Fated to Love You Episode 4 Recap

Nutshell Recap Episode #4:

Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) and Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) spend the night locked in the storage room. They agree an abortion is the option for them as Lee Gun has a girlfriend and the baby was not conceived out of love. Lee Gun promises that he’ll go to the clinic with Mi Young. The next morning Lee Gun wakes to a note from Mi Young that she has gone to the clinic alone. Frantic, Lee Gun goes to Mi Young’s mother and sisters and they set out for the mainland via the Factory President’s boat.

At the clinic Mi Young is surprised to run into Daniel Pitt (Choi Jin Hyuk). She asks him to pray with her before she has the surgery. When she is in the consultation room with the doctor having an ultrasound Lee Gun bursts into the room. He sees the tiny life on the screen and hears the heartbeat and is effected. Still they both agree to continue with the surgery and sign the papers for the surgery. In the operating room Mi Young is about to be put under when Lee Gun bursts into the room and takes her away.

There is pressure applied to get them to marry but both Mi Young and Lee Gun are resistant. Finally Lee Gun takes Mi Young aside and tells her he wants to be a good father. He doesn’t know if anything will evolve between them but he wants fatherhood. Mi Young agrees and the wedding is on! Before they marry Lee Gun calls his girlfriend who is just about to achieve her lifelong dream of prima ballerina in New York. Unable to tarnish her day, Lee Gun wishes her well. Mi Young and Lee Gun marry.

Lee Gun and Grandmother return to the mainland. Mi Young will come in a couple of days. Before he gets on the boat the Factory President and Mi Young’s brother in law give him the stimulant to enhance his lovemaking with Mi Young. Once Lee Gun figures out that he was drugged in Macau with the stimulant he becomes convinced that Mi Young was part of the plot to drug him. He is unable to sleep because of his fury. When Mi Young comes to the mainland secretary Hawk meets her and escorts her home. Lee Gun sees a shrink and with a sleep deprived brain raves that Mi Young is like an evil snail that will latch onto him.


* Lee Gun was sweet to Mi Young when he made the bed for her after bonding over the wishing box and their mutual loss of parents (her father and both his parents).

* Daniel’s bluffing how to make a sign of the cross was laugh out loud. I loved his explanation “I get confused sometimes”.

* Mi Young is darling. With her eyes made bigger by those owl glasses, and her innate kindness, who wouldn’t fall in love and/or want to protect this gentle and caring woman?

* When Mi Young cheered up Daniel at the clinic, it was sweet. Their joint “fighting” to each other was cute.

ep4_6 ep4_7
* I liked the lighting in the consultation room. Mi Young was side-lit and Lee Gun was in full sun so you could see his eyes bore into Mi Young searching to see if the abortion was the right choice for them. Nice job production team.

* Lee Gun’s sprint to the surgery room wasn’t the most graceful with plenty of knocks to his head along the way. It reminded me of the 1st episode ring / balls / dog scene.

* I loved the tender way Lee Gun helped Mi Young from the operating table. The doctor was thrilled NOT to do the surgery saying “9 out of 10 cannot go through with it once they hear the baby’s heartbeat.”

* When the family clustered around them outside the clinic there was plenty of hitting by Mi Young’s mother and Lee Gun’s grandmother. Mi Young’s mother was impressed with the full throttle smacking his Grandmother gave Lee Gun. I laughed when Lee Gun’s grandmother got woozy just like he did in the last episode.

ep4_11 ep4_12
* Lee Gun’s struggle to put Se Ra’s ring on Mi Young’s finger was a poignant pause in the wedding ceremony. Both of them knew this was difficult for him. I liked that Lee Gun is wearing her father’s ring, nice touch.

* Mi Young’s mother delivered the painful (twisted the wrist) threat that Lee Gun better be good to her daughter when Lee Young and Grandmother were ready to board the boat for the mainland.

* Lee Gun assumed Mi Young had a role in what happened in Macau after receiving the stimulant from the factory president and brother-in-law. This was a stretch of logic as Mi Young has proven herself without guile.

* Lee Gun’s desperate visit to the doctor because he cannot sleep because of the pregnancy and marriage and lack of faith in his new wife…not totally buying that. I recognize that Lee Gun has a flamboyant flair, but this seemed a bit much. I do like the snail analogy for Mi Young, as she is quiet and gentle and she is beginning to bore into Lee Gun’s heart (and Daniel Choi is effected by her too).

* This couple has palpable tenderness with each other, a primary reason I am drawn to them.

* Another good episode. I am looking forward to the next episode.

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2 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 4 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I’m peeved that Post-it girl strikes again making a choice seemly in deference to others, not wanting to inconvenience Gun. Do we even know what she really wants? What happened to Crazy glue? Mi Young’s second encounter with Daniel was so sweet, as he prays with her. This guy is easy to like💋! Gun’s hilarious, not so smooth rush to Mi Young’s side showed the campy nature of this show. I also loved the “tender way Lee Gun helped Mi Young from the operating table”.

    The reluctant groom takes responsibility and the shotgun wedding. Those Hamo Hamo (HH) doodahs drive me crazy how unwittingly destroy the tenuous relationship Mi Young has with Gun. Mi Young takes the brunt of his anger, not knowing Gun thinks she was part of the HH doodahs shenanigans. The analogy of the snail was along with the visual was funny.

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