Fated to Love You Episode 6 Recap

Nutshell Recap Episode #6:

Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) has been escorted home by Daniel Pitt (Choi Jin Hyuk) when Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) arrives. The men meet and there is no love loss. Lee Gun bristles when Daniel tells Mi Young to call him if she needs him.

Mi Young won’t sign the divorce papers right now and she wants to raise the baby. Lee Gun tells her she’ll cave and sign before the baby is born.

Step-mother and step-brother fan the flames of a rumor that Mi Young is not really pregnant. The company elders visit the home and Mi Young charms them with her positive words about her family, her island and Lee Gun. Lee Gun is touched and immediately guilty that he sold the factory breaking his promise to Mi Young that he’d protect the island. Recall he sold the factory in retaliation for factory president (and he wrongly thought Mi Young) drugging him which resulted in the pregnancy.

Lee Gun and Mi Young attend another baby class together and Lee Gun charms her when he is a top-notch sewer and makes a baby garment. Lee Gun and Mi Young attend a wedding reception and Lee Gun charms her by throwing himself into Karaoke and making the party fun for Mi Young’s mother and her island friends.

Lee Gun breaks the contract with the man he sold the island factory to, angering the gangster-like President.

Daniel invites Mi Young to his art exhibit and is about to reveal himself to her when he notices she goes rigid after reading something on her phone. What Mi Young read was a text that reveals that Lee Gun sold the island factory (text was engineered by step-mother and step-brother). Mi Young believes that Lee Gun cannot be trusted and is upset. Of course she does NOT know that he has just reversed this sale by buying the factory back. Daniel is displeased that Lee Gun has hurt Mi Young. When he sees Lee Gun enter the art exhibit, the two men lock eyes and he hugs Mi Young. What will Lee Gun do?

* This was the best episode of the series so far. Our characters care about each other and are meshing well. Production continues to be tight with boring moments and filler minimal.
* Protect is a big concept in this show. Mi Young will protect the baby. Daniel will protect Mi Young. Lee Gun restarts his protection of Mi Young.
* Two things I really like about Mi Young:
***** She listens and understands what others need – she feels people and intuits their emotional needs.
ep6_2 ep6_3
***** She is eloquent when needed. Her conversation about the island, her family, and the factory charmed the company’s elders and shamed Lee Gun as he had sold the factory breaking his promise to her.
ep6_4 ep6_5
* This production loves to have physical comedy in each episode. This episode was the haywire hand shower. Jang Hyuk is really embracing the physical comedy scenes. He goes there!
* As I mentioned in my episode 5 recap, it is the tender moments of this couple and show that draws me like a moth to the flame. Episode 6 had some wonderful tender moments:
***** When Lee Gun gently wrapped Mi Young in towels after the haywire hand shower was resolved. He fretted about her getting cold and touched Mi Young (and me).
ep6_7 ep6_8
***** When Mi Young is blow drying her hair and Lee Gun watches her. She offers to stop but he urges her to continue and keep warm. You see him melting and caring. He turns away wondering what is he feeling, what is happening?
***** When Mi Young exclaims the baby clothing that Lee Gun hand sewed was a garment she would forever cherish. This touched Lee Gun (and me).
***** When Lee Gun softly stroked the baby clothing he made musing with tenderness.
ep6_11 ep6_12
***** When Lee Gun gently lifted Mi Young and put her in his bed so she could sleep comfortably.
ep6_28 ep6_27
***** When Lee Gun removed and replaced the bandage that Daniel put on her (tossing it away with relish) and applied his own bandage effectively branding Mi Young.
ep6_15 ep6_16
***** When Mi Young’s Mother declared herself Lee Gun’s Mother. She commented that he must have been lonely without a mother growing up. His pleasure at calling her “Mom” and receiving her hug and kiss was just lovely.
***** When Lee Gun puts his wedding ring BACK ON when he had removed it in episode 5 when he presented her the divorce papers.
* Ji Yun (Mi Young’s friend) does nothing for me.
* Lee Gun’s visit to the doctor makes me nervous. That he has a dormant genetic brain disease that could flair up at any moment…warning bells.
* Each episode has Laugh Out Load moments for me. Episode 6 LOL moments:
***** At the prenatal class when Lee Gun boasted to the instructor that in the army he was a expert in the overlook stitch. Mi Young boasted back “He’s an ace!”
***** Titanic theme song when he hugged her to stop her from grabbing the phone.
***** Testosterone laced butch business meeting with the man he sold the factory to. Secretary Tak in shades and acting gangster! Triple maniacal laugh and claps from Lee Gun, Secretary Tak, and the Law Firm President! Then Lee Gun runs out of the office leaving the other two after the deal and threats were delivered!
* The wedding reception was wonderful. Mi Young’s shock and pleasure that Lee Gun was already there when she arrived and that HE was the life of the party. Their karoaoke song – delightful! As Bill Murray said in the movie Stripes “I want to party with you!”
* Pop of color from our stylist and art team:
***** Lee Gun’s orange jacket – need I say more?
***** Daniel’s art exhibit.
* Hideous fashion moment – step-brothers printed suit. Egad!
* The meta message of Daniel using a sticky note for his personal message on the back of the art show exhibit ticket – nice!
* Finally it was interesting watching Mi Young’s opinion of Lee Gun flip when she gets the text (orchestrated by step-mother and step-brother) that Lee Gun sold the island’s factory. She was devastated. Daniel picked up on her body language immediately and asked what the problem was. She told him she doesn’t know who Lee Gun is anymore based on his actions. She cries and asks what should she do. Daniel spots Lee Gun entering the exhibit, lasering in on them and heading their way. Daniel tells her they should find out what kind of man he is and pulls her into a hug. Not sure who was more shocked, Mi Young or Lee Gun. Looking forward to Lee Gun’s reaction next episode.
ep6_22 ep6_23

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2 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 6 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Mi Young’s goodness not charms Gun, but his family elders—way to go Mi Young! The step in-laws are getting on my nerves—just as Gun tries to make things right, they out him. This was apparently the breaking point for Mi Young —Daniel to the rescue again. 💋

    I already like Daniel, but now I’m starting to like Gun! 💋

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