. To top off Mi Young’s afternoon, Daniel admits his is NOT a priest. Believing Lee Gun cares nothing for her, and that he broke his promise to protect the island, Mi Young packs her suitcase and leaves. She passes by Daniel’s cafe. He apologizes for the lie. She forgives him and he asks to be considered her older brother. He talks her into returning to Lee Gun. Lee Gun is relieved when she returns.

Mi Young’s sister and husband visit Seoul. Mi Young, her sister and husband take a ferry ride. Lee Gun surprises her by joining them. She confronts him about selling the factory. Her sister and husband overhear and become upset. Lee Gun clarifies he broke the contract so he DID NOT sell the island factory. Everyone is relieved. Her sister goes into labor and Lee Gun and Mi Young deliver the baby. That’s a bonding experience.

That evening Lee Gun manages to talk Mi Young off the couch and into the bed. Then he manages to talk himself off the couch and into the bed. He says the first person that leaves the bed for the couch is having feelings for the other. When Mi Young turns in bed she finds herself face-to-face with Lee Gun. They stare into each other eyes. Unnerved she starts to leave the bed for the couch. He pulls her to him and moves in for a kiss.

* Is there anything better than two beautifully tailored handsome men sparring like gentlemen over a woman? Daniel has a handsome face, height, and calm persona. Lee Gun has flair, hair and the glare!
ep7_15 ep7_14
* It was testosterone overload when Daniel and Lee Gun met professionally for the first time. Daniel put it on the table when he said he was working with Lee Gun because of Mi Young. This was the best episode so far for the character of Daniel and actor Choi Jin Hyuk.
* Bravo to Mi Young for her forthright moments:
***** Asking Lee Gun what she means to him. She discerns without the baby it is nothing. She calls their relationship a contractor and contractee.
***** Thanking Lee Gun for telling her she is superglue and not to be discouraged. She noted he was the only one that had done that.
***** Confronting Lee Gun about selling the factory. I enjoyed when later in the episode, Lee Gun wryly noted that for a woman that cannot say no to others, she says it to him consistently.
* The physical comedy moments started with the choking / hair pulling of Lee Gun when Mi Young’s sister and husband found out Lee Gun had sold the island factory that culminated with labor pains then the birth of the baby. Lee Gun’s command of the birth process was surprising.
* Glad Daniel confessed (ha) to NOT being a priest. Glad they got that out of the way.
* Snail citing in the office when Lee Gun wondered “what’s up with the snail?” (Mi Young) then leaving to “feed the snail”.
* Jang Hyuk is a fit fellow. Did you catch his exercise segment? The jump rope to handstand-like maneuver. Yep, his body is in good shape.
Jang Hyuk again has a subtle but striking moment when Mi Young declares he is too busy to come on the ferry ride. While he agrees and laughs on the surface, you see the disappointment too. Nice!
* The tender moments of this couple and show that draws me like a moth to the flame. Episode 7 tender moments:
***** When Daniel Pitt told Mi Young they should be sworn siblings and asked to be her older brother. He then gently guided her back to Lee Gun and her marriage.
***** When Lee Gun held her sister’s baby for the first time. Something lovely about Mi Young’s sister offering the child and Lee Gun gently cradling the baby.
***** When Daniel had the forgive me in lights, but what really got me was his hands clasped in a plea for forgivness. That melted Mi Young (and me).
*****  When Lee Gun gave Mi Young noodles to soothe her morning sickness.
***** When Lee Gun tells Mi Young he has broad shoulders for her to lean on.
***** When Mi Young’s mother hugs Lee Gun in the hospital. He is starting to like those Mom hugs, so long missing from his life.
ep7_13 ep7_12
***** When Lee Gun tells Mi Young she is super glue.
* Each episode has Laugh Out Load moments for me. Episode 7 LOL moments:
***** When Lee Gun tells Mi Young her sister’s newborn looks like ET the Extra Terrestrial.
***** Secretary Tak’s exuberance that was deemed excessive by Lee Gun (pot calling the kettle black)
***** Cute, not necessarily LOL, joint morning sickness for Mi Young and Lee Gun. Step-mother enjoyed pulling the refrigerator door open to trigger the gag reflex.
***** Frenzied cleaning their room for sister and brother-in-law. Lee Gun’s tossing technique reminded me of a child’s solution to cleaning a room…stuff everything in the closet…wait, I’ve done that too…
***** Lee Gun entering the bedroom with the Hulk figurine when he heard ghost noises.
***** Fake back injury to garner access to the bed
* Production continues to be focused, they have a vision for this show that is consistent. I appreciate this.
* Pop of color and sassy styling. I am more impressed by the show’s stylist each episode:
***** The stylist switched Mi Young into brighter clothing as she blossoms. Mi Young sported the red purse at the art show, the bright blue suitcase, and a coral dress for her sister’s visit then switching to a blue dress on the ferry.
ep7_20 ep7_19
***** Daniel’s double breasted orange suit – wow!
***** In their first meeting, the stylist switched Lee Gun’s shades to non-opaque aviator and Daniel had the dark opaque wayfarer style.
***** Lee Guns’s navy piped cream jacket with crimson tie. Natty!
* Finally the sexual tension between Mi Young and Lee Gun on the bed was palpable. Bring on the loving!
* This episode was delightful. I am enjoying watching our couple find their way into each other’s hearts.

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4 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 7 Recap
  1. Drama Fan says:

    I agree with everything and I want to add that I find Jang Hyuk’s face to be handsome as well :p

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I’m so glad Daniel is no longer pretending to be a priest and was quickly forgiven! I like him, but I’m glad to see Mi Young and Gun building a relationship💋

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