Fated to Love You Episode 3 Recap

Nutshell Recap Episode #3:

Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) has a meeting at the law firm Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) works at. He meets with the Law Firm President to discuss the islanders blocking his access to his newly purchased factory. The President suggests that if Lee Gun ever wants to branch into China, he’s got just the lawyer to help, and in walks Mi Young’s jerk lawyer from Macau. Lee Gun literally laughs in his face. Jerk lawyer goes to Mi Young for help with Lee Gun. Mi Young refuses and jerk lawyer threatens her. Lee Gun intervenes and saves her.

Mi Young figures out she is probably pregnant. At the orphanage Daniel Pitt (Choi Jin Hyuk) plays hide and seek with the children. Daniel hides in the confessional booth. Mi Young enters and begins to confess that she thinks she’s pregnant. Daniel encourages her to get a pregnancy test and talk to the baby’s father which bothers Mi Young as she does not want to intrude in his life. The pregnancy test confirms she is pregnant. She decides to go the island and tell her mother. Her mother is horrified that Mi Young is pregnant. Her two sisters are surprised too.

At the same time Lee Gun is visiting the island’s factory to negotiate an agreement. The Factory’s President suggests a snack at Mi Young’s Mother’s eatery. Mi Young and Lee Gun are stunned to see each other outside the establishment. Her mother forces her to confess she’s pregnant with his child. Lee Gun swoons. Meanwhile, step brother has gotten a copy of the incriminating video from Macau and has shown it to Grandmother (Daniel is there visiting Grandmother). To top it off Mi Young’s mother forces Lee Gun to call his Grandmother about the pregnancy. To everyone’s surprise Grandmother is thrilled an heir is in the hopper!

* Jan Hyuk mixes flamboyant and subtle seamlessly. Couple of examples: a) flamboyant – maniacal laugh when jerk lawyer from Macau is introduced; b) subtle – when he saves Mi Young from jerk lawyer, he lowers his sunglasses, and his eyes flick over Mi Young, then his eyes bore holes into jerk lawyer, and wrenches him away from Mi Young; c) flamboyant – his woozy swoon when he gets the news she is pregnant and had to be steadied by his secretary.
* I don’t fully understand why the company board of directors are so freaked out that Lee Gun does not have an heir. The guy is young. Plus his company puts cash in their pockets, which alone would be sufficient in America to keep him CEO. I heard the 20% stock drop because Se Ra went to America, but I’m not really buying it, just saying.
* Daniel is cool, calm and appealing. I liked his advice to Mi Young, especially recommending that she involve the baby’s father. His knowledge of the various types of pregnancy tests surprised Mi Young but his explanation that this was common sense worked. I loved it when he exited the confessional and told Mi Young to cheer up. In that first face-to-face meeting you caught a spark of friendship / understanding / comfort between the two of them.
* Step mother and her son (half-brother) don’t do anything for me. The funny bit was when she looked up Daniel Pitts profile on her smartphone and rattled off the highlights to her son.
* Hamo, Hamo! Need I say anything else?
* Grandmother’s reaction to the pregnancy – priceless! She was stoked. Loved it!
* Scenes from the video reveal to Grandmother and the phone call about the pregnancy were woven together nicely. Tight coupling in those scenes added to the sense of flurry and surprise at the reveal. Well done production team.
* Episodes seem to move quickly. This show does not drag and there isn’t filler so far. Every scene matters and adds to the story line.
* Another good episode. I am looking forward to the next episode.

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6 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 3 Recap
  1. zhaoul says:

    They’re freaked out he doesn’t have an air because all the men in his family have a tendency to die in their 30’s.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I took great pleasure in seeing our knight in shining armor💋 smack down the jerk!

    Holy cow Mi Young is reaping the consequences of her Macau adventure! Her mom is livid, Gun is gob smacked is his granny is thrilled! These two would-be-parents unwittingly got into this predicament courtesy of the island do-dahs (brother-in-law & the soap co. president) and they don’t even realize it.

    Mi Young meets Daniel mistakenly thinking he is a priest and is not corrected, probably to avoid making her feel embarrassed. I like your description “cool, calm and appealing” it fits him. Step-mommy dearest is an annoying, greedy and grasping woman and at this introduction her son doesn’t look much better.

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