Fated to Love You Episode 11 Recap

Episode 11: “Ji Cun Xi’s Difficult Problem”…

Recap: Our married couple, pregnant Chen Xin Yi (Joe Chen) and baby-daddy Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Juan) were happier than they’ve ever been. But the return of Cun Xi’s girlfriend Anna (Bianca Bai) changed everything. Cun Xi moved into Anna’s apartment. Xin Yi almost miscarried. Dylan (Baron Chen) told Grandma Ji about Cun Xi’s and Xin Yi’s divorce that takes affect after the baby is born. Grandma Ji, with Xin Yi in tow, marched to Anna’s apartment telling her that Cun Xi is married to Xin Yi and she is pregnant. Anna was completely stunned. She asked Cun Xi, you got married?

Cun Xi tells Anna that he and Xin Yi are divorcing after the baby is born, she means nothing to him, and Anna is the one he loves. Anna can not take it and flees. Cun Xi turns in fury and tells them he wants Anna, he wishes there was not a baby and that he’d never met Xin Yi – ouch! As he leaves, Xin Yi begs him not to be upset with Grandma. Cun Xi scoffs that she got Grandma to do the dirty work and leaves.

Cun Xi catches up with Anna and they have it out. Cun Xi tells her that he WILL divorce Xin Yi, this does not affect them. Anna rejects this.  Cun Xi says that getting pregnant was an accident. Anna says please explain how he ended up sleeping with Xin Yi. Cun Xi tells her it was because he was overconfident in their relationship, he was sure that Anna would make the cruise, that Anna was the woman in his bed that he slept with until the morning’s light revealed it was Xin Yi.  Anna is appalled that she is being blamed and leaves via taxi. Before the taxi pulls away Cun Xi tells Anna he’ll prove SHE’s the one he wants to be with.

Cun Xi returns home and begins packing immediately. He rips into Xin Yi for pretending to be pitiful and needing Grandma Ji to blow up his relationship with Anna. He declares their relationship is over and he never wants to see her again. He wants a divorce. He tells her SHE made Anna cry. Xin Yi tells him she never wanted Anna hurt. She knows it would never work between them. She’ll return to the island and he can pick up the baby after it is born. Cun Xi doesn’t believe her. She starts to tell him about the miscarriage but Cun Xi sees Grandma Ji lurking. Now Grandma Ji enters the fray and tells him he needs to think about Xin Yi’s feelings. Cun Xi counters no one is thinking about his feelings. He LOVES Anna. He tells Grandma Ji she broke her promise that she’d keep the pregnancy a secret from Anna. He exits the room. Grandma Ji follows him to the front door. She tells him just because Xin Yi does not say it, she still has feelings and this situation hurts her.

In the car Cun Xi is upset that Xin Yi does not tell him her pain. He is mad at himself for hurting her. He tells himself he knows better than anyone what it is like to be left alone. He literally yells his frustration and speeds away.

At their restaurant Anna pounds some booze. It is the head waiter that talks sense. He notes that she stood Cun Xi up on his birthday at the restaurant.  Anna asks if that makes betrayal ok.  The waiter says he does not know what Cun Xi has done but he asks Anna, has she ever hurt Cun Xi? She admits she’s stood him up 12 times. The waiter is surprised by the number and asks how Cun Xi reacted to being stood up. Anna notes he forgave her every time. The waiter asks can she forgive him this time? Anna considers and says it is too late. The waiter says she is magical when comes to Cun Xi. He asks if she wants Cun Xi to leave her.  He encourages her to go win back the man she loves. He tells her not to miss her chance. Chances once lost, may never come again. Anna resolves to get Cun Xi back.

Anna runs through the pouring rain intent on finding Cun Xi. She finds him and Baby Ji (the dog) waiting for him. She flings herself into his arms saying she’s sorry. Cun Xi returns “I’m sorry Anna” then more importantly “I’m sorry snail” (his nickname for Xin Yi).

In a nice sequence of vingnettes…Grandma Ji is busy with preparations for her 80th birthday party. Xin Yi attends her prenatal doctor’s visit with Anson!  Anna tries to get another dance company to take her but no one wants her.  Anson gives Cun Xi the ultrasound pictures. Anna finds the ultrasound pictures in Cun Xi’s wallet and realizes he cares about the baby.

Cun Xi buys Xin Yi a yellow duck the signals if the water is too warm for baby’s bath. Too cute! Anson recommends that Cun Xi stop asking him for updates about Xin Yi and call her. Cun Xi says he trying to find a balance between Anna and Cun Xi. Anson notes: 1. Anna distrusts him 2. Xin Yi is like a zombie 3. He is the man upsetting both of them…is that the balance Cun Xi wanted to achieve? Anson asks if Cun Xi will attend Grandma Ji’s 80th birthday party. He tells Cun Xi Grandma Ji will formally introduce Xin Yi as the daughter-in-law and announce her pregnancy.  Anson recommends that Cun Xi talk to his Grandmother and give Xin Yi the duck himself.

When Cun Xi returns to Anna’s apartment they relax together. Anna notes that though Cun Xi says he was forced to marry Xin Yi it seems like he had fun being married to her.  Anna thinks Cun Xi cares about the baby AND Xin Yi.  Cun Xi leaves to get some air and think. He calls Anson to hit some baseballs at the battling cage. Anson really is on call for Cun Xi 24/7.  Cun Xi tells Anson when he was with Xin Yi all he could think about was Anna. Now he’s with Anna and all he can think about is Xin Yi. Anson tells him two timing is exhausting – LOL. Anson lets it slip that Cun Xi almost miscarried. THAT gets Cun Xi’s attention! Anson questions if Cun Xi is worried about the baby or Xin Yi. Cun Xi cannot believe Anson did not tell him. Anson counters that Xin Yi made him promise he would not tell. He says Xin Yi feels responsible for hurting his relationship with Anna and does not want to add to his troubles. Anson admits he wants to protect Xin Yi – wow! Cun Xi tells Anson he must go home but Grandma Ji must not know. Anson has to sneak him into the house.

ep11_11 ep11_10
Anson helps Cun Xi (with the yellow duck) sneak into the house. Cun Xi does not find Xin Yi in the bedroom. He frets why is there no sticky note? Why didn’t Xin Yi text him? He wonders why he is so disappointed that Cun Xi is not there? Cun Xi passes by the nursery and finds Xin Yi asleep on the floor. Let me tell you the look of tenderness on Cun Xi’s face is wonderful. He covers Xin Yi with a quilt. He finds the wooden rocking horse that Xin Yi tried to build. He finds a scrapbook that Xin Yi made for the baby. Those letters Xin Yi writes in the scrapbook to their unborn child grab my heart.  Cun Xi looks at the back of the scrapbook and he sees two pictures – his is labeled Daddy and ANNA is labeled Mommy! That gets me big time. Xin Yi is unbelievably generous and caring. Cun Xi has tears in his eyes and tells her that he is still selfish and she is the one suffering because of it. He asks her does she want him to die of guilt? He finishes building the rocking horse.  He apologizes to Cun Xi for doing so little for her.  He tells her he overreacted at Anna’s apartment. He tells her not to shed another tear over him. She must eat well and take care of their baby. He leaves. What a terrific scene!

Anson and Grandma Ji watch Cun Xi build the rocking horse. She’s thrilled he sneaked into the house to see Cun Xi. It means he has a conscience. She can not wait to see which woman he brings to her 80th birthday party.

Cun Xi returns to Anna’s apartment very late. She’s still awake. He tells her they need to go to bed. She back hugs him and tells him she’s been thinking all day. She understands the baby is important to him and to his Grandmother. She does bear part of the responsibility for making this situation. She’s willing to accept the situation. Cun Xi is stunned. Anna promises she’ll love the baby as her own. She wants to attend Grandma’s birthday party. She wants to become Mrs. Ji and become the mother to the baby. Cun Xi asks about Xin Yi. Anna recommends he give her money and send her back to her family. Cun Xi tells Anna Xin Yi will not take the money. Anna tells him she’s willing to put everything aside for him. Cun Xi tells Anna it is late and they should go to bed. He heads to the bedroom leaving Anna alone in the living room, tears coming down her face.

Xin Yi wakes to find the rocking horse built and the duck. She races to tell Grandma Ji. She wonders if it was Cun Xi. Grandma Ji distracts her by showing her an array of dresses to pick for her birthday party.

Cun Xi contemplates on the balcony. He stares at the signed divorce papers. He knows Xin Yi has feelings. The more she tolerates the worse he feels. He wonders how can he leave her alone during the pregnancy. Anna goes through his pockets before she takes clothes to the cleaners. She finds his wedding ring. Cun Xi tells her that is his wedding ring with Xin Yi. He tells Anna he went to see Xin Yi last night. He tells her the solution is to go back to where everything started. To before Anna returned. Anna nervously asks what that means. He tells her even though it started as a mistake, he cannot let Xin Yi go through this alone. He’s going to keep the promise to live with her for 7 months until the baby is born.

Anna: What about me?
Cun Xi: Give me seven months. When Xin Yi leaves in seven months, then I’ll come back to you and we’ll pretend this never happened. 
Anna: Can we start over just because you want us to? Think about how I feel.
Cun Xi: Think about Xin Yi and what she’s going through alone for  the baby. I feel guilty. I cannot pretend not to care about her. I know what it is like to be left alone. I promised to wait for you for 2 years. Can’t you wait for me 7 months? I’m married. I cannot hide from that fact. I cannot let her attend the birthday party alone.
Anna: Do you know that attending with her tells the world Xin Yi is your wife and official Ji daughter-in-law?
Cun Xi: I know. That’s why I’m taking the divorce agreement with me. I’ll show Grandma we’ve agreed to divorce in 7 months. 
Anaa: You’ll have nothing to do with her? 
Cun Xi: That’s right.
Anna: Are you sure?

* Wow! Some major confrontations this episode. All of them excellent. The first at Anna’s apartment with Anna, Cun Xi, Grandma Ji, and Xin Yi. The second in the park between Cun Xi and Anna. The third at the house between Cun Xi, Grandma Ji, and Xin Yi. Up next, Cun Xi’s confrontation with himself in the car. There was plenty of passionate words flying today! If only these poor people cared about each other…this indifference is tiring.
* I was surprised by the solid advice the waiter (yes I said waiter!) gave Anna about forgiving Cun Xi as he has done for her so many times.
* Anson gave Cun Xi some terrific advice too. I was blown away when Anson admitted he cared about Xin Yi’s happiness.
* Cun Xi’s scene in the nursery with a sleeping Xin Yi – awesome. The writing and acting were great.
* Anna should be worried, when she offered to accept the baby, Cun Xi didn’t exactly jump up with joy.  Then when he tells her to wait for him for 7 months, she’s got to be scared this is the beginning on the end.
* This was an actor’s episode. Long dialog rich scenes. Every actor delivered. Even the actor that played the waiter advising Anna!
* I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Anson. He has terrific lines which he delivers with panache. He gets to tell the truth with humor.
* This episode belonged to Cun Xi. Ethan Juan did a stellar job showing the struggle within the character. He delivered passionate AND subtle impactful scenes. Simply awesome in this episode.

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