Fated to Love You Episode 12 Recap

Episode 12: “Everything Back to Zero”…

Recap: Our married couple, pregnant Chen Xin Yi (Joe Chen) and baby-daddy Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Juan) are now living separately due to the return of Cun Xi’s girlfriend Anna (Bianca Bai) . Though Cun Xi moved into Anna’s apartment but he can not get Xin Yi and the baby out of his mind. Unable to stay away, he snuck into Grandma Ji’s house and found Xin Yi asleep in the nursery. Cun Xi decided he could not let Xin Yi go through the pregnancy by herself. He tells the sleeping Xin Yi the solution is to go back to zero, where they started (hence the title of this episode). He tells Anna he is going to return to Xin Yi for the remainder of the pregnancy and will invoke the divorce once the baby is born. Anna is scared that Cun Xi will not return to her.

Cun Xi decides to amend the divorce agreement to provide for Xin Yi after he divorces her. This concerns Anna.

Anna finds the pictures of Cun Xi and Xin Yi on his phone. This concerns Anna.

Anna vows to take action now. She cannot wait 7 months to get Xin Yi out of their lives. Things must end today.

Xin Yi is in the VIP room at Grandma Ji’s birthday party. Anna calls and asks to meet with her.

They meet at an overlook. I first wondered if Anna was going to shove Xin Yi off the edge. Anna pretends concern about the baby. She lies to Xin Yi that she told Cun Xi to visit last night.  Anna tells Xin Yi that everything is different because of the baby. Anna says Cun Xi will be leaving her.  He wants everything back to zero. She says Cun Xi will live up to his responsibility as daddy-to-be.  Xin Yi tells her that Anna is the one Cun Xi loves.  Anna agrees noting that Cun Xi thought he was sleeping with her on the cruise (that was bitchy).  Anna says she’d hoped to have a family with Cun Xi and never dreamed that he’d have a child with someone else. Xin Yi apologizes for causing her pain.

Anna says the reason she asked her there was that Cun Xi left some papers he wanted Xin Yi to sign at the apartment. Anna stresses she does not know what the papers are as she hands her an envelope. Anna says she thinks there are voided divorce papers inside the envelope. Anna says that Cun Xi had to choose to hurt one of them and she never stood a chance because of the baby. Xin Yi tries to return the envelope to Anna saying Cun Xi would never want to hurt Anna.

Across town Cun Xi is having Law Firm President add a couple of items to the divorce agreement. Adorably they are all listed on sticky notes. Cun Xi will have $20 Million, 2 apartments, a driver with a car (she gets lost easily and needs the driver), new romance novels ever month (he does not understand these books but she likes them), a makeover every 3 months (she does not know how to dress well), and a ceramics teacher (even boring people need a hobby). The list is darling and so Cun Xi. He tells the lawyer this agreement is all he can give Xin Yi.

Back at the overlook Anna presses Xin Yi to take keep the envelope. She says she’ll live with whatever decision Cun Xi has made. She knows Xin Yi and Cun Xi will be great parents. Xin Yi opens the envelope and pulls out…an abortion agreement. Oh no, that is low Anna, really despicably low. Xin Yi is speechless.  Anna starts to leave. Xin Yi tells her Cun Xi has made his choice. Tears fill her eyes as she says Cun Xi believes sacrifices have to be made to protect those he loves.  She says she cannot believe what she sees. She thought Cun Xi cared for the baby.

The phone rings. It is Cun Xi. He tells her he’ll join her at the birthday party shortly. Xin Yi asks him if he has an agreement she needs to sign. He says yes he does, how did she know? Xin Yi asks, do you really want me to sign it?  Cun Xi tells her things have gotten beyond his control. To take them back to zero, this is what is needed.  Xin Yi hangs up on him. She cannot believe it, she cannot accept it, she has to get out of there.

Anna feigns concern and asks what is wrong. Xin Yi tells her she was right, Cun Xi want her to sign the agreement. He doesn’t want the baby. Anna, feeling guilty, justifies this heinous lie with this internal dialog “I’m sorry Xin Yi. I already lost the stage which makes me shine. I can not lose Cun Xi. Please forgive me.” Xin Yi asks Anna to do one thing for her…

At Grandma Ji’s birthday party Cun Xi wishes Grandma Happy Birthday. He’s got the revised divorce papers in an envelope and asks where Xin Yi is. Anson lets him know she’s in the VIP lounge.  Cun Xi pauses outside the VIP lounge door and looking at the envelope says this is the best life he can give Xin Yi. He enters the room and finds Anna waiting for him, NOT Xin Yi. Ah, this must be the favor Xin Yi asked of Anna. Anna confirms this when she tells Cun Xi that Xin Yi asked her to attend in her place. Cun Xi wants to know why.  Anna claims she does not really know but says Xin Yi mentioned something about the divorce agreement and maybe she did not want to be formally introduced when she’ll be gone from their lives in 7 months. Anna says now that Xin Yi is gone they can start over at zero.  Cun Xi says he wanted to start over at zero with Xin Yi and the baby under his protection. Anna gets irritated and asks why does she have to live under your roof? Cun Xi says the next 7 months are crucial and he wants to take care of her and the baby. Anna suddenly hugs Cun Xi. He drops the envelope with the divorce agreement on the floor.  Anna pulls him into a kiss.

Meanwhile Xin Yi’s mother and 2 sisters arrive. Grandma Ji tells them she is looking forward to announcing Xin Yi as the official daughter-in-law and mother of the Ji family heir. Anson escorts the women to the VIP lounge. They look in and realize Cun Xi is kissing someone other than Xin Yi.

They burst in the room and accuse Cun Xi of two-timing Xin Yi. Cun Xi says Anna is his real girlfriend. That flips them out.
Grandma Ji and Dylan arrive both surprised to see Anna NOT Xin Yi.  Xin Yi’s sister spies the envelope on the ground and sees it is a divorce agreement. Everyone flips out at that. Younger sister says she’ll stop them from signing by taking Cun Xi’s pen. Cun Xi tells her to return the pen as it was a gift from Anna. Dylan pipes up and informs him the pen was actually from Xin Yi and that she sold her mother’s necklace to get enough money to buy the pen. Cun Xi is stunned and Anna starts to look a little guilty. Mom is disappointed that Xin Yi sold her dowry jewelry for him. Now Grandma Ji takes her shot at Cun Xi saying the Xin Yi went along with every one of his requests, why did he have to force a divorce agreement?  Fed up, Cun Xi yells that he wants to treat Xin Yi better. He says the divorce sucks, but she’ll be well provided for and that is the best he can do.
Dylan challenges Cun Xi to look into his heart and see what Xin Yi really means to him. He lists for Cun Xi every time he protected Xin Yi. Cun Xi looks at Anna and you see the doubt. Anna tells everyone to stop forcing Cun Xi to do something he does not want. She says Xin Yi left, this was her choice. Dylan pushes Cun Xi even further asking how he felt when he heard she almost miscarried, was his concern ONLY for the baby?
Cun Xi looks at Anna and runs out of the room. Anna runs after him. She tells him he just promised to never leave her. With tears in his eyes he tells Anna my promises don’t mean anything anymore. He tells Anna not to fret, Xin Yi is her advocate and would never try to replace her. He leaves to find Xin Yi. Anna says to Cun Xi’s retreating form, she’s not worried about Xin Yi she’s worried about him.

Xin Yi walks aimlessly.She decides she must leave and get away from Cun Xi. She ignores Cun Xi’s phone calls. He’s in the park looking for her, yelling for her. He finds her abandoned phone. It starts to rain. Xin Yi watches a little girl make a mud doll. When it starts to rain, she frets the doll will be ruined and tries to reform it. Cun Xi finds her. She backs away then runs from him. She runs into the street and stops on the median dividing the busy roads.
He yells at her to stop and turn around. He asks why she used her dowry to buy the pen? Why did she pretend the pen was from Anna? He asks the big question – has she fallen in love with him? Is this why she didn’t want to sign the agreement, so she would not have to leave him? Recall he is thinking divorce agreement and she is thinking abortion agreement. He waves the agreement in the air. Xin Yi finally finds her voice. She tells him to stop lying. She’s going to leave him. She’ll never sign the agreement.  He says the agreement is for her own good. Xin Yi yells I’ll never let you hurt this child.
She turns into the road, into the path of an on-coming car, and is hit. She lands on the pavement with a thud. Blood oozies from where it can only mean bad things for the baby. Cun Xi rushes to her side, cradles her inert body, and yells for someone to call an ambulance. It is shocking to see the blood, to hear Cun Xi’s animal terror as he scream her name, and know that all is not well.

At the hospital they rush Xin Yi to surgery. The baby doctor tells Cun Xi that the baby cannot be saved and only emergency surgery will save Xin Yi. The doctor tells him to sign the consent forms for the emergency surgery that will end the baby’s life. Cun Xi is stunned. I have to end our baby’s life? You can’t save them both? The doctor is adamant this is the only way to save Xin Yi. She wakes and begs Cun Xi NOT to sign the form, NOT to end their baby’s life. She cries, “you don’t have to like me but please don’t harm my baby!” Cun Xi turns away from her and tears streaming down his face signs the consent form with the pen she bought him. He declares to the doctor “I want Xin Yi, I don’t want the child”. Argh! I am a sobbing mess. The doctors wheel her into the operating room. Cun Xi collapses on a chair sobbing and clutching  the pen. Their pain is difficult to watch. I don’t think I could ever watch that scene and not cry.

Anna gets a call from Anson that Cun Xi is in the hospital with Xin Yi who for some unknown reason ran away from Cun Xi, was hit by a car, and had a miscarriage. Anna falls to her knees. She cries that she’s sorry to Cun Xi. Cry me a river Anna. I’ve got no sympathy for you.

Xin Yi wakes in the hospital with her Mom and 2 sisters keeping vigil. She asks to see her baby. They look uncomfortble. Xin Yi asks if the baby is gone. She berates herself for not even being able to bring a baby into the world. She says over and over that she is useless. It is upsetting to watch her self flagellation.

Sister goes into the hallway. Cun Xi, who is a wreck, is outside and asks if Xin Yi is ok and if he can see her. Xin Yi gets upset begging her mother not to let Cun Xi her.  Her sister tells Cun Xi to go away. Xin Yi escalates in the room yelling her baby is gone and she cannot see Cun Xi.

Anson comes and convinces Cun Xi to leave. Cun Xi hands her cell phone to her sister and asks that she be taken care of.

In the hallway with Anson, Cun Xi freaks out. Why did he yell at her? Why did her ask her to sign the agreement? Anson tells him it was an accident. Cun Xi retorts “It wasn’t an accident, I did this to her. I did this to the baby. It’s not an accident. It’s all my fault!”  It is upsetting to watch his self flagellation.

Sometime later on the island, Xin Yi holds the duck Cun Xi bought her and stares at the sea. Her mother comes up and tells her it will be ok. Xin Yi looks like a zombie. Her mother says she has a visitor – it is Dylan. They go for a walk. Dylan says her mother tells him that she is depressed. Xin Yi asks if he is there to comfort her. Dylan tells her he will not wallow in grief. It does not matter how you die, but how you live. He tells her if she is sad, her Mom is sad, her sisters are sad, etc. He suggests she leave the island, start over, and transform into a new Xin Yi. She asks where they would go. He tells her Shanghai.

Grandma Ji mourns the loss of the heir. Cun Xi brings her a gift from Anna. Grandma Ji wonders how Xin Yi is doing. Cun Xi tells her that Xin Yi will not take his phone calls.  Step mother brings a box of Xin Yi’s belonging. Cun Xi sees her wishing box. He opens it and reads the wishes; I wish I can find some one that loves me whom I love, I wish Cun Xi wouldn’t have such a temper, I wish Baby Ji would become more lively, I wish Anna comes home to Cun Xi’s birthday, I wish Grandma will forever be happy, I’ve fallen in love with Cun Xi and I wish he never finds out. Cun Xi is moved to tears. His tears gets me. Grandma Ji tells him if you feel the same about her, quickly go and see her and tell her. Cun Xi says she won’t see him. Grandma Ji encourages him to just do it. Nice scene for the actress that plays Grandma Ji, just the right amount of encouragement and buck up.

With that, he calls Anson to fire up the boat, he’s going to see Xin Yi and dashes to the dock. Anson tells him boat is out for repairs and he must take the ferry to the island. Anson asks if he realizes the reception he’ll get on the island. Cun Xi says he does but he must see Xin Yi. Anson wishes him luck and Cun Xi boards the last ferry to the island.

Meanwhile on the island, Dylan and Xin Yi get ready to board the ferry to return to main land so they can head to Shanghai. Xin Yi’s mother has a sweet goodbye with her. She tells her the only thing she wants for her daughter is to treat herself better and value herself more. Her mother asks Dylan to take good care of her daughter. Dylan promises to protect her. Mom pushes them to the ferry when the whistle blows. Xin Yi waves at Mom who waves back, both of them are crying.

The ferry with Cun Xi pulls up and Cun Xi jumps off asking Xin Yi’s mother where she is, he has much to tell her. Her mother points to the ferry pulling away from the island. Cun Xi’s heart sinks and asks in Xin Yi is on the ferry. Mother says yes and you’ll never to able to bully her again.

Cun Xi yells for Xin Yi. She stands up in the ferry. Did she hear Cun Xi calling for her?

* Wow! I thought the last episode was emotionally intense. This episode ripped open my heart.
* Anna felt Cun Xi slipping through her fingers and decided to get rid of Xin Yi by lying to her about Cun Xi’s intentions. The ripple effect of this lie was devastating. Anna is truly a selfish creature. She wants what she wants and does not consider the consequences of her actions. She did not make the cruise, a reason why Cun Xi made love to Xin Yi in the first episode (drugged and dark he thought it was Anna). She lied that Cun Xi was going to ask Xin Yi to sign unknown papers, causing Xin Yi to mistrust Cun Xi and run into traffic. I’m not sure there is redemption for Anna after her actions in this episode. The actress (Bianca Bai) that plays Anna did a good job. She portrayed Anna as not evil, but a scared woman that lied to keep her man. But the ripple effect…just awful.
* Dylan (Baron Chen) did a solid job confronting Cun Xi. He finally got Cun Xi to see what was in his heart. Bravo.
* The road scene, the hospital scene, very intense and moving.
* This episode belonged to Cun Xi (Ethan Juan) and  Xin Yi (Joe Chen). They dealt with the difficult material well. I was pulled into their performance and believed their pain. This was an unsettling episode to watch.
* What happened in this episode was gut wrenching. It was a dark turn for a cute romantic comedy. I hope it can recover.The show can only segway into the next phase of the story line, and I’m crossing my fingers that Xin Yi becomes a stronger person. But here is the deal, innocence once lost, cannot be recovered. The childlike joy this couple had in being together is now gone. The child-woman Xin Yi that Cun Xi wanted so desperately to protect, is probably gone too. I’m sad about everything the characters lost this episode.

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