Fated to Love You Episode 5 Recap

Nutshell Recap Episode #5:

Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) arrives at the family home escorted by Secretary Tak. Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) has turned cold and angry towards Mi Young convinced she was part of the plot to drug him. When he arrives home, step-mother and step-brother are ingratiating themselves with Mi Young but that is quickly ended by Lee Gun. Grandmother is not happy with his cold treatment of her.

When Mi Young goes to pick up her personal items at the Law Firm, the President meets with her handing her an envelope for Lee Gun. He tells her if she every needs anything to call on him. In route home, Mi Young investigates a new cafe in the neighborhood when a large white dog startles her and she spills her items. It is Daniel Pitt’s (Choi Jin Hyuk) dog and Daniel helps her gather her things. He sees the envelope and can’t help but notice the protruding document is a divorce agreement.

Meanwhile Lee Gun sells the island factory to the man that he outbid for the factory. The man is evasive on what he plans to do with the property.

At home, Mi Young investigates their bedroom suite and finds Lee Gun’s personal study. She watches a playful video between Se Ra and Lee Gun and she fully understands this couple is in love. Lee Gun is NOT happy to find her in his space and forbids her from coming into this room. He gives her the divorce agreement which surprises and shakes her. He takes off his wedding ring to emphasis they WILL divorce. He asks her to sign the document. Mi Young agrees to sign BUT her condition is that SHE raises the baby after it is born. He is NOT happy with that condition.

Due to Grandma’s arm twisting and emotional blackmail they attend a prenatal class. Lee Gun is not really into it. After class Mi Young walks home and finds Daniel Pitt’s cafe again. She helps him paint, arrange things, and makes a cute picture of her baby on a mug. She and Daniel are easy and comfortable with her. He walks her home. Lee Gun’s car arrives and he gets out of the car wondering who is the man with his wife?

ep5_6 ep5_5
* Campy horror scene in the kitchen ended cutely with her body
under the table displaying her “dead legs”. I loved it when she rolled her head to Lee Gun staring at him with a Zombie expression.
* Ouch! It hurt when Lee Gun told Mi Young to act as if she was not there in the house. She passively agrees which irritates him. Being mean to her is like kicking a puppy!
* The show’s stylist / art director has a flair for the bold colors that really pop in a scene:
***** Lee Gun’s brown jacket, yellow shirt, and royal blue tie was an eye catching combination
***** Daniel Pitt’s watermelon pants were fantastically bright and bold
***** Green walls in Lee Gun’s study were a jolt of color in an otherwise neutral and dark room
* Surprising that the Law Firm President told Mi Young he wasn’t sure if he’d done her a favor by sending her to Macau (where she met Lee Gun and got pregnant). He also told her to “see him if things get difficult”. That was a nice show of support and an indicator he did not like the divorce papers Lee Gun had him draw up for Mi Young.
* Daniel’s Pitt white fluffy dog was a gentle giant.
* Loved that Daniel Pitt gave her his phone number on a post-it note. He doesn’t know the significance of post-it notes to Mi Young. By the way interesting ring (two skulls) for a “priest” to wear.
ep5_15 ep5_16
* Mi Young’s explanation of why she married Lee Gun – to protect the baby and island. Plus he was considerate to her and she wanted to follow him – was succinct and touching. Lee Gun was effected. I just love the way Jang Hyuk elects to have the character of Lee Gun melt like butter when she touches him. Subtle but powerful.
* Proud that Mi Young was willing to be bold for their child when she told him her condition for the divorce was that she would raise the child.
* The prenatal class chest massage exercise was amusing as both of them were equally uncomfortable.
ep5_19 ep5_18
* Touching when Mi Young told Lee Gun after the prenatal class that the baby was happy to have his Daddy participate.
ep5_21 ep5_20
* Daniel and Mi Young have a sweet chemistry. I like the way he encourages her say what SHE wants. He is gentle and caring. That’s the kind of treatment she deserves.
* You could see the territorial stare Lee Gun was giving Daniel when he exited the car at the end of the episode. I bet they don’t really hit it off.
* Good episode. Lee Gun is effected by Mi Young. He is beginning to doubt his knee jerk negative opinion. He is starting to care. I’m loving it!

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2 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 5 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I can hardly believe how cruel Gun is to have the law office send the divorce papers with MY! At least sweet Daniel is looking out for her💋. It is nice to see Mi Young’s sincerity and kindness start to work a little magic on Gun’s hard heart.

    The prenatal class was hilarious! Seeing Mi Young with Daniel caused Gun to pause—I loved your description of “territorial stare”. Looks like Gun might be appreciating Mi Young’s qualities more than he wants to let on…


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