You’re All Surrounded Episode 10 Recap

EPISODE 10: “What happened that night”…

We begin episode 10 with Eo Soo Sun (Go Ara) at the bus stop smiling and remembering the admission Eun Dae Koo (Lee Seung Gi) gave her (indirectly) that he is Kim Ji Yong, the childhood friend who disappeared 11 years ago after his mother was murdered in front of his eyes. On the bus Soo Sun remembers that night 11 years ago…going to police when she heard his mother had been killed. At that time the detective in charge Seo Pan Seok (Cha Seung Won) was not available. She told another detective she saw Ji Young being chased at school by a man in black with a scar behind his ear. A young Police Chief Kang overheard and told the detective she would give the information to Pan Seok but destroyed it instead. 

Pan Seok and Squad chief Lee Eung Do (Sung Ji Ru) drink and discuss how Dae Koo is the missing Ji Young. Pan Seok notes that Dae Koo is in denial and hates him, but he is relieved Ji Young has finally been found. Pan Seok requests Eung Do NOT tell Sa Kyung (Oh Yoon Ah). He immediately understands this will cause problems in their rekindling relationship.

Pan Seok remembers that night 11 years ago…He was en route to pick up his son from school when he received the call from Ji Young (who was hiding at school) that his Mother’s murder was looking for a pendant, which was located in the jacket he gave Pan Seok. Pan Seok told him to stay at the school and he would pick him up. He called a detective at the police station who confirmed the pendant was in the jacket pocket.

When Pan Seok arrived at school to pickup Ji Young he was missing and not answering his cell phone. Pan Seok then received the terrible call that his son had been in a hit and run accident. As he entered the emergency room he saw Sa Kyung weeping over their dead son. That scene gets me every time. With the death of their son his marriage to Sa Kyung disintegrated. Sa Kyung leaves him and divorces him.

Back to present day,  Ji Kook (Park Jung Min), Park Tae Il (Ahn Jae Hyeon), and Dae Koo have breakfast together. Tae Il notes that Soo Sun dropped her badge at the apartment last night.  At the crosswalk to the police station Soo Sun happily greets her three cohorts. Tae Il and Ji Kook are friendly (normal behavior) and Dae Koo ignores her (also normal behavior).  Ji Kook returns her badge and she is grateful.  She asks Tae Il why he stopped being a doctor. He tells her he quit after 1 year of interning because it wasn’t fun.
When they cross the street it is an ode to Abbey Road and the Beatles iconic street crossing.

Pan Seok meets Police Chief Kang for coffee and lets her know Dae Koo is Ji Young. He sees she already knew this information. She admits she’s been Dae Koo’s sponsor for years. She says that she paired Dae Koo with Pan Seok hoping Dae Koo would understand that Pan Seok was NOT evil and corrupt as he believes. Pan Seok has a hard time believing that her sponsorship of Dae Koo is a random coincidence as she claims. She firmly tells him it is.

After Pan Seok leaves the coffee shop Police Chief Kang recalls that night 11 years ago…overhearing when Pan Seok called his partner at the police station who confirmed the pendant was in the jacket pocket. Young Police Chief Kang TOOK the pendant from the evidence locker. She then GAVE the pendant to Boots. Good grief, what is the connection between herself and Boots?

ep10_9 ep10_8
Tae Il’s mother visits him at the police station. He is NOT HAPPY to see her. She tells him he cannot ignore her indefinitely, that she hates his career choice. To appease her and get to her leave, he promises to call her over the weekend. During the conversation, Sa Kyung enters the hall and overhears. After Tae Il’s mother leaves Sa Kyung asks if he still has not gone home. Tae Il bitterly notes that this is the first time she’s publicly acknowledged him. Irritated at that, she strides into the office. What is their connection?

As Sa Kyung approaches her desk, 3 women (Mom and 2 sisters) are there to report a missing person. Agitated they exclaim their son/brother has been killed by his fiancee. The detectives meet with Sa Kyung who explains that it is a potential homicide so she called in their help. A 33 year old man has gone missing 1 month before his wedding. His fiancee hid that he was missing, making her a suspect. The man took out large loans over the internet and the bills came to his mother. When the mother and 2 sisters confronted the fiancee, she was forced to admit he ran away.  Eung Do assigns Ji Kook to check the loan money trail, Tae Il is to check credit cards and bank accounts, Soo Sun and Dae Koo are to talk to the fiancee.  She tells them the last phone call she received was the night he went missing. He called her from a Karaoke bar saying he’d be late, but he never came home.  She says she was worried until she realized he’d run away because he did not want to get married. She says he liked to gamble and imagines the internet loans fed his habit. Tae Il finds that he did not gamble. Ji Kook finds that he established several life insurance polices and emptied the bank accounts in person. Pan Seok redirects them to start from the Karaoke bar and trace him.

Sidebar for humor, previously the Station Chief accused someone of tampering with his car. He assigned an officer to look at the CCTV footage. The officer determines it is a cat (yes the furry animal with a tail) that damaged his car. Embarrassed Station Chief tells everyone he’s decided to rise above his accusation saying he does not want to doubt his team. Of course everyone already knows…it was a cat. Eung Do makes cat paws behind his back. LOL! Love it when pompous idiots get a kick.

Sa Kyung and Soo Sun along with 2 other officers search the last spot the missing man made a phone call from. Sa Kyung is impressive in the search putting on boots and gloves and feeling around in the muck. She hits the jackpot and finds the cell phone!

Our detectives review every CCTV footage from around the karaoke bar. It is tedious work. Dae Koo spies him entering the subway station restroom but he never exits. They visit the restroom and there is no way out. Soo Sun scrutinizes the video and identifies him entering the subway station restroom dressed as a man and exiting dressed as a woman. Pan Seok is impressed with her eagle eyes. Sa Kyunk has a confirming selfie picture taken from his cell phone with him dressed as a woman. That surprised me.

Assemblyman  meets with Police Chief Kang and tells her Boots is back and told him Ji Young is alive. Police Chief Kang pretends surprise. Assemblyman tells Police Chief Kang if the Ji Young is alive he must be sacrificed. You see the concern on her face. As the assemblyman exits the police station Dae Koo passes him. The assemblyman stops. Police Chief Kang is terrified that he recognized Dae Koo. He makes a benign comment that the young detectives are good looking. Police Chief Kang breathes a sigh of relief. In the car the assemblyman calls Boots and order him to kill Dae Koo. Police Chief Kang calls Dae Koo and warns him to stay alert, Boots is out there trying to find him, do not be alone.

Soo Sun has a bad morning and becomes worried that it will be a bad luck for all of them. Dae Koo rolls his eyes at her concern. She reads Dae Koo’s horoscope “out of nowhere something harmful will come your way.” Ji Kook notices they are less adversarial.

Boots takes a knife with him. He calls Pan Seok to meet. Boots asks Pan Seok to help him get out of the country undetected. He tells him this time he’ll disappear for good. Pan Seok asks what will he be doing that will require him to leave the country undetected. Boots tells him it is better that he NOT know.

Pan Seok  remembers a night 12 years ago… Boots and Pan Seok were police partners investigating an abandoned building. The suspect came at Pan Seok with a burning piece of wood and Boots took the hit creating the scar behind his ear. To defend both of them, Boots pulled out his gun, fired, and killed the suspect. That earned him a discharge from the police. For saving his life, Pan Seok has been indebted to Boots ever since.

Pan Seok returns home and the light in the kitchen flickers. Pan Seok goes to change the bulb and finds the camera Dae Koo hid. He takes the camera to the police station and learns tracing the computer receiving the video feed is near impossible. Pan Seok believes it was Dae Koo and takes off for his apartment to confront him.

Boots waits outside Dae Koo’s apartment and is rewarded when Tae Il and Ji Kook exit the apartment building. Dae Koo is alone. Boots stealthily enters the apartment. Boots pulls his knife as he enters Dae Koo’s bedroom. Dae Koo is behind the door with a baseball bat. The men sense each other and the fight begins. Meanwhile Pan Seok nears the apartment building, ready to confront Dae Koo.

* Good episode, lots of progress and plenty of questions to be answered in the upcoming episodes.
* Finally got the answer on Pan Seok’s and Boots’ relationship. As former partners and Boots saving Pan Seok’s life, I understand his indebtedness to him.
* What is the connection between Tae Il and Sa Kyung? Are they brother and sister?
* I enjoyed the detectives at lunch when Dae Koo stumped Soo Sun and Ji Kook with the word “metaphor”. They did what we all do, Soo Sun and Ji Kook took out their smart phones and goggled it! The rookie detectives’ camaraderie is solidifying each episode. It is fun to watch.
* The scene where the assemblyman recognized Dae Koo was nicely done. Slow mo assemblyman turns to look at Police Chief Kang to read her face and understands she has known Dae Koo is Ji Young. Well done. Is Police Chief Kang good or evil? She obviously cares for Dae Koo. What is her connection with Boots? What is her connection with assemblyman? What is the assemblyman’s connection with Ji Young? He said it couldn’t be discovered that his mother’s murder was retribution. Why?
* The tension when Boots was searching for Dae Koo in the apartment was excellent.

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