Fated to Love You Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9: “The Drastic Change of Ji Cun Xi’s Feelings”…

Recap: Our married couple, pregnant Chen Xin Yi (played by Joe Chen) and baby-daddy Ji Cun Xi (played by Ethan Juan), jointly celebrate their birthday by boating (birthday gift from Cun Xi) to the island Xin Yi’s family lives on to get ginger buns, her go-to food during pregnancy.

Xin Yi and Cun Xi arrive at Granny’s ginger bun shop but it is closed. Cun Xi bangs on her door. Granny is not pleased at his request to make ginger buns that late. Cun Xi pleads with her. Granny agrees to OVERSEE Cun Xi make the ginger buns. Cun Xi struggles but manages to make the ginger buns. Xin Yi is touched at his efforts.

He sets a table outside with the ginger buns and pretty lights in the trees.

He looks at his watch, it is 5 minutes until midnight. He tells her to make any wish she wants. Xin Yi wishes “I wish Cun Xi can forgive Anna and reconcile with her. I hope Anna will be with him every birthday so he won’t be alone again.”  Wow, she’s a sweetie. Cun Xi asks why she wasted the wish on him. She tells him he’s made her wish come true and it is his birthday too. Cun Xi tells her that isn’t the wish he wants. His wish “That Xin Yi will have someone with her so she’ll never be alone on her birthday. That she’ll find a good man who will treasure her.” Wow, super sweet. Cun Xi tells her he wants her happiness. Xin Yi tells him he is like the prince her father told her about.  She stares at the ginger bun before eating it. She tells him this is the first birthday gift that someone made for her with their own hands. She bites into the bun and tells him it is the most delicious ginger bun she’s ever eaten and she’ll never forget the taste of this particular bun.

The circuit breaker flips, turning the lights out. Startled she goes in his arms. They look into each other eyes.

He goes to kiss her…and Granny interrupts! Bad timing Granny!

Back in Taipei, Baby Ji (the dog) stares at Cun Xi who is fretting about his feelings for Xin Yi. He declares he won’t have romantic feelings but then smiles thinking about her. He admonishes himself repeating “the one I love is Anna, the one I love is Anna…” To distract himself he visits poor Anson who is exhausted. Anson listens to Cun Xi’s concern that he is really feeling something for Xin Yi. Anson tells him he’s been away from Anna for 2 months, he is lonely, and vulnerable. That is why Xin Yi is appealing. Cun Xi agrees if Anna and Xin Yi were side-by-side he’d pick Anna.

Anna wakes in the hospital to find the director and other dancers (including her rival) at her bedside. The director tells her she’s out of the dance troupe for breaking the rule of leaving without permission. Anna pleads with him for another chance. The director says she’s injured her ankle and won’t be able to dance for at least 6 months. He’s decided to replace her with her rival. He leaves telling her she was eager to go the Taipei, now is her chance, return home. He calls her unprofessional and irresponsible (just like her mean mother used to) and flounces out of Anna’s hospital room.

The next morning Xin Yi finds the scrapbooks of he & Anna Cun Xi was looking at last night. Xin Yi believes the Cun Xi will only be happy with Anna. She tells herself that she must keep the fact that she likes Cun Xi a secret. She must distance herself. She must press on.

At breakfast, Xin Yi tries to distance herself from Cun Xi, who immediately notices the change. Grandma Ji receives an invitation to the art exhibit. Xin Yi is reticent to attend much to Cun Xi’s surprise. Grandma Ji soothes her saying everyone brings an items to auction and the proceeds go to the orphanage Xin Yi volunteers at. Xin Yi asks if she’ll need to donate an item. Grandma says anything she donates will be fine. For the children of the orphanage Xin Yi agrees to go.

Cun Xi calls Anson and tells him to get the expense necklace, bracelet, earring set out of the safe to be donated at the auction.

Meanwhile Anna arrives at the airport and calls Cun Xi. He does not pick up because his cell phone is on his desk at work. Anna tells the taxi driver to take her to Cun Xi’s office.

In the car heading to the art exhibit, Xin Yi asks why she is attending a public event like this with him. Cun Xi tells her to be quiet and be his docile partner today. When they arrive Cun Xi tells her to go in by herself, go find Father Dylan to accompany her. Xin Yi is not happy to be ditched from the start of the event.

Cun Xi meets Anson and gets the necklace. Cun Xi is giddy with anticipation at Xin Yi’s shock and pleasure when she learns the necklace has been donated in her name. Anson frets the Cun Xi is falling for Xin Yi. Cun Xi skip up the steps to the art exhibit. Cute, cute.

When Xin Yi tries to enter the art exhibit mean girl ex-coworker at the door won’t let her enter. She shoves Xin Yi backwards and into Dylan’s arms who is NOT happy. Dylan calmly tells mean girl that everyone is a guest and need to be treated with respect. He banishes her to the back room to log donations. Atta boy Dylan!

When Cun Xi donates the necklace mean girl ex-coworker tries to ingratiate herself with him but he shoots her down. He remembers she was unkind to Xin Yi. Atta boy Cun Xi!

Xin Yi notices that everyone defers to Dylan and calls him Director. Dylan tells her there is something he needs to be honest with her about. He says “I am not a prie…” but Xin Yi interrupts him and asks him to hear her confession. She confesses that everything went great after he returned to the art gallery. She tells him Cun Xi is treating her too well, she’s falling for him, the one thing she cannot do. Dylan asks why shouldn’t she have feelings for Cun Xi?

Just then Cun Xi walks out on the balcony and hears them talking to each other. She admits that Cin Xi makes her feel like she’s flying. She’s knows there is not a place for her in his heart. Dylan suggests that Cun Xi does have a spot for her in his heart. Xin Yi rejects that possibility. She says she’ll need to leave Cun Xi soon. Cun Xi yells down “why do you want to leave me?”

Law firm President introduces the two men – Director Ji (Cun Xi) and Director Dylan. Cun Xi and Xin Yi are stunned – Dylan isn’t a priest but an Director of the Arts? Xin Yi sputters but you are a priest!

Dylan shakes his head no, it was a misunderstanding. Originally when they met, she obviously needed someone to listen to her. Xin Yi is horrified, all the things she has told Dylan! Dylan tells her not to fret, they are friends and she can tell him anything. Cun Xi pulls her away telling Dylan to leave her alone. Dylan asks if he’s ever tried to understand her.

Xin Yi gets between them and tells both of them there is NOTHING between she and Dylan. Both men tell her to go inside.

Dylan tells Cun Xi that he doesn’t really treat Xin Yi like a wife, so why should he stay away? Cun Xi says legally she’s my wife, stop distracting her. Dylan says Xin Yi is a pure soul and worth discovering, does Cun Xi want a real relationship with Xin Yi? Cun Xi denies the possibility of a real relationship with Xin Yi but claims ownership as her husband. The Law Firm President breaks up the male posturing telling them the auction is about to start.

Xin Yi drops off the wishing box she made herself to mean girl ex-coworker who is taking the donations for the auction. Mean girl realizes that if she substitutes this hand-made wishing box for the $3 Million necklace, Cun Xi will be embrassed by Xin Yi.

Anna calls Anson at the office and asks where Cun Xi is. He tells her that Cun Xi is at the art exhibit. Anna directs the taxi driver to take her there.

When it is time for Cun Xi’s item to be bid on the handmade wishing box is displayed. Cun Xi is stunned. This isn’t the $3 Million necklace but an inexpensive trinket. Xin Yi grasps that all the items up for bid are expensive. She cringes knowing her donation is lacking. Cun Xi asks why her lunch box is up for auction, where is his $3M necklace? Xin Yi admits she donated the wishing box. Cun Xi cannot believe it. Xin Yi tells him it is her most precious treasure. That gets his attention. The Law Firm President auctioneer starts the bidding at $100. Dylan’s first bid is $100,000! He tells the audience he personally knows the artist and she transferred her warmth into this hand crafted box. Xin Yi looks at Dylan with gratitude. Cun Xi is jealous. He bid $150,000! He tells the audience he too knows the artist and can guarantee the wishing box is priceless to the artist. He goes on to say, he cannot believe she donated such a special item. A bidding war between Dylan and Cun Xi ensues. Cun Xi’s winning bid is $5 Million! Cun Xi announces to the audience the wishing box will never be sold, it is too precious. Xin Yi looks at him with tears in her eyes and rushes out of the room.

Cun Xi chases her down and spins her around. Tears stream down Xin Yi’s face. She asks why he is treating her so kindly? She was about to be humiliated but her saved her. She tells him to stop treating her so well. She declares that since she’s met him everything is wonderful. He is her miracle. He asks why should he stop? She tells him the more he cares, the more she wants and the more afraid she becomes. She tells him if he doesn’t want her to fall in love with him, then don’t mislead her. She’s believing that he cares, she’s taking his kindness to mean more than it does. She begs him to stop.

Frustrated he grabs her and kisses her. He asks what does she want? He cannot treat her badly. He stares at her and realizes he cares, he really cares. He firmly states, if she’s hurting, he wants to soothe her. If she’s hungry, he’ll get ginger buns. If someone is mean to her, he’ll protect her.

Cun Xi: “I don’t know why we met on the cruise. I don’t know why we got pregnant. I don’t know why we got married. Maybe this is our fate, our destiny. Maybe it is fate that I would grow to have feelings for you.”

Xin Yi: “Didn’t you tell me NOT to fall in love with you? That if I did, everything between us would end?”

Cun Xi: “I said you cannot fall in love with me. But I did not say I cannnot fall in love with you.”

Stunned they stare at each other.

Cun Xi: “I am not saying that I have fallen in love with you. I’m telling you I can treat you well and you should accept it.”

They hold hands as they exit the art gallery. Xin Yi tells him one day Anna will be a very lucky woman. She’ll be able to see and cherish Cun Xi every day.

Cun Xi: “Xin Yi, you should cherish yourself first.”

* Terrific episode if you want him to fall in love with her. Count me in on that!
* I like that everyone knows that Dylan is not a priest. It puts him on an even footing with Cun Xi. But no way he could be a rival for Xin Yi’s heart. She loves Cun Xi.
* Call me petty, but I got total satisfaction that Dylan AND Cun Xi put mean girl ex-coworker in her place.
* Xin Yi is so kind and considerate of Cun Xi. It is almost unbelievable that she wants Anna to see Cun Xi as precious as she does.
* Cun Xi spoke the truth when he told Xin Yi, she has to love herself first to know her own worth. If at the end of this series, she’s done that, I’ll be happy.
* Bottom line: I like these characters, they all have value and merit. I’d love all of them to be happy at the end. With 15 more episodes to go, not sure that is possible. But I’m on-board for the ride.

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