Fated to Love You Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10: “Happiness, Like Treading On Ice”…

Recap: Our married couple, pregnant Chen Xin Yi (played by Joe Chen) and baby-daddy Ji Cun Xi (played by Ethan Juan), finished celebrating their shared birthday. Cun Xi made ginger buns for Xin Yi. Cun Xi was jealous of Father Dylan who was revealed NOT to be a priest. Anna returned to town after an injury sidelined her ballet career. Will Anna, Cun Xi and Xin Yi meet in this 10th episode of Fated to Love You?

Cun Xi and Xin Yi walk arm in arm after the auction. Cun Xi sends Xin Yi to the car so he can have a word with Dylan. He warns Dylan to stay away from Xin Yi.  Dylan asks Cun Xi if he feels Xin Yi is a sticky note that he can throw away after she gives birth to his child? If so, he needs to consider will he miss the sticky note when it is gone? Dylan asks did he bid all that money for the wishing box to show off or because he likes Xin Yi? Cun Xi tells Dylan to back off. He’ll treat her how he wants. Dylan tells Cun Xi that she shouldn’t be made to feel that she has to pack her bags at a moment’s notice. Cun Xi barks he and Xin Yi are a family. Dylan pleads with that he treat her like one, he’s never had a family and would give anything for family, for a family member as warm as Xin Yi. Cun Xi tells him to leave him alone and stalks off.

Mean girl ex-coworker tell Xin Yi that she was only acknowledged as Cun Xi’s partner NOT HIS WIFE. Cun Xi interrupts and asks why the $3M necklace was switched. He says he’ll have the Law Firm President fire her. He and Xin Yi drive off with mean girl calling after him. Anna’s taxi pulls up and she asks if that was Director Ji that just left. The girl tells Anna she doesn’t stand a chance, he just left with Mrs. Ji. Anna wonders what Mrs. Ji means.

Cun Xi takes Xin Yi to the baby store to try on the family clothes. Cun Xi she won’t be able to wear the mother outfit. She’s leaving right after the baby is born. Cun Xi stares at her and asks “What if I want you to stay?” Xin Yi is floored. While she’s changing Cun Xi says “I really hope you can become my family.”  Cun Xi takes a couple of pictures on her cell phone. The first is them in the matching outfits, the next looks like she’s kissing him. Cute, cute, cute. He emails the pics to his phone, so he has them too. Undoubtedly they will both moon over these photos one day.

Anna waits for Cun Xi in his office. When the email with the pictures arrive on his phone (which is one his desk). Anna tries to see the photos but Cun Xi has changed the phone’s password on her.

The moment is almost here, Cun Xi and Xin Yi head up the elevator to his office. They are so happy with a shopping bag of family clothes. Cun Xi enters the office and Anna waiting in his chair spins around and smiles at him. Cun Xi’s smile disappears as he is shocked Anna is there. Xin Yi enters the office and her smile quickly vanishes as she recognizes Anna from all the photos Cun Xi has. Anna gets up and hugs Cun Xi.

He stares at Xin Yi mutely. Anna asks who she is. After a prolonged pause, Xin Yi says she takes care of Baby Ji (the dog). Anna asks why is she holding baby clothes. Xin Yi says it for Baby Ji. Anna checks the contents of the shopping bag thrilled with the family outfits. Anna asks Xin Yi to take the items home as she will be taking Cun Xi out to celebrate his birthday. Overcome with emotions, Xin Yi flees the office and takes the elevator down. Cun Xi bolts after her taking the stairs.

Anson stops Cun Xi telling him to think about Anna, the woman he loves. Cun Xi is torn. Anson soothes him that he’ll find and take care of Xin Yi.  As Anson takes off after Xin Yi he reminds Cun Xi to take off his wedding ring.  Wow, that was a stellar scene!

Cun Xi returns to his office not exactly thrilled to see Anna which she picks up on immediately. She asks what is wrong and he tears into her. Why did she come back? Why did she stand him up for his birthday? Why is she the one in the relationship that can come and go as she pleases? He says no matter her explanation he won’t forgive her. Anna gets up to exit and as she leaves the office it is obvious she is walking with a limp. Cun Xi immediately notices and asks what the problem is. Anna tells him the story, tears streaming. Cun Xi realizes she was injured coming to see HIM. He feels responsible. He hugs a sobbing Anna and tells her he is sorry.

Anson catches up with Xin Yi and tells her that Cun Xi was being nice to her because she is the mother of his child. He states that Anna has been his girlfriend for 3 years. Anson suggests Xin Yi give birth to the child, hand the child over the Cun Xi, and take the money and run. Xin Yi says she does not want the money. Anson tells her that is all Cun Xi can give her now.

Cun Xi takes Anna grocery shopping pushing her in the cart so she keeps the weight off her leg.

Xin Yi cries into the family clothes in Cun Xi’s bedroom. She grabs her stomach.

Cun Xi drives Anna to the house to pick up Baby Ji. She agrees to stay in the car while he goes to fetch the dog. Cun Xi downloads the image of he and Xin Yi in the family clothes. He goes to delete the image but cannot. He calls Xin Yi who brings Baby Ji to him. She tells him that she told Grandma Ji that he had to go on a business trip for a couple of days. He tells her he’ll be staying with Anna helping care for her and her injured leg. Xin Yi tells him it is fine to take care of Anna. Cun Xi leave her and Baby Ji looks back at Xin Yi sadly. Anna is thrilled to see Baby Ji. Cun Xi, Anna, and Baby Ji drive off with Xin Yi watching tears streaming down her face.

At Anna’s apartment, they eat their birthday dinner. Anna is amazed when Cun Xi eats something with ginger in it.

Xin Yi tries to assemble the rocking horse that she and Cun Xi purchases but she can not. Grandma Ji finds her and frets that Cun Xi is out of town and Baby Ji is at the doggy spa. She encourages Xin Yi to think positive thoughts. Xin Yi mentions she wants to visit her family on the island tomorrow. Grandma Ji heads to bed and Xin Yi decides to scrapbook for the baby.

Anna surprises Cun Xi with the news that she’ll be in town for 6 months while her ankle heals. He massages her ankle and they grow closer. Anna admits that she needs Cun Xi by her side during this rehabilitation process so she has the courage to follow through and re-compete for the role of her dreams. She kisses him and they melt together.

The next morning Xin Yi is packed to leave for the island. The baby is bothering her but she presses on. She stops by the orphanage and Dylan is there saying goodbye to the children as he is going on a business trip. Xin Yi says she’ll miss his friendship. Dylan tells her to visit whenever she likes. He encourages her to become an independent and decisive woman. Xin Yi does not think that is possible. Dylan tells her that if Cun Xi weren’t in the picture, he’d pursue her. Xin Yi pulls away from him. He tells her it is no matter. Xin Yi admits that Anna has returned to town. Dylan assume Cun Xi kicked her out and goes to confront him. Xin Yi tries to stop him and doubles over in pain.

Dylan whisks Xin Yi to the hospital. He calls Grandma Ji and tells her that she needs to know what is really going on in her house. At the hospital Grandma Ji grills Anson who confirms Dylan’s information much to Grandma Ji’s dismay.

The doctor tells everyone that Xin Yi will be fine but she must not be stressed.

What does Grandma Ji do but grill Xin Yi telling her that she’ll protect her even if Cun Xi desserts her. Grandma Ji gets Xin Yi to admit she’s fallen in love with Cun Xi.

At Anna’s place Cun Xi realizes that he cannot leave Xin Yi alone and has to tell Anna the truth. Anson calls him but Anna enters the room so Cun Xi does not pick up. Anson frets and gets in the car to head to Anna’s place. Cun Xi starts to tell Anna that something happened in the 2 months she has been out of town. He tells her it will sound unbelievable but none of it was intentional.

The door bells rings and Grandma Ji enters the apartment mad as blazes. Cun Xi and Anna are surprised to see her and even more surprised when Xin Yi enters the apartment too. Following his pattern of believing the worst of Xin Yi, Cun Xi assumes Xin Yi told Grandma Ji the truth. He tells her she breaks promises and he’ll never trust her. Grandma Ji comes to Xin Yi’s defense saying it was her idea to come. Anna asks why the dog caretaker is here. Grandma Ji quickly surmises the Anna knows nothing and tells Cun Xi to stop lying to the women in his life. Anna asks what is going on. Xin Yi tries to lead Grandma Ji away.

Cun Xi yells at her for pretending to be nice but really stabbing him in the back. Grandma Ji yells back telling Cun xi to admit who Xin Yi really is.

Anna asks who is she? Grandma unloads the truth; Xin Yi is pregnant and Cun Xi’s wife and will deliver the Ji heir in 6 months. Anna is stunned. She asks Cun Xi you got married? Anna grasps that Cun Xi does not know what to do and that SHE is the OUTSIDER in this situation.

* When Anna meets Cun Xi and Xin Yi in the office, all the actors did a terrific job. Anna was cheerful and oblivious, Cun Xi stunned and silently torn between the two women, and Xin Yi  was in shock and recognized that in that instant she no longer had 7 months with Cun Xi…it was over. As a viewer, that scene was worth the wait!
* It makes sense that this is NOT a clear cut situation for Cun Xi. The woman he loves is back and ready to be with him – that’s a dream come true. On the other hand the woman he’s falling in love with is his wife and pregnant with his baby. What will he do?
* I liked that Anna quickly understood she’s the odd man out. Let’s see if she fights for her man or lets him go in anger.
* Still love to see Xin Yi become more assertive. She is dragged around by Cun Xi, Grandma and Dylan. She needs to stand up for herself and what she wants.

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