Fated to Love You Episode 1 Recap

I’m not going to do a full recap. Plenty of bloggers I enjoy will provide that. I plan to provide a brief episode recap and comments. Let’s get to it.

Nutshell Recap Episode #1:
Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) is a CEO and in love with a prima ballerina whose career has come before love for 6 years.  Kang Se Ra (Wang Ji Won) is returning to Korea for good and Lee Gun is ready to propose. He goes to Macu to set up the perfect proposal for Se Ra. Se Ra will follow him on a later flight.

Kim Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) is desperate to please people and therefore cannot say no. In the office this is used and abused as everyone dumps tasks they don’t want to do on her. Her luck turns when she wins the office pool and the prize is a trip to Macu. She invites a lawyer that she’s had dinner with once and really likes.

When Lee Gun arrives in Macu, the hotel staff works hard to set the stage for the perfect proposal. Unbeknownst to Lee Gun, two disgruntled business associates follow him and plot to get him to drink drugged water. Their first attempt fails and the drugged water bottle falls in the hotel’s outdoor river system.

When Mi Young arrives in Macu, her lawyer travel partner immediately ditches her to go on the prowl. As Mi Young searches the hotel’s grounds for him, she overhears Lee Gun practicing his proposal. She listens enraptured wishing that one day someone would say something that beautiful to her. She coughs alterting Lee Gun that someone is there. He calls out and still coughing she spies the water bottle and downs it to quell the cough. Little does she know, the water is drugged!

* Episode 1 had broad strokes, campy, and overacted (at times) production values, go with it and accept it.
Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) is going all-out in his portrayal of the eccentric Lee Gun. Couple of moments:
** Lee Gun took over the shampoo commercial from the petulant model and became the dream model. Loved how he boldly dunked his head in the fountain, caressed his hair full of shampoo, ripped his shirt open revealing an awesome chest (which mesmerized everyone in the room), and made love to the camera as he spouted lines with passion. The director was wowed and I thought Jang Hyuk is going for it on this character. I’m all-in on his all-out portrayal.
** When Lee Gun and Mi Young are fleeing a dog and are cornered at a dead end, Lee Gun whips off his coat prepared to try and defend them when the musical strains of the theme to Chuno swell. Nice nod to Jang Hyuk’s best role in Chuno (2009) and again signals this production will have campy elements. The whole first meeting between the two characters was over the top with the ring flying, the candy flying, the balls on the ground, the pursuit of the ring and the dog chase. The producer was all about the physical and visual comedy in that sequence.
* When Daniel (Choi Jin Yyuk) and Se Ra meet in the plane,  instantly there was friction / something between them.

* The actress that played Lee Gun’s grandmother (Park Won Sook) I enjoyed as one of the mothers in Coffee Prince. I liked how supportive she was of her quirky grandson.

* Loved the blue flower dress and hat that Mi Young sported when she arrived in Macu – cute!
* Interesting that the character of Mi Young broke the fourth wall when she spoke directly to the audience in the opening scene in the office. I wonder if that was a one-time deal or if we’ll see this throughout the production.

* Lee Gun’s practice proposal was sweet as can be. I can see why Min Young was entranced.

* Mi Young’s access to and drinking of the drugged water bottle was a bit ridiculous but it is all good as it is a key story driver.

Fated to Love You
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4 comments on “Fated to Love You Episode 1 Recap
  1. zhaoul says:

    I still laugh thinking about that shampoo scene. Oh lol

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    This was my fourth time watching this drama, but since I recently found your amusing blog and wanted to participate. That said, I still didn’t catch that the Chuno theme was playing, even though I had seen Chuno before my 3rd and 4th viewings of this drama. Great observation!

    This drama does have a campy feel. I’m so happy we already got to see JH’s abs already in the first episode! 💋 The first time I watch this Gun’s over-the-top laugh, annoyed me, but after watching this drama, I pretty much got over it.

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