Fated to Love You Episode 14 Recap

Fated to Love You Episode 14: “Love in Shanghai”

Chen Xin Yi (Joe Chen) and Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Juan) have been apart for 2 years. Cun Xi (in Taipei) is engaged to Anna but still has Xin Yi in his heart. Xin Yi (in Shanghai) has become a ceramics artist and is close with Dylan. Dylan wants to date her. Xin Yi agreed that if her first art piece sold, she would date him.

This episode Cun Xi has traveled to Shanghai for a business trip.

Xin Yi is waylaid by a flat tire and late for the showing of her art piece at the gallery. Dylan calls her to see where she is and leaves to help her once she explains.

Cun Xi completes his successful presentation of Inheritance soap and signs a contract for distribution. He mentions that he’d like a gift for his fiancee. The business man recommends Dylan’s gallery and Cun Xi decides to pay it a visit. At the gallery he finds a glass piece for Anna and has them wrap it up.

He strolls around the gallery until he sees Xin Yi’s ceramic rocking horse titled Ji Nain Pin (their baby’s name in vitro). Cun Xi immediately understands the emotion behind the piece and buys it for himself. The artist (Xin Yi is going by the name Elaine) has not signed the certificate so the art gallery worker calls Xin Yi to see if she will be there shortly. She says she is only a few minutes away and wants to meet the buyer. She and Cun Xi speak briefly on the phone but do not recognize each other’s voices. Cun Xi says he can only wait 5 minutes then must leave to return to Taipei. Fate dictates that Cun Xi leaves JUST as Xin Yi and Dylan arrive (near miss #1).

When Xin Yi goes to Cun Xi’s hotel room to deliver the certificate personally, Cun Xi is in the shower and does not hear her knocks at the door (near miss #2). As Cun Xi checks out of the hotel the front desk clerk hands him the certificate Xin Yi delivered earlier. He studies it in the car enroute to the airport and finds a sticky note from Xin Yi and the certificate has her legal name Xin Yi not her alias Eliane. Stunned, Cun Xi directs the car to return to the gallery. Unfortunately when he arrives the last employee is locking up the gallery for the night. He quizzes the employee about Elaine. Yes, she came from Taipei 2 years ago. Yes, she used to be the sticky note girl but no more. Cun Xi is positive he has finally located Xin Yi.

The employee tells him the restaurant Xin Yi is dining at that evening. When he arrives from across the room he sees her. He cannot believe it, it is really her. She’s so beautiful and polished. When she lifts her hand it greeting it is not for him but Dylan! Cun Xi quickly selects the booth next to Xin Yi and Dylan and proceeds to eavesdrop. Xin Yi tells Dylan she is thankful to the one man that supported her and cheered her on. Convinced she is talking about him, Cun Xi is quickly deflated when she gives the credit to Dylan.

Xin Yi agrees to date Dylan who is thrilled and makes an announcement to the crowd thanking 2 people that made this possible 1) the idiot that did not treasure her (Cun Xi) and 2) the buyer of her art today who gave her the courage to look forward (Cun Xi). Poor Cun Xi, double whammy for him!  I loved the production choice to shoot arrows into Cun Xi’s heart after Dylan thanks both men, who are Cun Xi. Dylan makes a declaration of love that Xin Yi is unable to return. Back at the booth Dylan tells her he knows one day she’ll accept him in her heart and he is willing to wait.

Miffed beyond belief, Cun Xi decides he must get rid of Dylan before he can reveal himself to Xin Yi. He calls the businessman to help get rid of Dylan. He accomplishes this by having the alarm go off at the gallery. Dylan leaves immediately to talk to the police. Xin Yi decides to leave the restaurant now that Dylan is gone. Per Cun Xi’s plan (he is wearing a mask as many patrons are for the evening’s theme), he bumps into Xin Yi and spills wine on himself. They lock gazes and Xin Yi asks if they’ve met before. Cun Xi denies this. He manages to get her to dance the waltz with him just like the first night they met on the cruise. During the waltz Xin Yi says she doesn’t want to remember the man she first waltzed with. Cun Xi decides to switch it up to a tango. Xin Yi is pulled to this stranger and it unsettles her. She leaves and Cun Xi discreetly follows her home in his car.

Xin Yi shows moxy when a man tries to take her parking place but she holds her ground and he leaves. Cun Xi is astonished that she handled the man so easy without giving in. He follows her to her apartment but she catches him following her and beats him with a broom. This totally reminded me of when her mother beat Cun Xi when she first learned he got Xin Yi pregnant. Cun Xi runs off just as Dylan arrives.

At the hotel pool Cun Xi swims out his frustrations at Xin Yi’s low opinion of him. He even calls long-suffering Anson who was just about to go in for a first kiss but loses the chance when he takes the call. Anson recommends that Cun Xi forget about Xin Yi. Cun Xi hangs up on Anson and frets about his next move.

He stares at the picture of himself and Xin Yi (recall she deleted the same picture from her phone). He promises Xin Yi that once he apologizes to her, he’ll leave Shanghai and never bother he again.

* I was practically giddy for this episode, for the next phase of their romance to begin. I was afraid the whole episode would be a series of near misses and they’d never realize each other’s identifies. We got half that equation. She does not know him but he has seen her. Cun Xi is unsure of his next move. I loved that he got knocked down a peg or two hearing her give Dylan the credit for breaking free from her old life AND during their dance she said she did not want to remember the man from her past that had not been honest with her.
* I loved that Xin Yi did not admit to Dylan that she loved him. Why? Because even after two years, Cun Xi is in her heart. That has not changed. I liked her honestly even though she knew Dylan desperately wanted her to say she loved him. Plus I never like pressured public declarations of love albeit I love you or Marry me.
* Seeing Anna again was ok. I absolutely loathed her when she gave Xin Yi the abortion papers purportedly from Cun Xi. Don’t worry, that will eventually bite her. I can see she is still insecure about Cun Xi and predict she will not go quietly from his life.
* Dylan, on the other hand, is still a great guy who truly cares about Xin Yi. Second leads tend to bug me once they see the object of their affection is NOT really into them but give the patented answer “I will wait for you.” Dylan crossed that line tonight. It will only get worse once Cun Xi reveals himself to Xin Yi. His heart is doomed to be broken. It is inevitable because the two people in love are Cun Xi and Xin Yi.
* Poor Anson lost his chance at a good night kiss because Cun Xi called him to rant about Xin Yi. Anson is still Anson, he provided pointed counseling Cun Xi to stick with Anna, the woman he is engaged to married to.
* I loved Cun Xi was himself. Arrogant and stunned that Xin Yi (still calling her the little snail) did not remember him fondly. He was amazed she was so attractive. I like that he is unsure of his next move. Xin Yi wants to meet the buyer of her art. Will Cun Xi reveal himself to her next episode?

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