Fated to Love You Episode 2 Recap

Nutshell Recap Episode #2:
Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) is in Macu ready to propose to his girlfriend of 6 years Kang Se Ra (Wang Ji Won). She’s coming to Macu on a later flight. Two disgruntled business associates succeed (attempt #2) in getting Lee Gun to drink drugged water. They plan to set him up with a prostitute they’ve hired and get pictures to blackmail him with. Lee Gun goes to his room and passes out in the bed. The plan goes awry when Kim Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) who also drank drugged water (attempt #1) accidentally stumbles in Lee Gun’s room and passes out in his bed. They make love.

The next morning Lee Gun and Mi Young are stunned to find they did NOT sleep with their respective partners, but with each other. The two disgruntled business associates enter Lee Gun’s bedroom and take pictures. The hotel staff give chase and the camera goes into the river system of the hotel.

Lee Gun finds out that Se Ra did NOT come to Macu but instead went to New York to take over a lead ballerina role. Lee Gun is crushed.

Mi Young finds out that her date for the weekend spent the night with another woman. He is heartless to her when she voices her dismay.

Lee Gun overheads the jerk being mean to Mi Young and decides to teach him a lesson. Time for a make over! At the casino that night heads turn and Lee Gun and Mi Young enter. Jerk date with the other woman is playing poker. Lee Gun and Mi Young join in the game. Things look dicey for a while but Lee Young crushes the jerk taking all his winnings. Jerk apologies to Mi Young.

Lee Gun and Mi Young agree to pretend their night together never happened. Will they see each other again?


* Their love making scene was tasteful and campy (cartoon depicting 1st night of marriage). Would have liked a longer scene. Enjoyed the morning after cuddle before they realize they are NOT in bed with who they think they are.
* Lee Gun’s interrogation of Mi Young was firm and fair.  Who wouldn’t suspect that she was in on the scandalous picture plot when one of the picture takers was her brother-in-law? Lee Gun was stunned when she could provide a reasonable explanations for how and why they mistakenly ended up in the same room.
Lee Gun and Mi Young both get emotionally sucker punched by their romantic partners in this episode.
** Lee Gun is devastated to learn that he is second AGAIN to Se Ra’s career.  When he listened to the voice mail from Se Ra and watched the engagement posters being taken down the pain on his face was palpable.

** Mi Young tried to stand up for herself when she found her date with another woman but the date stripped away her self confidence with cruel words. I liked how Lee Gun stepped into room and took over. He gave her date a verbal slap before whisking her away. Who doesn’t like a knight in shining armor?
* Interesting that Mi Young has a hard time standing up for herself, but she did a fine job with Lee Gun and he’s not a meek man. All their exchanges were honest and forthright. She did not flinch when he got frustrated with her, she defended herself. Excellent, I KNOW she can evolve with everyone and Lee Gun is her springboard.
* Resonated with me when Lee Gun ranted to the heavens why do the people that hurt us have no pain? I have wondered the same thing. When he turned to her and said it was time for her to shuck the post-it mantle and become crazy glue, that he would show her how great she was, I thought I love a man with a plan.

* His reaction after the makeover, just perfect. She literally took his breath away. He was gob smacked. Subtle but powerful acting by Jang Hyuk in those few beats.
* Loved his message to her – have confidence – you are worth it.
* The poker scene was too long.
* When Lee Gun crushed her former date and forced him to apologize, there in the face of that jerk, Mi Young fled, not extracting a pound of flesh. Her explanation that she liked the guy and didn’t want to be mean and thereby mock her own feelings reveals her kindness.
* His respect for her is revealed when she requests that he NOT press charges against her brother-in-law and company president because they were desperate, and he quickly agrees.
* She is forthright with him when she tells him she originally thought he was weird but now sees he’s a good guy.
* Liked the flourish withdrawing the poker chip from his sleeve when he gave the chip to her signifying she’s always got a chance.
* Her return gift of the heart was sweet and an overt indicator her future path with him.
* The last scene of the episode where he stares at the heart she gave him and she stares at the chip he gave her…nice!
* When they smiled at each other, I smiled too. I like this couple. The potential is there; sweetness, gentleness, and respect is evident between them. Let’s see if the show’s writing and production mine it. It is obvious our lead actors can deliver.

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4 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 2 Recap
  1. zhaoul says:

    Nice recap. Some of my favorite episode moments.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Mi Young and Gun are having a very bad day: What a shock to wake up with someone you were not expecting *YIKES*! Poor Mi Young gets interrogated due to her brother-in-law and his buddy’s activities. Mi Young and Gun are both shattered by would-be-dates. 😦

    After Mi Young is exonerated, the jerk, who wormed his way into a free trip, and the skank are so cruel! Gun plays the knight in shining armor to whisk her away and give her a makeover. Mi Young was truly breathtaking! Gun showed her value to the jerk and gives the jerk an opportunity to apologize to Mi Young! They have an affable parting with mementos (chip & heart). The stage is set with their first, no make that second and more meaningful meeting. I’m already invested in these characters 💋

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