Fated to Love You Episode 15 Recap

Fated to Love You Episode 15: “Uncuttable”

Chen Xin Yi (Joe Chen) and  Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Juan) have been apart for 2 years. Cun Xi found Xin Yi during a business trip to Shanghai. She’s an artist and Cun Xi bought her first piece (he did NOT know he was buying Xin Yi’s art). Cun Xi danced with Xin Yi (she did not know who the masked man was).  Will Cun Xi reveal himself to Xin Yi?

Cun Xi has arranged to meet Xin Yi in front of a church and plans to reveal his identity to her. While he waits he remembers all the hard times she went through because of him in the past. The wise flower lady tells him he needs to apologize sincerely to the woman he wronged.

Cun Xi changes his mind and decides he’ll be an anonymous supporter of Xin Yi (as Z) and leave her to her new life. When Xin Yi arrives, the flower lady gives her a note from Z and the flower that means courage. Xin Yi is disappointed she missed meeting Z again and starts walking home.

As she crosses the road, in the middle of the intersection, she sees the back of her stalker from last night. She yells at the man to leave her alone and stop stalking her. The man turns around – it is Cun Xi! They are both stunned. Thank goodness they meet this episode!

A car approaches her and with flashbacks of the accident 2 years ago…we fade to the hospital where Cun Xi is berating the nurse as to why Xin Yi has not woken up. Xin Yi does wake up and hears the racket Cun Xi is making. He hears her movement and rushes into the room. She hits him and immediately the banter with a harder edge begins. LOL moment when they both yell at the nurse that their relationship is normal. Those two get fired up by each other!

In the end she is discharged and Cun Xi follows her into the taxi saying he only wants to see her home safely. I loved their banter in the taxi! She is NOT happy but he is obstinate.

At her apartment building, he eyes the spiral staircase, asks what floor she lives on, then sweeps her up in his arms and up the stairs. Ok, that was pretty awesome in the romantic moves department. He enjoys every moment having her in his arms. At her door she sputters then demands he put her down, which he does.

As she opens her apartment door he barrels through and sits comfortably in the living room like he is an old friend visiting. They have a moment of easy conversation as he catches her up on the news from Taipei.

Then the outer shell locks down on her and she orders him to go. Cun Xi won’t leave until he can say what he must.
Cun Xi:   I looked in your wishing box. I want to say I’m sorry.
Xin Yi:   Sorry you can’t love me? That’s ok. I knew that 2 years ago. You do not have to repeat it.
Cun Xi:  No, that’s not it.
Xin Yi:  Leave, leave. (she pushes him and they both fall to the ground).

ep14_9 ep14_10
Cun Xi: I’m sorry for not loving you. I guess you did not know it then. You can make people worry about you so easily. After I slept with you by accident I wondered why I had such bad luck. Then you saved my dog, settled my relationship with Anna, you touched me every day with you actions. Every time I hurt you, I hated myself. I wanted to treat you better. It would be great if I could be nice to you again. 
Xin Yi:  Why are you saying this now? To expedite your sins?
Cun Xi:  No. I want to tell you my true feelings. Xin Yi…I…really…love you (and he closes in for a kiss)

…and the police burst in followed by the neighbor that didn’t recognize Cun Xi. He tells them he is the ex-husband. They look to Xin Yi for confirmation. She denies knowing him (ha!). The police man drags Cun Xi away. Xin Yi sticks out her tongue at him as he leaves (ha, ha!).

At the police station, Cun Xi is charged with failed rape and trespassing. He is put in a cell with another loser in love. Dylan comes and bails him out.

Dylan and Cun Xi go to a park and decide throwing punches at each other is the best way to communicate. Cun Xin yells at Dylan that he is NOT divorced from Xin Yi as the document is not dated. Dylan yells back she wanted to get away from you. You threw her away like a sticky note once she fell in love with you. More punches until Xin Yi shows up and yells for them to stop.
Cun Xi: Why did you lie to the police? Was it because you were scared to be alone with me? Why do you keep pushing me away? I have not finished saying what I want to say!
Xin Yi:  Fine. Say it. Let’s say all there is to say.
Cun Xi: Shouldn’t Dylan leave?
Xin Yi: He can stay, we have no secrets.
Cun Xi:  I’ve looked in your wishing box. I know you love me. If you had not left without a word, I would have asked you to stay! I don’t mind what happened to the baby. You are the one I love!
Xin Yi:  Of course you don’t care what happened to the baby. Why would you care? All that talk about asking me to stay…how dare you say you love me…how dare you!
Cun Xi: What did I do to make you hate me? When I started to have feelings for  you I only wanted to be nice to you.
Xin Yi: How is asking me to have an abortion being nice? (recall she mistakenly thinks he wanted her to sign an abortion agreement)
Cun Xi:  I had no choice. I had to choose between you. You know the accident! (he is referring to the hospital decision to save her life OR the baby’s life after she was hit by the car)
Xin Yi:  Don’t bring the accident into this! You did not want the baby regardless of the accident. 
Cun Yi: Why would you think that? (he does not know about the abortion agreement Anna pressed on Xin Yi in his name)
Xin Yi:  It’s not what I think. It is a fact. You are right. I used to love you. But I do not any more. Whether you think I’ve changed or become unkind you have no idea how hard I’ve worked for 2 years to shed the useless person I used to be. What you think does not matter. I like who I am now. Your appearance is a nightmare.
Cun Xi: Do you really hate me that much?
Xin Yi: I don’t hate you. I just hope if we ever met again we can pretend to be strangers. If you want to be good to me stay away from me. Hurry back to Taipae. That’s where the person you love is. This is a plea for you to leave my life. 
Cun Xi: (staring at her) Xin Yi, press on, press on. You’ve become strong. I hear you clearly that you’ve made your choice. So all I can do is respect you and leave. Press on, Xin Yi, Press On!

She’s crying, he’s crying, I’m crying, as he walks away from her.

Cun Xi stops at a flower shop seeing the flower for courage. He muses that maybe the only thing he can do her Xin Yi is to quietly support her.

At Xin Yi’s apartment Dylan asked if she pretended to be close to him to make Cun Xi jealous. She denies this. Dylan kisses her and tells her the time for them to become a couple is now. They hug. She looks pensive.

In the hotel room, Cun Xi writes Xin Yi a note from Z and attaches it to the courage flower. The business partner from yesterday stops by and asks for his help. In order to launch Inheritance soap with style he suggests Cun Xi partner with a master artist to make the packaging of the soap special.

Meanwhile Xin Yi and Dylan have a game of racquetball before work. As they stroll through the park Dylan invites her to come to Paris with him. He’s just about to kiss her when her phone rings. It is Master Long and they head to his studio.

At the studio the courage flowers and note from Z are waiting for Xin Yi. She heads out back to see Master Long. When she gets there to their mutual surprise is Cun Xi. Master Long introduces them and Xin Yi halfheartedly greets him. Master Long says since his Grandmother has poured her life energy into the company, he’ll do all he can to help her. Turns out Master Long knows Grandma Ji from years ago. Is she the one that got away? Cun Xi delights Master Long when he tells him that Grandma Ji is a collector of his art. Xin Yi breaks in and asks what Master Long is getting involved in. Cun Xi tells her for the launch of Inheritance soap in China he wants the master to design a limited edition container. Xin Yi tells Master Shan that his schedule is too full and he cannot support this project. She is giddy when she tells Cun Xi so sorry but the timing is bad. Cun Xi graciously tells Master Long he is disappointed but understands. Master Long says Xin Yi can design the limited edition container. Both Xin Yi and Cun Xi are surprised at this suggestion. Xin Yi is NOT happy and tries to talk Master Long out of it. But it is to no avail. Master Long tells her to have draft designs in 3 days.

Dylan enters the conversation and tells Master Long he knows Cun Xi from Taipei. Master Long tells Dylan he’s too busy so Xin Yi will be doing designs for Cun Xi. Dylan jabs Cun Xi verbally by saying people can spot Xin Yi’s talent from far away. Master Long agrees saying he knew she was talented the first day he met her. Dylan reminds Xin Yi about their date that evening, kisses her on the forehead and leaves.

Cun Xi tells Master Long he looks forward to working with Xin Yi. Xin Yi hisses why isn’t he respecting her request from yesterday. Cun Xi looks at her all innocence…do we know each other? Thwarted by her own words, Xin Yi agrees to draft designs in 3 days. The men shake hands and Cun Xi leaves.

Xin Yi follows Cun Xi furious that she will have to work with him.
Xin Yi: Cun Xi you are not trustworthy. Yesterday you said you’d respect my request. Today you stalk me to my work. What do you want?
Cun Xi: Yesterday you wanted us to be strangers. Today you announced you are Dylan’s girlfriend. What’s the rush?
Xin Yi: I am not rushing anything. I was already dating Dylan. We are meant to be together. Unlike you he is gentle, caring and mature. 
Cun Xi: Did you chase after me to show off your new boyfriend? I did not think my partner would be you, if thought it would be Master Long. 
Xin Yi: Sure you wanted Master Long. Who was the stalker from yesterday? You are using Grandma Ji’s love of Master Long to achieve your plan. 
Cun Xi: What plot are you talking about? You think you are that attractive? (he looks her over appraisingly) You are prettier now. But would I risk the launch of Inheritance in China for you? You know Inheritance means everything to my family. Stop being afraid. Draw the line between work and personal life. Or can’t you work with me?
Xin Yi: Ok, let’s work together then. 
Cun Xi: (Smiling like the cat that swallowed the canary) Great, let’s work together then. It you work hard it will be a short project, if not, it will take a long time. Xin Yi, press on. I look forward to your draft designs in 3 days. 

Watching Cun Xi leave Xin Yi wonders what she has gotten herself into…

Outside the studio Cun Xi looks back and wonders what he has gotten himself into…

* I loved this episode, it is SO CLEAR they belong together and I’m going to enjoy their journey back to each other.
Xin Yi has a harder edge (aka “uncuttable” the title of this episode) and is no longer soft and gullible. I liked her before and I like her now.
* Cun Xi is still himself but he has a softer edge. He listens and cares. He still gets angry and yells but the selfish man has evolved. I liked him before and I like him now.
Dylan, hate to tell you, even though you truly care about Xin Yi, not going to happen. The two people in love are Cun Xi and Xin Yi.
* Loved it when Cun Xi swept Xin Yi up in his arms. Their discussion in her apartment showed how right they are for each other. He was just about to go in for the kiss when the police officer ended that scenario. The fact that Xin Yi denied knowing him – well done woman, payback!
* Xin Yi gave Cun Xi a run for his money. He, in turn, gave as good as he got. I loved the move, counter move, move, counter move feeling of the episode. I love the Xin Yi is completely wrong about: 1) Cun Xi and lack of his feelings towards the baby they lost, 2) his intentions in working with Master Long and inadvertently having the opportunity to work with Xin Yi, and 3) that he scripted the whole visit and stalked her for a long time. Her overreaction tells him everything he needs to know. She cares. It scares her. She’s pushing him away to protect herself.
* Finally an episode that Xin Yi ruled. This was actress Joe Chen’s best episode. She owned her evolution and did NOT back down to Cun Xi. Her strength impressed him. Cun Xi (Ethan Juan) also had fabulous interplay with Xin Yi and Dylan (Baron Chen). Bravo primary actors!

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