You’re All Surrounded Episode 11 Recap

EPISODE 11:  “Catch that bastard!”…

We begin episode 11 with Eun Dae Koo (Lee Seung Gi) trapped in his bedroom by Boots who is there to kill him. The fight between the two of them ends with Dae Koo wounded and Boots about to kill him when Seo Pan Seok (Cha Seung Won) enters the scene and fights Boots himself. Pan Seok is stunned when he sees that Dae Koo’s attacker is his former partner. Boots eludes Pan Seok.

Eo Soo Sun (Go Ara), Ji Kook (Park Jung Min), and Park Tae Il (Ahn Jae Hyeon) rush Dae Koo to the hospital. The surgery is successful and Dae Koo is put in an induced coma to speed the healing process. Squad chief Lee Eung Do (Sung Ji Ru) comes to the hospital. Soo Sun slips and calls Dae Koo Ji Young which Pan Seok immediately notices. Eung Do and asks Pan Seok if he recognized Dae Koo’s attacker. Pan Seok says the attacker was his former partner. He attacked one of his rookie detectives, so he will bring him to justice.

Eung Do tells the rookies to stay with Dae Koo 24/7. Soo Sun tells Tae Il and Ji Kook that she MUST help to capture Boots. They understand. She joins Pan Seok and Eung Do in tracking down Boots. At the staff meeting Pan Seok reports what he knows about Dae Koo’s condition. Police Chief Kang is relieved that he’ll recover in 1 week. They are blown away when Pan Seok reports Dae Koo’s attacker is his former partner. Police Chief Kang is concerned and tells everyone to keep this quiet or the press will make a big deal. Soo Sun and Eung Do begin going through CCTV footage to find Boots.

Dae Koo wakes with Pan Seok watching over him.  Pan Seok asks him straight out why did Hyung Cheol (Boots) attack you. Dae Koo is stunned that Pan Seok knows his name. Pan Seok tells him Boots used to be his partner 12 years ago.
Pan Seok: Why did he try to kill you?
Dae Koo: You probably know that better than anyone.
Pan Seok: I’m asking because I don’t know. Just tell me. I’ll ignore the fact you planted a camera in my apartment. Give me an accurate answer about your attacker so we can catch him.
Dae Koo: What kind of trick are you playing? You gave the pendant to Boots 11 years ago!
Pan Seok: (stunned) What are you talking about?
Dae Koo: Enough acting!  Boot came to the school 11 years ago to kill me. He had the pendant.
Pan Seok: Then 11 years ago…the person that killed your Mother…was Boots? Answer me!
Dae Koo: Yes, Boots killed my Mother!
Pan Seok: Boots is the killer. (realization hits him) So all this time you thought I was his partner in crime. That’s why you put the camera in my apartment. That’s why you hated me. Even with that hatred, you stayed near me.  Now I understand the whole situation. I got it.
Dae Koo: I saw he had the pendant. He mentioned your name twice!
Pan Seok: That’s why I have to catch him and ask him what happened!
They both stare at each other realizing the truth is far different from what they both thought about each other. He leaves the room. Pan Seok tells Ji Kook call other officers to look after Dae Koo and come to the office after his replacements arrive.

Sa Kyung (Oh Yoon Ah) and Tae Il ask around for our missing person. A shop keeper does not recognize the picture of the missing man. On impulse Sa Kyung shows her the female picture of our missing man. The shop keeper recognizes the picture and says she lives just over there starting 1 month ago. They see her in the street and stop her.
Our missing person says while this is a harsh solution, it is the only way she can live her life freely. She’s had the surgeries (hence the loans) and will live out her days as a woman. She begs them NOT to tell her family or finance. Sa Kyung and Tae Il says they will respect her wishes. In the car, Sa Kyung tells Tae Il that man/woman is a coward. He should tell his family the truth and deal with the consequences. Tae Il counters that at least he is living the life that he wants. Sa Kyung retorts by NOT being honest he has trapped his financee in never ending hope that one day he’ll return.

This prompts Tae Il to visit his parents and be direct that he will NOT return to medicine and instead stay a police officer. His father it NOT gracious about this news calling Tae Il and his brother trash. Tae Il takes his leave.

Pan Seok, Eung Do, Soo Sun, Ji Kook, and Tae Il meet to discuss Dae Koo’s case. Pan Seok asks Soo Sun how long she has known that Dae Koo is Ji Young.  She says nothing. Pan Seok says you must know I’m the person that convinced Dae Koo’s mother to testify. Soo Sun is surprised. Pan Seok tells all the detectives the whole story (off camera). Pan Seok says for the first time in 11 years, we know who murdered Dae Koo’s mother’s murder. We must catch him. Soo Sun realizes SHE SAW BOOTS at the elementary school 11 years ago. Tae Il and Ji Kook will protect Dae Koo and Pan Seok, Eung Do, Soo Sun will try and locate Boots.

ep11_12 ep11_11
At the hospital Dae Koo tries to leave to search for Boots. Tae Il and Ji Kook say now they know his back story they understand Dae Koo’s desire to catch his mother’s killer. Tae Il is able to convince him to stay in the hospital for 3 days to give his body time to heal. THEN Dae Koo will leave to join the search for Boots. Nice show of friendship among those three guys. Soo Sun and Eung Do review tons of surveillance footage. They finally find some footage. When they set up a sting operation to catch Boots, it does not go as planned and he gets away. Soo Sun feels terrible about not catching Boots. She texts Dae Koo in the hospital and says she’ll see him the next day. Dae Koo is disappointed but sends her a curt reply. I think our two detectives definitely care more than they are willing to admit.  She runs into Tae Il and gives him tips so Dae Koo will sleep more comfortably in the hospital. We get some really cute scenes of Tae Il and Ji Kook helping to care for Dae Koo in the hospital before he checks out.

They head to police station and join Pan Seok, Eung Do, Soo Sun in the investigation. Police Chief Kang calls an emergency meeting of the team leads. She tells Pan Seok there is a higher priority case and his team is being assigned. Pan Seok follows her into her office upset that she has reassigned them. Police Chief Kang calmly tells him that Dae Koo should not be near this case. He could easily let revenge take control of him and become a murderer himself. Pan Seok leaves her office frustrated. Police Chief Kang calls the assemblyman and tells him that Pan Seok’s team has been reassigned as he requested. The assemblyman calls someone and tells them it is a small window to work with and better not miss this chance. You assume he is talking to Boots.

Sa Kyung offers to take over the high priority case so Pan Seok’s team can concentrate on finding Boots. Turns out it is Sa Kyung’s birthday. She gets a call from her mother who frets she is celebrating her birthday all alone. Sa Kyung ALMOST reaches out to Pan Seok but realizes he is absorbed in the case and would not mentally be with her even if he was there physically.

Pan Seok warns Dae Koo NOT to become a murderer himself when they finds Boots. He assigns Soo Sun to stay with Dae Koo and make sure he doesn’t go rogue. Soo Sun keeps Dae Koo in her sights (he stops her when he is about to go into the men’s restroom so steathy she is not). Soo Sun falls asleep in the conference room. Dae Koo finds her and blocks the sun in her eyes with his body. Sweet.

Dae Koo gets a phone call from Boots suggesting they meet and work out their problems between them. Dae Koo grabs a gun and car. He takes off to meet Boots solo. He certainly looks like he has revenge on his mind. Soo Sun wakes up and realizes that Dae Koo is gone and he has taken a gun. She calls Pan Seok who tells her to get Dae Koo’s cell phone location ASAP.

ep11_15ep11_16At a parking garage Boots lures Dae Koo deep into the garage with his voice but Dae Koo discovers it is a cell phone with speaker on. Boots tells Dae Koo life is unfair and dirty. To prove that point he hits Dae Koo in his wounded shoulder. Dae Koo drops the gun. Dae Koo scrambles away from Boots and hides among the cars. Specifically Dae Koo is hiding under a car. Boots figures this out and is about to make him move on Dae Koo when a car jets out of a parking space and hits Boots! Up and over the car Boots sails. The driver gets out (we don’t recognize him) and strangles Boots. Just like 11 years ago Dae Koo hiding is under something watching someone get strangled. Boots looks over at Dae pleading for help with his eyes. What will Dae Koo do?

* Another good episode, lots of progress and more questions are answered this week.
* Pan Seok finally sees why Dae Koo hated him. He knows that Dae Koo thought he was a co-conspirator with Boots. Dae Koo is shocked to find out that Pan Seok is not the evil corrupt cop he thought. The scene between them in the hospital was excellent
* I was surprised when Tae Il and Sa Kyung promised the transgender missing person they would not reveal his whereabouts. Is that legal? I also wondered why they selected an actor that did not look feminine at all. There are plenty of pretty actors that would more like a woman than the one they selected.
* Is Police Chief Kang good or evil? She obviously cares for Dae Koo. What is her connection with Boots? What is her connection with assemblyman? What is the assemblyman’s connection with Ji Young? He certainly looks like he called a hit man to kill Boots.
* The moment were Dae Koo watched Soo Sun sleep and blocked the sunlight was sweet. Their budding romance is a small part of this series but important.
* The moments in the hospital between Dae Koo, Tae Il and Ji Kook when they said yhry understood his need to catch his mother’s killer but convinced him to recuperate a bit more. Also when they helped Dae Koo get ready to leave. Those were sweet moments and demonstrated their friendship.
* The theme of the victim’s desire for revenge turning them into a murderer/criminal is a worthwhile. Will Dae Koo save the man that murdered his mother or let him be killed? I loved the full circle aspect of Dae Koo now watching his mother’s murder being strangled and moral dilemma that raises for Dae Koo. Well done show.

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